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The first bout in the film will be between Adonis Creed and Danny "Stuntman" Wheeler for "Pretty" Ricky Conlan's vacant world light heavyweight championship.
Since it was established in the previous film Wheeler was the number one contender for Conlan's belt until the latter broke his jaw during the weigh-in, thereby giving Adonis his spot for the title, Wheeler (who sued the World Boxing Council off-screen in the first film) will be given the chance to fight for the championship. Given that Adonis' reputation has been increasing, despite the loss to Conlan in Creed, he's also whom the Council determines to be given a shot. Thus, both men will settle for the belt to open up Creed II as the first fight.
  • Confirmed; however, they don't contest for Conlan's vacant belt, as Adonis moved up to the heavyweight-class. Instead, it's for the world heavyweight championship.

Rocky will die.
Not dramatically or tragically like Mickey or Apollo did, his cancer will simply worsen despite his best efforts to fight it to the end and he'll die during the film some time after the initial reunion and confrontation with Ivan. Possibly right at the end, possibly he'll watch Adonis defeat Victor on TV from his hospital bed immediately before dying content. Stallone will simply want to put the character to rest with dignity and allow Jordan to carry on the franchise on his own- the same way Adonis will have to carry on without Rocky.

Adonis dies.
History Repeats and Adonis gets beat to death like his father, and Rocky will train another fighter introduced earlier to beat Victor. This will be due to the execs thinking MBJ can't carry a franchise

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