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Word of Blake is an alternate-universe version of the Adeptus Mechanicus of Warhammer 40,000
They worship technology, ESPECIALLY technology from a distant past when humanity once flourished and had a far higher standard of living and better technology base. Also, they cybernetically enhance themselves and have a fascination with giant humanoid robot killing machines.
  • Actually, 40k launched about three years after BattleTech, so it's probably more accurate to say that the Adeptus Mechanicus is a Darker and Edgier version of pre-Schism Com Star.
    • But the ComStar schism that created the Word of Blake happened after 40k was introduced. Of course, ComStar had all those aforementioned similarities with the Adeptus Mechanicus before the schism.

Kerlin Ward (and possibly Ulric Kerensky) were a part of the Wolverine/Word of Blake conspiracy

Kerlin Ward ordered Wolf's Dragoons to help prepare the Inner Sphere to fight the Clans. Ulric deliberately sabotaged the cause of the Crusader Clans. It's known that the Wolverines wanted to destroy the Clans out of vengeance for what happened to them. Kerlin, and possibly Ulric, were part of that conspiracy, with both serving to weaken the Clans in preparation for the Word of Blake invasion of the Homeworlds.


Integrated circuits are LosTech, and all computers are analog.
  • This would explain why an additional targeting computer takes up several tons and a lot of hull space. It might also explain the Short-Range Long-Range Weapon thing.
    • Despite the name, there's actually a lot more to a functional targeting computer than just a bunch of chips to be plugged into an existing system as-is. It's all the extra peripheral performance-enhancing gear that takes up the tonnage and space (and yes, that's canon).
    • Indeed, such things as additional recoil/motion compensators would take up a fair bit of room and tonnage. Additional sensors attatched to the weapons allso adds more tonnage/crits, though for ease of gameplay/design, all those bits were lumped in with the actual computer.


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