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In the last episode, Celestia became an Author Avatar
Faulerro had stated multiple times on his Tumblr page and in an update video that he's done with Abridging things and wants to move on. Ludenberg's rant which took up most of the episode was reflecting Faulerro's actual feelings on the characters and his own writing for them, in what was probably the very last episode. In his own words:
At this point in time I want to focus on things that aren't abridging-related because abridging is kind of killing me a little bit. Owing to the fact that my computer is incredibly slow and the fact that I am just getting stressed as hell working on each project, I've just decided that maybe I should pack it in for the time being.

Kirigiri isn't actually going to hell
Celes was just trolling her. Affectionately.
  • Or alternatively, her rescuing Naegi from the trash dump will be largely motivated by not wanting to go to hell (assuming the series continues). Sort of like a Paranoia Gambit on Celes' part.

Someday this will be continued
One can only have hope, right?

Oogami is part-Orc in this continuity
Because why not ? If Celes is a demon in this, one may assume other fantasy or mythological creatures exist as well. Sure would explain the hell out of her obsession with the honor of the battlefield and her other Proud Warrior Race Girl tendencies.

Junko won't blackmail Juzo by outing him as gay
Taking into account Monokuma's evil has standards, just imagine the conversation -

"Please don't out me to the guy I'm in love with!"

"Out you- What no! No! Look I may be all for promoting the spread of despair but I'm not a monster."

Alter Ego won't reappear until "his" Execution

Because Celeste never actually stole the laptop, but the real Junko did


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