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The Kid is a metaphor for Stephen King

Bad things happen around him. It could be argued, the author was the devil of his own universe(s). Though, since the author is obviously not evil, neither is the kid; though people might misinterpret what they see and cast value judgements anyways. Hence, others believing the kid is ‘evil.’

The Kid is a relative of Pennywise

While he was imprisoned for 27 years, and his actor is known for having played Pennywise in the remake of IT, it seems too obvious for him to actually be Pennywise himself.


As it happens, the Dark Tower books did have a being similar to Pennywise and implied there were more creatures like them. So The Kid might actually just be a similar creature.

  • Due to his actions in the finale, such as seeming to utilize his powers to aid his and Henry’s escape, and seeming to change his face to something more monstrous looking for just a moment in the woods, his true nature is ultimately left ambiguous.
  • Season 2 establishes him as some-sort of Dimensional Traveler and has been alive for centuries so its once again up in the air.

The Kid is connected to Randall Flagg somehow.

They are avoiding giving him a name for a reason, so it must be part of some big reveal. So why not have him be connected to one of the most well-known recurring King characters. Preliminary bet would be that he is either Randall Flagg himself (just appearing younger for some reason) or is the son or a rival of Flagg.


The Kid and Matthew Deaver were possessed/affected by the same entity.

The Kid has not aged in the twenty-seven years since Henry's disappearance/Matthew's death, and he has knowledge of Matthew that it would be unlikely to obtain any other way (having been locked in a cage since then). Not to mention, The Kid states that he rescued Henry from the basement he was held in and that he "didn't ask for any of this", likely meaning that his powers are not of his choosing. Therefore, it is possible that whatever entity that was affecting Matthew affected The Kid as well, possibly having transferred into him after Matthew's death. This could also explain why The Kid doesn't know his name or anything about himself.


  • Partly Jossed. The Kid claims to be Henry Deaver from an Alternate Universe, implying they are both just affected by the schism. The end of Season 1 and the following Season cast doubt on this though, making unclear just what the Kid is.

All the bad things that have happened in Castle Rock over the years are the result of different timelines colliding with each other.

In episode 9, when the two Henrys are in the woods, we see a woman wearing 17th-century clothing and some men who appear to be part of a chain gang. This implies that people have been crossing timelines for centuries and that their presence is what causes the death and destruction that plague Castle Rock.

Odin Branch is a future version of Henry.

  • This would explain why they can both hear the Voice, and why Odin is so insistent on getting Henry into the soundproof chamber to be consumed by the Voice: Odin has to satisfy his own paradox.
    • Not to mention how Odin knew Henry would be in the woods at that time.

  • It also explains why young Henry never knew of Odin. Considering that his father died shortly after his disappearance, there isn't a lot of missing time in Henry's knowledge of his father.
    • At least, not in this universe....

  • Alternately, Odin could be Henry's biodad. The ability to hear the sound being genetic would make sense as Henry's son can hear it as well. Henry not knowing a friend of Matthew could be because Odin had been confined somewhere (say, in Juniper Hills for purposely deafening himself) when his son was born and asked Matthew to adopt him after the boy's mother died. Once released, Odin could have started up his hearing sessions with Matthew in the woods again, but kept his interaction with Henry limited to watching the boy from afar like he does at the cemetery in the present.

The Kid is actually Ralph Anderson from Storm of the Century.
Don't ask me how the timeline works out for that one, its my headcanon at the very least.

Joy is not Annie's real daughter
Joy was kidnapped by Annie Wilkes for some reason, perhaps because Annie was lonely or Joy was in trouble as well. Or perhaps because Joy was the daughter of one of Annie's victims.
  • Confirmed. Joy is actually Annie's half-sister Evangeline, who Annie kidnapped after accidentally killing her father and attempting to kill her step-mother.

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