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Five was kidnapped by the crew of the Raza.
One had kidnapping listed as one of his crimes. This is why Five doesn't have a wanted poster, because she was a hostage or was being held for ransom.
  • Jossed Five was a stowaway.

The crew aren't the people their records say they are.
Amnesia or not, they seem to have far too well-developed consciences to be the kinds of killers and villains their records describe. Not to mention that they started working together far too easily, extending trust to each other. Plus, there's the small fact that the android of their own ship had a security protocol that made it attack them until they deleted it. The reputation of the crew of the Raza might be accurate but these aren't the people who earned it.
  • Confirmed for One and Six. The former is a vigilante millionaire who made himself to look like Jace Corso and sneaked onboard the ship using his identity. The latter is an undercover agent of the Galactic Authority.

She somehow has access to all the memories that were removed from the rest of the crew, and she seems pretty certain that the amnesia was caused by a person uploading a virus into the pod mainframe. Whoever removed the memories knew that there was still important information in them and decided that they needed to be stored for safekeeping, so they placed them in Five. Five has no natural memories of her own, which is why it's so easy for other people' to surface. It could also explain why the Android was locked up - it was a backup, and Five was already being used by the crew.

The "Expendable Clone" Service
It has a flaw or an exploit that can be used to subvert the largely benign nature of the service (which is to allow temporary two-places-at-once travel experiences for a space traveller), and this was how the crew of the Raza were cloned and memory-wiped, yet their bodies remain stable against metabolic breakdown.
  • Jossed at least in the case of One, who had plastic surgery and is proven to have done so in Episode 8. It is still entirely possible that stable clones were made of the other Raza crew members and their "real" selves are elsewhere in the galaxy.

The Raza doesn't have a regular crew.
Jace Corso's situation is not unique. The only constant about the Raza is the name, the Android, and the missions. The Android really runs things - or usually would, if her memory hadn't been erased too - and each mission they take on a brand new crew. It's another level of the Plausible Deniability that the Raza clients take on; the Raza is never the same people twice.
  • I'm inclined to agree. In fact I'm willing to extend it even further and suggest that using the memory wipe is standard practice when a crew member rotates out. Either working on the Raza for a time is part of a package deal for getting a new identity (complete with new memories) or at the very least as a security measure so they can't reveal any information on the time. Except this time it happened all at once for some reason, either accidentally, the presence of an unauthorised crew member (Five) triggering security protocols, deliberate sabotage by a crew member or external party.
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  • At least partly Jossed: the memory wipe isn't standard practice; it was a program Five created to save Six.
  • Jossed entirely in Season 3: The Raza originally belonged to two mercenaries, Shrike and Jasper. They hired Marcus Boone and took Portia Lin and her Android on board, then, in a disagreement over the Android being linked to Raza's systems, Portia killed both Jasper and Shrike, then commandeered the ship.

Dark Matter and Killjoys take place in the same universe.
The Used Future and evil Mega-Corp themes are too similar to be coincidence. Just putting it out there...
  • I could have sworn I saw the Raza doing a fly over in the establishing shot of Oldtown in the Killjoys first/pilot episode.
  • AND, this is also the distant future of the Stargate-verse (same creators, after all). Humanity has spread out and populated the galaxy, and at some point the Stargate network broke down, leaving most of the colonies isolated and struggling, with power and authority centered on the organizations who have FTL Travel.
has a sister. Who was adopted by wealthy folks. Sounds suspiciously like Dutch from Killjoys.

One is not nearly as nice as he acts
In episode four, One exhibits some very narcissistic and potentially sociopathic tendencies when speaking with Three, acting as though Three is beneath him because of his Jerkass behavior. While it seems reasonable to think that Three may have been the one who wiped all of their memories, he considers himself totally beyond suspicion, and when he says that they may be found by the rest of the crew, he says that they would definitely come back for him, but would probably never go looking for Three, although he quickly backtracks to say it's because Three is more likely to run off permanently. This episode also reveals that One is a copy of the real Jace Corso, and may have been sent as some sort of infiltrator, making him the current highest candidate for the memory wiper. In fact, once he meets the real Corso, he attempts to work with him, using his usual nice guy persona. Granted, Three outright tries to sell out One, but this is hardly out of character. It seems as though everything he does is not out of genuine kindness, but simply to gain favor with those around him.
  • In Episode Five Three even calls him out on it after he remarks on the oddity of Three being propositioned by Two, calling him an "arrogant son of a bitch", and saying that he thinks that he is "better" than the rest of the crew and is the more deserving to be with Two. He then goes on to justify his own attitude as being necessary to keep the ship and crew surviving, while One just wants to be everyone's buddy.
  • In his back story, revealed in Episode 8, he would regularly fire the bottom performing 10% of his workers, but would also donate huge amounts to charity and highlight the extremes of wealth in the galaxy. Wanting to be "everything to everyone" and still coming off as arrogant is probably an echo of this attitude he had as CEO.

Six is an under cover officer who believes his own cover.
Generally speaking Six shows heroic tendencies for a wanted criminal . His tendency to put his life on the line as in the one in a million chance to take on the Corporate battleship, to willingness to risk his life for the android. His protectiveness of Five to his loyalty to Two and his refusal to leave her behind when she became infected. Also his surprise that his DNA flagged him for lawful retrieval on a space station with wanted criminals aplenty.
I wouldn't be surprised that the crew of the Raza had done plenty of bad things that got on the Law's radar. They create a fake cover for one of their top operatives so he can infiltrate the crew and gather evidence against their corporate handlers. Unfortunately for him he gets memory wiped with the rest of them and now believes his own cover story because he has no memory to tell him otherwise.
  • Jossed in Episode Six. He is a former rebel who unwittingly blew up a space station with 10,000 civilians on board.
  • As it turns out, confirmed by Word of God, as of the first season finale. His disabling of the ship and crew, as well as his contacting a Galactic Authority ship, leave little doubt of this.

One is an undercover officer.
First, his personality is completely unlike the real Jace Corso we met in Episode Four. Second, the real Jace even says that he's not a clone, but the effect of a high-quality plastic surgery. His Nice Guy tendencies might hint that he's an undercover agent of some sort.
  • Semi-confirmed. He isn't a police officer, but is a well-off CEO who had plastic surgery to disguise himself so he could track down who he thinks his wife's killer is.
  • Pretty much Jossed, while he is under cover, he is neither an Agent or an officer. Making the WMG not applicable to him.

One is Hrothgar and a Well-Intentioned Extremist.
One is actually the miners' benefactor, Hrothgar. He infiltrated the Raza as Jace Corso in order to persuade/buy off the crew to help the miners, which is how their weapons got on board along with the amulet. However, the fact that he was willing to turn the crew of a ship like the Raza to his cause, in conjunction with some of One's character flaws, indicate that he believes The End Justifies The Means.
  • Jossed. See above, he's a vigilante millionaire on the hunt for his wife's supposed killer.

Those really were Three's memories.
Five thinks that the memory of the idyllic farm life seems more suited to One, not Three, given their current personalities. It's much too obvious a leap to make. Having that actually be Three's childhood would be both ironic and tragic, given who he is now.
  • Considering Episode Seven's flashbacks, Three might indeed have this kind of background.
  • Probably Jossed. Episode 8 shows that One was an extremely wealthy CEO, which exactly matches the kind of background one would expect of a young boy living on a country estate.
  • Debatable, the memories where of someone living the simple life on a farm. Dressed moderately and simply with no indication of money. Indicative of someone from a moderate farm background not someone born of money.
  • The tip-off comes where Five tells Six that she doesn't recognize the reflection in the mirror. At the time neither of them knew that One had changed his appearance.
  • Not really , the flashback revealed that Five was reliving the childhood of a young boy. There is a road of time between boyhood and manhood. Not only that when One was reading the bio of his true identity Derrick Moss , it revealed that he was born into an influential and wealthy family. Five flashbacks revealed none of that , only that the memories was of a simple and happy childhood. Not a childhood surrounded by luxuries or one spent bouncing between Earth and the stars like Derrick Moss/One's.
  • Confirmed in Season 2.

They were neither One's nor Three's memories. They were Two's.

Whatever happened to the boy Tich and his family was so horrible that he needed to disappear completely, getting some kind of reassignment surgery and being reborn as Portia Lin.

  • Jossed. As episode 11 shows, she's an Artificial Human.
  • As episode 12 reveals, these may not be mutually exclusive. While Two's body is artificial, it is outright stated that her brain is that of a normal human, and it can apparently be swapped out without harming the body, leaving this still open as a possibility.
  • Jossed in Season 2.

Six has a subconscious Death Wish.
Now that we know his backstory, his tendency to willingly sacrifice himself makes more sense. He's full of guilt that he's not consciously aware of.

One is The General
We never find out the real name of the guy leading the resistance that Six was part of, which means the possible memory Five found of One being called "Tich" could match up with him. And what better way to take down the multi-corps than infiltrate their mercenary group and destroy it from the inside?
  • Jossed. We meet the General in Episode 8. And we learn One's true identity and motive as well.

One killed his own wife.

We've already seen that Three, Four and Six are very different people to what their criminal records suggest. Meanwhile, despite his self-righteous posturing and claims of moral superiority, One is surprisingly quick to advocate murder. His nice-guy act could also be read as that of a manipulative psychopath trying to manipulate the group dynamic to his best advantage. So what if it turns out he's really the most evil person aboard?

And if he did kill his wife, and set Three up to look like the guilty party, his infiltrating the crew could simply be an attempt to clean up a loose end.

  • Jossed in Season 2. While we're not told who was responsible, CoreLactic Industries' temporary CEO Darius was involved, in order to remove One from the company.

Three didn't kill One's wife and they're working together to find the real killer, who is somebody else on the Raza.

Maybe Marcus Boone worked for Moss as security or something and when Caroline was killed the blame was pinned on him. But Moss didn't buy it or Boone knew who the real killer was, so Boone went underground to track them down. When he found whoever it was, he got in with the Raza's crew and then invited Moss-as-Corso on-board for another job, with the intention of taking down the killer together. Just from the way things are going, who wants to bet that the real killer is Portia Lin/Two?

  • Season 2 confirms that the story of Boone killing Caroline is based on the testimony of a security guard who got fired and killed off just as Derrick Moss was found after impersonating Jace Corso.

Two IS One's Wife
After escaping from the lab, Two creates a new identity, who meets One and marries him for the protection of his wealth. (One's a sucker for a pretty face) Something happens to make her fear discovery, so she fakes her own death using Three as both cover and an escape route (probably seducing him into helping her). One finds a clue indicating Two's alive, tracks her to the Raza, and assumes Jace Corso's identity to infiltrate the ship. Sad little pretty boy just wants to know why she broke his heart...

Six has recruited the Raza crew, against their will, into the Procyon Insurrection

In the season finale, soldiers from what appears to be a GA destroyer have captured the crew, including Lieutenant Anders, who was previously seen as part of the Procyon Insurrection. Instead of turning over the crew of the Raza to the GA, as it appears at first glance, he's instead "recruiting" the crew to join the insurrection against the GA. Evidence:

  • What did Six capture in the raid on the space station? A GA destroyer.
  • Why would Anders be working with the GA?
    • He's an undercover agent, like Six. His reaction to Six shooting the General in Episode 8 was not outright hostility, as expected from someone witnessing a traitor gun down the Insurrection's leader and his two bodyguards, but surprise and anger more fitting for someone witnessing his partner mess up a sting.
  • The GA destroyer does not radio the Raza demanding that they surrender, or that they do anything for that matter.
    • While it is possible that the Insurrection where using the stolen GA Cruiser to catch the crew of the Raza. There is no reason for the Insurrection to storm the ship in full GA gear if the crew are knocked out . There would be no point to carry such a subterfuge that far.
  • Six is a moral person. He knows that the GA will disassemble Two and wrongfully turn over Four to the authorities on his homeworld if they are captured by the GA. He also knows that if they continue their life of crime as-is, more innocent people will be killed. So, he decides to put the "Dangerous" crew of the Raza to good use for a just cause, rather than having them fight battles for the megacorps.
    • As moral as he is, why would he willingly rejoin the organization that forced him to commit a war crime? Is he hoping to form his own splinter faction that will carry out the Insurrection's goal more peacefully?
    • I figure he's cut the General out of the organization (in the "missing scene" in Episode 8 after the General "dies" that Word of God has alluded to). Now he has a GA destroyer *and* the Raza, he can call the shots, although I'm sure the General will be a problem down the road and unifying the insurrection behind him will be hard.
  • Jossed Six was actually turning them in to the GA for their crimes.


Six has recruited the Raza crew, against their will, into the Galactic Authority

It is possible both Anders and Six where undercover agents in the Procyon Insurrection. It is not unheard of to have multiple agents working the same case. It would make sense that in order to discover the true location of the General they would have multiple agents working multiple angles. Not only that consider:

  • In Six's flashback his fellow rebels commented that no-one before had managed to steal a GA Cruiser. A feat that the group considered impossible. Doesn't that sound like something the GA would allow to sell their agents cover? A feat that would draw the attention of the leadership of the resurrection. Marking Six/Jones as a trustworthy and valuable agent.
    • But would the GA sacrifice 10,000 civilians to get Six into the resurrection? And would Jones have killed several of the rebels in seeming cold blood if he was a GA agent at the time? Maybe you can make the argument that the GA didn't know civilians would die, but that doesn't excuse Jones from his dispensing of summary justice if he is a GA agent. Or why he would have jumped from infiltrating the insurrection to joining a small mercenary band, one of many that seem to roam around doing dirty work for the mega corps, instead of staying under cover with the rebels after they went to the trouble of getting him in.
    • In the flashback it was revealed that Jones ( and by extension the Galactic Alliance) had no idea that Insurrection was planning to blow up 10,000 citizens. He believed like his fellow rebels that they where going to steal a GA cruiser. To Jones bosses the humiliation of the theft was a small price to pay for getting to the head of the Insurrection. As for killing his fellow rebels, Jones is human. He reacted like any decent human being would if finding out that he was responsible for mass murder. Its hard to stay a cool operative when you find out you delivered a bomb responsible for wholesale slaughter. His reaction was brutal and impulsive, he was even going to kill himself over the emotional trauma. His actions while understandable also had the unfortunate effect of burning his cover, the General knew about his actions as seen in episode 8. Jones was a compromised asset, however his bosses had another idea. Jones now had a reputation as a mass murderer, one that could be used to infiltrate a black bag team that worked for a major corporation. So Jones gets a chance to use his mistake to still do some good, then he gets his mind wiped.
  • As stated above Anders reaction to Jones killing the clone!General could be seen as Anders reacting to a fellow agent compromising the mission. Hell the missing scene Word of God alludes to could be Anders straight up chewing out Jones for screwing up their Operation and Jones reacting to the fact he is not a criminal but a Cop.
  • Consider the current situation for the crew of the Raza. They have multiple forces gunning for them, a majority of them they cant remember . They have lost protection from their former employers. The target on their back keeps getting bigger and bigger with no way to fight back. What if Jones made a deal with his former bosses. Despite the name Galatiac Authority the Dark Matter universe has shown that Corporations pretty much exist above the law. What if Jones made a deal with the GA that the crew of the Raza work for them off the books. Disavowed, expandable a group of criminals who gather intelligence on the Corporations that the GA needs . Crossing lines that the GA cannot cross officially. Providing protection for his friends in return for service.
  • Jossed he betrayed Two, Three and Four specifically because of he believed them to be a threat to the public. The whole blowing up a planet (albeit accidentally) and not giving a damn was the final straw. Not only was he not recruiting them but it turns out the GA are just as bad as the corporations. They allowed the Resistance to kill ten thousand people to turn the public against them and to get more funding.

The news caster is a robot
She's always reporting the news, no one else is ever on. It just makes more sense to have a robot able to read the dispatches.
  • Or CGI.
  • Season 3 has a new newscaster.

This series is set in the distant future of the Stargate-verse.
It's by the same people! This specific galaxy has been settled by humanity long after the program went public and Earth's masses mingled with the rest of the Milky Way and Pegasus Galaxies. This Galaxy does not have a Stargate system, and no one has bothered putting one in yet.

The urn next to Tabor Calchek whenever he calls is ashes.
Whose? Dunno. Just a guess.

Three isn't evil. He just has a really strange moral code.
Three is prone to some of the more sentimental moments in the series, and seems to truly care about the crew, possibly more so than some of his crewmates. Despite this, he seems to have a strange internal code of ethics, ranging from seeing blackmail as a lesser crime to lying, to rating who amongst the crew is better based on how many times they have saved someone else's ass (for the record, he gave One a drink in episode nine when he thought he was "one up" on him). He also seems to consider kindness to be a sign of a liar, while he sees hatred as a virtue, as evidenced by his talk with One in episode eleven. It may also be less having alien morals and more needing a way to justify his crimes to himself. After all, it's one thing to screw over someone you've never met; do that to a friend, that's another matter.
  • Turns out completely confirmed. He can be a ruthless jerk, but he will stop at nothing to protect his friends. See his rescue of Five in "Wish I'd Spaced You when I Had the Chance." Though admittedly, this could be Character Development rather than a pre-existing attribute.

There was no reason to space Wendy's body
Since we know that androids can be reset, their programming wiped and returned to factory defaults (as seen in what happens with Android after they restart her the first time and all the conversations she has about resetting/rebooting herself) we know that Wendy could have been reset and reprogrammed. However, Two was jealous and wanted to get rid of the body that One had just had sex with, so she took the moment to get her competition spaced.

One/Jace Corso in S2
At the end of the first episode in Season 2, he is apparently shot dead by the real Jace Corso. Given the "expendable clone" service, who's to say the dead body isn't a fake-out?
  • Jossed. Clones vanish. They found the body and ID'd it.

Jace Corso killed One's wife
And he did it on the orders of Darius, the acting CEO of One's company. Then, Darius manipulated One into assuming Corso's identity and blamed Three for the murder, in order to remain the CEO permanently. When Six busted the Raza crew at the end of Season 1, and One's true identity was revealed, Darius contacted Corso again and offed One too.

Alt!Jace Corso came back
Out of verse it's a good way to bring the actor back onto the show.
  • Jossed. Alt!Wexler stated that Corso was the only one to stay behind when the rest, including Alt!Droid, decided to stow away on the Raza before it blinked back to the main universe.

That's not Alt!Corso. That's Alt!Moss.
Assuming the point of divergence was Five's sabotaging the stasis pods and causing the memory wipe, then Derrick Moss was already on board disguised as Jace Corso. A little bit of Becoming the Mask had to ensue in order to simply survive in the company of some brutal mercenaries, but he's still One.
  • Highly unlikely, after the wipe Moss moral core still remained. Willing to help the settlers in the pilot. Moss may have wanted revenge but he would have balked at nuking at innocent people no matter how much he wanted to survive. Also if it was alt!Moss he would have killed off by the crew the moment he hesitated due to his conscience.
    • The original one didn't hesitate to murder Hrothgar's men and steal the weapon shipment before the mindwipe. However, the Mirror Universe Corso is clearly wearing the guyliner, making him clearly Corso, and not disguised Moss.
    • Actually in the deleted script the original did not intend to kill Hrothgar men. The robbery went bad and he acted in self defence. In fact the event shook him so hard he took Hrothgar necklace to remember the horror of the act, and to remind himself to remain the good man he was and not lose himself in the part. So yeah, Moss moral code still remained which is the main indicator he was not Alt!Corso. A man remorseful enough to take a reminder of his bloody mistake is the same man who would rather die then nuke a colony full of innocents.

Four did not erase the neural profile backups for anyone
It is already established that he kept his own, but it also implies he left behind Two's, Three's and likely Five's (and maybe Six's, if his memory was not separately restored by the GA). This means the Android's repairs could affect the crew again.

In the third Season, Four will take over Zairon and offer the Raza a permanent base of operations
Four is likely to regain his memories, turning him back into the merciless banished prince. As a result, as with the alternate universe, he will execute a bloody coup and reorganize Zairon's forces to better fight the war against Pyr. The Raza's Blink Drive could be the factor that tilts the balance in Zairon's favor.
  • Jossed. Four/Ryo Tetsudo regains his memories toward the end of season 2. He does offer them shelter. They refuse because the Blink Drive is simply too powerful for a military to have.

Universe hopping is somewhat common
When the Raza jumps into the alt universe alt Portia Lin immediately accuses the crew of having put in the Blink Drive incorrectly. She doesn't seem at all surprised to be seeing herself from an alternate universe which tells us one of two things. Either she made the same mistake the first time or that this isn't the first time an alternate universe version of herself has visited before.
  • Jossed in Season 3. The inventor of the Blink Drive says there are only two in existence... in a given universe. So while Alt!Portia might have used the drive in an unintended way, she was the only one of the two to do it. Which leaves the question of what happened to the inventor after he used his Drive to go back in time, and to the second drive.

The clean-shaven Inspector Kierken came from the alternate universe
Notice how the crew's first run-in with the bearded Kierken shows him as less homicidal and more willing to believe Four than the two encounters with the shaven one after "Stuff to Steal, People to Kill". Not only he is willing to shoot the Marauder out of the sky, but also willfully ignoring Two's explanations until he catches an Ishida guard sabotaging the station's reactor. The visual difference between the two would be inverted Beard of Evil trope, with the shaven, Mirror Universe Kierken being a Rabid Cop.

The point of divergence of the alternate universe is that Derrick Moss didn't impersonate Corso
The alt-Raza has Corso on the crew; Moss wasn't there to vote against killing the stowaway Das; Das wasn't there to mindwipe the crew to save Kal Varrik's life.
  • In Season 3, Alt!Boone doesn't even recognize Five. What if Alt!Five never made it to the Raza and actually met up with her sister on Eridanus-6, leading the Alt!Raza crew to get their Blink Drive in some other way?
    • On the other hand, you might not recognize a kid you spaced months ago.

What the Android's future visions really mean
We've got her shot by Three while Two is possibly locked up somewhere, but Three doesn't have his scar.The Android has her human hairstyle and is crying, while Two comforts here. Her upgrade is malfunctioning, and someone has died.The Android has been captured and dismembered by a partner of the GA, trying to recover information about the android liberation front.And the most disturbing, Android has a black body suit, an obvious implant on her cheek, a blood-red eye, Five is very old and the Raza is in a place where the stars are few. Not sure what was going on there, but it was creepy as hell.

Alicia Reynaud is Five's long lost sister
When she was reliving her memories in the season 3 premiere, Five was told by her mentor Baines that she has a sister. Alicia Reynaud told Five back in season 2 that Five reminds her of herself. The mysterious death of Five's parents may be something of a hint as well.
  • The sneak peek for Season 3 finale reveals that Alicia Reynaud actually adopted Five's sister. Which also explains how Five got her hands on one of the Blink Drive cards.

The Doubled Deception involves whoever came in the Mirror!Marauder
Word of God stated that Tash and Wexler's actors return for season 3, despite the fact that the original Tash had her neck snapped and Wexler got spaced. This might also tie into Android's vision of Three shooting her, but not having his scar - meaning that not only Mirror!Tash and Mirror!Wexler hitched a ride on the FTL-capable Marauder, but at least Mirror!Boone as well.
  • Initially confirmed, as Mirror!Portia and Mirror!Boone steal an Ishida ship and try to rip off Mikkei.

The Dwarf Star Conspiracy involves Dr Shaw
Even after she was moved off the Rebecca project, Dr Shaw is a brilliant roboticist and her plan involving the upgraded androids may be tied to whatever Dwarf Star is planning. Or, her plan might be aimed at Dwarf Star as a form of revenge.
  • Promptly Jossed in "The Dwarf Star Conspiracy". Unless the androids, as they cannot be infected, are intended to fight back against the alien invasion.

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