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WMG page for Dakari-King Mykan; feel free to come up with your own versions of his type of plot here (though, try to be civil; this is still a real-life person, after all). My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic has its own page.

Spoilers for Super Mario Odyssey: Mario will turn into a second Count Logan because Peach didn't choose to marry him.
If Mykan ever plays Odyssey, then Mario might become one of his many "favoritisms" in terms of overall characterization; a normally happy-go-lucky guy like Davis or Beast Boy, who ends up without the girl (Kari, Terra, Peach), not to mention one of his games is the basis for one of Mykan's most infamous fics. If he ever gets hold of this game and gets to the end, he'll only focus on Peach not choosing Mario and not the fact that they're still on good terms in spite of that, and turn him into "Count Mario, Bringer of Doom" or something like that.
  • Alternatively, he'll have Mario decide that he's had enough and team up with Bowser, considering that Peach dumps both of them at the end, and turn both Mario and Bowser into Bringers of Doom - either have them perform a Fusion Dance, or he'll have them act as a Big Bad Duumvirate.
    • This is officially the best worst plot ever. The only real issue I have is that Bowser will lose all of his Large Ham self in exchange for being a generic bad guy.
      • Actually, knowing Mykan, he'd keep the large ham aspect of Bowser - it would be Mario who would have his personality traits lost.
      • In that case, the funny part of Bowser would be lost; Mykan doesn't like funny villains.
      • Heads up, peeps: Mykan mentioned in Chatzy that he plays Odyssey. Man the lifeboats.

He'll love Yuji Kiba, and write a story where they take Takumi's role in Faiz, possibly turning them into a Count Logan-esque figure
Yuji obsess over the female lead of that show, yet in Paradise Lost, she chooses Takumi over him - while this did lead to Yuji becoming Orga in the aforementioned movie, Yuji chose to ultimately sacrifice himself to redeem himself. Of course, this assumes that someone who likes
Masked Ridernote  would be willing to watch Kamen Rider.
  • Possibly jossed; Mykan only likes things that speak English, and doesn't like the original Japanese versions at all because he can't understand them (and yes, this extends to subbed versions). Is there a Masked Rider equivalent to Yuji?
    • Then he could use Souji Kusakabe then - Kabuto had an English dub that aired in the Phillipines, so he could watch that.

Mykan and Ben 10
This troper spotted the show on his list of fandoms and asked him his opinion on it. He doesn’t seem to hate it, but he does seem to dislike the Gwen/Kevin pairing (seeing as they share voice actors with Beast Boy and Terra). Therefore, I believe that if he were ever to write a fic based on the show, he would heavily bash them and put them through a series of misfortunes, up to and including death. He might also turn Ben into a clone of himself like he did with Beast Boy and Davis, maybe because he shipped Benlie and hated that they broke up in Omniverse (“He gets the girl or he winds up dead”, anyone?), maybe for some other reason. Hell, he might even be the one to inflict the “punishment” on poor Gwen and Kevin!
  • That...actually sounds like a really big dose of Nightmare Fuel, right there. I mean, just look at what Ben's capable of! Of course, Mykan will probably prevent him from using those abilities and give him some "stronger" ones, but that doesn't change the fact that Ben is pretty damn overpowered in his home series, especially now that he has full control over his Alien X form.
  • Update: he's already written a story for the original series. It seems like a pseudo-sequel to the Big Fat Alien Wedding episode (he specifies that it takes place a year after the wedding), featuring a version of Lucy Mann who has apparently gained a "huge and psychotic" crush on Ben (this being written before she re-appeared in Omniverse) and an OC villain that forces Vilgax to turn tail and run (creatively named "Count Dread"). There's only one chapter, though, and I can't find any sign of it on his DeviantArt page...
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