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The fan series will subvert many of the recycled plotlines and elements from the canon series
Plot points such as a double murder in the third chapter or the Gentle Giant character being killed off in the fourth chapter will be avoided on account of this being a fan series and it's not likely that moboxer will follow the same trends as Kodaka.

I think this is important...
No idea how to even title this, but just an observation. One thing I noticed with some of the characters is that they lost something/don't have something that's kinda needed for their talent. The Ultimate Apprentice lost his memory (and apparently his talent), the Ultimate Angler lost an arm, the Ultimate Broadway Dancer lost her hearing, the Ultimate Local Hero loses her bravery when encountering her phobias, and the Ultimate Counselor (a.k.a. the monkey) loses his cool when there’s a murder. Also, whilst the Ultimate Activist hasn't lost anything, she doesn't have the cause needed in order to be a good activist. But yeah, why have several characters lost something that is kinda essential to their talents? And how does it tie into the Virtue/Vice theme? And will other characters also lose something needed for their talent? I do not know, but I think it may be important.

The story takes place in the V3 universe where Danganronpa is a fictional TV show
Maru mentions that her prized megaphone is an Ultra Despair Girls edition which suggests that the early seasons of Danganronpa are fictional and have popular merchandise.

There will be a sort of 'love' triangle between Chikuma, Oniji and Kunitaro
Thanks to Youtube user Weebly Newz's speculation, it's possible that Chikuma, a penny pinching, bargain hunter, would try to take advantage of Oniji's 'generosity' regarding creating fancy apparel for others for free as a way to get free stuff for herself. Kunitaro would be a friend/love interest for Chikuma while serving as a rival for Oniji. For the former, they would bond over their backgrounds of growing up poor while also having a shared appreciation for old or unused things that society would not find value in anymore. As for the latter, they would definitely clash over their personal views on life along with how Oniji values new and high quality apparel over Kunitaro preferring old fashioned and retro treasures.

Celesgami's Archetypes
Based on tumblr user celesgami's archetypes, I would like to predict which role the Kill/Cure characters will fall under in the fangame.
  • Hiroaki as The Ahoge: He's the designated protagonist and he has the Idiot Hair to solidify his status.
  • Naiomi as The Tech Princess: She has a talent that deals with creativity and requires exceptional intelligence. And her work would require various forms of technology in order to create any type of architecture.
  • Bussho as The Unpopular with the Fandom Because I'm Not Conventionally Attractive: While he's far from ugly or odd looking, he does have a rather plain face and a fairly normal personality compared to his more eccentric classmates. So it's possible that he'll be less then popular as a result.
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  • Momoe as The Precious Angel Who Did Not Deserve to Die: She has an adorable design and an endearing personality to boot. It would be rather heartbreaking for the fans if she ended up dying.
  • Yahto as The Big Hearted Muscle: Take a wild guess.
  • Fan Fan as 'The Food??? Food. Food.': She doesn't have a specific interest so far, but she is bubbly and friendly like Asahina, Akane, and Angie.
  • Oniji as The Tragic Past and Hella Self-Esteem Issues: While we don't know anything about his past, there must have been something significant that made him accept that rich and high quality things are what make a real man. He does fit the latter though since he does have an inflated ego but doesn't take criticism very well.
  • Shoko as The Misunderstood Gang Leader: His aggressive attitude brings to mind characters such as Mondo and Fuyuhiko who end up having a great level of character depth. When you get past their abrasive attitudes. The leader part could work in the sense that he is in charge of forums.
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  • Ikki as The Solitary Protective One: He mainly fits the former since Ikki claims that he doesn't like attention so he may not be as involved with the overall group.
  • Hide as The Bitch Princess: She's The Rival of the game and she doesn't seem to get along with any of her classmates.
  • Chikuma as The Rich Pretty Princess: The first part is an ironic theme since she uses coupons as payment, yet she managed to earn a variety of purchases at low prices. And according to the fandom, she's gorgeous!
  • Kunitaro as The Magical Weirdo: He fits the latter part since he can come off as annoying with his constant talk of vintage things. Plus his appearance and attitude make him similar to Hagakure.
  • Toya as The Boys Are Nerds Anyway: Most likely among the girl students to be a lesbian or be more interested in the company of girls over guys.
  • Manzo as The Hot Useless Dork King: He's quite attractive, has a relaxed and 'chill bro' attitude, he actually doesn't like it when people call him a 'dork' so it must be a common term for him. And he does have a bizarre 'freaked out' expression similar to his predecessors.
  • Maru as The COULD U FUCKIN NOT: She's the most problematic of the characters on account of her willingness to argue over things that she doesn't care about or have sufficient knowledge about.
  • Shiori as The Walking Spoiler: There's a high probability that Shiori knows more about the killing game and is keeping certain secrets from her students throughout the experience.
  • Uta as The Byakuya Togami: She does have uptight attitude and is rarely shown in a friendly or positive mood.

Shiori will be the first to die
If Moboxer is willing to borrow some of the typical Danganronpa patterns, then there is a high possibility of Shiori, who is the first teacher character to appear in a Killing Game, the "leader" of the class, and a seemingly IMPORTANT person, being the victim of the first case.

If Bussho, Toya, Ikki or Uta die...
...then Bussho’s passivism, Toya’s hearing disability, Ikki's missing arm or Uta’s germophobia will ultimately be their undoing and lead to one or more them being murdered.

One of the 'don't kill' motives is...
...that the captives are shown videos of their fellow captives' loved ones, waiting for them to come back home, but not their own. This leads to one of the characters stealing their motive videos and murdering someone.

Kokorosaru's twisted form will have an appearance that resembles Monokuma
Considering that his form is unlocked after a student is murdered, it would make sense that his new form bear a certain resemblance to Monokuma that sticks from the investigation and until the killer is executed. There's also some good Foreshadowing in the teaser where Oniji suggests that the monkey take on a 'bad boy' image to garner positive attention while Kokorosaru takes it into consideration.

Hide will have a Fangirl side that she's embarrassed about
When she's not creating scientific and groundbreaking theories, she spends her free time making fan theories for her favorite shows and anime. It's also likely that she's a huge fan of Danganronpa considering that DR is a TV show in this universe and Hide states that she enjoys the mystery genre in the teaser.

Manzo will be a potential killer
The killers in past games sometimes use their talents when trying to create or get away with murder. (Leon activating the furnace with his baseball talent, Nagito creating his Batman Gambit with his supernatural luck, Miu attempting to kill Kokichi in her virtual world etc.) So for Manzo, I see him using his talent to get away from the murder scene using a route that would normally be too dangerous for ordinary people. But not for a professional stuntman.

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