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Mina and the Royal Three are not the only "True Blooded" vamps left.
  • Li, Ivanovic, and Rozenmann launched a massive purge; but it could not have been instantaneous and more than a few other clan heads would see how complete they were. So out of a desire to both protect the 0th bloodline and their loved ones at least a few of the 97 other clans would have hid some of their kin among a population where the class conscious lunatics in question would never look. The Fangless.

Dukes Ivanovic, Li, and Rozenmann will suffer a Fate Worse than Death (and the Cheers will be Loud and Long)
  • Mina Tepes honestly regards continuing the bloodline by bearing the child of a fellow true blooded vampire to be part of her duty as a queen. That does not mean that she needs to let any of the sociopaths that wiped out most of their kind and brutally murdered her mother as she watched enjoy themselves in the process. Mina will capture them, have all four limbs amputated from each of them, imprison them in such a manner that prevents them from regenerating or shapeshifting their way to freedom, muzzle them, have them fed intraveniously ("Stigma", not the Good Stuff), and make sure they are periodically "milked" for later artificial insemination/in vitro fertilization efforts (assuming she will not stoop to raping them outright once she starts ovulating). Finally, she would make them watch footage of her testing out various "massage units" and/or playing the catamite to her "dog" for the sole purpose of rubbing it in past the kid.

Nina/Goth is going to take over for Borgiani on the spy/wetwork side of Mina's house
  • Ditch the wig and goth-loli outfit in favor of a suit (tailored to downplay her physical age), or even stick to her street-musician getup, and nobody will make the connection with one of Alphonse's pets.

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