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"Caliborn's Stories" Caliborn is in fact a future version of "Calliope and the Final Update" Caliborn.

Given that Caliborn is a huge game-breaker both inside Homestuck and within Calliope and the Final Update, he likely escaped the fic before it became its post-Scratch version, Calliope's Update Girl. He then wandered ASBusinessMagnet's fanfics as if they were dream bubbles, chanced upon Violet and the Horrible Fanfic Writer, and from there discovered Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The rest is history.

  • Building up on that, he will eventually discover Calliope's Update Girl and end up replacing that fic's Caliborn.
    • Or, y'know, has already, since he's already here and all.
      • That's certainly interesting. Given that he is a big mastermind and all, he probably intentionally omitted the little U's in Caliborn's Stories and went back to using them in Calliope's Update Girl, and there could be more dynamic between him and "HOMOSuCK", seeing as he is already familiar with the basics.
  • Jossed; this explanation insists that Caliborn's Stories Caliborn has his Homestuck backstory, while Calliope and the Final Update Caliborn does not. It does confirm, though, that Caliborn's Stories Caliborn originates from the version of Homosuck within Calliope and the Final Update.

The trolls (in the very least, the post-Scratch ones) actually exist within the Calliope and the Final Update/Calliope's Update Girl Earth.

It's just that they became their own group, similar to that of Act 5 Act 1 of Homestuck, and had no incentive to discover the beta kids or reunite. Most of them most likely cosplay as humans, covering their skin in peach colors and hiding their horns beneath their hair, but some, like Karkat and Equius, refuse to.

  • Confirmed; see LOADING SCREEN 1 ==> of Calliope's Update Girl.
    • Aren't we already at the second fic?
      • Whatever.

[character] already knows about Homestuck, and is just pretending not to.

Let's face it: even if they do not know about Homestuck, a lot of them know about works of fiction that are rather close on the fandom spectrum (such as ITS MY LIFE!, whose author's friend wrote this very fic) and since the Internet exists, a lot of them could just randomly stumble upon Homestuck sometime in its 7 year lifespan. As to why they would not try and inform everyone else in their circle of the fact the way Karkat did? Beats me.

  • There is a real possibility, though, that the very idea "you are a fictional character" could be shocking to some people, sometimes even those who discover the fact firsthand, and therefore characters who do learn about Homestuck decide to keep it to themselves and forget about it, up until Hussie intervenes and they just can't keep it anymore.

  • Dave. He has referenced a rather infamous Homestuck fanfic. 'Nuff said.
  • Nepeta. This has been all but confirmed; she is specifically on the lookout for Katnep fanart to send to Karkat.
  • Calliope. I know, the one whose name is in the title and the one who is supposed to be the main character wouldn't have the possibility to hide a secret like this away from us, and she has been shown to not remember the name "Homestuck" until her formal introduction to the webcomic in 2016-er, 2017, but then again, she is at least familiar with the ITS MY LIFE! Expanded Universe and is able to identify characters such as Jane Crocker (albeit as "Janet Roberts") in her dream. Though, that dream could always be non-canon...

  • "Knows" is too broad a word. For example, my mother knows about Homestuck (mostly just the fact that it exists, and that is in the context of my translation of the comic, as well as this fic). Does that mean that she is what anyone would consider a fan, or even that she has read the comic from start to finish? No. Same goes for virtually anyone that this WMG considers.
  • From the retconned Book One comments:
    I just wanted to address the fact that apparently, I have been entertaining the plot bunny that certain characters knew about Homestuck before the events of this fic, which would basically contradict the fic's premise, so I'm saying it here: No character featured in this fic has read a single Homestuck page before 2017. Now, whether or not they are acquainted with peripheral materials, such as fanart and fanfic, is another question, but the fact is that neither Nepeta nor Dave give a shit about Homestuck itself, and Calliope's dream, being based on my own trollfic series in part, is non-canon. (By the way, a non-canon Rose's dream, based on cool and new webcomic, is also upcoming.)
  • ASBusinessMagnet, in general, seems conflicted about the idea, stating both of these in a single chapter of Unreleased Stuff:
    10. ??? - 2013, a failed attempt to get into Homestuck by one of the beta kids (possibly Dave)


ITT: Predict ASBusinessMagnet's Chrome OS shitposts.

  • This WMG. Bonus points for it automatically confirming itself.

Whatever Joey Claire experienced and told Hussie, Shelby and Toby is actually very different from what happened/will happen in Hiveswap.

The exchange in question happened on April 15, 2017. Hiveswap Act 1 released on September 14 of the same year. It's pretty safe to say that even internally in What Pumpkin, a lot of Hiveswap details would not be set in stone as of April, and besides, we've already gotten the confirmation (with Homestuck) that just because a fictional character exists doesn't mean that they experienced exactly what happened in the work(s) featuring them.

  • On the contrary, evidence suggests that a lot of details for Hiveswap (or, in the very least, Act 1) were set in stone for a long time; this picture from either December 2013 or January 2014 shows Joey with a flashlight, a Walkie-Talkie and a Rubik's Cube, as well as black, eyeless monsters, all of which appear in Act 1.

Each character in ASBusinessMagnet's friend circle has a counterpart in Hussie's friend circle.

While it doesn't make sense at all for this to have arisen intentionally (as ASBM's "friends" are all actual people who submitted their self-inserts to be featured), there do seem to be some interesting parallels.

  • ASBusinessMagnet = Andrew Hussie. The author herself stated it almost perfectly:
    [...] without Hussie, Homestuck wouldn’t exist, and without ASBM, Calliope’s Update Girl wouldn’t exist.
  • scatteredPhilosopher = Michael Firman. Notice how their stories occur virtually in parallel; as ASBM and SP were discussing what would become Calliope's Update Girl - Book One, one of the byproducts of it was Inception of a Masterpiece, in which Hussie and Firman are discussing what would become Homestuck.
  • MeAndMyReflection = Ryan North. Again, both have had significant impact on their franchises, with the dialogue between ASBM and MAMR leading up to The Homestuck Character Support Group (Volume 2), whereas Hussie and North were the two primary guys who sketched the initial plot for Hiveswap.
  • davespritenotdave = Shelby Cragg. While the connection is weak, both have a strong association with a Homestuck character; for DSND, it's Davesprite, and for Shelby, it's Calliope. That, and in Calliope's Update Girl, Shelby is depicted as being closer to Hussie than she actually is, whereas DSND, in the memo, appoints himself as "the co-leader of the kids league", making himself appear closer to ASBM than he actually is.
  • cryptologicalMystic = Toby Fox. Both are token "musicians" who are arguably more famous in their specific niche (Toby for Undertale, CM for the contribution to cool and new web comic), and furthermore, CM is the first of ASBM's fans to bring up Undertale in the memo. They both also have significant backgrounds predating their franchises, as CM attempted to get a self-insert in another of ASBM's stories before Update Girl, whereas for Toby, Megalovania originates as early as The Halloween Hack, released before Homestuck.
  • PKRS = Randall Munroe. Whereas PKRS is cast aside in Update Girl because of her concise bio, Randall is cast aside in Update Girl due to being part of a joke that "hurr durr Hussie and Randall are the same guy", which is explored in Update Girl with Randall having no autonomy of his own. In addition, PKRS and xkcd are both four-letter combinations that aren't really supposed to mean anything other than the thing they identify.
  • Linda065cliva = Joey Claire. ASBM has insisted on Reddit that Joey knows the Alternian script due to Jake teaching her and not just because of Translation Convention, which would make her the "translator" type character in Hussie's friend circle, but as she is not an artist in the same way that everyone else in Hussie's friend circle is (she is a dancer, but you don't exactly discuss dance performances on Tumblr), she is cast away up until people realize that not only Homestuck is real, but Hiveswap is too, which explains the lack of influence of "translators" on Hussie (as opposed to ASBM) and therefore his reluctance to learn foreign languages, or even discuss them beyond "yeah, translations of Homestuck exist, and loanwords will crop up regardless of whether or not you know the language they're from".
  • gsunny6 = Cohen Edenfield. Whereas gsunny6 submitted her profile after submissions were "closed", but nevertheless got a role, Cohen is a latecomer to the Homestuck franchise that, would ASBM have anticipated him, would have greatly altered the plot of Calliope's Update Girl, perhaps even making it Cohen's Update Guy.
  • Going outside the realm of Update Girl, Doombly and Skepkitty = Byron Hussie and Cindy Marie. ASBM, Doombly and Skepkitty were all significant parts of the trolling venture that is known as MarrissaTheWriter, which is referenced in Update Girl, whereas Andrew, Byron and Cindy were all the contributors to the webcomic venture that is known as Team Special Olympics, which is referenced in MS Paint Adventures.
    • In real life, Andrew and Byron are brothers. In the trolling realm, interdimensionalPortaller, ASBM's first writing identity other than "herself", and MarrissaTheWriter are sisters.


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