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For the Marvel series' guessing, click here. For the Tatsunoko series' guessing, click here and for Tekken X Street Fighter, click here.

Who will Capcom cross over with next?
I think it might be Konami.

Capcom vs. Arc System Works will happen at some point.
Yes, I know Sammy vs. Capcom was cancelled once before, but a guy can dream, right? I mean, just imagine the match-ups. Obviously we'd have stuff like Ryu vs. Sol and Ken vs. Jin. But we'd also have brilliant possibilities like Zangief vs. Potemkin, Lilith vs. Noel, and for god sakes, Phoenix Wright vs. Bang.
  • To add to that, the potential three-way between Morrigan, I-No, and Litchi would probably be enough motivation for the entire male population (and possibly some of the females) to get this game. Capcom, Arc System Works... you know what must be done.
  • I demand Akuma vs. Hakumen. Posing with your back to the player after landing a Gory Discretion Shot Finishing Move (Shun Goku Satsu vs. Akumetsu, for those not in the know)...
  • Darkstalkers X BlazeBlue. The two franchises (at least from what I've seen from them), look visually and thematically similar enough to fit together in a crossover, and it'd be a good way to bring Darkstalkers back into public interest, possibly paving the way for Darkstalkers 4.

Is there even a Capcom franchise left that hasn't been subjected to a Capcom vs. Whatever?
In line with the previous troper's commentary above re "Capcom vs. Capcom" being the ultimate extension of Capcom vs. Whatever as a trope, are there really properties left at this point Capcom could do this with (or put in something like a Capcom vs. Arc System Works, etc.)?
  • The only franchise of Capcom's that I can think of that is a) well-known and b) hasn't been yet subjected to a Capcom vs. Whatever is the Breath of Fire franchise—the closest it's ever come is with a background screen in Pocket Fighter (in a hidden bonus round, at that, featuring chars from III) and "card cameos" of the respective Ryus and Ninas from IV and Dragon Quarter in the obscure SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighter Clash series (cards of the Ryu and Nina from IV ending up in the Neo Geo Pocket version, cards of the Ryu and Nina from Dragon Quarter in the Nintendo DS version). I'm actually surprised that we didn't have any BoF cameos in Namco × Capcom or X Edge, to be honest.
    • Normally this could be explained by the fact that, historically, Breath of Fire has been The Un-Favourite in Capcom's family of franchises; however, Capcom been doing a lot with Expanded Universe spinoffs of IV in particular since mid-2007 (leading to Wild Mass Guessing Capcom may be planning a Breath of Fire VI that is a sequel or prequel to Breath of Fire IV).
    • Naturally, there's also been a lot of Wild Mass Guessing as to why the Breath of Fire franchise seems to be the odd franchise out as far as Capcom vs. Whatever treatment...
      • ...including a line (thanks to a recent announcement of a possible re-release of I and II) that essentially postulates that it's the licensing issues with Breath of Fire in North America that are tying up the works. (Long story short—Square did original translation and distribution of the original Breath of Fire I, meaning technically both companies may have distribution rights.) THIS particular bit of Wild Mass Guessing has likely been pretty much annihilated by the (comparatively speaking from past!) fairly massive Breath of Fire appearances in the "Heroes vs. Heralds" mode of ''Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3", though.
    • Breath of Fire actually may have almost gotten the "No Capcom vs. Whatever" curse broken—apparently inclusion of chars were considered for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, then rejected on the basis regarding "foreign appeal" (based on a Japanese Twitter blog from the developers). Apparently there is still interest in getting a char from Breath of Fire in a Capcom vs. Whatever, though—the same Twitter entry notes the developers really wanted to put Fou-lu from Breath of Fire IV in as a playable character.
    • And it looks like the "Card Game Cameo Curse" hits Breath of Fire again—no direct cameo in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, but multiple Breath of Fire cameos do show up in "Heroes vs. Heralds mode" (which is pretty much a revival of the "Card Fighter" games—only this time, to unlock special abilities). So far, Ryu (from Breath of Fire I), Nina (from Breath of Fire II), Myria (from Breath of Fire III, Fou-lu (from Breath of Fire IV), and Lin (from Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter) are confirmed.
      • Of particular note to this—this pretty much proves that any potential distribution issues with Breath of Fire I certainly don't affect crossovers.note 
      • And even in what is arguably a case of What Could Have Been (the original plan was for full appearances), this is still—by far—probably the most extensive appearance of any Breath of Fire cameo in any Capcom vs. Whatever.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Not technically their IP, but they made all the games, didn't they? I wanna drop a fucking STEAMROLLER on Morrigan.
    • JoJo isn't owned by Capcom, so they can't
    • Which also explains why that franchise is the sole one (along with possibly Power Stone) not even to have had "Card Fighter Cameos".
  • Power Stone has also been ignored for these crossover fighters.
  • Although they tried, Ace Attorney hasn't actually had any playable characters in any Vs. Series.
  • Killer 7 is of Grasshopper Maunfacture. Sorry. I can see where you're coming from though. How about Clock Tower?
  • Asura's Wrath, but that came out after the last vs game was made.

Capcom will team up with Square Enix to create Marvel vs Disney
Just think about it... it could work...
  • Thing is, Disney said they wouldn't put Marvel characters with any of their other liscenses.
    • I think they'd make an exception for a video game about these two universes fighting.

The next logical step up after Tv C is to crossover with Super Robot Wars
Why not?

Who do you what to who facing who?
Same with the Top, But this is to Suspicious Character and why:If Gainax's offshoot company Trigger decides to get involved:
  • Shonen Jump vs Capcom
    • Naruto Uzumaki vs Ryu: Both are main protagonists and both series are popular worldwide.
    • Monkey D. Luffy vs Ruby Heart: Both are pirates.
    • Dio Brando vs Demitri: Both are vampires with supernatural stamina, speed, etc.
    • Sosuke Aizen vs Gill: Both are God-complexed super beings.
    • Gintoki Sakata vs Dante: Both lazy/wise-cracking protaginests with surprisingly great skills with swords.
    • Goku vs Pyron: Both are alien beings capable of destroying planets.
    • Ryotsu vs Mega Man: Both are basically mascots of their retrospective companies.
    • Kenshiro vs Gene: Both are hand-to-hand experts whose series involve asskicking. Also, Gene bares some resemblance to Kenshiro despite not having the same personality.
    • Seiya vs Asura: Both are based from mythology. Asura being more based from Hindu Mythology and Seiya being based around Greek mythology. Both can be God-tier as well.
    • Nuero vs Vergil: Nuero and Vergil both are of demonic origins. Both also have a large inventory of weapons and powers that involve demonic abilities such as Nuero's 777 Tools of Hell and Vergil's sword.
    • Yami no Yugi vs Phoenix Wright. Two spiky haired protagonists, both fueled by The Power of Friendship, who "fight without fighting" (Card Battles vs. Courtroom Battles) with two completely different styles. In Jump Ultimate Stars, Yugi has very slow but multi-hitting attacks and very powerful Special Attacks. Phoenix in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 uses fast, weak attacks and plays keep-away until he can land a big hit. Imagine a summon of an Olympus Mons being cancelled by a well timed Objection!.

  • Atlus vs Capcom
  • DC vs Capcom
  • SNK VS Capcom 2/Capcom VS SNK 3
  • Sony Vs. Capcom. SF series producer Yoshinori Ono already was impressed by SCE and Sucker Punch when they added Cole to Street Fighter X Tekken and stated that he wasn't averse to doing something more substantial with them.
    • Kratos vs. Dantenote 
    • Toro Inoue vs. Ryunote 
    • Sackboy vs. Amaterasunote 
    • Spike/Kakeru vs. Mega Man Xnote 
    • Nathan Drake vs. Edward Falconnote 
    • Jak and Daxter vs. Zeronote 
    • Ratchet & Clank vs. PTX-40Anote 
    • Sly Cooper vs. Strider Hiryunote 
    • Parappa The Rapper vs. Viewtiful Joenote 
    • Sir Daniel Fortesque vs. Arthurnote 
    • Gabriel "Gabe" Logan vs. Reginanote 
    • Cole McGrath vs. Genenote 
    • Kat/Kitten vs. Kirin Armor (female)note 
    • Yoshitsune Minamoto vs. Samanosuke Akechinote 
    • Dart Feld vs. Sieg Wahrheitnote 
    • Daedalus (Chimeran Leader) vs. Leon S. Kennedynote 
    • Last but not least, Tomba!'s creator worked on both Mega Man and Ghosts n' Goblins. Here you have one more idea.

Breath of Fire's curse will finally be broken with a Square-Enix vs. Capcom
It would neatly deal with the "Square has US distribution rights for the first game" issue.
Akira Kazama or Hinata Wakaba are the next in line for their series to appear in a crossover.

Regardless of sales (both in Japan and internationally), Project X Zone will inevitably pave the way for a Sega vs. Capcom or a true Namco vs. Capcom.
Either that we'll get Square Enix vs. Capcom or Capcom vs. Konami down the road. It's going to happen eventually. The catch is that, in the case of SvC or NvC, the events of Project X Zone (and by proxy, NxC and Endless Frontier) will be canon in the context of said crossover (albeit perhaps in Broad Strokes).

The Groove system in (the as of now still a pipe dream) Capcom vs. SNK 3 would be modified to reflect SNK and Capcom's additions to their stables.
Assuming a miracle happens and Capcom actively approaches SNK to finally make a new Vs. title, Street Fighter IV and The King of Fighters XIII are shoe-ins for titles SNK and Capcom would want to integrate into the series mold, but it goes without saying that the two are quite different from previous entries. The number of standard Grooves could even be increased from 6 to 8 to incorporate the P from SNK Playmore (as for the fourth Capcom letter, you've got me). If the devs were perceptive, they'd even keep the customizable Grooves from CvS2 but have the hallmarks from any removed/altered Grooves as options. It goes with saying that better attention needs to go towards balancing out the Grooves and keeping them true(r) to the games they're supposed to be representing (so, no giving Capcom Grooves KOF-style rolling when none of their fighters have that). CvS2 greatly improved on what CvS started, but it was still flawed; a third go would likely iron out the remaining problems.

There will be a Skull Girls VS Street Fighter crossover.
And the rivalries could be as follows:
  • Filia VS Ryu: Filia is the closest Skull Girls has to a Shoto Clone and a main character.
  • Peacock VS Dan: Lethal Joke Characters who are all-around goofy.
  • Cerebella VS Rainbow Mika: Female grapple-based characters who have an Ass Kicks You attack.
  • Valentine VS Ibuki: Ninja-like characters who are quick.
  • Parasoul VS Karin: Both come from wealthy families, and neither are afraid to fight.
  • Painwheel VS Juri: Victims of experimentation who were driven insane.
  • Ms. Fortune VS Dhalsim: Both are capable of doing things with their bodies that one wouldn't normally be able to (namely detaching/reattaching limbs and stretching limbs longer than normal).
  • Double VS Twelve: Neither are exactly human and both like to mimic their opponents.
  • Squigly VS Necro: Opera singers (amateur, in the latter's case) who have a close bond with someone (Leviathan for Squigly, Effie for Necro).
  • Big Band VS Q: Both are large men who dress similarly, plus, Big Band was stated to be based off of Q.
  • Robo-Fortune VS Mech-Zangief: Robot versions of already existing characters.
  • Bloody Marie VS Akuma: Both are boss characters who have SNK Boss tendencies.

(Add any alternate rivalries below)

Dr. Doom in the Marvel vs. Capcom games is Actually a Doombot every time you defeat him

  • Feel free to feel no satisfaction in beating him from now on.

Capcom will make a second attempt at a Capcom-only fighting game crossover, but with a twist...
... it will have a roster consisting of only female characters, a la SNK Gals Fighters.

Capcom and Koei will make a Sengoku Basara vs. Dynasty Warriors hack-n-slash game
Tadakatsu Honda vs. Tadakatsu Honda? Bring it!

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