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Charlie is the Eldritch Abomination.
Or perhaps was would be more appropriate, when he was on the verge of destroying the universe he was stopped somehow and placed in the weird alternate world where he is tormented by those two beings and he has no access to his old powers or memories. To put it simply, what Charlie said in episode three was not that far off.

Charlie is undergoing a kidney transplant or kidney removal during the first video
It explains why his kidney got taken away. As for the pink and blue unicorns, leopluderon, and Candy Mountain... Well, it was probably the anesthesia.

The pink and blue unicorn are working for the Genetic Opera.
It explains why Charlie got his kidney taken away at the end of the first video. He couldn't keep up his payments for the genetic opera, so Rotti Largo had the pink and blue unicorns lure Charlie to Candy Mountain to take away his kidney for falling behind on his payments.

Charlie is a test subject of GLaDOS.
The forest is Apeture Science and the pink and blue unicorns are scientists studying Charlie for science. It also explains why there was no candy inside of Candy Mountain - The candy was a lie.

Charlie is insane.
By the standards of this world we're seeing, Pink and Blue are perfectly normal inhabitants, it's Charlie who is out of his mind. We are seeing the world through his eyes, so - even though time travel and random portals are a normal occurrence, random things which serve mysterious purposes are all over the place, and the Blehblehbleh are real and dangerous creatures - to Charlie, they're as strange as we believe them to be.

Charlie is in Limbo.
When we see Charlie wake up in the first Charlie the Unicorn video, it can be interpreted that Charlie is asleep and is several dream levels down, implying that he's in Limbo. The pink and blue unicorns can be seen as either his projections of his subconscious or fellow unicorns sharing the same dream as him. It also seems implied that whatever he sees in the video series (the Liopleurodon, the Banana King, etc.) are his enemy projections, and the only way to defeat them is if he does whatever the pink and blue unicorns say to do.

Charlie died long ago, and the other two are his eternal punishment.
"You're like a constant downer, huh?"Hey, it's not like they denied it.
  • Because everyone's Jesus in Purgatory!
  • Alternatively - Charlie died at the end of the original short, inside Candy Mountain, and since then he's been in hell, being tormented by two demons in the form of those annoying unicorns. Note that things get much more surreal and nightmarish in the second two videos.
    • Another alternative is that, instead of going to hell, the series is his Dying Dream.

Charlie's two friends are Reality Warpers with overactive imaginations.
They float, they go through time, they keep him alive underwater, and they generally cause impossible things to happen on an almost-constant basis. The fact that they keep screwing with poor Charlie is just a fringe benefit.

Charlie's friends are a pair of Eldritch Abominations.
Similar to the above one, but more extreme: the blue and pink unicorn are a pair of sadistic Outer Gods or such who treat Charlie as their designated plaything for the hell of it. They may or may not have created him for this express purpose.

The pink and blue unicorns are Pink and Blue Horrors of Tzeentch.

The other two unicorns are not the ones stealing things from Charlie.
They are being manipulated by a higher power. They bring Charlie to the places for the reasons they state because they believe it to be so. The manipulator is the one who brings forth the singing creatures before making them explode because he likes to annoy Charlie. The manipulator needs Charlie's stuff for some reason to be revealed later.
  • In the second video, the blue unicorn mentions (in Spanish) being sent by a man with a hat. Mad rambling or a thickening of the plot?
  • Also, noted on the actual trope page, they walk like a child bobbing a horse toy around.

Charlie is high as a kite.
The cartoons are his drug-induced hallucinations. By the time he sobers up, he's forgotten that he sold his kidney and belongings for drugs.
  • Hell, maybe he's forgotten that he even DOES drugs. Until somebody offers him some more drugs.

The series is a metaphor for growing up and losing your innocence.
Charlie has "grown up", and views the other unicorns, who are "children" as infantile or downright creepy. Red and Blue act like little children, trying to get him to stop being grumpy and join in with the silliness and "make believe". The songs are so cheery and Disney it hurts. It kind of falls flat when you consider the stealing stuff, but maybe that's part of the game...
  • But honestly, this theory is very probable. Me and my friends pretended to go on silly, random adventures when we were little and and Charlie's cynicism is very much how this troper reacted when he began working part-time in a kindergarten. Only the stealing part is somewhat strange...
  • Maybe they're very imaginative juvenile delinquents?
    • You know, maybe with this WMG, charlie teh unicron is about Red and Blue as teenagers.

The Snowman at the end of Charlie the Unicorn 3 is a Weapon of Mass Destruction
You see, Charlie can see things normal humans can't see. So can Red and Blue but I doubt they're "normal." Anyway, Charlie can see these thing because of some sort of allele in his genes, making his body parts... different. So Red and Blue take his body and use them to make the Snowman alive and convince the Snowman to destroy the world.
  • Isn't the reason Charlie can see things normal humans can't because he's a UNICORN??
    • Maybe unicorns are extinct today because of their WMD kidneys.

Charlie is the reincarnated form of Joe from Detective Mittens.
When Joe was killed by the titular character in Detective Mittens: The Crime Solving Cat, he was either reincarnated into Charlie (whilst retaining his personality), and/or acended into a higher plane, turning into a unicorn form - Charlie. Due to being killed by a cat, Joe/Charlie became a bit more of a Deadpan Jerkass, and a lot more suspicious - hence why he's so reluctant to go with the other two unicorns, in case it causes him bodily harm or getting killed again.

Charlie himself is the reality warper and he's a giant masochist.
Or he's just trapped in a schizophrenia-induced Hell.

Charlie the Unicorn and Planet Unicorn take place on the same planet.

All three unicorns are reality warping cosmic horrors, but Charlie is living in his own dream world. The other two are trying to wake him up so they can prevent the End of The Universe.
  • Wouldn't, you know, cosmic horrors be trying to create the end of the universe?
    • Even cosmic horrors have to live somewhere. If the universe was plunged into eternal darkness then where would the unicorns keep their exploding people?
      • In their TARDIS, of course. Why would they have one? They're Cosmic Horrors; They can do what they like. Plus the Doctor was tasty.

All the characters except Charlie are True Fae
This explains everything. Every character except Charlie seems to have tremendous and terrifying cosmic powers. Their motivations are utterly unknowable to normal people. Charlie has no obvious powers, and he is surprised/frightened whenever something out of the ordinary happens (like flying, or breathing underwater). Obviously, Charlie was once human, but he somehow found his way into the Land of the Fae, and he was... changed.
  • Aren't Unicorns in general associated with Fae Myths, making Charlie one of the Fae as well?
    • Actually, Unicorns are usually considered divine in nature, though they do tend to get lumped in with fairy tales just on the basis that they're not real. Being gray/white where the others are pink and blue, it's entirely possible that Charlie wandered into Arcadia at some point and now the entire plane of existence is fucking with him.
      • This fits so very, very well. It explains a lot, too.
  • If he gets out, he's gonna be a very cranky Beast.
    • Just imagine Charlie's Fetch, working at a small Italian restaurant in New Jersey, spending just a bit too much time on that order of garlic bread...

The whole world is the Liopleurodon's imagination
That's why it's psychic, because it is making everything up.
  • I always thought the Liopleurodon (yes, that's how it is spelled) was having a slow and painful death, being far from the water and on that rock, as the colourful unicorns seem to be reality bending sadists.

Charlie is constantly playing the most high-stakes version of The Game possible.
True to form, he always loses, too.

Charlie is trapped in an artificial reality and all the weirdness brought on by the pair is the result of two children trying to make him realize the truth.
It's just that they don't know how to do it properly and they're probably too ADHD to keep to any plans.

Pink and Blue are part of a Hive Mind
Listen carefully. They have the exact same voice.

The whole show is a parody of idealistic children's television.
Imagine the same show, but without Charlie. See?
  • Genius.

Charlie isn't a unicorn at all, but human.
Two options:
  • He's in a coma and this is his brain misfiring and causing intense hallucinations as it slowly dies. All the horrible things that happen to him are results of his brain trying to interpret the feelings of the wires and tubes plugged all in him to try to keep him alive.
    • Yes, and any moment now, Gene Hunt is going to turn up, shoot Pink and Blue like the Armed Bastard he is, and take Charlie to the Railway Arms!! Yes? Anyone with me on this?
  • He's a crazy homeless guy who believes he's a unicorn having fantastic adventures. Who is going to pay attention to a smelly bum mumbling to himself about "magical Liopleurodons"?

The two unicorns are one being, whose true form was seen in the third episode.
As noted above, they have the same voice. Their motives seem to be the same, as well. Perhaps they are one being, who disguises itself as two unicorns. It is, of course, an Eldritch Abomination. Now, while some abominations may never show their true shape, as giving it a form would inevitably be a letdown, this one manifested fully at the beginning of the third episode, and it did not disappoint. To quote Charlie, "That was the scariest thing I've ever seen."

Pink and Blue are Time Lords and Charlie is their Tardis
  • It explains everything! Although it may be that the Choo-Choo Shoe or The Door is their Tardis.
  • Or maybe Z?

Charlie is an older brother being forced to play with his younger siblings.
It seems to this troper that Charlie has the characteristics of an older (and I mean 10 years or so) brother who has been ripped away from whatever he planned to do that day, and is sat down by his parents or whoever to play with his little brothers/sisters/whatever those two are. If you listen to his tone of voice, he seems very annoyed when interacting with the two, but seems to voice genuine concern when they are missing, as any responsible brother would. The little siblings' view of the world is very skewed, but not exactly naive (in the same way that some children aren't) which causes them to make up nonsensical ideas for games and their avatars (unicorn toys) move erratically as one being played with. Charlie, meanwhile, is more grounded in reality, and moves his toy like a real horse would move, and looks upon the stories with distaste.

Of course, by the time playtime ends, whatever Charlie intended to do that day is long gone, which is represented by being constantly mugged/robbed, as his younger siblings are somewhat warped.

  • And the songs are just whatever cartoon song the two are currently fixated on.
  • Also, one or both of the little siblings wants to be a palaeontologist, shown by their inclusion of a Liopleurodon.
    • Or it's just another random toy they have.
    • To go with an above WMG about Pink and Blue as children, Charlie teh Unicron is about Charlie coming home to his family after being away and playing with his younger siblings again, now teenagers. Now their humor is more crass and their shenanigans are more like Charlie being dragged along for their daily routine, which just so happens to be really weird, with Charlie just standing there and trying to figure out just what the heck happened while he was away. In the middle of all this, the siblings get into a small feud with a neighbor and basically act like run-of-the-mill teenagers who think they know everything.
  • The two unicorns trying to kill Charlie in the fourth one was them bugging him while trying to get to his job, which he was almost going to lose and he would have gotten in huge trouble with his parents. Luckily his neighbor (the Starfish), who has the same job, managed to help him keep his job and avoid getting in trouble, but as a result lost the job.

Charlie is Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Variations on the same name, similar voices and speech patterns, both relatively normal if sarcastic guys who end up suffering due to the the constant weirdness others bring about...yup, I think we've got a winner.

The whole thing is a child's game, and everyone and everything are their toys
Think about it. Weird mixture of different creatures, random giant letters, giant shoes used as transport- all things often used in a small child's game with their toys.

The entire "Charlie the Unicorn" franchise is one of Charlie Barkin's hellish nightmares from All Dogs Go to Heaven
Come on, I can't be the only one who expects every "Chaaaaar-lieeeee" to be followed by "You can NEVER come baaack!"

Dr. Z from "Bino the Elephant" created the llamas with hats, and then he created the two unicorns. The unicorns mistook his wife for a man, explaining the bit in the second video where they say, "The man with the hat sent us"

Charlie and his 'friends' are what happens at the end of Red vs. Blue
Painfully, and over the course of many seasons, Church from Rv B gathers the AI’s, aspects of the original AI, himself. When complete, he has all the powers associated with each of the broken AIs, and becomes an artificial God on Earth. However, since he is now pure AI, he needs someone to work with. Blinded by the lust of power, the two armies of Red and Blue duke it out, attempting to gain control of Church. However, only Caboose and Donut, being how they are, refuse to fight, leaving them the last men standing. Choosing Caboose, due to their relative closeness as friends, Church partners himself with his teammate, giving Caboose near-unlimited power. Saddened by the loss of their friends, Caboose summons aspects of their personalities (according to his view, never too accurate) and condenses them into a single form, and as a joke, makes it a unicorn, blue in colour. He does the same for the red team, giving the resulting unicorn over to Donut, who insists it must be ‘Lightish-red.’ Dividing his power between his new creations, this leaves the distraught Church drained of his power’s and sanity. As condolences, Caboose creates a final, white unicorn, leaving Church, always the Only Sane Man to inhabit his new body. The rest is history.

The pink and blue unicorns have No Biological Sex

Charlie is a Magical Robot Unicorn prototype.
He wasn't "magical" or "robot" enough, and was cast into Unicorn Purgatory to be forever tormented.

Charlie the Unicorn and Llamas with Hats are related to each other, and may eventually have a crossover.
As mentioned earlier and in the main page, in the second video, the unicorn say, "The man with the hat sent us! He told us many amazing stories!" If you look closely, then Carl could be the whole reason why this is even taking place. Being the sadistic sociopath that he is, he's probably the one to tell Pink and Blue what exactly to do, leading Charlie into these places, so that he could steal one of his objects. Carl could even possibly being the one to send these two to torment Charlie, since he's busy in the real world making everyone's lives miserable. Alternatively, the man telling them these "amazing stories" could be Paul, telling them all about Carl.

As An Alternative to an above theory, Charlie is the robot unicorn.
  • I have two theories:
    • The pink and blue unicorns, being the Eldritch Abominations that they are, want to fuse with Charlie. By fusing together, the three will become the robot unicorn and live together in harmony note . To do this, though, they plan to annoy and steal from Charlie until he attacks them. When he does, they will show their true forms and combine. The effects of an incomplete fusion (because they weren't in their true forms) was shown in the second episode. The two jump into Charlie somehow and it gets weird, with tentacles coming out of Charlie's back, among other things.
    • My second theory is that the blue and pink unicorn are trying to create the robot unicorn, using Charlie as the base. First, they stole his kidney. Then, in the third episode, they steal his horn. Eventually, when enough organs have been "stolen" and Charlie is on the brink of death, the two unicorns are going to do some kind of Inspector Gadget or RoboCop kind of operation. Thus, the robot unicorn will be born and might even be under their control. Hell, the game itself could even be their doing, trying to see how far their little experiment (read: Charlie) can go.

  • That dragon from the first "Charlie teh Unicrons"? Pink and Blue both said they ordered it. The third "Llamas" video has Carl collecting orphan meat to make a giant meat dragon. Why not sell it to those crazy kids and have a handy way to make some money?
    • Probably jossed: we see the Meat Dragon in Episode 6 of Llamas With Hats, and it doesn't look much like the one we see in charlie teh unicron.

Pink and Blue are in cahoots with Carl

The pink and blue unicorns are Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, respectively.
In "Griffon the Brush Off", they are seen playing pranks on other ponies. Although we don't see them do it again in the series, they never stopped, and eventually found Charlie.
  • My god... this explains everything!
    • Then Charlie must be taking insane amounts of drugs or something really really really bad must have happened to Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.
      • A Discord did it?
      • Charlie the Unicorn is what happens if Discord won. It's been so long since Discord arrived that reality itself is beginning to decay even further, erasing all signs of Equestria's former civilization. Any ponies who are still left alive are hideously mutated (the wildlife, the starfish, the millipede) or utterly sociopathic (Red and Blue).
  • Theorized lives under awful rule aside, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash (at least at the time) did demonstrate standards dealing with a pony they knew wouldn't have any fun with their pranks.

It explains everything. Pink and Blue? A bit harder, because they look like ordinary unicorns, but they're crazy Reality Warpers. They could just be avatars of Discord, of course, but it's also possible that they're early alicorns. Granted, they don't have wings, but what if they're just combinations of Earth Ponies and Unicorns, rather than all three like alicorns presumably are? If they really are ponies in some regard, then Pink is obviously related to Pinkie Pie. Oh...wait, that explains the omnipotence. Okay, mystery solved. Pink and Blue are just Pinkie Pie's ancestors, and as such have all of her abilities. Also could answer why Pinkie seems pretty okay with Discord's chaos ("Chocolate! Rain!"); her ancestors became used to it, or possibly corrupted by it.

Charlie is being possessed by the biomass in the Kremlin from Metro 2033

Charlie was a normal American tourist who was just enjoying Moscow when a nuke dropped. He managed to survive by hiding in the Metro tunnels. Confused and afraid, he gathers equipment so he can go to The Kremlin and see if there is any government still alive. He then went into the basement and the biomass took control. The usual method of making control of the person (The Fantasy World, Pink and Blue) usually worked with other people (They just went along with it) but the chemicals needed for the whole euphoria part don't work on Charlie's brain, causing him to realize how absurd the whole fantasy was.

The Pink Unicorn is a Girl, the Blue One is a Boy
Simple, but still a guess. One's a girl, one's a guy, not two guys or two girls.

One of the llamas is the man with the hat who sent them.

Everyone explodes when they sing to Charlie because he doesn't heed the message of their songs.
They're some sort of messengers trying to lead Charlie to his ultimate destiny but explode when they fail in their missions.

Charlie possesses a magical power that causes things that sing in his presence to explode.
While this would be a pretty useless power in our world, in the series' setting where people are always singing it's a Game-Breaker. Charlie himself doesn't realize this, but Pink and Blue are taking advantage of it to wipe out all of their enemies.

Charlie moved out of the meadow after he got robbed at the end of episode 2.
Notice how episodes 3 and 4 (and the charlie teh unicron videos if they count) don't begin with Charlie sleeping or at home. Instead, it just shows him standing or walking in the meadow. He probably found a better place to live, but still visits the other unicorns to make sure they don't destroy the entire forest (or go find someone else to torture and eventually kill, seeing as how they tried to kill off Charlie at the end of episode 4).

Charlie The Unicorn is one of Tina's Friend Fiction and Bob is Charlie.
Think about Bob's voice and Charlie's voice. They are too similar! Blue and Pink are kids from kindergarten, or clones of Louise.Plus, Tina loves Unicorns!It makes perfect sense.

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