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What about the pets?
I for one would like to know what the cats and dogs think about spaying and neutering? Squick
  • There's actually a line about this, which implies it's some kind of coming-of-age ritual: "[Lou]'s still got his you-know-whats, for crying out loud!"
  • That makes no sense. Wouldn't they be worried about depleting the species if that were true? Plus Butch and Ivy are implied to be screwing, so...

C+D 2 is an example of Springtime for Hitler

Kitty Galore is kindred to Austin Powers' Mr. Bigglesworth.
Both are at the center of major evil organizations, both lost their fur in bizarre accidents. KG's just a bit shrewder than Dr. Evil's cat, as she's able to run things on her own.

Cats and Dogs 2 was a fanfic written by a cat lover that somehow got greenlit.
As a fan of the first movie who was also a cat lover, I can say that the basic outline (cats are just as capable, organized, and loyal as dogs and a cat from a pro-human cat organization joins the main characters from the first one to take on a bigger threat) was what I would have written if I wanted a sequel.

The second sequel will reveal not all dogs are good.
One of these dogs will be the main villain. He wants to rid the world of humans, due to having many owners who neglected and abused him. The Big Bad might be a Psycho Poodle.
  • If you trust what Catherine says in the first sequel, it's already been revealed — we just haven't seen any evil dogs yet (Catherine's comment even indicated why: PAWS' jurisdiction covers evil cats, it's MEOWS job to go up against evil dogs. Since the movies have been from the dog perspective, and dogs aren't members of MEOWS...). Might even make a logical follow-up to Kitty Galore's ending: the MEOWS-PAWS cooperation prompted by Kitty Galore apparently wasn't ended by Kitty Galore's defeat (since Diggs and Catherine are still a team), and dogs across much of the Western Hemisphere were driven at least temporarily mad...
  • Surprised that the tragic issue of dog-fighting wasn't ever mentioned (well, this is a family movie) but it would be an understandable reason for any evil dogs to turn on humankind.

The fourth film will featured a bad dog as the main antagonist.
He or she wants to kill all cats and deems the FART dogs as traitors for teaming up with cats.

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