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Tecumseh will be the one to save the Commonwealth from Emperor Walkingstick
Since he is still alive at the end of the series, has had two close encounters with Roberts and has a moral code, Tecumseh is primed to fight back once Walkingstick inevitably goes off the rails in his attempts to unify humanity.

The focus of the next series (if there ever is one) will be split between Jacob going into military service and the above plotline
Not only will this allow readers to see how Jacob handles being the son of the famous Stellar Fox but see how he and the Alliance are handling the post-war Commonwealth
  • Add onto this more kids will be growing up possibly:
    • Standford and Mason's kid
    • Royko's post-death child will probably get a cameo

The Commonwealth is a lot more ramshackle then they let on.
A nation that forces unification of all human worlds under their rule to be a very stable structure. The very plans in Operation Medusa to
take out their Q-coms thus eliminating a big part of their control and government structure points to this. Other than old guard worlds that voluntarily signed up and maybe a few of the first conquered ones, most planets have probably been trying to break free of Terra's hold for a long while.

The Commonwealth always had FTL coms, so they could quickly reinforce problem sectors or send in the Peace Corps to take care of things in a matter of days. Without that in place its going to be nigh impossible to stop people from breaking away and fortifying their worlds before the military can come and put the rebellion down and what was once Commonwealth space will become a disorganized hellhole of infighting very quickly.

Nicolas Voyager's last name comes from the Voyager probes.
The name probably is fairly common one among the first interstellar colonists or perhaps scouts, being the first humans to 'leave' the Sol Star System like the Voyager probes in attempts to forage new names in a new age of people no longer living on Earth.

Castle Federation high-ranked black ops people change their last names to space-related phenomenon to keep any family or friends safe.
It would be really bad if an agent was captured or something somehow betrayed their name. In order to prevent retaliation against anyone they loved, once agents surpass a certain age or training threshold, they change their last names to things like Voyager or Nebula so they are fully disconnected from their families in order to keep them safe and cement them into the tight-knit Black Ops community.

Senator Burns making Walkingstick the emperor was a Batman Gambit

Burns is just as invested in unifying humanity as Walkingstick, but he is a politician, and despite being the head of the Committee on Unification, as a Senator, theres a good chance he could get voted out of office, impeached, term limits, any number of fair and legal ways a democratic society can eject its rulers. Walkingstick as a military officer has none of these limitations except that he is supposed to answer to the Senate, he will always be able to climb on a ship and go out to unify humanity while eventually Burns would not.


So as things start to go south with the wars he decides he doesn't want the dream of Unified Humanity to fail because he is voted out of office and the war inevitably ends as a loss and he gets blamed for it. So Burns helps, or at least doesn't hinder, talk of using Walkingstick as The Scapegoat, then when he goes out to the Alliance to broker peace, he warns Walkingstick in passing. Knowing Walkingstick to be the popular, charismatic military leader he is, his subordinates would get pissed, Walkingstick would be torn, but eventually the Marshall would travel back to Sol with a fleet at his back.

Burns knew Walkingstick well enough to know the man was not going to disappear, and sure enough Walkingstick does show up with a fleet, the military immediately side with him and the Senate suddenly has a gun to the head. So Burns can pretend to be outraged but then immediately calling Walkingstick emperor, which would position him nicely to be some sort of advisor or second-in-command. Permanently.


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