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The True threat of All-Nothing (A.N Technology
the Thiima's near-immediate Reactivation and attack on Amnelia in G-Darius was due to the usage of an All-nothing bomb that essentially disintegrated/vaporised one of the plants inhabited moons. my theory is that their reaction WASNT just due to the USAGE of a WMD, but the technology itself- the name implying something capable of extreme destruction- potentially to the level of ignoring the laws of Thermodynamics and Facilitating the DESTRUCTION of Matter-Energy itself ( with near-perfectly efficient matter-energy conversion being a secondary application vis the power supply for the first-generation hawks AND the method in which they fuel their Alpha beam system)

Azure Nightmare is actually either Sameluck Raida or Lutia Feen
If one of them is one of the glowing beings hidden inside the network, could they be the heroes from G-Darius revived but held captive by the Belsar?

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