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Purely to mess with people, the next game will be called Dark Forces III.

Jaden got a power boost from being blasted with the staff.
Explains how he/she became capable of carving through the Disciples of Ragnoss like a lightsaber through butter.

Rosh died stupidly not long after the light side ending of Jedi Academy.
… or else, like Kyle and Jaden (along with Keyan Farlander from X-Wing and Maarek Steele from TIE Fighter), he would have been mentioned somewhere in the subsequent novels…

Kyle and Jan broke up between Jedi Knight and Jedi Outcast
Think about it: in the novels Kyle and Jan both share their first kiss, but it's never referenced anywhere in the games. We don't see Jan in Mysteries of the Sith (nor is she mentioned), but then she reappears in Jedi Outcast where she and Kyle are pretty clearly just friends (at least at first). Judging by a comment Lando made to Kyle (where he said he'd give him flowers again so he can make-up with Jan), it gives one the impression they had a falling out before, then reconciled but remained as Just Friends. Furthermore, it would reconcile the scene in the novels where Kyle and Jan start becoming romantic but doesn't happen in the games until well into Jedi Outcast, and would explain Jan's absence in Mysteries of the Sith.

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