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Anastasia will have a Heel–Face Turn much like her animated counterpart.
It would be nice to see that happen.
  • The step-sisters do apologize to Ella at the end, although it's hard to tell if they're being sincere or not. And they apparently get throw out of the kingdom with their mother and the Grand Duke, but that doesn't necessarily mean they don't ever change or get a happy ending. At least it's more clear than their ambiguous fate of the original movie until the sequels come in, and less grim than what happened in Kingdom Hearts....

The Stepmother remarried again in the end, to the Grand Duke.
Well, they seemed to hit it off pretty well and they both got kicked out of the kingdom at the end, so why not? She's the sort who would need a man to provide for her and her children (since she's not gonna do any work).

The Fairy Godmother was a local fey tied to the location of Ella's family's house.
Which is why she had been hanging around the whole time. And why Ella's mom believed in Fairy Godmothers, her home had been said to have been in the family for a long time, and she had probably helped previous generations who had passed the story down.

Obligatory "Kit is a Time Lord"
Well, his father was the Master, so...

The Fairy Godmother was the one who cursed the Beast in Beauty and the Beast.
The young and beautiful Fairy Godmother disguised herself as a poor old crone in order to test Cinderella's morality and kindness. Obviously, Cinderella passed with flying colors, and thus, she was rewarded for her charity. The Godmother would eventually use a similar test on Prince Adam, and...well, he certainly wasn't as charitable...

In that case, Kit and Ella will need to cameo once the Beast is restored, leading to a Disney Cinematic Universe.

Lady Tremaine and her daughters returned to wherever they came from
Lady Tremaine decided to go back to the land where she and her daughters lived before she married Ella's Dad.

Lady Tremaine and her daughters came from the Kingdom where Belle and the Beast live

Ella's stepsisters would have been nicer to her if her Dad sent them the lace and the parasol they asked

The Tremaines were not exiled...
Ella and Kit are too nice for that. They just left the kingdom of their own volition. Lady Tremaine would rather live in poverty than under the rule of her ex-scullery wench. Lady Tremaine's decision was helped by the fact she's more likely to get a new husband in a kingdom where she's not known to have abused her stepdaughter.

Disney's live-action remakes will set up a shared universe.
Eventually we'll get to see this world develop across hundreds of years, and see how the presence of magic influenced history.

After leaving the kingdom, Anastasia will meet a baker and fall in love with him.

The greenhouse was rebuilt after the midnight toll.
The Fairy Godmother did say, "everything [would] return to the way it was before." The greenhouse was shattered by a pumpkin turning into the carriage, so the damage was undone when the magic ran out.

After the event of the film, the kingdom the film sets in will be invaded.
It is a cruel world, especially for a tiny country with no particular advantage. It takes the prince only a few days to try to shoe on every woman in the country, which means not only is it small, it also has a low population. When major powers come crashing down, Ella's happy ever after may not last very long. The Prince will learn what does it feel like to be Robb Stark.
  • On the other hand, the kingdom is small. It might not actually interest anybody. Who'd try to, I don't know, take over Monaco?
    • Who knows? Maybe a large empire desperate for expansion a la the German Empire.
      • The pseudo-medieval/Renaissance time period would suggest that the German Empire isn't really a thing, at that point in time. The Austian elements of this film, along with the presence of French (indicating a proximity to France itself) suggest that the kingdom could be a principality of the Holy Roman Empire. Could also explain why the kingdom isn't a vassal state of France or what-have-you: It's protected by France's legendary arch-rival.

"Kit" is usually a nickname for "Christopher," so why not?
  • Herman?
    • Herman. (insert the rest of the song here)


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