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Daisy's father created Lithop from Daisy's mother's DNA and Alan from his own

Meta guess: The actress playing Daisy frequently gets visits/calls from neighbors and passers-by asking if she "needs help", assuming she's in an abusive situation
I mean, seeing as they likely hear her screaming at someone with a man's name over how much he mistreats her and at one point, she went outside with "bruises" and explained to a camera that "Alan threw her out", it wouldn't surprise me. She has to explain to them that she's shooting a horror vlog series. Showing them Alan in full costume is usually enough to convince them.
Daisy's missing an eye, or only has the one.
Bit of a long shot, but when Alan took over Daisy's twitter, he retweeted this, a seemingly random series of Odilon Redon paintings. All are depictions of classical monsters, but the odd one out seems to be The Cyclops. The other three are spooky looking with red and black color schemes; the Cyclops is smiling benignly in a patch of flowers. This ties in with Alan's opinion of Daisy: that she's childish, not too bright and interested in things he thinks are frivolous (plus, she likes to garden). Additionally, we actually see a good portion of Daisy's face in the video we're back, but only below her eyes (except for a tiny corner for a few frames). She'll allow just that much of her face in the videos, but not her eyes.
The series isn't over just yet
I wouldn't be complaining if it was, mind you, that ending was very good and satisfying on its own, but there are still some loose ends to tie up—most specifically, what's going on with Daisy's father? My guess is that, if the story is going to continue, we'll get an arc about Daisy and Lithop searching for Daisy's father. It'd certainly explain why Daisy thought her dad's tape was important enough for her to risk waking up Alan to bring with them.

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