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Amanda Smythe is being possessed by Alex's daughter.
We all know there's something weird going on with Amanda. My theory? She's been possessed (or something) by Alex's daughter. Could be Matthias, not Alex, but I don't think so. Matthias's line, after all, leads to the Gaunt family and eventually to everybody's favorite Dark Lord.

Alex turned away from his father's teachings for his love (Muggleborn, maybe?). He had two children, a daughter and a son, but Salazar cursed the family so one of them (and all but one of every succeeding generation) would die young. The girl, her brother, and her boyfriend/fiance note  were in the cave note , but there was a trap. They were all going to drown, but the girl got herself and her boyfriend/fiance to safety, so only her brother died. Eventually, the castle-in-the-sky thing happened. Somehow note , Alex can possess Ezra Smythe, and his unnamed daughter who was in the cave for a while note  used her one chance to possess (or something) Amanda, Ezra's daughter note . Draco has something to do with Possessing!Amanda's boyfriend note , so she's in love with him, but she's going to die (?)note  soon, not long before he does (or not).

  • Partially confirmed. It's been confirmed in a recent chapter that Alex's daughter is acting in the present. She may be possessing somebody, though that's yet to be confirmed. We've also had it noted that one of the cubs' yearmates, a Muggleborn girl, had an accident in a swimming pool while young, and was thought to be impossibly brain-damaged but instead woke up magical... coincidence?
    • Confirmed in Chapter 26 of SD and Anne's Story

Draco Black is not actually going to die
.Since chapter 3 of Facing Danger, we've assumed Luna's vision was true, especially after what Margaret Ravenclaw said. But...
  • We know from Living With Danger that Lucius Malfoy hates music, especially Muggle music, so why would he even know the song Luna was singing in the vision?
  • It's been a plot point- how many times now?- that Draco looks just like his father. The resemblance was then only exacerbated by Mare/Letha healing all Lucius's self-inflicted werewolf scars except for one on his cheek, giving him a facial adornment identical to Draco and Hermione.
  • No names are ever spoken in the scene. Reference is made to "the one who lies buried here", but that person is not named.
  • So, for some reason, Draco was disguised as Lucius Malfoy note . Luna maybe hadn't known this? Or was acting? (Would have to be a good job of acting to fool herself, though.) So that when she found him to actually be alive, she was only too glad to go with him.
    • And adding to this, maybe it was his father who was dead, but the grave was marked otherwise, so as not to blow Draco's cover?
    • Word of God actually hints at this interpretation. In a Potter Fic Weekly interview, Anne added a hidden bit from that scene: "Do you know what I remember about that dark hallway? The word 'please'. He said 'Please, let me live,' and it was so strange that he should say that..." Considering her love of The Princess Bride...
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  • In summary, we know that Draco and Lucius have a final showdown on the fifth of June, 1997 in a dark hallway (see above), probably either at Hogwarts or at Malfoy Manor. We believe we know that Draco is the one who walks away. If this is in fact correct, what would cause the Pack and Pride to so drastically misidentify the body? Or did they correctly identify it but are hiding that from the Death Eaters? Food for thought.
  • This may be confirmed in one of the other stories, but it could be a red herring.
  • Jossed. Draco dies, and the encounter at the cemetery is between Malfoy and Luna, who tries to use a special potion on Malfoy to wipe out his mind and be able to control him, but he manages to turn it against her. Danger sees Draco and Luna are already at the Founders' Castle, although she doesn't get to talk with them.
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  • Confirmed. Chapter 57 of Surpassing Danger shows us Draco is very much alive and only pretending to be Lucius all along.

Harry is not the Heir of Gryffindor.
Yeah, I know, we're so used to seeing this in fanfic that it's practically become a Fandom-Specific Plot, but there's evidence suggesting there's more to it.

A reread of the first book caused me to notice a few things. A prophecy refers to Remus as "the lion-hearted wolf" just before referring to Aletha, recently confirmed as an Heir of Ravenclaw, as "the eagle-hearted truth" (her name is derived from from Greek αληθεια (aletheia) meaning "truth"). Harry is never connected to Gryffindor in such a fashion. Additionally, Danger, Remus' beloved, is also called "Beloved of the Heir" by the Gryffindors during her visit to the Founders' Hogwarts. The Hufflepuffs already called her "Savior of the Savior", referring to her role in rescuing Harry, but "beloved"?

And then there’s that prophecy Luna gave Harry about their hideout at Hogwarts. "Remember, by the place of your father’s servant, to thank those who gave your mother her gifts." This would imply that while Danger was gifted with the gift of control over fire, the gift was merely unlocked in Remus.

Remus is noted in "Living with Danger" as never being sunburned despite being rather pale, and the first chapter of "Dealing with Danger" establishes that Remus prefers his tea to be served while very hot, suggesting he never gets burned that way either.

The prophecy at the end of "Living without Danger" that refers to "the lion's son, with whom you dwell" who "calls eagle's daughter sister yet/their blood is nothing like" could apply to Harry, but remember who the "you" is in Danger's prophecies. While Remus has been eliminating himself from the pool of candidates at least partly due to the fact that he and Danger always receive the year's prophecy together, this means that the prophecy refers to someone living with Danger rather than someone living with Danger and Remus. Remus definitely seems to think of Aletha (recently confirmed to be a blood Heir of Ravenclaw) as his sister, by extension of thinking of Sirius as his brother.

"Living Without Danger" establishes that one of the makers of the Marauders' Map was an Heir - it could just as easily be Remus as James.

It also serves as an in-universe explanation for why Fenrir Greyback was sent to attack Remus - a side effect of Dangerverse lycanthropy is that those afflicted with it can't have children - Voldemort, an Heir of Slytherin, thus would have been trying to eliminate the Gryffindor line before it could produce an Heir who might one day stand against him.

Finally, it's only after the blood-bond with Remus that Harry shows the easy and confident Gryffindor control over fire. During the graveyard scene, he did put out the fire under Voldemort's cauldron and burn the ropes off himself, but that appeared to be the product of desperate need and was not easily repeatable. Despite the in-universe explanation (that the powers of a Gryffindor Heir are sealed early in life), whenever James has appeared in a Dangerverse AU, he has almost never demonstrated control over fire. Be Careful stands out as an exception, but then, that story also involves a few hundred years of alternate history which include Remus being an Heir of Slytherin, so it's not necessarily the best guideline. In True Colors, not only does Remus have power over fire, he is able to pass it down the line to Ray...

In "Dealing With Danger", Harry is able to draw the Sword of Gryffindor from the Sorting Hat, but we know from canon that Neville would be just as capable when the need was sufficient.

And there's one last bit to this theory: during the original fight with Salazar Slytherin, it's revealed that it wasn't Godric Gryffindor who finished Sal off, or either of his children - but one of Gryffindor's students.

Also, Anne reveals in "Of Alex and Anne" that the next Heir of Gryffindor will be named Nadia. Connect this to the original prophecy given to Danger: "When they who saved the savior twine/The freshest blood with founders’ line/Then has the age of hope begun/And peace comes to the man who won." "Nadia" is derived from "Nadezhda," which means "hope" in Russian, Bulgarian and Macedonian. This could mean that whatever prevents lycanthropes from having children will be broken before the conclusion of "Surpassing Danger", and Danger will finally conceive.

In addition, there is this line of prophecy: "When they who saved the savior twine/The freshest blood with founders’ line". In Anne's works, especially Be Careful, purebloodedness is dying out and stagnating (c.f. the proposed marriage laws in BC). Ginny is a pureblood, which is hardly 'freshest blood'. Danger, however, is a muggleborn in a family which clearly has lots of latent magic: Hermione is a very powerful witch too. It seems more likely that the Grangers are those with 'freshest blood'.

  • Also, in "Living Without Danger", the only people who seem to be able to see through Neville's invisibility magic are Letha, Meghan (both blood heirs of Ravenclaw), and Remus. Harry cannot see through it.

  • Though, there are still details that contradict this theory. For example, the subtle scene where Draco opens Harry's present with the invisibility cloak the morning after Danger curses Gryffindor and all of his descendants to wake up only to find their best present has been opened by someone else...

  • Voldemort seems to confirm as much in Surpassing Danger chapter 56, but no proof yet.

  • Confirmed in Surpassing Danger, Chapter 65! Hermione did some research, and discovered that William's (the student that defeated Salazar Slytherin) parents worked with clay. One word for a person that works with clay is a potter, thus making William a likely candidate for being Harry's ancestor.
    • And the above mentioned scene about Christmas morning? Remus wanted to be the first to look into Danger's eyes. And Draco ruined that.

The graveyard scene was a Secret Test of Character for Luna to see if she was worthy of the gift of prophecy
  • Luna repeatedly mentions that she has to be ready to believe everything and accept anything if the graveyard scene is to turn out correctly. But while it's very clear why Draco had to believe that he would die (his willingness to accept his death unbalanced his father, and gave him a chance to attack), it's never made clear why Luna had to be in that specific state of mind. However, when you couple that with Alex's implication that his father and brother lost the gift of prophecy due to being unwilling to accept what it was showing them, it's possible that the true point of the graveyard was to see if Luna could put herself in the correct frame of mind to use the Slytherin gift of prophecy.

Matthias and Salazar Slytherin lost the gift of prophecy due to breaking the Founder's Oath.

Myrddin Emrys was one of the Guardians before the Founders of Hogwarts.
  • As Godric Gryffindor's adopted son, Emrys presumably swore the Guardian's Oath just as his parents and siblings did. And since there is no indication that he broke the Oath, there is no reason why he would not have received the same invitation the others did. Why, then, is he not among the twelve at the Founder's Castle? What if he already stood his watch? What if, in the aftermath of his death in the Arthurian Age, he became (possibly one of several) Guardian(s) who managed the world during the five centuries or so between the time of Arthur Pendragon and the founding of Hogwarts?
    • Moreover, Hestia Jones mentions that every part of Merlin's mythos has an element of truth, including the tale that he did not die, but was sealed away in the crystal caves. Perhaps those caves were the form the Guardian's Demesne took under Merlin?

The Peverells were descended from Paul Gryffindor.
  • The three Peverell brothers were the original creators of the Sacra Letifera, items of power that vastly exceed anything conventional enchanting could produce in both their duration and their power. Only someone with the Gryffindor bloodline gift of crafting items of power or a similar blessing could have crafted the Sacra Letifera. Moreover, we know that the Peverells are extinct in the direct line, and Paul's lineage is confirmed to have died out at some point.

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