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Vic likes to have strikes so he can spend the rest of the afternoon trying to get with women.
Vic calls for strikes left and right and is seen (badly) trying to flirt with Myrtle as she's packing her belongings to leave. Considering he's a Basement-Dweller, could the strikes be compensating for a hope to try and lose his virginity by the end of the day?

The staff at W.C. & Boggs can handle their drinks.
This would explain why they didn't nurse any hangovers the day after, and why Sid and Chloe were completely sober when they got off the coach that night. The obvious exception was Charlie Coote, who was found sleeping in the boot of the coach and later at the door of Vic's house.

Sid wants to cheat on Beattie to get back at her for being infatuated with their budgie.
What better way to distract her from her pet in order to make her give in to having sex then trying to make her jealous by being in love with another?

Bernie and Vic's unfazed reaction to seeing Charlie answering the door in his underwear is because he's probably done it before.
It is implied that Charlie often shows up at Vic's house to visit his mother and play games, so Bernie might have met him at the front door loads of times — whether it being in his underwear or anything else. Vic might try to ignore the antics of his employer and his mother so he tries to move away from that topic as far as possible, so when he sees it for his own eyes, he keeps a "no comment" attitude about it.

Chloe pines for Sid because he's got a reputation.
Her husband Fred is a
Nice Guy that points out that Sid's got a reputation for being a "dodgy bloke", despite being a supposed-happily married man, which is why he doesn't trust his flirting. But Fred only likes to have a night of passion once week — that is if he's home that day — which is probably what Chloe might not want. With Sid's "dodgy" persona, could that make him a better lover?

Miss Withering and W.C. didn't have drunken sex. She was winding him up in order to make him hook up with her.
This is probably an invoke of And Now You Must Marry Me, although Miss Withering is implied to be a Christmas Cake.

Sid's only had sex with Beattie on their wedding night.
The Carry On movies have used the amount of the children in a family to show how great the sex life a couple is having. Sid has stated that they've been married for 25 years as he was moaning about Beattie never shutting up, and they have a grown-up daughter who looks too old to be a teenager — possibly 25? If they'd been having more sex, they'd been about six or seven kids running around the house.

W.C.'s a recent widower.
W.C. was a happily-married man until his wife died recently. After he and Miss Withering (supposedly) have a drunken one-night stand, he's reluctant to drop the formalities, because he feels like he's betraying his wife's name.

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