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WMG / Code Geass: Awesome of the Rebellion

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The fic will deconstruct the concept of morality
  • Specifically the trope of Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters. There is something you can notice when comparing the narration of earlier chapters and later chapters. The terminology used for the different sides. In the first chapter, when Awesome wants to join the Black Knights, we get Lelouch reacting with something along the lines of, "Why do you want join terrorists?" and we see the Black Knights called terrorists, and their enemies called soldiers. In later chapters, after Awesome unites Asia, we see the Black Knights being referred to as soldiers, and the enemies are terrorists now. This may be indicating that as the Black Knights gain power, they see themselves in the same way as the Britannians see themselves, and see their enemies in the same way as the Britannians once viewed them. In a way, the Black Knights are now Those Who Fight Monsters. My idea is that later chapters, after the current threats are dispatched, will end up looking more into this.
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