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Philo will turn out to be the child of Aisling and the Kobold director.
Given the fact that Aisling had at least one child, kept a baby keepsake, and the Kobold director spoke so fondly of Aisling, having known her from way back. There is also that sudden fall from grace years ago that would be explained by the birth of a child.
  • Jossed. Philo is the son of Chancellor Absalom Breakspear.

The prophecy surrounding Philo is all about technically being the true heir to the Acting Chancellorship and Oberon
At first, Philo being the
illegitimate son of the chancellor doesn't seem like much; he's still illegitimate, and he doesn't have the credentials to inherit the position effectively. Except there's a really stupid law in the Burge: the designated survivor, even of an elected political career, is always the family heir. And Jonah is also even more illegitimate because he isn't the chancellor's biological son. By pure technicality, Philo would be more eligible if he could simultaneously prove his lineage and that Jonah's biological father is Sophie's. Even then, Jonah would still hold more credibility since his actual father was the runner-up to the chancellorship. Which then leads to a second theory: his mother is actually a runaway princess who wanted a fresh start. Having the majority of Carnival Row agree to back the next Oberon and then threaten to riot if Parliament doesn't elect the 'rightful' Acting Chancellor would be sufficient leverage.

Sophie will turn out to be the leader or at least a high ranking member of some dark cult bent on bringing some eldritch god's terrible reign over the world
There's a lot of hints and tidbits pointing towards eldritch horrors as the ultimate threat, and Sophie with her silver snaketongue fits that kind of character-arc all too well. And lbr, the show is unfortunately not too great at not being formulaic with its characters.

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