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Captain Ron IS Snake Plissken.
Snake had to be somewhere between the events of Escape from New York and Escape from L.A.. Johnny Dangerous pretty much has it all worked out.
  • Jossed, during the Escape comics, Snake meets Captain Ron. He kills him.
  • Even without the Escape comics, it's unlikely to begin with, since Captain Ron acts nothing at all like jaded and cynical Snake. The world is also much less bleak and less futuristic than Escape From New York, which was in the midst of a (non-nuclear) World War III with the Soviets.
  • But eyepatch though!
    • Captain Ron has a glass eye. Snake still has his real eye, it's just paralyzed and unusable.
At some point in the past, Captain Ron refused to abandon ship when ordered by the Coast Guard.
Refusing an order to abandon ship can (and often will) result in being banned from reentering the United States.


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