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The Smallville fan-fiction

The TV Series

  • He's trying to bring down the corrupt government that screwed him over, as we saw in the Pilot.
    • Almost confirmed in the second episode. He's expecting to become a hero in the end, apparently.
    • Pointed out by Hurst in his "The Reason You Suck" Speech as he sarcastically wonders if Francis is imagining his daugter giving him a "Father of the Year" mug.
    • Further revealed as Francis goes on a Motive Rant after seeing his ex-wife begin kissing CIA Chief Widener.
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    • Considering that up to that point he had been carefully laying the groundwork to make himself look like a hero in the eyes of his daughter as well as the rest of the world, his extremism is cemented as he goes slightly unhinged, taking his own daughter hostage in front of Dunn and Finley.

The CIA has already twigged to what the kidnappers want
  • Given the rapid and extreme response to the Wirths' actions, it is reasonable to suppose that someone in charge has ordered a cover-up that is going on as Francis uses the parents to burrow into the echelons of government to obtain the evidence he needs.
    • Given that Widener apparently guessed very early on who the kidnapper is, it seems this WMG is confirmed.

In addition to furthering Francis' goals, the demands he makes are a twisted take on the Secret Test of Character trope.
  • When making demands, Francis always asks the parents "What would you do to protect your child?" and he returns the children whose parents meet his demands, something you don't see a lot of kidnappers do. The reason he does this is because meeting his demands proves that the parents would go to any length to save their beloved children, making them worthy parents in his eyes. This would fit well with his own seeming doubts about whether he is a worthy parent to Beth Ann.

In an uneasy alliance, Dunn and Finley will begin working "on the outside" to reveal what Francis hoped to obtain by coercion.
  • The latest episode "Here He Comes" seems to imply that at the very least, the two point people (Dunn and Finley) are willing to consider the possibility of working with Francis to uncover the CIA's malfeasances. Whether the FBI will then formally sign on to exposing the super-soldier program in exchange for some kind of negotiated release of hostages is yet to be seen.
    • Jossed. As soon as Finley tries out-gambitting Gibson, he takes a second option and orders a snatch and grab.

The last automated text or phone call
  • It was intended by Gibson to be a taunt to Meg Fitch that he had her daughter.

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