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Bungie Aerospace is a Marathon Prequel.
Oddly enough, my evidence is mostly the Bungie Aerospace Merch in the Bugnie store. Both the Latin on the website and the descriptions for the shirts refer to going to the stars. Combine that with the fact they Re-Registered the Marathon trademark and you have my reasoning.

Bungie is manipulating every company.
Think about it. They already told us that they are taking over the world, and they even posted their step by step guide (guess what, they are on step 6 of 7). The last part is launching all of their foes into the sun with a giant slingshot. That would cost a lot. So an Evil Plan was needed. Take over all of gaming, and then they will have the money. 343 Industries is secretly part of them, and they are doing well. Think about it, they have influenced gaming to change it forever, they have an entire console series dependent on them, and Sony and Nintendo have been trying to rip them off for years. Half-Life wasn't the first FPS with a large story, Marathon was. You may not know it, but without them RTSes would be VERY different. The first 3D RTS was made by them. This is all part of Bungie's plan to take over the world.

At some point Bungie are going to produce a FPS that features an AI called Joyeuse
After all they've already got a Durandal and a Cortana so they may as well complete the set.
  • Joyeuse is said to have been forged with the Spear of Destiny in its pommel, so this WMG is seeming more and more likely...

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