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The next Necrodancer Crossover will be with Shovel Knight
Who else do we know that fights effectively with a shovel?

Cadence is an unfallen Chosen One of Power.
All worlds are reflections of each other; in the manner of Layered World. The Golden Lute was an aspect of Power in a similar way the Triforce of Power is. Candence gained the attunement when she was able to dance to the beat of the Lute to beat the NecroDancer without falling to his Power.
  • When Octavo drew the Lute to Hyrule; this gave Din the "authorization" to pull in her own champion.
    • Which is why Cadence could call on the Triforce unknowingly to awaken her choice of Link or Zelda in the beginning.

The creation of Octavo's Golden Lute
As we see in the intro, Octavo uses the Triforce of Power to turn his Lute into the Golden Lute he uses for most of the game. However, even before this, he is able to use the power of his Lute to put the King of Hyrule to sleep. Now, talking to the three seers who can tell you where the next dungeon is will reveal that they had Threads of Courage, Wisdom and Power... before Octavo stole them from them. Could these three Threads be what he used to make his Lute which he was able to use to put the King of Hyrule to sleep?
  • As an additional part, this could mean that the Golden Lute from Cadence's world was made from similar threads - and potentially after the experiments which The Conductor did on it led to it becoming alive enough that when Aria tried to destroy it, it turned into the form which you have to fight in order to win the original game. Thankfully, Ganon doesn't seem to use the Lute, so it might be that Hyrule was lucky enough that their Golden Lute didn't become alive.

Dark-skinned Hylians are from males born from Gerudo.
Usually the Gerudo are a One-Gender Race with one male Gerudo per generation. Breath of the Wild showed that they'll marry other races, usually Hylian, and their female Gerudo offspring will be sent back to the Gerudo lands.However, sometimes Gerudo will give birth to a male of the parents species. This is rare but not as rare as male Gerudo. These children are then sent by the Gerudo to live with their fathers. Lineage from then on are 50/50 gendered.
  • Gerudo marrying Hylians was actually mentioned as far back as Ocarina of Time when they were introduced. They're also not a separate species, and are collectively referred to along with Sheikah and Hylians as humans (as well as an otherwise unnamed round-eared human race). That said, the dark-skinned Hylians are actually darker in complexion to the more bronze-toned Gerudo, suggesting there just might be more diversity in Hyrule than previous games displayed. Skyward Sword and The Wind Waker also had a few individual characters with darker complexions but no mention of the Gerudo except for Ganondorf in the latter.

Ganon's connection to his own name is too powerful.
Otherwise per the naming convention of the bosses; he would have been "Organon."
  • Well, technically he's a wielder of the Golden Lute, even though he doesn't use it and is in fact corrupted by its dark melodies which lead to him becoming Ganon. Most Golden Lute wielders keep their name in some way, although they tend to be musically related, to begin with - and yet those who are entranced by the Lute often go by a second name, like the Necrodancer for Octavio, or the Conductor for the final boss of the Amplified DLC of Crypt. But everyone else who talks about him just calls him Ganon, so I can see why this is the case. Then again, it may very well be that he has another name he could use which is musically themed, but he chooses not to use it because of the power the name Ganon has.
    • Wait, are Octavo and the Necrodancer the same person? Does this ever get mentioned anywhere in the game? Octavo himself has a musical name, by the way, it's a reference to an octave. Either way, the other monsters seem to have names based on the instruments because they are the instruments given life. This is especially clear with Gleeokenspiel, there's no separation between instrument and monster.
      • I said Octavio, not Octavo. Octavio is the name of the Bard from Crypt who became the Necrodancer. Octavo (which indeed has no relation - in fact, Cadence even comments on this at one point) is the bard who originally had the Lute.
    • Also of note, I'm pretty sure Ganon does use the "Lute". It's said that he found it broken, and repaired it, but it's nowhere to be seen in the final battle, but his organ is golden, and has three random strings attached to it. The Lute also reassembles from the remains of the organ after the fight is over. I'm pretty sure the organ is the "repaired" Lute.
    • So you could say that Ganon wields a Golden Organ... would that mean his name might actually have been Gorganon? Still, that's an interesting theory - about how Ganondorf repaired the Lute... and after it corrupted him, he made it into a form he was more comfortable to play: in his case, an Organ. Must have been tough moving it to Hyrule Castle, though.

Beating the game with Aria will unlock a Golden Ending where she returns to her world alive
In Crypt of the NecroDancer, Aria dies at the end of her story in the process of destroying the Golden Lute. Her appearance in Hyrule, then, is the result of her being reincarnated there or just being summoned like Cadence and being kept alive by Hyrulean magic/the intervention of the goddesses or Fates. Completing the game as her will thus allow her to return to the NecroDancer world alongside Cadence, her life preserved by this bizarre twist of fate.
  • Jossed; there does not seem to be any kind of ending when playing as her.

"Symphony of the Mask" will take place in the Future World
What we see of the world in the "Symphony of the Mask" reveal bears a strong resemblance to the brief glimpse of the outside of the future castle, and we even get to see Skull Kid in the corridor just before the Ganon fight. This DLC will be an Author's Saving Throw to the perception of the Future World as limited and short.
  • Confirmed. You can also access the future through a time portal in non-Symphony save files made after the update. That way, you can play it like A Link to the Past, by going to the portal after completing the final dungeon. It's also required for 100% Completion. The final dungeon even drops you off on the same overworld now, but if you haven't completed the future dungeons, it's cut-off due to the magic barrier being active.

Symphony of the Mask's Skull Mask was originally meant to be Majora's Mask
Nintendo probably said that the developers couldn't use Majora's Mask, so they went with the Skull Mask instead. The way it acts is very reminiscent of Majora.

Octavo’s Locket is powerless and the lightning and wind immunity it grants is entirely Placebo Effect.
Since the locket was salvaged from the powerless remains of the Magic Cap, it doesn’t have any magic properties of it own. However, it does provide the one bit of context Octavo has to his ancestry, which allows him to unlock a portion of his predecessor’s power which was inside him all along.