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Wild Mass Guessing for Crimson And Emerald

Mirko was sexually harassed by other heroes
For a woman who's famous for saying that working with a team is for the weak, she's actually perfectly fine with teaching interns and working with people she or her close friends knows personally. Considering how ubiquitous the Playboy Bunny is and how fetishized the Viera of Final Fantasy XII fame are, she probably had to endure a lot of sexual harassment from people with rabbit fetishes. When working in teams would open her up to either harassment or not being taken seriously, she like other women developed a preference of relying on herself.Considering she only becomes open to the idea of working with people when her best friend Hawks started to and had his interns recommend her people....

Todoroki Ryu couldn't have anymore children.
Enji is shown to have learn a lot of his more negative behavior from his father. Except for one. Unlike Enji who's obsessed with breeding the perfect child and continued doing so until he had the right one, Todoroki Ryu only has Enji.Considering that his youngest grandson would have been one when Todoroki Ryu enslaved the six-year old Takashiro Sora for the Commission, it speaks of a lack of faith in his own child after three "failed" grandchildren.He doesn't just set aside his wife and marry a younger woman with a better quirk to make more powerful kids and his adult son is an only kid despite his powerful quirk.Considering how he's a complete asshole, he probably has difficultly conceiving.

Todoroki Ryu hates his son.
While not all abusers abuse because they hate their children, his reaction to three grandchildren with "imperfect" quirks was enslave and raise his own perfect hero. And he is never shown speaking to his son before he's finally implied so there's a lot of bad feelings on both sides.

Todoroki Ryu was a far worse abuser than his son.
His son has never allowed his father to met his grandchildren. This is because he has some understanding that how he and his mother were treated was wrong. However, while he figured that his treatment of them crossed the line, he failed to realize how far over the line it was. So while he made sure to tone down his behavior when it came to his own wife and kids, his lack of comprehension of how bad it was lead to him not toning it down enough. He thinks his father was excessive, not abusive, hence his treatment of his own family.

There's going to be a Paparazzo arc.
Considering one of the major themes is the impact of media on the perception of heroes, there's going to be an arc focusing on how the Aery and the Warren deal with reporters. There will be a reporter trying to dig up dirt on any of them and will find out more about the Midoriya family or the Todoroki family's past without having to use exposition or flashback. The arc will be about this reporter trying to find their scoop, outside looking in. They are probably going to have Alternative Character Interpretation or be
hilariously wrong.

Sir Nighteye is going take Izuku being All for One's son badly.
Sir is totally going to be worse than canon to Izuku once he find out who his father is, be relieved when he thinks the boy is going to die, pressure Deku harder to give OFA to Mirio, then not only will Deku survive, he’ll save Sir’s life and borrow Eri’s quirk to fix Mirio’s

Sir Nighteye never knew about All Might protecting him from being blackmailed by the Heroics Commission.
Sir will come in to talk about his disapproval about both of All Might's successors. Perhaps about how he managed to stay away from the HC but Hawks couldn't, might suspect the HC of trying to use All Might as well.

Inko will divorce her husband and find new love with the Monoma parents.
Because that woman deserves a better spouse than her no-good husband and deserves to have a great romance.

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