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Tamai is Kokonotsu's mother
Yo has apparently known her for years, is able to argue with her, and then is comfortable enough with her to ask her to go drinking, and she's comfortable enough to accept. Later in season 2, he's willing to take shelter at her house during a storm.
  • Jossed. Yo talks to Tamai at one point about his wife leaving him in the manga.

A lot of Hotaru's eccentricities come from being a Lonely Rich Kid
She wants friends, but has no idea of how to go about getting some.

Kokonotsu met Hotaru when he young, but doesn't remember the encounter.
Which is why her likeness shows up in his manga.

Hotaru was the mystery woman who ordered the Monjiro Squid for Yo.
She probably heard he was in the hospital and ordered it for him.


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