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    Hypothetical additions to the BrightBurn universe 
Brandon could possibly attract and/or inspire other evil versions of superheroes.
Who knows how many other people in this world may have the same idea as Brandon, such as an "Evil Batman", as demonstrated in works like Nemesis?
  • A woman from a hidden society who journey's into the outside world...and deems it a hellhole whose people need to be put out of their misery due to the existence of Brandon (based on Wonder Woman). This woman might get redemption, learn to denounce Brandon without denouncing humanity, and become a hero, resulting in a final battle between her and Brandon.
  • A man without fear gains a great alien weapon sent to Earth to combat Brandon...and promptly destroys everything around him with no regard for what will happen due to his wild stunts with it (based on Hal Jordan). This man might eventually redeem himself and become a hero, helping the redeemed Wonder Woman expy fight against Brandon.
  • A wealthy businessman is injured in one of Brandon's rampages and has scientists convert him into a cyborg to save his life. Since this disfigures him, he weaponizes himself to take revenge on Brandon...with no regard for whoever gets killed in the crossfire (based on Iron Man).
    • This businessman might get help from people, they would help redeem him, and he would become a hero.
    • He would create an army of androids to help him protect people from Brandon and bring him down once and for all.
    • And he would even form a team comprised of himself and some war veterans, give them Powered Armor, and they would work together to take down Brandon and save the world.
  • The US government tries to create their own super being and selects a seemingly perfect patriotic soldier to become him. It's a success...and he turns out to be an extremist who tries to overthrow the US government so he can run the country the way he sees fit (based on Captain America).
  • A young man is mortally wounded and disfigured in an accident, and the only way to save his life is to turn him into a cyborg. The loss of his humanity drives him insane and he goes on a rampage (based on Cyborg).
  • Another Superman Expy, who uses his powers to rape millions of women.
  • Regarding the aforementioned "Evil Batman," this would be his backstory: A boy sees his parents murdered by a mugger in an alley-full of rage, he pulls out his pocket knife and stabs the mugger to death. At that moment, he realizes how good killing that man felt, and as such devotes his life to making murder an art form; he travels all over the word, learning numerous martial arts to make his body the ultimate natural killing machine, and studies various sciences and arts to fashion the most state-of-the-art murder weapons and to learn how to make every scene look like an accident.
    • Alternatively, Villain!Batman could blame society for the deaths of his parents, so he dedicates the rest of his life to killing society to avenge his parents.
      • Or, even better, both evil versions of Batman can co-exist in the Brightburn Universe.
    • These evil versions of superheroes might from their own Legion of Doom.
  • A pedophile gains the ability to transform into a young boy and also gains Flying Brick and electricity powers, all to make it easier for him to get close to his victims. (A creepy reverse version of Shazam).
  • A man in Japan gains incredible chi-based energy projection powers along with chi-based superhuman strength, speed durability, and leap, superhuman senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch, superhuman immune system and metabolism, self-sustenance, and slowed-down aging, and rapes thousands of Japanese women including a Chi-Chi Expy (Goku).
  • A killer robot who can take the form of a balloon-like robot, a humanoid butler-like robot, and a dragon-like robot. He would be created by a couple of Mad Scientist teenage brothers who also happen to be fascists who want him to take over a city so they can force Japanese culture down that city's throats (based on Baymax).
  • A deranged comic book fanboy who holds a grudge on his former idol gains the power to transform into a kaiju monster... (Based on Fredzilla.)
  • A young woman creates a purse that can summon any weapon she wants.... and she uses it to get revenge on the killer who murdered her technology-savvy boyfriend, not caring about who gets caught in the crossfire. (based on Honey Lemon.) This woman might redeem herself somehow and become a hero.
  • A man with a Flying Brick power-set who started as a caring man who compassionately helped his fellow man by using his powers covertly, but unfortunately his similarly-powered wife goes mad with power since she realized she could not handle being a housewife and murders their son and the man's best friend.
    • After killing his wife, the man slowly starts going insane due to guilt towards himself, regret over what happened, and anger at his now-dead wife, becomes a nihilist and a heavy drinker, and due to his physiology, the drinking somehow enhances his powers further.
    • He does not get literally drunk, but his nihilism and growing madness leads to him becoming not caring about other people anymore and metaphorically drunk with power and he now wants more physical impact for his powers to bring, doing anything to become stronger (based on Hancock, except instead of going from literally drunk to literally sober, he goes from morally sober to becoming drunk with power).
    • His former wife may come back, either as a super-zombie who still retains her Flying Brick powers that she had in life or she simply becomes more powerful that before (Based on Mary, also from Hancock).
  • All around the world, people start manifesting otherworldly powers, causing them to become hated and feared by the rest of society. The newly powered humans proceed to use their abilities to violently fight back and ensure their safety by any means necessary. (aka "What if the X-Men had been founded on Magneto's ideals?"). Some of these powered humans might find redemption and become heroes, whereas other powered humans might stay villains. Unfortunately though, it will still be played for horror, because elements of PTSD-related and guilt-related psychological horror will be a recurring theme.
  • A corrupt private detective with magical powers who takes bribes from the supervillains (Based on John Constantine).
  • A group of time-travelling rapists who use their eccentric personalities to lure in victims (Based on The Doctors, from 1-13).
  • A group of time-travelling rapists who are heavily implied to be different alternate versions of the same person (Another group of Expies of The Doctors, from 1-13).
  • A group of angelic-looking gods who live in a heavenly looking planet have established a fascist dictatorship in their planet and try to expand their iron fist ruling to other planets. (Based on The New Gods).
  • A Neo-Nazi who gains Superman-like powers (Hey, Brandon can't be the only evil Superman Expy!!)
  • A Neo-Nazi who obtains Batman-like gadgets.
  • A Neo-Nazi woman with Wonder Woman-like powers (Again, nobody said their could not be more than one expy of the same character).
  • A man who gains superpowers with the activation of a watch goes into in-universe movies to recruit those movies' villains, with the intention of forcing his views on movies onto others (AKA What if Viewtiful Joe was a dictator?).
  • A woman who gains light manipulation and Flying Brick powers from a power-granting drug, and she is so addicted to the drug that she goes on rampages anytime she cannot get a "fix" of that same drug (AKA What if Starlight was addicted to the drug that granted her powers?).
  • A corrupt time-travelling celebrity superhero who takes bribes from supervillains to "look the other way" and even covertly murder other superheroes, and the supervillains take advantage of this superhero's ego (AKA What if Booster Gold was secretly evil?).
  • A young man with spider-like powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider is overly protective of his redhead girlfriend, killing anyone who is even remotely a threat to his aforementioned girlfriend (AKA What if Spider-Man was a Yandere?).
  • An alcoholic woman with superhuman strength, speed, durability, leap, agility, reflexes, and stamina in addition to superhuman immune system and metabolism and slowed aging gained her powers from a special drug, and she's falsely marketed by a corrupt pharmaceutical company as a mystical Amazonian warrior. She murders people to cover up the crimes of her company (AKA What if Queen Maeve was a straight-up villain instead of an anti-hero?).

If the movie is successful, it will give way to a Shared Universe featuring expies of characters from various comic book universes and superhero franchises, all of which are Played for Horror.
DC Comics
  • A woman from a hidden society who journeys into the outside world with the intention of making it a better place... unfortunately, her idea of a improved society is a good few centuries out of date. (based on Wonder Woman).
    • Confirmed that there will be a Wonder Woman deconstruction, the specifics are unknown though
  • A man without fear gains a great alien weapon sent to Earth... and promptly becomes Drunk with Power and starts destroys everything around him with no regard for what will happen due to his wild stunts with it (based on Hal Jordan).
  • A wealthy businessman, based on a childhood trauma, uses high-tech weaponry to wage a one-man war on crime as a ruthless vigilante; in particular, he opposes a criminal mastermind who dresses as a clown. The two arch-nemeses appear stuck in a never ending battle... uncaring of anyone who gets caught between them. (based on Batman and the Joker). However, unlike the other expies, the Batman Expy gets character development and becomes an Anti-Hero, and later one becomes a Hero.
  • A young man is mortally wounded and disfigured in an accident, and the only way to save his life is to turn him into a cyborg. The loss of his humanity drives him insane and he goes an a rampage (based on Cyborg).
  • A man who came from the sea to drown anyone on sight (based on Aquaman).
    • Confirmed
  • A man who used to be a world-famous sprinter, and he gains super-speed after a chemical attack from a jealous rival. He now murders anyone who tries to claim the title (based on the Flash).
  • A boy is gifted with the ability to turn into a superpowered adult by a warlock for good..... Only to believe he is god and kill anyone he deems "unclean", even going after his FOSTER FAMILY (based on Shazam!). It will be a horror-comedy like the expy of Deadpool.
  • A team of superheroes with various themes and gimmicks turn into super-zombies.... and they proceed to eat everybody they find (based on Justice League.)
  • A scientist working on a plant formula who was caught in an explosion in an attempt to kill him and exposed to both the chemicals and the swamp in which he was working and turned into a vengeful plant/human hybrid.(Based on Swamp Thing). This Swamp Thing Expy might get character development and become a hero.
  • A teenager who discovers alien tech and uses it to commit crimes. (Based on the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle).
  • A teenager exposed to strange chemicals that give him electrical powers which he uses to gain power over the gangs in his city. (Based on Static Shock).
  • A millionaire who gets an adrenaline rush from hunting people at night while dressed as an archer because guns are uncivilized. (Based on Green Arrow). He might get character development and become a hero.
  • A group of delinquents with superpowers have grasped control of a city (Based on Teen Titans).
  • A Child Soldier who uses batons (Robin). This child soldier might get character development and become a hero.
  • A couple of super-powered, reincarnating Yanderes who murder many people in the midst of a twisted romance (Hawkman and Hawkgirl). These Yanderes might get character development and become heroes.
  • A young woman fluent in Black Speech who twists reality to her will. (Zatanna). This young woman might get redemption and become a hero.
  • A Daddy's Little Villain to Satan himself (Raven). This Raven expy might become a hero with character development.
  • Two men nightmarishly fused into one being with the capacity to burn entire cities to the ground on a whim. (Firestorm). These two men might get character development and become heroes.
  • A Corrupt Cop totally in the pocket of supervillains (James Gordon). This crooked cop might get character development and redeem himself.
  • A serial killer who uses arrows (Hawkeye or Green Arrow). This serial killer might get character development and redeem himself/herself.
  • A member of Brandon's species who is a Femme Fatale (Power Girl). She might learn to respect humanity and become a hero.
  • A teenager who gained the power to transform into animals...but ended up succumbing to the animal instincts and becoming a savage villain who is barely sentient (Beast Boy). He might overcome his instincts and become a hero.
  • A man who gained the ability to absorb the power of nearby animals, but also succumbed to the animal instincts and becoming a savage villain (Animal Man). He might get over his instincts and become a hero.
  • An incredibly old and powerful Eldritch Abomination that gives people terrifying nightmares (Sandman). He'd basically be a supervillain version of Freddy Krueger.
  • A woman who kills people with her incredibly loud voice (Black Canary). She might learn to control her power, find redemption, and become a hero.
  • A crooked warlock PI who raped a female magician who has actual magical powers and proceeds to rape paranormal women as his twisted "mission", using his detective skills to cover his tracks (John Constantine).
    • The Zatanna Expy that he raped might become a hero to oppose the rapist John Constantine Expy.
  • An alien woman similar to Brandon who is also royalty on her planet, with all the evil elitism that entails (Starfire). This alien woman may suffer a Dating Catwoman case where she and a Robin Expy fall in love and the alien woman kills herself with an energy blast out of guilt.
  • A Japanese serial killer with a sword that may also have magical abilities (Katana). This swordswoman might get character development and become a hero.
  • A ruthless warlock PI who uses questionable methods (also based on John Constantine). Probably a Horror Comedy. This PI might get character development and become a hero.
  • A thoroughly corrupt and downright brutal force of space police who impose their will wherever they please with no thought of the consequences (Green Lantern Corps). Some members may get character development and become heroes, others will not and will remain villains.
  • A superpowered dog with Flying Brick powers as well as X-Ray Vision, Heat Vision, and Firebreath. He will be the pet of a mafia boss who also has Flying Brick powers (based on Krypto, with a mafia version of Superman as his owner.)
  • An expy of Superman who is a communist, but he's also an ultra-violent terrrorist (think Red Son Superman, if he was a straight-up villain instead of just an anti-hero).
  • A Batman Expy raised by violent religious fundamentalists who believe in a fictional in-universe religion (AKA What if Bruce Wayne embraced a religious version of Ra's Al Ghul's ideology?).
  • An egocentric ace pilot who, after finding an injured benevolent alien at a crash site, kills it and steals the alien's MacGuffin for himself, going into a full A God Am I rampage afterwards. (Based on Hal Jordan).
  • A teenage boy who gets bitten by a genetically mutated spider, who initially tries to do good with his newfound powers, becoming a superhero... Only for him to slowly lose his humanity as he mutates more and more into a mindless beast with arachnid instincts. (Based on Spider Man). This teenage boy might eventually learn to control himself in his monstrous form, blocking out his arachnid instincts with human willpower and become a hero again.
  • Six teenagers gain magical powers from a dead wizard's staff.... and use those powers to go after anyone who even remotely wronged them, except for each other (Based on the Shazam family).
  • A serial killer with a pill that he stole from a scientist that he murdered that grants him superhuman strength for one hour. His origin is that he was a school bully who accidentally killed a kid he was picking on, and after accidentally killing that kid, he started to develop a sadistic pleasure in people dying (Based on Hourman).
  • A steampunk gangster with a bat gimmick who's an Empowered Badass Normal thanks to alchemy, and he has a side-kick in the form of an alchemic android (Based on the Gotham By Gaslight Batman, but with elements of Edward Elric added to the mix).
  • An invader from Mars who infiltrates human society through the application of shapeshifting and psychic powers. (Martian Manhunter).
  • A marine has PTSD so severe that he goes psychotic. Worse yet, he gets a ring made of alien technology that allows him to create energy constructs, and he uses his power to take out his emotions on the society that he blames for what happened to him, even murdering two superheroines that he once fell in love with (Based on Green Lantern Jon Stewart).
  • A crazed conspiracy theorist who wears a mask that makes him look faceless. He murders people who he even remotely suspects of being in on any conspiracies he claims to be investigating (Based on The Question).
  • A trio of supervillains from the far-flung future consisting of a boy who can manipulate magnetism, a boy with lightning manipulation and a telepathic girl with mind control powers. (Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl from Legion of Super-Heroes).
  • A series of advanced robots with artificial intelligence based on metals from the periodic table accompanied with idiosyncratic powers associated with said metal. They are modeled after the minds of deceased people and used by a scientist for nefarious purposes, similar to Terminators. (Dr. Will Magnus and the Metal Men).
  • A cocky and arrogant redheaded man with immense willpower and anger issues who is also a former social worker, former special education teacher, former construction worker, and former bar owner gets an alien tech ring that allows him to create various willpower-fueled energy constructs and he uses this power to murder anyone who tries to take the spotlight away from him (Based on Green Lantern Guy Gardner).
  • A bizarre gestalt being composed of four superpowered aliens and a human astronaut, arrives on Earth to destroy mankind. (Ultra the Multi-Alien).
  • A terrifying evil sorcerer with a mystical mask that influences him. (Doctor Fate).
  • A clone of Brandon Breyer created by a lab. This clone would be even eviler than Brandon Breyer. (Kon-El/Superboy).
  • Another clone of Brandon Breyer created by a lab funded by Neo-Nazis and then indoctrinated into Neo-Nazi ideology. (Another Kon-El/Superboy Expy).
  • A trio of kids discover a device capable of transforming them into supervillains. They use said device for sinister and nefarious purposes. (Dial H for Hero).
  • A fantastic-looking but Body Horror-laden superhuman mutant capable of elemental shapeshifting. (Metamorpho).
  • An android capable of wind manipulation and superhuman feats is used to destroy humanity. (Red Tornado).
  • A human archeologist is beamed to another planet and returns home as a herald for an interplanetary invasion. (Adam Strange).
  • A lowlife crook is doused with hazardous chemicals and develops Rubber Man powers as a result. Said crook uses his powers to commit crime and act in less-than-moral uses. (Plastic Man).
  • A mad scientist ingests an extract based on a rare fruit and develops the ability to elongate his body parts. (Elongated Man).
  • A young girl discovers her heritage as a rightful princess to a magical realm as well magical powers. After entering said realm though a portal, she will do anything to claim her rightful destiny. (Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld).

Marvel Comics

  • A wealthy businessman is injured in an accident and has scientists convert him into a cyborg to save his life. Since this disfigures him, he weaponizes himself to get revenge on those responsible...with no regard for whoever gets killed in the crossfire (based on Iron Man). He might learn to accept the fact that it was just an accident, redeem himself, and become a hero.
  • The US government tries to create a super being and selects a seemingly perfect patriotic soldier to become him. It's a success...and he turns out to be an extremist who tries to overthrow the US government so he can run the country the way he sees fit (based on Captain America).
  • A man who turns into a lightning monster (based on Thor).
    • Alternatively, the character is Zeus, played straight. Not a monster based on Zeus, or a creature calling himself Zeus, but the actual in-universe Olympian god Zeus, in all his glory, showing that while a thunder god appearing in the modern age to defend humanity is cool in principle, the modern age has... different standards, and wouldn’t want to put up with Zeus’s arrogance, pride, and serial rapist tendencies, but wouldn’t have a choice because he’s the only thing standing between them and destruction, being capable of fighting off the other villains. He also expects to be worshipped and served by everyone he protects - so basically, he’s just another villain, he’s just ‘’slightly’’ more reasonable.
    • Alternatively, both evil versions of Thor could exist in the same universe; after all, what's wrong with having more than one expy (as long as both are well-written, of course)?
  • A female ace pilot who gains energy projection, flight, superhuman strength, speed, durability, and leap, superhuman senses of smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing, as well as self-sustenance from an alien cube, and she willingly joins an alien empire that was trying to harness the powers of that same alien cube. She helps them commit genocide against different sapient alien species the aliens deem "inferior" using her powers (based on Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, except she was not brainwashed into evil nor were her memories wiped and willingly joined the alien tyrants).
  • As an alternative idea for an evil version of Carol Danvers, a woman who is enhanced by Brandon's species and has her memory erased and discovers her past...but is unable to overcome her conditioning on her own and ends up killing all her old friends. The aforementioned superpowered woman might get character development and become a hero if somebody helps her snap out of the brainwashing.
  • A rich king of a hidden civilization decides to start a campaign of conquest and ethnic cleansing (based on Black Panther).
  • A man who becomes a half-spider/half-human monster (based on Spiderman).
    • Or a female version played by Zendaya.
  • A monster who is similar to Doomsday (based on the Hulk).
  • A werewolf (based on the Wolverine).
  • Four people had turned into various superbeings in order to destroy humanity (based on the Fantastic Four).
  • A man who is virtually immortal starts losing his grip on reality, believing he is the star of a famous comic he reads (based on Deadpool). It will be a horror-comedy instead.
  • A man with stretching powers lost his superhuman friends and family to a previous supervillain, driving him violently insane (AKA What if Reed Richards went aggressively insane after losing his wife, his brother-in-law, and his best friend to a supervillain?).
  • A boy was kidnapped by a group of intergalactic serial killers for him to join them (based on the Guardians of the Galaxy).
  • A young Japanese-Korean Woman who was convicted for Yakuza-related crimes and is forced to join a Japanese superhero team and is granted a superhuman speed-granting armor.... and she betrays her teammates and proceeds to murder them and becames a female crimelord in the Yakuza (based on Go-Go Tomago from Big Hero 6. Think Comic Book!Go-Go Tomago if she chose to stay in the Yakuza.)
  • A team of military-based superheroes turn into super-vampires.... and they are lead by a vampire military general as they invade America (based on the Avengers).
  • A teen genius whose older brother was murdered so he uses his brother's last invention to get revenge, then decides to conquer the city (Based on Hiro from Big Hero Six). This teenage boy might get character development and become a hero.
  • Four astronauts who are mutated by radiation when caught in an accident while on a mission to outer space, who now return to Earth to enact chaos out of insanity (Based on the Fantastic Four).
  • A man comes in contact with an alien symbiote and tries to use it to do good...but it overcomes his personality and he ends up as a murderous cannibal (Venom). This Venom Expy might eventually learn to control his evil side and become a hero.
  • A blind man who gains superpowers for his other sense and starts murdering people in order to repair his vision (Daredevil). This Daredevil Expy might learn to accept his blindness and become a hero.
  • A terrifying evil sorcerer (Doctor Strange).
  • A power-mad government agent obsessed with controlling other villains for his own personal gain (Nick Fury)
  • Another government agent who is a Loony Fan for the supervillains, and is eventually subjected to Came Back Wrong (Phil Coulson).
  • A shrinking man who enters people's body cavities and makes them explode from the inside. Another Horror Comedy. (Ant-Man) This shrinking man might redeem himself and become a hero.
  • A woman with the ability to drain others' memories, abilities, and souls through any physical contact, with none of Rogue's restraint. This young woman might get character development and become a hero.
  • A Nigh-Invulnerable woman who fused with a rat (Squirrel Girl). Yet another Horror Comedy. This woman might get character development and become a hero.
  • A fanatical ex-KGB agent serial killer with enhanced strength and speed (Black Widow). This ex-KGB Agent might learn to overcome her fanaticism and become a hero.
  • An angry veteran with mechanical wings who tries to overthrow the government because he believes it does not appreciate his sacrifices (Falcon). He might get over his grudge and become a hero.
  • A psychic woman who attempted to be a superhero, but ended up being subjected to a Mind Rape that left her as a bitter villain (Jessica Jones). This woman might learn how to redeem herself, and choose to do so, with the best part of her redemption being her becoming the hero that will use psychic mind tricks to take down the supervillain known as Brightburn.
  • An ex-con with bulletproof skin who tries to do good but finds that he can't overcome his criminal lifestyle (Luke Cage). He might find someone who can help him redeem himself, follows that advice, and becomes a hero.
  • A serial killer with chi-based energy powers who practices martial arts (Iron Fist). This martial artist might get character development and redeem himself.
  • A veteran who lost his family and now indiscriminately kills people in "revenge" (Punisher). He might find redemption and become a hero.
  • A motorcyclist who became a soldier of god but used his newfound powers for evil purposes (essentially a reverse Ghost Rider). This ex-soldier of god might get character development and become a hero.
  • A teacher who uses powerful mind control abilities to imprison his students and make these children act as his enforcers and personal army of sorts. When questioned, he just spins a sob story about how he's the victim of anti-mutated human bigotry. Intellectually, everyone knows this is a lie, but they are compelled by his power to believe it (Professor Charles Xavier). Some of his superpowered students develop resistance to his powers and form resistance groups to stop him. But, for an added layer of horror, this villain is half-right, in that anti-mutated human bigotry does exist in the Brightburn Universe, but his actions are certainly NOT helping matters at all. So in other words, his horrible deeds are making the anti-mutated human bigotry EVEN WORSE.
  • An elitist royal group of supervillains who deluded themselves into thinking that they are superheroes who enslave those who don't have superpowers (The Attilan Royal Family, though that's not that different from the original show).
  • A serial killer who gains the power to create magical energy blades (based on Wasabi No-Ginger.)
    • The evil versions of superheroes that do not get character development will form their own Legion of Doom.
  • A young alien woman gains powers from an alien male of her same alien race. Her powers are superhuman strength, speed, durability, and leap, superhuman sense of taste, touch, hearing, sight, and smell, as well as flight, energy projection, and self-sustenance. A day after she landed on Earth, she was gang-raped by super-powered human men, and she blames all humans for what happened to her (based on Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel).
  • Six Japanese delinquent teenagers who ran away from home gain superpowers.... and work together to get revenge on anyone who even slightly wronged them (based on Big Hero 6.)
  • A man who served in the US military for centuries and has a skeleton and retractable claws that are both made of a nigh-indestructible metal, a healing factor, superhuman immune system and metabolism, superhuman senses of smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight, low-level superhuman strength, speed, durability, leap, agility, and reflexes, pain immunity, and slowed aging is brainwashed by the military and the worse part is that the brainwashing combined with this man's PTSD makes his mental health even worse, so he becomes a violent psychopath who kills anyone in his path. (AKA What if the brainwashing of Wolverine and Wolverine's PTSD mentally broke him).
  • A woman gains Flying Brick powers, energy projection powers, and self-sustenance because her boyfriend gained the powers first and found a device that would give her similar powers. She also served in the US Air Force goes violently psychotic because of PTSD because of trauma from her Air Force missions and also because her boyfriend died during a clash between supervillains and superheroes, a superhero accidentally killing him (AKA What if Carol Danvers lost her mind like the First Blood novel's John Rambo?).
  • A group of superpowered siblings who keep a facade of being heroic and innocent while keeping their malevolent true natures away from their parents and the public. (Power Pack).
  • An extremely advanced android with the elemental powers of wind and fire, capable of superhuman feats and computer manipulation escapes captivity and slays its creator. (Amalgamation of the Human Torch and Red Tornado).
  • A superhuman immmortal from another dimension capable of manipulating matter and cosmic energies arrives on Earth to conquer humanity alongside Brandon and other supervillains. (Amalgam of Orion and Ikaris).
  • A former US soldier with low-level superhuman strength, speed, and durability, immense superhuman agility and reflexes, low-level healing factor, immense superhuman immune system and metabolism, and slowed aging that he all gained from a super-serum goes violently insane due to PTSD. He also goes Yandere for his wife, a Sharon Carter expy who is a Badass Normal former super-spy. (AKA What if Captain America went insane due to the horrors of war?) What's even more devastating about this idea is that the Captain America expy and the Sharon Carter expy still love each other even after the Captain America expy goes violently psychotic.
  • A rich industrialist and Hollywood actor imbued with superhuman physique, invulnerability, flight as well capable of transforming into a plasma-based being uses his powers to commit crime while said crimes are covered up through his prestige and his company. (Wonder Man).
  • A size-changing lady capable of flight and electric blasts, styled after a wasp, uses her powers to commit thievery and other crimes. (The Wasp).
  • A team of supervillain youths inspired by Brandon Breyer and other supervillains. (New Warriors).
  • A prince from an underwater realm invades the surface world. (Namor).
  • A young girl gains elastic powers after being exposed to a mutagenic gas, and unfortunately, she's a radical Islamist and uses her powers to force others into her extremist version of Islam (Kamala Khan).
  • A corrupt celebrity with light manipulation powers. (Dazzler).

Dark Horse Comics

  • An angel who is raised by an evil organization and ends up becoming a villain (Hellboy). This angel might get character development and become a hero.

Image Comics

  • A honest, moral soldier is brought to Heaven and turned into a divine warrior for Heaven's army. Turns out he is a pawn for a malicious supreme being. (Spawn).


  • A family who uses superpowers to murder anyone on sight (based on the Incredibles).
  • A super-powered family who acts like a super-powered mafia organization (also based on the Incredibles).
  • A cyborg police officer who goes violently psychotic after his niece is murdered (based on Robocop).
  • Six Japanese Delinquent Teenagers gain superpowers and join the Yakuza (based on the Power Rangers).
  • A group of zoologists uses bird powers for evil (based on Birdman and the Galaxy Trio).
  • Three kindergarteners are splashed with chemicals and now they want revenge on those who did this to them (based on The Powerpuff Girls). These girls might get redemption, get over their vengeance, and become heroes later on.
  • A boy who uses alien powers who kills any alien sceptics (based on Ben 10).
  • A man who pollutes Earth (based on Captain Planet).
  • A teenage boy who got killed but was reincarnated as a robot (based on Astro Boy).
  • A young boy who meets robotic monkeys in order to kill humanity (based on Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!).
  • A robotic girl who wants to kill all humans (based on Jenny from My Life As A Teenage Robot).
  • A group of five children wanted to eliminate adults by genocide (based on the KND).
  • A smart zombie who tries to be a superhero.... and fails miserably. He is also a comic book nerd and his main weapons of choice are two batons, two spiked batons, two wooden chair legs, pepper spray, a taser, and a jetpack (based on Kick-Ass). It will be one of the expys where it will be a horror-comedy. This smart-zombie might develop character development later on and become a hero.
  • A man named Robert Ace who has superhuman strength tries to get in on with a woman who has elastic powers. The elastic-powered woman rejects him, and the super-strong man goes Yandere for her (based on Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible.)
  • A space policeman who brutally murders criminals (based on Buzz Lightyear). However, like the Batman Expy, he will get character development and become a hero.
  • Later on, the Buzz Lightyear and Batman expies team up as a heroic duo, with the villains from previous films serving as a Rogue's Gallery.
    • Also, the Elastigirl expy also joins the superhero team.
  • A put-upon teenager is exposed to toxic waste and mutates into a crazed monster who kills the good and evil alike. (Based on The Toxic Avenger)
  • A group of people kidnapped from across the globe and turned into cyborgs who now seek revenge by any means necessary. (Based on Cyborg 009). These cyborgs might get character development and become heroes.
  • A pair of French teenagers gifted with mystical artifacts... that they use for evil. (Based on Miraculous Ladybug).
  • A man who can destroy anything with a single touch (Based on One Punch Man).
  • An academy of children born with superpowers and raised to be killers (Based on My Hero Academia).
  • A teenage boy with amnesia who gained the power over nanobots and machines after being caught in a lab accident, who has now gone rogue from a government organization after working as their agent. (Based on Generator Rex). This cyborg boy with nanite-powers might get character development and become a hero.
  • An in-universe actress who was well known as playing a Badass Normal supervillain becomes a true villain because she idolizes Brandon Breyer (Based on Dick-Taker from the comic book story arc titled Hit-Girl Season 2).
  • A boy with the power to control cryptids and is the reincarnation of the king of cryptids (Based on Zak from the Secret Saturdays)
  • A young man who bonds his soul with an angel.... and it turns out that God Is Evil. (Based on Devilman except opposite). This young man might get character development and become a hero.
  • A nymphomaniac teenage girl who turns out to be an android created by her father to kill a cult (Based on Cutie Honey). This android nymphomaniac might get character development and become a hero.
  • A set of young triplets created via petri dish by a scientist who wanted children of his own, but a chemical turned them evil instead of otherwise regular children (Based on Powerpuff Girls).
  • A man who got powers from a similar meteor and it also corrupts him, so we see his life deteriorate as he falls into similar temptations to Brandon (Based on Meteor Man). He might learn to resist the temptations and become a hero.
  • A bratty boy with scientists for older sisters who sneaks into his sisters' lab to make his dog sapient and to turn himself and his dog into supervillains that can do whatever they want (Based on Johnny Test).
  • A prototype robot that an older woman made in an effort to create her a daughter of her own but mainly as a security robot, but the robot gains a mind of her own and rebels against her creator in an effort to be like a normal human girl. After being ostracized from humans, the robot decides to kill humanity. (Based on Jenny from My Life as a Teenage Robot)
  • A robot made in the image of his maker's dead son, but the robot starts to wonder if he really is the dead son brought to life because he thinks more like a computer than a human, so in despair, the robot becomes a killer. (Based on Astro Boy)
  • A teenage boy burdened with typical teenage issues (school, overworked/inattentive/unsympathetic parents, romance life, etc.) adds superhero-ing to the list when he comes into possession of an interdimensional amulet that he is the only one he can use. Snapping under the pressure, he decides ruthlessness is the best way to deal with problems and it comes at the cost of losing his humanity (literally; he turns into a monster). (Based on Jim from Trollhunters). This teenage monster might get character development and become a hero.
  • Son of a mythological god refuses to join the alliance of young demigod children and turns out to be very powerful on his own. He's strong enough that he brings in a new age of gods after wiping out humanity and the other demigods. (Based on Percy Jackson)
  • The other planets of the Solar System were inhabited until a systemwide war killed everyone, including the planets' respective royalties. Their souls are reincarnated into the members of humanity. The princess of the Moon is reincarnated as a schoolgirl and is meant to fight off alien invaders like Brandon with help from her fellow princess reincarnations, but the guilt of what happened in the past combined with teenage girl issues and superhero-ing is too overwhelming. (Based on Sailor Moon). This Sailor Moon Expy might get character development and become a hero.
    • Or, alternatively, she falls for Brandon and joins him on his rampage.
  • A Japanese schoolgirl makes a contract with a cute creatu—wait a minute...
  • In the future, humans will be forced to live underground while the surface continues to be ravaged by evil supervillains. The survivors become obsessed with building larger Mecha suits to combat these evil forces and eventually they built suits so big that they rival even the largest celestial structures in the universe or even the universe itself. As a result, moving these mechas destroys countless galaxies and universes. (Based on Gurren Lagann). These mech-pilots might get character development and become heroes.
  • A dog created by a lab experiment has superpowers, but because he’s a dog, he doesn’t understand what he’s doing, so he’s mindlessly running around superbarking and using his superspeed to obliterate people without understanding the harm he’s causing (Based on Bolt). This super-dog might get character development and become a hero.
  • A species of robot aliens bring their war to Earth, not carrying that they’re dragging innocents into their conflict (Based on Transformers). The Autobot Expies might get character development and become heroes.
  • The rebel prince of Brandon's species arrives on Earth to stop Brandon's reign of terror, but he continuously falls second best and eventually comes to admire Brandon's ferocity in both impression and jealousy, so he joins him in his rampage (Based on Vegeta). This rebel prince might get character development and become a hero.
  • A superpowered cop who insists he is necessary to keep order, but is secretly a sadist who causes the problems he claims to solve (Judge Dredd). His enemies could be other superpowered cops trying to stop this crooked officer.
  • A group of time-traveling terrorists, who are heavily implied to be different versions of the same person (The Doctor).
  • A Judge Dredd Expy that puts even more emphasis on the fascist aspects of his society than his original counterpart ever did. The heroes of that movie would be resistance fighters doing everything they can to bring him down.
  • Another Judge Dredd Expy who is also a straight-up Neo-Nazi.
  • An ultra-violent Jerk Jock and a scheming drug dealer find a blue crystal that grants them telekinesis and they form a villain team-up (Steve and Matt from Chronicle).
  • A martial arts expert with the ability to teleport into the shooter's shoes to make the shooter get shot by their own bullets and slow down time to dodge bullets and disarm enemies, only problem being he has no idea who's innocent and who's evil due to a combination of colour-blindness and him being doped on an experimental painkiller (a combination of the Player Character from SUPERHOT and the catnip from POSTAL 2). He might eventually learn to differentiate who's who and become a hero.
  • A retired mobster recovers a time-manipulating artifact from a reckless kid who got slain by corrupt police officers for his recklessness and teams up with an old friend of his to commit murders, robberies and kidnappings with it while simultaneously using it to wipe out any evidence (based on Reynardo and Lapino from Stories: Path of Destinies). The Reynardo Expy will betray his Lapino Expy friend after a Heel–Face Turn and become a hero while retaining ownership of the artifact instead while the Lapino Expy becomes a villain.
  • An ordinary nun, after witnessing her innocent sister being corrupted and turned into a soul-harvesting sorceress by an evil cult, prays to a sacred spire hard to give her the strength to fight the cult and save her sister. Her prayer is answered and she gets turned into a very vengeful angel who uses her newly-acquired weapon and powers to get revenge on those responsible...with no regard for whoever gets killed in the crossfire (based on Furia from Paladins). She'd eventually learn to use her powers properly and become a Hero instead.
  • A superpowered Hellhound. (based on either Krypto or Underdog).
  • A superpowered dog that gained Flying Brick powers from a magical pill. His owner will be an evil Mad Scientist (based on Underdog.)
  • A former superhero in his 30's that still has his superhuman strength, speed, durability, and leap who becomes a supervillain after the genocide of his entire town, due to being violently overprotective of his cosplayer girlfriend who is in her 20's and leads a gang of radicals who worship him (loosely based on Max Damage from Mark Waid's Incorruptible).
  • A supervillain with a rugged, biker-themed gimmick, who also has superhuman strength, speed, durability, and leap fueled by lack of sleep, and worst of all is a pedo, the very last part making him one of the most EVIL villains the Brightburn Universe ever had (based on Max Damage, except he NEVER gets redemption).
  • A husband lost his wife to an attack perpetrated by a vampire mafia boss, but he (the aforementioned husband) and his daughter survive. They were bitten however, and the father, being a comic book nerd, suggests to his daughter that they become superheroes and learn various forms of combat tactics, deductive reasoning, leadership, use of various firearms, use of various melee weapons, and various forms of martial arts. Their attempts at superheroism fail miserably (AKA: What if Big Daddy and Hit-Girl were vampires?) These two might learn to find a way to overcome their shared blood-thirst and become genuine heroes.
  • Another Carol Danvers Expy who was raised by Neo-Nazis (AKA American History X with superpowers).
  • A child powered by a tiger-spirit.... and he loses faith in humanity after his family abuses the living hell out of him (AKA "What if El Tigre had a shitty family and became a villain because of that?").
  • A corrupt security guard born with superhuman strength, speed, durability, and stamina, and also has telekinesis (evil version of David Dunn).
  • A Neo-Nazi organization kidnaps a young man and turns him into an insect monster to serve as their minion, and it works. (Based on Kamen Rider).
  • Five ex-federal agents gain superpowers from a super-steroid and murder superheroes over petty reasons (evil versions of The Boys, combining elements from the comics and the TV show).
  • An Ultraman film based on Project Yellow Eyes.
  • A teenager with Flying Brick powers hates the human race and works together with other teenage aliens in order to create an alien supremacist dictatorship (Based on Mark Grayson).
  • A boy became a henchmen to a supervillain and must protect his identity from his family (Based on Henry Danger).
  • A family had gained superpowers to fight themselves to the death (Based on the Thundermans).
  • A group of nobodies gain different powers; one gets invisibility, one gets superhuman strength and durability, one gets superhuman strength, durability, and electrokinesis, and one gets super-speed. All four of them become supervillains because they blame society for their personal problems (Based on Shadow, The Wall, Charge, and Cutthroat from All Superheroes Must Die).
  • A mysterious, sociopathic assassin and his equally ruthless English handler, performing assassinations for supervillains and corrupt organisations (Based on Agent 47 and Diana Burnwood, as straight-up villains rather than antiheroes or antivillains).
  • A Filipino man who went psychotic due to PTSD because of trauma from his service as a PNP officer and he obtains a magical barbell that grants him Flying Brick powers. He goes on a rampage as his twisted crusade to "protect" the Philippines, not caring about the innocents that he murders in the process (Based on Captain Barbell).
  • A Latina delinquent who gets transported to an Eldritch Location, learns to be a powerful witch and returns to the human world to wreck havoc (Based on Luz Noceda from The Owl House).
  • A rogue MI6 agent who betrayed MI6 after being forced into working for them as a child and learning that they had his uncle assassinated (Based on Alex Rider).
  • A boy discovers an alien device capable of transforming him into various superpowered aliens... with a twist that in alien form, the dominant personality of the super-alien alters his personality and influences his actions. (Ben 10).

Brandon's future "villains" are each a Good Counterpart to Superman's villains
Aside from the established Lex Luthor character....
  • A heroic A.I. that determined Brandon's people were a threat and wiped them out (Brainiac)
  • A noble super-powered alien general who rebelled against his and Brandon's people (General Zod)
  • A mutated human who seeks to steal Brandon's powers to remove his threat (Parasite)
  • A cyborg who was once a victim of his armed with a weapon that can hurt him (Metallo)
  • A monster who is near indestructible that was actually peaceful until Brandon pissed it off (Doomsday)
  • An alien god who represents goodness and opposes Brandon's very existence (Darkseid)
  • A Reality Warper Eldritch Abomination who is Chaotic Good and understands that Brandon is evil and must be stopped (Mr. Mxzptlk).
  • A woman with pyrokinesis who is also a former army ranger and she volunteered for a military experiment. She also loves Brandon and wants him to at least be her hero, if not the world's hero (Volcana).
  • A childish hero who uses toy-theme attacks (Toyman).
  • A clone of Brandon with Flying Brick powers along with Ice Vision and Fire Breath. He will be imperfect but heroic (Bizarro).
  • A member of Brandon's species genetically engineered to be heroic (Doomsday).
  • A nuclear powered superhero created by combining Brandon's DNA with nuclear energy (Nuclear Man).
  • A female CIA agent who assembles a team of former criminals to become superheroes (Amanda Waller).
  • A heroic clown who likes bats and uses both bat-themed and clown-themed gadgets (The Batman Who Laughs).
  • A magic-powered woman who is in love with Brandon and wants to turn him good. (Obsession)
  • An alien woman who is also in love with Brandon and wishes for him to at least be on her side, if not humanity's side. (Maxima).
  • A soldier who wants to protect as many people as he can, at almost any cost (General Sam Lane).
  • A Guile Hero who uses practical joke-themed attacks (Prankster).
  • An alien hero enhanced by contact with Brandon's ship who can hurt him (Kryptonite Man).
  • Several female superhuman aliens who attempt to destroy the supervillains (Female Furies).
  • A superhuman elderly woman who gains powers after entering a planet of alien gods (Granny Goodness).
  • An alien working as a televangelist who wants to invoke Heel–Faith Turn on Brandon (Glorious Godfrey).
  • An alien god hero who wants to collect a series of MacGuffins that can kill Brandon (Steppenwolf).
  • A victim of Brandon's villainous acts who gains electricity-based powers, and vows to use them to oppose Brightburn (Livewire).
  • A incredibly sexually active alien hero who helps women become superheroes (Sleez.)
  • The demi-god son of a noble alien god who leads an army of alien angels against Brandon (Kalibak.)
  • Years into Brandon's adult-hood, a woman who can teleport and is in love with Brandon shows up. She wants Brandon to be her family's hero, if not the world's hero (Alicia Baker).
  • A heroic man who can self-duplicate thanks to an extraterrestrial green rock. His main goal is to protect his girlfriends from the supervillains as well as from other threats (Based on Ian Randall from Smallville).
  • A heroic police detective investigates cases involving the supervillains, while collecting various weapons that can hurt the supervillains in order to fight against them later on (Based on Sam Phelan from Smallville).
  • A heroic businessman has the power of mind control and combats supervillains with it, either through sabotage, getting the supervillains to fight each other, or making the supervillains commit suicide using mind control (Based on Bob Rickman from Smallville).
  • A calm, cool, and collected coach from a small town who gains fire manipulation from a green alien rock uses his powers to protect his students from the supervillains (Based on Walt Arnold from Smallville).
  • A former military soldier who lost his Vietnam war veteran father from supervillains, so he collects various high-tech devices that grant him various superpowers so he can combat the supervillains (Based on Van McNulty).
  • A young patriot to Britain who also happens to have telekinesis, telekinetic flight, telekinetic super-speed flight, can create telekinetic forcefields, communicate telepathically, read minds, cast illusions, control minds, and can project psionic blasts, the aforementioned powers were granted to him due to being born with a genetic structure that allows him to do all that and he combats supervillains that attack Britain and sometimes visits America so he can combat the supervillains there (Basically he's Manchester Black if he was an Ideal Hero).
  • A teenage boy with superhuman strength, durability, speed, leap, agility, and reflexes, a healing factor, web projection from his mouth, wall-crawling, and can turn into a swarm of bugs, all granted to him by an alien green rock, uses those powers to protect his classmates from supervillains (Based on Greg Arkin from Smallville).
  • An adult man with superhuman strength and durability, extended longevity to the point that he still looks like an 18 year old young man despite being chronologically in his 30's, and electricity manipulation all granted to him by an alien green rock uses his powers to protect his small town from supervillains and corrupt government agents (Based on Jeremy Creek from Smallville).
  • A Lovable Alpha Bitch who gains vampire-like superhuman strength, durability, speed, and leap, superhuman sense of smell, healing factor, immortality in the sense of agelessness, copying powers of superhumans whose blood she drank, turning humans into vampire-like beings if they drink her blood, and poison bite, all from being bitten by bats enhanced by a green alien rock. This process effectively makes her into a science-based vampire. She uses her powers to protect her friends and her boyfriend (Based on Buffy Sanders from Smallville), her boyfriend in question being...
    • ... a Lovable Jock with the powers of superhuman strength, durability, and speed, heat absorption that allows him to passively freeze subjects that he absorbs heat from, and oxygen independency. He uses his powers and skills from any sports he ever played in order to protect his girlfriend (Based on Sean Kelvin from Smallville).
  • An young man who gained immortality from swimming in a pool that he initially did not know had green alien rocks in it. He spends the rest of his immortal life protecting his small town from supervillains, taking them down covertly with stealth tactics and various weapons, even mystical ones, that can hurt the supervillains (Based on Harry Volk from Smallville).
  • A heroic mad scientist (who apparently also learned alchemy), who was born centuries ago who was somehow born with the literally magical powers of immortality (in that he stopped aging since he was 20), a healing factor, pain immunity, and superhuman intelligence uses his powers and whatever high-tech weapons, reverse-engineered alien technology, chemical formulas based around theoretical chemistry, and even alchemic potions he invents to make it easier for him to combat supervillains. He also uses his scientific knowledge to grant citizens superpowers in order to help them combat supervillains. He does all this to protect his wife. (Based on Curtis Knox from Smallville).
  • A small town deputy sheriff who can telepathically see what other people are seeing, his only weakness in regards to that power is that he can only use his power of telepathic sight through proxy on one person at a time. He uses his power and his police skills in order to combat the supervillains, and also to get information to warn others about supervillain attacks (Based on Gary Watts from Smallville).
  • A noble sheriff who gathers up high-tech weapons to combat the supervillains (Based on Ethan Miller from Smallville).
  • A Black man who is a Deputy Sheriff of a small town had his hand burned and scarred by the heat vision another one of Brandon Breyer's species, so he gathers up various weapons made from alien technology and uses that alien technology and his skills in order to combat Brandon Breyer, the alien that burned and scarred his hand, and other supervillains (Based on Greg Flynn from Smallville).
  • A heroic 18-year-old man touches a green alien rock and happens to be hit with a lightning bolt at the same time and gains the power to copy other superhumans' powers. He uses this power to combat the supervillains (Based on Eric Summers from Smallville).
  • A trio of immortal witches from centuries ago are brought back to life and their first task in the 21st century is to take down Brandon Breyer (Based on the witches from Smallville).
Other "villains" will be good counterparts to other supervillains
DC Comics
  • A heroic Non-Ironic Clown (Joker), forming a battle couple with...
  • A Guile Hero who confuses Brandon with riddles (Riddler).
  • An environmentalist Heroic Seductress (Poison Ivy).
  • A Hitman with a Heart hired to kill Brandon (Deathstroke).
  • A God of War who is concerned with keeping war fair and reasonable and wants to stop Brandon for not being "sporting" (Ares).
  • A lawyer with two personalities, both of them heroic (Two-Face).
  • An ancient immortal who heads a cult built around stopping Brandon (Ra's al Ghul).
  • A Terror Hero powered by fear (Sinestro).
  • Another Terror Hero who uses fear-inducing gas against Brandon (Scarecrow)
  • A drug-powered Reformed Criminal with a Cool Mask (Bane).
  • An ice-shooting hero who lost his wife and wants to make sure no one else suffers like him. (Mr. Freeze.)
  • Another ice-shooting hero who lost his wife and his sister as well to Brandon and is on a quest to avenge both his late sister and his late wife (Captain Cold).
  • A deceased man who returns to the land of the living as a literal spirit of justice. (Gentleman Ghost)
  • A man with the power to control the flow of time, who uses his powers to Set Right What Once Went Wrong. (Clock King)
  • A man who, following a horrific accident/chemical weapons test, finds he's now basically a giant living mass of clay. At first, he considers going insane in his state, but upon seeing the horrors Brandon and his fellow supervillains are causing, resolves to use his powers to fight them. (Clayface).
  • A true anarchist, rather than a caricature, who wants to prevent Brandon from becoming a dictator (Anarky). (This assumes Brandon's goal will become world domination rather than just blind destruction).
  • A reptilian man who decided to become a hero so people wouldn't be scared of his ugly appearance (Killer Croc).
  • A hero dressed non-ironically as Santa Claus (Calendar Man).
  • A psychologist who performs Brainwashing for the Greater Good to turn superpowered individuals into heroes. (Hugo Strange).
  • A benevolent aristocrat who became a philanthropist and hero so people would ignore his ugly appearance (Penguin).
  • A shark-themed superhero who, like real sharks, usually only attacks if provoked but the difference is that he's sentient and he is only provoked when somebody or something attacks him first (King Shark).
  • A John Connor-like hero who was sent from the future to save the present and also has super-speed (Reverse Flash).
  • A boy found as unworthy of power by a wizard tries to become a better person to become worthy, and eventually succeeds and becomes a magical hero (Doctor Sivana).
  • An immortal hero who influenced history for the better and sees stopping Brandon as another opportunity to do so (Vandal Savage).
  • A Satan-like being who finds Brandon is too evil even for him (Trigon). He'll redeem himself and become a true hero.
  • A patriotic Australian hero who uses Abnormal Ammo (Captain Boomerang, even though he had a mildly heroic role in Suicide Squad).
  • Another Hitman with a Heart hired to kill Brandon particularly concerned with protecting his daughter (Deadshot, ditto).
  • A benevolent spirit who possessed a criminal and made her into a hero (Enchantress).
  • A heroic gorilla with psychic powers, incredible strength and high intelligence. Why? Because Everything's Better with Monkeys (Gorilla Grodd).
  • A space cop fueled by The Power of Love (Star Sapphire).
  • A victim of Brandon's villainy who gains electricity-based powers and vows to use them to oppose Brightburn (Livewire).
  • A different heroic gorilla who was human but had his brain transferred to a gorilla's body. He is also a scientist and uses his gorilla abilities and his inventions for good. And even better, he also has telepathic powers along with his natural gorilla abilities. (Ultra-Humanite.)
  • A psychiatrist with the powers of Ectokinesis, Telepathy, Mind Control, Illusion Casting, Astral Projection, and Telekinesis, and uses these powers to help out his patients and also covertly fight crime at the same time (Dr. Psycho).
  • A kindly alien ruler from another solar system with incredible strength and durability, psychic powers as well powered by a mystical flame. (Despero).
  • An Eastern European superhero armed with sonic weaponry and capable of flight. (Sonar).
  • A powerful, honest businessman able to persuade people through psychic means, which he uses to manipulate supervillains. (Maxwell Lord).
  • A demonic-looking god and his allies, a council of demonic-looking gods and an army of demonic-looking angels, have lived most of their lives in a hellish-looking planet and they use their powers to expand democracy to other planets and assist other democracies in maintaining freedom for the people. (Based on Darkseid and the other Gods of Apokolips).
  • A man with a suit capable of shadow manipulation alongside teleportation, invisibility and intangibility in shadows who usss it to fight villains. (Shadow Thief).
  • A man who enters mirrors and capable of creating duplicates of himself. (Mirror Master).
  • A man with a remote that allows him to turn objects into constructs that he can control with the remote or grant those objects sentience, and who can also use that same remote to enter in-universe movies, recruits some in-universe movie heroes and works with them in order to combat the supervillains (Based on Control Freak from Teen Titans).
  • A man who was a wrestler and secretly has superhuman strength and durability (since he drank what he thought was an energy drink) that he uses to protect his agent. After retiring, he notices supervillains rampaging on the news, so he dusts off his old wrestling costume and uses his powers and wrestling skills to combat the supervillains (Based on Wrestling Star from Teen Titans).
  • A man who believes in a moderate sect of a pagan religion, and has various magical psychic powers from the gods he worships. He uses these powers along with assistance from his followers to combat the supervillains (Based on the classic DC Universe comic book incarnation of Brother Blood).
  • A Starfish Alien liberator capable of propagating clones and mind control through said clones uses its powers to fight supervillains by controlling them. (Starro).
  • A genius gadgeteer capable of creating household objects into dangerous weapons uses it to fight villains so that people would not mock his gnomish appearance. (Gizmo).
  • A powerful, righteous sorcerer is reborn into a normal man's body, along with all of the previous life's skills. He uses the phenomenal magical powers to fight villains. (Felix Faust).
  • An actor who has the power to turn into clay and control the traits that come with his clay body uses his clay-morphing powers to combat the supervillains and his acting skills to fool the supervillains (Based on Clayface).
  • An immortal priest desperately rallying his followers to fight against Brandon Breyer and the other supervillains (Deacon Blackfire as an ideal hero and with literal immortality this time).
  • A group of superhumans modeled after a playing card theme fights supervillains despite their differences. (Royal Flush Gang).
  • An augmented spy with an enhanced physique, weaponized prosthetic arm and a mastery of combat skills. (KGBeast).
  • An Air Force Major augmented with an alien plastic, bestowing him superhuman physicality and matter manipulation. (Major Force).
  • A superhuman alien with limited pyschic powers and access to advanced technology who rules a refuge for aliens persecuted by Brandon's species. (Mongul).
  • An emotionally troubled but chaste young girl with earth manipulation powers, trained by a heroic expy of Deathstroke. (Terra from Teen Titans).
  • An Indian pilot who develops super speed and fused to fragments of his jet after being struck by lightning and crash landing while piloting a supersonic fighter jet. (Savitar).
  • A Japanese scientist who specializes in creating chemical compounds to fight her enemies. (Doctor Poison).
  • A woman who can control ice and cold, bestowed from a cryogenic accident. She uses her powers to fight against supervillains. (Killer Frost).
  • A heroic man with a magic wand capable of controlling the weather, both small and large scale, and he uses this magic wand to combat the supervillains. (Weather Wizard).
  • A heroic count from another country with a device capable of disorienting supervillains. (Count Vertigo).
  • A colossal golem which is a vessel for chemical waste is used as an anti-supervillain weapon. (Chemo).
  • A heroic man capable of flight by using a kite-shaped glider. He combats the supervillains and his dorky charm inspires citizens to help him fight back too. (Kite Man).
  • A Filipino-American man from the future gains the power of super-speed, then goes to the 21st century to help people there fight against the supervillains (Heroic Expy of Reverse Flash, except he happens to be Filipino).
  • An android family with radiation manipulation and flight resembling a idealized 1950s American family fights against supervillains. (Nuclear Family).
  • An immortal, brilliant strategist as well as an occult and alchemical expert who is a leader of a secret society dedicated to stopping Brandon and his fellow supervillains. (General Immortus).
  • A trio of genetically-engineered geniuses resembling anthropomorphic animals uses their smarts and powers to combat supervillains (Based on the Terrible Trio).
  • A trio of superheroes, one of them has superhuman strength and durability and a melting touch, one of them has ice manipulation, a freezing touch, flight, and can turn into a gas, and one of them can turn his body elastic and also turn his body two dimensional. This heroic trio uses their powers to fight supervillains, corrupt military officials, and Corrupt Corporate Executives (Based on the Terrific Trio).
  • A heroic genius with a device capable of generating hard light constructs. (Calculator).
  • A woman with ink-based shape-shifting powers who's a government assassin with a heart is sent in to take down Brandon Breyer and the other supervillains (Based on Inque from Batman Beyond).
  • A genetically engineered feline humanoid with super-speed who uses her super-speed and her other feline-themed powers to combat the supervillains. (Cheetah).
  • A heroic anarchist with superhuman strength and durability as well as skilled in the use of explosive weaponry uses his powers and his skills to combat the supervillains, because he wants to create a self-governing society where nobody fears anybody (Based on Mad Stan from Batman Beyond).
  • A hero exposed to nuclear radiation and mutated into a flaming, irradiated humanoid. (Doctor Phosphorus).
  • A heroic superhuman lady with the ability to increase her size and strength. She uses those powers to protect a benevolent businessman who employs her, and this businessman is her father figure. (Giganta).
  • A benevolent businessman with radiation manipulation and absorption powers. He uses those powers to battle the supervillains to protect his son, who is literally the only family he has left (Based on Derek Powers/Blight and Paxton Powers). Later on, his son gains sunlight manipulation and absorption powers and helps out his dad in combating the supervillains.
  • A moth-themed superhero with a silly costume, and later, a mutant mothman form. (Killer Moth).
  • A bizarre superhuman hero with the ability to change into any form of animal, vegetable or mineral. He uses these powers to fight against the supervillains, and even gets to be the one who successfully kills Brandon Breyer by stuffing his lungs full of another alien metal that can be fatal to Brandon Breyer (Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man).
  • A heroic mechanic who created a specialized car that's durable enough to endure supervillain attacks and also has a specialized super-vitamin that grants him superhuman strength and durability (Heroic amalgam of Ding Dong Daddy and Bane).
  • An owl-themed superhero armed with several gadgets and fighting skills. (Owlman).
  • A heroic space cop armed with a ring that allows him to create green energy constructs fuelled by fear. (Based on Power Ring).
  • A heroic physicist with incredibly powerful psychic powers bestowed from his mutant brain. He uses his powers to combat the supervillains as well as study physiologies of other superhuman beings (Psimon).
  • A heroic space cop armed with a ring that allows him to create red energy constructs fuelled by anger. (Based on the Red Lanterns).
  • A black female federal agent who lost her husband to a gangster she was tracking down learns about Brandon Breyer and many other supervillains, so she gathers up an army of superheroes to protect as much citizens as they can from the supervillains (Basically an Ideal Hero version of Amanda Waller).
  • A heroic space cop armed with a black magical ring that allows him to create black energy constructs and also summon the dead as sentient zombies under his command. He uses this powers to combat space criminals and supervillains whether they're residing on Earth or not (Based on The Black Lantern Corps).
  • A reformed thief with time-travel tech. (Chronos).
  • A former serial killer feels remorse for his crimes, so he finds a fountain of youth pool that grants him immortality, a healing factor, pain immunity, and a superhuman immune system and metabolism when he jumps into it a magical knife that can cut through anything and he uses his skills and immortality to combat the supervillains (AKA Basically what if Victor Zsasz felt guilty for his crimes, started using a more stable version of the Lazarus Pit, redeemed himself, and became a hero?).
  • A group of five reformed interstellar super-criminals banded together to fight supervillains. (The Fatal Five from the Legion of Super-Heroes).
  • A good queen from a storybook realm with the ability to conjure fantasy monsters and do magic. (The Queen of Fables).
  • A small army of people with high-tech weaponry that can hurt or kill supervillains work together to combat the supervillains (Based on the Militia from Batman: Arkham Knight).
  • A heroic genius whose brain is placed in a immobile shell carried around by a heroic intelligent gorilla. This heroic duo are motivated by witnessing Brandon Breyer's rampage on super-computers, so they assemble an army of superhumans to take down Brandon Breyer and the other supervillains (Based on The Brain and Monsieur Mallah).
  • A high-ranking police officer from space has a orange ring made from alien technology that is fuelled by greed and allows her to create orange energy constructs of whatever she imagines.
    • She uses that specific power that her ring grants her as well as her skills to combat the supervillains, and also greedily gathers other high-tech technology, alien technology, and even Magitek and alchemic potions, all so that she can use those to combat the supervillains as well.
    • Despite being greedy, she treats innocent people and those who have only committed minor crimes with reasonable respect, and her greed only applies to weapons (Based on the Orange Lanterns).
  • A noble, heroic, and benevolent Space Police force that uses yellow rings that allow them to create yellow energy constructs fuelled by fear. Their first task on Earth is taking down Brandon Breyer, then they will take down the rest of the supervillains (Based on The Sinestro Corps).
  • An extremely obese alien exile who has access to the advanced technology from his planet and an army of androids. He was exiled because he has respect for the positive traits of the human race. He spends the rest of his life protecting humans from supervillains both Earth-born or alien. (Garguax).
  • A Vietnamese girl trained in various martial arts and initution in chemistry. She uses her martials arts, knowledge in chemistry, and weapons built to hurt and kill the supervillains mostly so that she can protect Vietnamese people long enough so that they can rebel against the authoritarianism in their own country. (Cheshire).
  • An android crafted by a scientist capable of Power Copying of supervillain powers. (Amazo).
  • A low-level scientist discovers a powerful mystical artifact that bestows him limitless telepathy and extensive Dream Weaver powers. (Doctor Destiny).
  • A mercenary armed with an extensive range of equipment and weaponry, trained under intense training that bestows him an augmented condition and the ability to copy any physical skill. (Prometheus).
  • A former enforcer from another world with superhuman strength, accelerated regeneration and near-invulnerability. (Knockout).
  • A German baroness who is a brilliant strategist and fighter. (Baroness Paula von Gunther).
  • A humanoid rock monster made out of concrete. (Cinderblock).
  • A Blob Monster capable of turning people into a protoplasmic state. (Plasmus).

Marvel Comics

  • From the other major company: A wise and patient Prime Minister of a country who turns to the power of magic and his genius mind to protect his people from the supervillains (Doctor Doom).
  • A teacher who specializes in octopus biology and creates an octopus-shaped mech to combat the villains (Dr. Octopus).
  • A businessman who creates a formula that turns him into a Goblin-like creature. He uses these newfound powers to combat the supervillains. (Green Goblin.)
  • A Malcolm Xerox who wants to protect black people from Brandon (Killmonger).
    • Alternatively, Hero!Killmonger is a brash but good-hearted activist and banished prince of an African kingdom. He's set on shaping not-Wakanda into a force for good in the world by reclaiming the throne usurped from him by his selfish and cruel cousin.
      • Or, both characters can co-exist, and they can both be heroic expies of Killmonger.
  • A Benevolent Conspiracy that infiltrated the Nazis and other oppressive governments to bring them down (HYDRA). Its members can be heroic versions of individual HYDRA members:
    • An ex-Nazi who realized Fascism was bad after being deformed by an experiment (Red Skull).
    • A superpowered ex-Nazi from World War II who was subjected to Brainwashing for the Greater Good and became a hero. He might eventually revert to his old personality, but still remains a hero despite that. (The Winter Soldier)
    • A government agent who attacks Brandon with laser satellites (Alexander Pierce, and I know he was already a hero in the comics).
    • A defector from a sinister government organization devoted to controlling supervillains that helped bring it down (Jasper Sitwell, ditto).
    • An antihero with a scary costume who personally wants revenge on Brandon (Crossbones).
    • A highly-intelligent cyborg who defected from the Nazis after it was revealed that he was secretly half-American by blood (Arnim Zola).
  • Another heroic AI who was made by a Corrupt Corporate Executive but ended up embodying his better traits and becoming a hero (Ultron).
  • An actor pretending to be a well-known hero who ends up Becoming the Mask and becoming a true hero (Trevor Slatterly/The Fake Mandarin).
  • An incredibly powerful alien antihero who espouses utilitarian beliefs. He's a loving parent to his adoptive children, and has a strange goth girlfriend (Thanos).
  • An enormous creature that ate Brandon's home planet to stop his species, and creates a new planet for humans to live on in case Brandon destroys the world (Galactus).
  • A sentient library of all the wisdom in the universe which rules over a benevolent space empire (Supreme Intelligence).
  • A French master of kickboxing and acrobatics with a strong moral code (Batroc the Leaper).
  • A Chaotic Good man bonded with an alien symbiote (Carnage).
  • A loving father with the ability to fly trying to save his daughter from the spider/human hybrid creature that lusts after her (Vulture).
  • A spirit of life and rebirth from beyond the stars that empowers people into champions for good (Phoenix Force).
  • The Mental Organism Designed Only for Kindness (M.O.D.O.K.).
  • A Paste Pot Pete expy. There's gotta be some heroic application to glue powers...
  • A Holocaust survivor who underwent vicious experimentation that awakened latent magnetism powers. In the present day, he's a proud Jewish man and badass who happens to be a grandpa, fervently dedicated to his code: Never Again! (Magneto)
  • A soldier who experiments on superpowered individuals in hopes of turning them into heroes (William Stryker).
  • An ancient hero who was thought to be a god and has four followers (Apocalypse).
  • A hero who hunts supervillains (Kraven the Hunter).
  • A race of green shape-shifter aliens send an elite team to take down Brandon (comic book version of the Skrulls).
  • An elderly Asian man who is also a superhero. He collects ten magical rings that can hurt Brandon (based on the comic book version of the Mandarin).
  • A chubby businessman who fights crime using a high-tech cane with various weapons inside of it (The Kingpin).
  • A heroic alien dragon who creates several Macguffins that can kill Brandon (Fin Fang Foom).
  • A soldier loyal to his army, his country, and his super-spy wife and that same soldier (as a result of an experiment) gains the power to copy the skills and intelligence of people he sees performing an action, and he and his wife work together to try to eliminate Brandon Breyer (Taskmaster).
  • A powerful alien god with immense superhuman physical characteristics, pain immunity, immortality, and self-sustenance who collects a series of magic diamonds that grant him new powers that can hurt Brightburn easier than he (the alien god) already can, and has a belief system where he believes that if humans and non-humans unite they can take down evil easier and it can help enlighten people about equality. He plans to show Brightburn a thing or two about the pain of others using the powers of the magic diamonds. He also has a three-way sexual and romantic relationship with a heroic goth woman with death and shadow-related powers and a altruistic female goddess of death (What if Thanos, Lady Death, and Hela, were Ideal Heroes?).
  • A scientist who becomes a vampire, and he still chooses to be a hero because of his will-power over-welming his literal blood-thirst (AKA "What if Morbius chose to be an Ideal Hero?").
  • Hermes, the Greek God of trickery becomes a hero after the deaths of his fellow gods caused by the deaths of Brightburn (AKA: Loki except Greek instead of Norse and if he loved his fellow gods).
  • A heroic trickster God who wants to help protect humanity from the supervillains (AKA: "What if Loki had listened to his father?").
  • The king of vampires who wants to stop his kind from being a threat to humanity (Heroic version of Marvel's Dracula).
  • A half-vampire who becomes a superhero because being half-vampire allows him to resist the blood-thirst (Blade, but as an Ideal Hero).
  • An army of heroic giant humanoid machines built to combat the supervillains (Based on Marvel's Sentinels).
  • A heroic goddess of death who opposes her villainous god of thunder brother. (Based on Hela).
  • A heroic elf with powerful magical powers who opposes a villainous god of thunder. (Based on Malekith).
  • A strange-colored man with the ability to compel supervillains through pheromones. (Based on Purple Man).
  • An overly-muscular humanoid mutant with incredible strength and regenerative healing factor who fights against supervillains. (The Abomination).
  • A woman immune to all toxins with warfare mastery and genius-level tactics, who leads an organization of snake-themed superheroes. (Viper and the Serpent Society).
  • A man who is armed with a beetle-themed suit to fight crime. (Beetle).
  • A vigilante who wears a mystical garment from an angel bestowing him magical power. He now uses it to fight supervillains and form an inverted Legion of Doom. (The Hood).
  • A quartet of immortals who possess elemental powers of earth, water, fire and air. (Elementals from Marvel Comics).
  • A group of four humans mutated by cosmic radiation during a space expedition, consisting of a telekinetic, a woman who can turn into living gas, a living energy field, and metal golem able to manipulate its density. (U-Foes).
  • A living, sentient entity of pure electricity, born from a power plant accident, fights Brandon and his fellow supervillains after seeing the destruction caused. (Zzzax).
  • An extremely old German baron with exceptional combat skills and military strategy intuition uses his wealth, skills, advanced weaponry and longevity to fight supervillains. (Baron Strucker).
  • A group of men with incredible strength, stamina and invulnerability to fight supervillains. (Wrecking Crew).
  • A genius scientist specializing in genetics and cloning as well as an augmented human uses his expertise to create good clones of supervillains. (The Jackal).
  • An unemployed actor and special effects artist uses his illusion-generating gadgets to battle supervillains. (Mysterio).
  • A group of superheroes consisting of a Flying Brick, a Fragile Speedster, a Badass Normal and a light manipulator. (Squadron Sinister).
  • An extremely intelligent Emperor Scientist with biological manipulation and divine powers who rules a secret abode of Beast Men peacefully. (High Evolutionary).
  • An usurper with psionic powers from a superhuman royal family that practices eugenics, slavery and segregation. He fights against the royal family so that the lower classes of said society would not suffer oppression. (Maximus the Mad).
  • A remorseful member of Brandon's species defects to humanity's side after witnessing atrocities committed against various alien species and human experimentation to create superhuman soldiers. (Yon-Rogg).
  • A Canadian theoretical physicist develops gravity manipulation powers and uses it to fight villains. (Graviton).
  • A powerful heroic sorceress from another realm with mystical powers uses her powers to combat the supervillains as well as evil sorcerers and sorceresses. (Enchantress).
  • A powerful heroic goddess of romance and sex from a divine realm uses her mystical powers to fight against both the supervillains as well as villainous gods (Based on Marvel's Enchantress).
  • A woman with a magical gem that bestows superhuman physique, flight, gravity manipulation and light manipulation. She uses her powers to combat the supervillains (Moonstone).
  • A heroic husband and wife duo. The husband is a man who has superhuman strength and durability and can also copy the properties of matter that he absorbs, and his wife has superhuman strength, durability, and stamina. They work together to combat the supervillains (Based on Absorbing Man and his wife Titania).
  • A human physicist with an amputation stub outfitted with a sound-generating weapon and uses it to protect people in Third-World countries. (Klaw)
  • A powerful heroic demon who rebels against both Hell and the supervillains makes deals with innocent people to grant them superpowers to defend themselves also tells those same people half-truths, but only to motivate those people to continue fighting against whatever threat they need to fight against. Hilariously enough, he gives genuine marriage advice in his free time (Based on Mephisto).
  • A reclusive, ugly-looking yet noble scientist who rules an underground kingdom who intends to emerge to Earth's surface so that he may protect his subterranean kingdom from superpowered threats. (Mole Man).
  • A former marine who's also a billionaire philanthropist gets disfigured and, instead of using his money to fix his face, uses his money to fund the formation of a militia that he leads and he also buys weapons that can hurt and kill the supservillains (Based on Marvel's Jigsaw, combining elements of the comic book counterpart with elements of the MCU counterpart).
  • A remorseful female ex-Nazi spy defects to the United States and has a formula that slows down her aging. Years later, she uses the skills that she accumulated from the years she experienced and experimental futuristic technology from the United States in order to fight the supervillains (Based on Madame Hydra).
  • Three young heroic triplet women with telepathy that they inherited from their mother. They wear schoolgirl uniforms while they combat the supervillains (Based on the Stepford Cuckoos).
  • A man with incredible strength, accused of several murders, is subjected to a procedure which grafts hism skin with a nigh-invulnerable dermal armor. He now fights to clear his name as well fights supervillains with his newfound powers. (Cyber).
  • A extremely strong superhuman capable of unstoppable momentum acting as a ram uses said power to brawl supervillains. (Juggernaut).
  • A heroic fire manipulator who can only manipulate fire, not generate it and not create it... at least at first. With help from various mentors, he learns to also create and generate fire as well (Pyro).
  • A former soldier, convicted for a crime he didn't commit, is infused with alien DNA and turned into a superhuman with super-strength, invulnerability and optic beams. He fights the supervillains while also gathering evidence to clear his name (Redstone from Supreme Power).
  • A heroic woman with illusion and hypnosis powers, as well dark light generation and martial arts skills. She uses her powers and skills in martial arts to combat the supervillains, and also teaches citizens hand-to-hand combat in her spare time (Mother Night).
  • A heroic Mad Scientist with an egg-shaped head due to a deformity creates various high-tech devices and inject himself with various super-vitamins that he also created in order to prepare himself to combat the supervillains (Based on Egghead).
  • A superhuman hero capable of move at great speeds and super-agility which creates whirlwinds. His main archenemies are a supervillain husband and wife duo who can grow and shrink to various sizes (Whirlwind).
  • A young nerd who was bullied creates a serum that turns him into a sentient lizard creature and he uses those powers that the form grants him to fight back against the supervillains (Based on the counterpart of The Lizard from Ghost Spider's universe).
  • A superhuman hero with both ice and fire powers, who uses his powers to combat both supervillains and terrorists motivated by bigotry. (Equinox).
  • A former serial killer feels remorse for his crimes, gets a symbiotic sentient suit that grants him spider-like powers, and uses those powers to combat the supervillains (Based on Carnage).
  • An army of Ex-Nazis who have extended technology feel guilty for their crimes, so they atone by gathering up as much high-tech weaponry that they can and taking the fight to the supervillains (Based on Marvel's HYDRA).
  • A skinny German man with blonde hair and blue eyes has immense superhuman strength, speed, durability, leap, agility, and reflexes, immortality in that he stopped aging, and literally red-colored skin, ever since he was injected with a Super Serum. He hates how the Nazis ruined Germany, so he joined the Allied forces in order to help the Allies fight against the Nazis. In the 21st century, he fights against the supervillains using his powers and his skills that he learned from the allies. His weapons of choice are WWII-era German guns modified with 21st-century parts (Based on Red Skull).
  • An extremely obese superhuman boxer with super-strength, endurance and capable of generating a personal gravity field. Despite being bullied by people for his size, he simply ignored the bullies since all the bullies did was say mean words, found friends that looked past his weight, and with the help of his friends, uses his powers and skills to combat the supervillains (Blob).
  • An ancient extraterrestrial Humongous Mecha who is a Gentle Giant armed with an array of high-tech weponry and super-abilities. He uses his weapons and powers to combat the supervillains in order to protect innocents. (Ultimo).
  • A repetant criminal with the ability to turn himself into living sand and shapeshift sand into weapons. He uses his powers to protect the innocent, and he works for the NYPD so he can raise money to pay scientists to research into potential cures for cancer, because he wants to keep his daughter alive. (Sandman).
  • A crewman of a ship who is turned into a being of living water by accident. He uses his powers to protect his wife and kids. (Hydro-Man).
  • A chemical engineer accidently doused with a mimetic polyalloy, bestowing him with a superhuman physique and the ability to generate heat and radiation. He uses his powers to protect his co-workers, the only family he has left. (Molten Man).
  • A superhuman hero capable of generating whirlwinds. He uses his powers to protect innocents, and he even is recruited into the US military because the US military offered him money so that he can afford cancer treatment for his son and his daughter. (Cyclone).
  • A humanoid artificial construct built from a powerful artifact capable of imitating the powers of the supervillains. (Super-Adaptoid).
  • An ages-old sentient entity with immense Reality Warper powers, originally built by Brandon's species to enforce their rule. (Shaper of Worlds).
  • An immortal entity who engages in cosmic games. (Grandmaster).
  • An alien immortal who collects interesting artifacts and lifeforms across the universe. (Collector).
  • A Russian with a red-colored suit of Powered Armor. (Crimson Dynamo).
  • A businesswoman with a golden mask that allows disguises and protects her face. (Madame Masque).
  • A tech genius with the ability to build supervillain-combatting tech. (Fixer).


  • A race of alien cyborgs, left unable to exist outside travel machines due to a war devastating their homeworld, dedicated to spreading and maintaining peace throughout the galaxy, in order to avoid other worlds meeting the same fate as theirs (the Daleks).
  • A superhero in a Kabuki mask with magical shadow-based powers and the power to summon metal golems as well. His rogue's gallery comprises of eight supervillains, one with super-speed, one with an armor featuring various gadgets, one who can summon whatever weapon they want, one who can generate ki blades made out of fire, one who is half-machine, one who can turn into a Godzilla-like monster, one who is a demonic cat, and his own daughter that stole a mech-suit (Based on Yokai from Big Hero 6).
  • A superpowered cop who genuinely wants justice in the world and defends democracy as best as he can (Based on Judge Dredd. This expy will be an ideal hero as opposed to the Anti-Hero Judge Dredd.)
  • A young socially-awkward man in high-school finds a mysterious blue crystal that grants him telekinesis and uses his powers to protect his girlfriend and his mother from the supervillains (Andrew Detmer).
  • A young superhero who can use firearms and also has superhuman speed, a magical spell that can weaken, although not take away, durability-based powers, and armor-induced superhuman strength and durability (Based on the comic book version of Wesley Gibson.)
  • A former supervillain with Flying Brick powers becomes a hero with the help of his Indian girlfriend who is also a radio announcer, some Indian boy both with a crystal that makes him immortal, and his radio show co-workers (Plutonian from Irredeemable).
  • A demon who was created to become the Anti-Christ, but he refuses and tells Satan himself to "fuck off" as he sides with the Allies to take down the Nazis. He is then recruited into a BPRD-like organization and becomes a all-American patriotic superhero known as the American Demon (AKA "What if Hellboy grew up to be an Ideal Hero instead of an Anti-Hero?").
  • An Andrew Detmer expy who also gained powers from a mysterious crystal and was raised by Neo-Nazis, but after suffering abuse from the Neo-Nazis since they got powers from a mysterious crystals, he turns on them and defects to a militia that is basically Neo-Allied Nations, redeeming himself because now he opposes violent bigotry (AKA What if Andrew Detmer found a way to redeem himself?).
  • A comic book nerd and photographer with Osteogenic Imperfecta who was abused as a child but gained telekinesis from a magic crystal, uses that to fight against criminals, and who contacts superheroes in order to rally them to fight against the super villains (Heroic amalgam of Andrew Detmer from Chronicle and Mr. Glass from Unbreakable).
  • Seven corporate superheroes who genuinely DO believe in doing the right thing (heroic versions of The Seven).
  • A stoic Badass Normal CEO who serves as a PR man for superheroes who genuinely do believe in doing the right thing and his sister is another CEO of her own company where she too serves as PR for superheroes who sincerely believe in doing the right thing (Stillwell, amalgam of the comics version and the TV show version in the form of siblings).
  • A photographer who gains telekinesis from an alien crystal and becomes a superhero with help from his girlfriend who he met at a party celebrating a talent show (Another heroic version of Andrew Detmer).
  • A noble emperor with Flying Brick powers leads his kingdom to help protect the earth from various sorts of evil (Heroic Expy of Conquest from Invincible).
  • A comic book nerd who becomes a Badass Normal superhero and his archenemy is his gangster dad (AKA What if Red Mist was NOT pretending to be a hero?).
  • An abused girl with the ability to manipulate fire who'd use her powers to get revenge on her father, then go on to help others with abusive parents (heroic version of Azula).
  • A noble-hearted billionaire Badass Normal who fights crime in a white superhero costume uses various gadgets, martial arts skills, combat tactics, and detective skills in order to combat the supervillains. He even gets assistance from a secret fraternity that sells superpowers to the highest bidder (Heroic Expy of Mark Millar's Nemesis, complete with anti-hero Expy of Mark Millar's Fraternity).
  • An android created by scientists capable of duplicating supervillain abilities and has highly computerized intelligence. (Amalgam of Amazo and the Super-Adaptoid).
  • A team of aliens with various superpowers and advanced technology work together to protect humanity from the supervillains. (Based on the superhuman aliens from the comic book Ten Seconders).
  • A group of superhumans who gain powers from a special compound created by a company that creates superhero comics, and those superhumans use their powers to combat the supervillains (Based on the majority of Compound V-powered superheroes that were corrupted by either bad corporate influence or other factors from The Boys).
  • A heroic woman with Voluntary Shapeshifting and superhuman elasticity. (Amalgam of Mystique and Madame Rouge).
  • A sarcastic engineer and weapons designer who designs weapons and traps to combat the supervillains. He's also a former game show host and still wears his game show host suit into battle (Based on Rickshaw from All Superheroes Must Die).
  • A Canadian man who is a former hockey player tries to re-live his glory days.... on the very same day Brandon Breyer starts rampaging in Canada. Thankfully, the Canadian man is also a hunter and contacts his friends who are also hunters. Best of all, they are lucky enough to find alien weapons that can hurt and kill Brandon Breyer. So they work together to hunt down Brandon Breyer. (Based on Billy Baker from the Hit-Girl in Canada story arc with elements of the MCU's version of Vulture and his cronies).
  • A Catholic nun dedicated to her religion and her sect wields an ancient demonic sword against Brandon Breyer. Ironically, said demonic sword was created to destroy humanity, but this nun uses it to protect humanity, especially from Brandon Breyer. (Based on the nun from the Hit-Girl in Rome story arc with demonic magic added to the mix).
  • A time-travelling superhero clad in black and purple who is armed with high-tech weaponry and gadgets from the future, arrives on the present to prevent a supervillain-dominated world. (A heroic amalgam of Kang the Conqeuror and Per Degaton).
  • A wizard-themed genius capable of magic and advanced technological tricks to fight supervillains. (Amalgam of both Wizards from Marvel and DC).
  • A poacher armed with several advanced gadgets and weaponry as well as a flying ship and an army of minions. She uses it to hunt and fight villains. (Pokemon Hunter J from Pokémon).
  • A French combat engineer specializing in demolitions uses his expertise in explosives and explosive weaponry to fight supervillains. (Bomb Voyage from The Incredibles).
  • An exiled prince from an underwater kingdom with the ability to manipulate and telepathically control sealife. (Heroic amalgam of Ocean Master and Attuma).
  • A master contortionist who wears a snake-themed copper armor capable of secreting poisons, a dart gun and a prehensile tail. (Amalgamation of both Copperheads from Marvel and DC).
  • A heroic German superhuman with incredible strength, enhanced senses and flight who defends Germany from supervillains. (Heroic amalgamation of Master Man and Baron Krieger).
  • A bald government assassin with a barcode tattoo who works for the Department of Homeland Security and he has low-level superhuman abilities and he uses both those skills and powers to combat the supervillains (AKA What if Agent 47 was an ideal hero?).
  • A super-soldier with Flying Brick powers and electricity manipulation who is a remorseful ex-Nazi who defected to the United States after learning the truth about what his fellow super-soldiers did. He then dons a fallen US soldier's uniform and uses his Flying Brick powers and electricity manipulation to fight supervillains in the 21st century (Based on The Boys comic book series' version of Stormfront).
  • A woman who was an alcoholic and she has superhuman strength, speed, durability, and leap that she gained from a special drug created by a fair-minded pharmaceutical company. She was falsely billed as a Amazonian woman, but later on she meets a group of real Amazonian women and with their mentoring she becomes an honorary Amazonian for real (AKA What if Queen Maeve was an Ideal Hero instead of an anti-hero?).
  • A moderate feminist and patriotic American woman with Flying Brick powers, mind-reading, and electricity manipulation that she gained from a drug created by a noble-minded and noble-hearted medicinal company. She uses her powers to combat the supervillains (AKA What if The Boys TV Show's version of Stormfront was an Ideal Hero?).
  • A former mercenary and US army soldier uses his low-level physical superhuman characteristics and stealth to combat the supervillains (What if Solid Snake was an Ideal Hero?).
  • A Chinese woman who was a Triad boss quits the Triad after seeing so many atrocities that even worse gangsters committed, learns martial arts, and uses her skills and abilities to combat the supervillains. Later on, she finds various mystical potions that grant her a wide variety of powers, which she also uses against the supervillains (Based on Boss Liu from Hit-Girl in Hong Kong, if she redeemed herself and then gained power-ups like in a video game).
  • A Columbian ex-drug lord feels remorse for his crimes and atones by getting a Fantastic Drug that grants him super-speed and uses that super-speed as well as his skills with firearms to combat the supervillains (Based on the main villain of Hit-Girl In Columbia with a reference to Compound V from The Boys).
  • A dead Filipino man who was a heroic soldier in life comes back to life as a heroic hellspawn and uses his powers to combat the supervillains, evil demons, and corrupt angels (A Spawn Expy as an Ideal Hero, and this Expy happens to be Filipino).
  • A rich businessman who was always benevolent, even in his now-superhuman state. He can copy the powers of other superhumans, whether by touching, seeing, smelling, hearing, or even tasting those powers. He uses these powers primarily to protect his employees... only because they're literally the only family he has left (Based on All For One).
  • A heroic Muslim man gains the mystical powers of superhuman strength, speed, and durability as well as the power to summon explosions from his soul fusing with other heroic Muslims who fought against their radical counterparts and uses those powers to combat the supervillains. He enlists the help of other moderate Muslims as well as non-believing allies in order to help him fight back against the supervillains (Based on Naquib from The Boys TV show, if he was an Ideal Hero and if his powers came from mystical origin instead of sci-fi origin).
  • A group of Indian people who run a adoption facility gain various superpowers and use those powers to combat the supervillains, mainly to protect the kids at the adoption facility (Based on the gangsters from Hit-Girl in India).
  • A squadron of noble-hearted and noble-minded FBI agents with noble souls gather up futuristic technology, alien technology, and mystical artifacts that can hurt Brandon, and then are sent in their last mission to take down Brandon (Based on the corrupt FBI agents from Hit-Girl In Hollywood).
  • A benevolent movie producer gathers up high-tech weaponry from a weapons company that funds his movie company, and he uses that high-tech weaponry to combat the supervillains, because he wants to protect his actors, actresses, and other people working in his movie company.... tragically, his employees are literally the only family he has left (Based on the movie producer from Hit-Girl In Hollywood).
  • A former supervillainess with the powers of superhuman strength, speed, durability, leap, laser vision, X-ray vision, flight, self-sustenance, extended longevity, and superhuman metabolism and immune system redeems herself and becomes a hero after her boyfriend, an Empowered Badass Normal FBI agent who used various injectable formulas and drinkable formulas that granted him a wide variety of superpowers, died fighting against Brandon Breyer. Her first priority is eliminating Brandon Breyer to avenge her FBI boyfriend, then she'll set her sights on the rest of the supervillains (Basically, a gender-swapped and morality-swapped Plutonian).
  • A jock now in his 30's with super-speed who learns about Brandon Breyer's rampage. So he dusts off his football uniform to fight against Brandon using his super-speed to out-maneuver Brandon Breyer, pissing Brandon Breyer off enough to rage-quit and allowing other superheroes to have an opening to take down Brandon. (Based on Charlie Hustle from Incorruptible).
  • A woman who can cast various spells using various amulets and other artifacts and also happens to enjoy sex with many men teams up with her superhuman boyfriends and together they combat the supervillain (Based on Encanta from Irredeemable).
  • A kindly, doting rich man who adopts young outcasts, runaways and orphans and bestows them with powers to fight supervillains. (John Godolkin from The Boys)

In future sequels, along with good counterparts of supervillains being superheroes in the Brightburn Universe, expies of non-superhero supporting characters in superhero comics will also be superheroes in this universe. Anyone can add their own ideas for this WMG here.
This WMG is based on the deleted scene with Caitlyn.
  • A maid of a corrupt billionaire is repeatedly abused by said billionaire (in more ways than one), but she fights back after finding a female variation of her boss' high-tech suit. She continues to use this suit to fight crime whenever she can (Pepper Potts if she got the armor earlier, except this woman will be a superhero for a more long-term degree as opposed to temporary.)
  • A somewhat chubby butler who quit his job after discovering that his boss is corrupt is injured by his boss because he could not handle his former butler quitting. This ex-butler ends up gaining cybernetics from his surgery to treat his injuries, and he gains cybernetic powers in the form of superhuman strength, speed, durability, leap, and lastly techopathy and technokinesis (A merge of the human Jarvis from the comics and the AI Jarvis from the movie.)
  • A redhead photographer who became aware of Brandon's rampage volunteers for an experiment to help stop Brandon and he happens to gain electric powers, underwater breath, and underwater pressure resistance after being injected with electric eel DNA (Jimmy Olsen with electric eel powers.)
  • The aunt of a teenage boy with spider-based powers discovers that her nephew is a super-villain, and by sheer coincidence the spirit of her dead husband fuses with her, granting her various spell-casting abilities to fight back against her sinister nephew (Ben Parker and May Parker, if Ben Parker became a literal ghost and May Parker gained magic.)
  • A blonde woman of science, a brunette female secretary, and a redhead actress who moonlights as a supermodel were all victims of rape by a spider-powered super-villain. The female scientist creates gadgets in order to help her, the secretary, and the actress/supermodel fight back against their rapist as well as fight back against other super-villains (Gwen Stacy, Betty Brant, and Mary Jane Watson, if they were rape victims and later on the Gwen Stacy expy invents devices to fight back against the monster who committed the rapes.)
  • A sassy female reporter who also became aware of Brandon's rampage desperately finds items to stop Brandon. This causes her to find a magical amulet that grants her superhuman strength and durability. She discovers that magic is another one of Brandon's weaknesses (Lois Lane with super-strength and durability.)
  • A heroic police commissioner who gains the power to summon whatever angelic weapon he needs thanks to his mystical holy-powered trench-coat (Commissioner Gordon with the main difference being that he has a magical item).
  • An elderly butler and former MI6 agent and military field medic has the magical power to heal others through touch. Even something as simple as a mere accidental bump can heal people. He uses his skills to help heal people into fighting shape to combat the supervillains. He got this power from a scroll he found during a WWII mission (Alfred Pennyworth, with the only difference being that he has the healing powers of a Monk/Paladin from D&D.)
  • A still-heroic WWII veteran that is given a special formula that makes him literally ageless, making him effectively immortal in terms of lifespan. He uses his immortality to his advantage when fighting crime while wearing his WWII American soldier uniform. (Nick Fury, except he's a superhero instead of a supporting character).
  • The Black son of that same WWII veteran inherits his father's immortality and he goes on his own superhero adventures (Nick Fury Jr., except as a superhero instead of a supporting character).
  • A still-heroic 30 year old brunette female super-spy who still looks like she is in her early 20's thanks to exercise and healthy eating and who works for a benevolent government organization that combats the super-villains among other violent threats is given a formula that enhances her strength, speed, durability, stamina, agility, balance, dexterity and her senses of smell, hearing, sight, touch, and taste to superhuman levels and also grants her a healing factor and slows down her aging.
    • She still chooses to be a hero after the mutually-voluntary procedure to grant her her newfound powers, and uses her aforementioned powers in conjunction with her skills, abilities, and her equipment from her spy days in order to continue the fight against the super-villains. (AKA what if the comic book version of Maria Hill gained an even more powerful version of the super-soldier serum and did not turn suddenly turn against other heroes like she did in the comic book version of Civil War?).
  • A female WWII-era spy who gains immortality after some magical artifact blows up in her face and in the 21st century she fights crime while wearing a businesswoman's suit (AKA what if Peggy Carter found immortality?).
  • A grandpa of two super-powered kids with alien powers who turn evil gets an alien device that allows him to turn into superhuman aliens and use their powers. He uses this device to combat his sinister grandchildren (AKA What if Grandpa Max gained superpowers?).
  • A federal agent who was a former mercenary Badass Normal with magnetically-powered Katanas becomes an Empowered Badass Normal with low-level superhuman strength, speed, and durability, and a healing factor, he still works for that same federal agency, and he helps his agency combat the supervillains (AKA What if Agent Six gained superpowers?).
  • A federal agent and scientist has to fend off a Yandere with nanite-based powers. She gains her own powers from nanites that the federal agency provided for her (AKA what if Dr. Holiday gained superpowers?).
  • The ex-girlfriend of a supervillain discovers that she has superhuman speed, strength, and durability fueled by adrenaline as well as another power to bend bullets. She uses these powers to combat the supervillains (AKA What if Wesley Gibson's ex gained powers of her own?).
  • A black policeman who opposes both police corruption and the supervillains. This same black policeman gains the power to summon the ghosts of this dead brothers in arms, and he also uses this power to oppose his aforementioned villainous enemies (AKA What if Marcus Williams from the Kick-Ass series gets the power to summon ghosts?).
  • A blonde woman who is a journalist and computer expert and owns a wall filled with reports of paranormal events gains technopathy and she uses her power and her skills to fight against the supervillains (What if Chloe Sullivan gained technopathy?).
  • An 18-year-old Asian-American woman, who's clown-themed superhero boyfriend was murdered by a gang of supervillains, gains spell-casting from a family artifact belonging to her boyfriend's family and so she uses those powers to combat the supervillains, mainly to avenge her boyfriend (What if Dana Tan gained magical powers, Terry Mc Ginnis was a heroic version of Joker and was murdered by Brightburn Universe supervillains, and Dana Tan took matters into her own hands, gained magical powers and used that magic to avenge Terry?).
  • An auntie who's superhero nephews with nanite-based superpowers were murdered by the supervillains, so she takes the nanites which grant her her own power-set and she uses these nanite-based powers to combat the supervillains (AKA What if Aunt Cass gained nanite-based superhuman abilities?).
  • A formerly corrupt cop feels remorse for what he did, so a spirit gives him (the cop) the chance to atone for his violent crimes by granting this cop the powers of superhuman strength, speed, durability, leap, agility, and reflexes, superhuman immune system and metabolism, and immortality and he uses his powers and skills in order to combat both the supervillains and irredeemably corrupt cops (AKA What if Harvey Bullock was granted magical powers by a benevolent spirit?).
  • A popular high-school girl finds out about supervillains murdering her friends and her boyfriends, so she dresses up as a female superhero one of her deceased boyfriends idolized, finds a mystical artifact that grants her superhuman speed and telekinesis, and uses her powers to take down as much supervillains as she can to avenge her friends and boyfriends (What if Katie Deauxma gained superpowers?).
  • A lieutenant in the LAPD is horrified by the rampage the supervillains are causing, so he desperately injects himself with an experimental formula that was in the evidence room that grants him superhuman strength, speed, durability, and leap that gets stronger the less he sleeps. He uses his skills and newfound powers to combat the supervillains (AKA What if Lieutenant Armadale from Incorruptible was an Ideal Hero and gained what are basically Max Damage's powers?).

Contrariwise, there will be superheroic expies of horor villains and monsters.
It would be a good counterpoint to the premise of superhero expies played for horror.
  • An undead, goalie-mask wearing superhuman who fights supervillains with his own cunning, powers that he has in his undead state, and tools in disposal. (Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th).
  • A killer robot sent back in time as a last-ditch effort to prevent a supervillain-dominated world. (The Terminator).
  • An alien warrior who comes to Earth to hunt supervillains with high-tech weaponry and hunting skills. (The Predator).
  • A troubled young girl with telekinesis who uses her power to battle supervillains. (Carrie).
  • A sexually attractive alien woman who's main power to seduce men uses her power to motivate men to fight against the supervillains. She can also grant men that she seduces superpowers of their own in order to help even the odds. (Based on the female aliens from Species).
  • An undead superhuman cop still fights crime in his powerful undead state after he was killed by escaped criminals that he put away (Maniac Cop).
  • Mindless aliens who can crawl on vertical and horizontal surfaces, have claws and sharp teeth, spit acid, and have acid blood become pets to superheroes and even often help their heroic pet owners battle supervillains (The Xenomorphs from Alien).
  • A heroic police officer who died in the line of duty and thanks to voodoo, his soul is now in a doll. He uses his newfound physiology and his skills from a long career of police work to fight against supervillains (Chucky).
  • A psychiatrist and engineer who sets up various high-tech traps against the supervillains, using any technology that he finds, including technology from alien races. (Jigsaw from Saw, with sci-fi added to the mix).
    • A female apprentice of the aforementioned psychiatrist and engineer sets up her own high-tech traps against the supervillains, using technology from Brandon Breyer's people that her mentor salvaged (Amanda Young, with sci-fi added to the mix).
    • A police detective takes inspiration from the psychiatrist and engineer, and after learning engineering in his spare time, he starts to set up traps against the supervillains including experimental government technology from some friends in the FBI and technology stolen from supervillains (Mark Hoffman, with sci-fi added to the mix).
  • An undead creature from the 19th century composed of various body parts retrieved from the Arctic is thawed in a supervillain-ravaged world. He now fights against the supervillains while he struggles with his nature as an artificial undead creature. (Frankenstein's Monster).
  • A heroic sorcerer from Ancient Egypt awakens in the modern world as a mummy and still has his sorcery (Imhotep from the The Mummy (1999)).
  • A man afflicted with a hereditary curse who regularly turns into a werewolf every night. He uses his affliction to fight back against the supervillains (The Wolfman).
  • A heroic knight who opposed Vlad the Impaler dies, but he is brought back as a vampire. Centuries later, this vampire knight remains a hero, and has a loving harem of four vampire women, including the vampire woman who turned him. He works together with his harem to battle the supervillains (Count Dracula and his brides).
  • A superhero with a magical cape that allows him to fly as his only superpower. He uses this power along with skills from combat training from his military father in order to combat the supervillains (Eric from Joe Hill's The Cape).
  • A gigantic, tyrannosaur-like Kaiju originally mutated from a marine iguana during nuclear tests in its island. It can produce many offspring quickly, tunnel underground and run really swift to fight against supervillains that threaten its offspring and nature. (Godzilla (1998))
  • A WWII veteran who's girlfriend died at the hands of a Yandere while he (the WWII veteran) was overseas battling the Nazis ends up with his soul fused with his girlfriend's soul thanks to a touching a mystical staff from Arthurian Legends. This fusing of the souls grants him superhuman strength, speed, durability, a healing factor, immortality, pain immunity, self-sustenance, superhuman immune system and metabolism, and a spell allowing him to summon his dead comrades and his girlfriend as sentient adult human-sized statues, and he uses these powers along with his military skills to combat the supervillains (The Prowler from the slasher movie of the same name, except heroic and with supernatural elements added to the mix).
  • A bioengineered supersoldier created and deployed by a corporation to fight supervillains that attack humans. It was originally a human being who was experimented on by said corporation and now is capable of superhuman feats and carrying heavy-duty weapons. (Nemesis from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis).
  • A mentally disabled man with an accommodating family works part-time as a butcher, and, because of teachings from his family, becomes a vigilante with a magically-powered chainsaw that allows him to cast destructive spells and can slice and dice through almost anything (Heroic Leatherface with magic added to the mix).
  • An extremely large humanoid monster possessing incredible strength and accelerated cellular regeneration along with incredible telekinetic and pyrokinetic powers, created by a group of scientists to combat supervillains. It is controlled by two sisters with psychic power. (Vajra from Genocyber).
  • A dark lord from another world arrives to Earth to conquer it, only to find out that it is overrun with supervillains. He now fights them as he considers supervillains even below his standard of evil with black magic and physical prowess. (Sauron from Lord of the Rings). This dark lord even redeems himself and becomes a hero.
  • An extradimensional dragon with many heads and a unspeakably terrifying appearance along with its herald and comrade, a cybernetic dragon with the ability to cut through anything, are summoned on Earth by a Dying Race of aliens to destroy supervillain strongholds. (King Ghidorah and Gigan).
  • A young Japanese girl who is immortal and capable of healing at an accelerated rate From a Single Cell and duplicating herself as well capable of manipulating people with her charm. She uses her powers to fight rampaging supervillains by exploiting her psychological weaknesses. (Tomie).
  • A burly warlord from another realm, armed with a mighty mace held with incredible strength and mastery of every martial arts while being accompanied with a warlock capable of shapeshifting and sorcery arrives on Earth to combat supervillains, which he sees them as tyrants and oppressors. (Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat).
  • A shapeshifting android made of a self-molding liquid metal gets sent from the future in order to help out superheroes in combating supervillains (T-1000).
  • A man who is capable of traversing and manipualting dreams uses said abilities to fight supervillains while they are asleep. (Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street).
  • Four animatronics from a seedy Chuck E. Cheese knockoff haunted by the ghosts of murdered children united to fight supervillains in their hometown. (The animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's).
  • A scientist and former SWAT Officer who also once worked for a pharmaceutical corporation and now leads an unnamed organization that creates viruses that grant people superpowers depending on whether their bodies are compatible with the virus. He himself used one of those viruses himself and now has superhuman strength, speed, durability, leap, agility, and reflexes, self-adhesion to surfaces, a healing factor, pain immunity, superhuman metabolism and immune system, and agelessness. He uses these powers, his police skills, and his scientific knowledge to combat the supervillains (Albert Wesker).
  • A benevolent preschool janitor who died saving children from a fire. As a spirit, he haunts the dreams of supervillains (Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street).
  • A mama's boy who's mother who ran a hotel died protecting her son. Now, the mama's boy runs the hotel and his soul was fused with his mother's spirit, gains low-level superhuman strength, speed, durability, and an immense healing factor as a result, and uses these powers as well as his kitchen knife to combat the supervillains (Heroic version of Norman Bates, but with magical elements added to the mix).
  • A feared wizard from a hidden magical society with his secret society of like-minded mages attempt to liberate humanity from supervillains ravaging the world by using their mastery over magic. They show respect to humans for their technological prowess despite their lack of innate magical ability. (Voldemort and the Death Eaters from Harry Potter).
  • A synthetic lifeform resembling a human created from a lab based on instructions from Brandon's original species, escapes from confinement and rebels against her creators and her programming. She is capable of seducing humans with her unnatural charm, rapid regeneration, incredible strength, biological manipulation and her adaptability to her environments. (Sil from Species).
  • A race of humanoid monsters mutated from pollution and toxic waste who emerges from the sewers to fight supervillains so that they would be accepted by human society. (The eponymous monsters from C.H.U.D.).
  • A man who loves his family and he was born with a curse from a cult that grants him superhuman strength, durability, speed, a healing factor, superhuman immune system and metabolism, and immortality. It's entirely up to him how he uses his powers. His main goal is protecting his family from the supervillains. He often wears an unpainted Leonard Nimoy mask whenever he fights against the supervillains (Heroic version of the classic movie version of Michael Myers, with super-speed added to his list of powers).
  • A Filipino man with vampire-like powers uses those powers to combat the supervillains, especially to protect children and families (Based on the Aswang, a mythological Filipino monster with some similarities to European mythology's Vampires).
  • A kindly old scientist alongside his uplifted, superpowered animal hybrids combats supervillains who threaten nature and mankind. (Doctor Moreau and Beastfolk from The Island of Doctor Moreau).
  • A liberator from outer space, wielding immense power of lightning and psychic powers, arrives on Earth to liberate humankind from supervillains that rule the world. (Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious from Star Wars).
  • An extradimensional horror with the ability to manipulate biology and wields Lovecraftian Superpowers comes to Earth to find acceptance among the human populace as well battle supervillains with her abilities. (Saya from Saya no Uta).
  • A executioner wearing a bizarre helmet and who's a literal angel that is the personification of an abandoned small town seeks out supervillains and punishes those supervillains for their sins (Pyramid Head).
  • A brilliant philanthropist creates a serum and a high-tech suit capable of turning hims invisible. He uses his invisibility powers to engage in espionage, sabotage and assassinations against supervillains. (The Invisible Man).
  • A man born through an unnatural union between a human and an Eldritch Abomination, capable of Lovecraftian Superpowers and sorcery uses his skills to fight supervillains. (Wilbur Whateley from The Dunwich Horror).
  • An Attack Animal resembling a Velociraptor escapes from captivity after being abused by its fabricators to be sold as a weapon. The dinosaur now fights against supervillains that attempt to use it as a pet weapon. (Indoraptor from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom).
  • An Indigenous woman has werewolf-like powers and uses them to protect her tribe against the supervillains (Based on Skinwalkers, an indigenous mythological creature similar to European mythology's Werewolves).
  • A man with multiple personalities has a magical power to become superhuman with various abilities from animals in zoos. He uses this power to fight the supervillains, and all of his personalities are heroic (Based on Kevin from Split).
  • A heroic angel who takes the form of an in-universe video game character and he uses that video game character's superhuman speed to battle super-villains (Based on Sonic.EXE).
  • A ghostly pirate captain with a ghostly crew of sealife hybrids, who sailed the Seven Seas and the Five Oceans, finally lands on shore for the first time, only to be greeted with hostility with supervillains. Now the ghostly pirate captain fights against the supervillains with his supernatural powers and a flying ship. (Davy Jones and the crew of the Flying Dutchman from Pirates of the Caribbean).
  • The powerful son of Satan who is slightly less powerful than his father and he (the aforementioned son of Satan) was supposed to bring about the end of the world, but instead he tells his dad to "fuck off" and proceeds to use his demonic powers to fight against both the supervillains and his father (Based on Damian from The Omen).
  • A group of grey-skinned, bug-eyed, big-headed aliens have futuristic technology to fight against the supervillains (Based on the Greys from public domain urban legends).
  • A strange sound from computers, cellphones, and other digital devices grants people low-level superhuman powers. These people desperately try to fight against the supervillains (Based on the Phoners from Cell).
  • A weird signal in a Canadian town is triggered by the English language, and eventually the signal jumps to other languages. The people who gain powers from that signal attempt to fight against the supervillains (Based on the technically living zombies from Pontypool).
  • A haunted burial ground that revives anyone as a superpowered revenant with the same personality and appearance as before. It is used by vengeful and grieving people, who were once victims of supervillains, to bring back their loved ones and fight back. (Pet Sematary).
  • A young Megalodon with various superpowers genetically modified by scientists and summoned by a clan of Shark-people for the purpose of combating supervillains. (The Shark from Jaws and other shark films).
  • A shadowy but benevolent deity representing order who cares for humanity. He takes various human guises and bestows superpowers to normal people so that they may fight the supervillains. (Nyarlathotep from Cthulhu Mythos).
  • A supernatural mask with a sardonic, macabre sense of humor that grants incredible strength to its wearers. It is entirely up to the wearer how he or she wants to use this power. It's latest wearer, a young man named Shane Travis, uses the superhuman strength that he gained from the mask to combat the supervillains. (Terror Mask from Splatterhouse).
  • A mad scientist fuses with a fly during a teleportation accident. He is now a fly-human hybrid who fight supervillains with fly-based powers. (The Fly).
  • A heroic demon who takes the form of an in-universe comic book character with Flying Brick powers uses this in-universe character's Flying Brick powers along with his own demonic powers in order to rebel against Hell itself and also fight against the supervillains. He also mockingly compliments the villains and demons he fights while defeating them, only using lethal force as a last resort. (Based on the Creepypasta Superman from Superman: No Heroes).
  • A loving family man, writer, and hotel caretaker becomes the host of multiple ghosts, granting him superhuman strength and durability. He uses those powers and any weapon he can find to battle supervillains. (Based on Jack Torrance from The Shining, with physical superhuman characteristics added to the mix).
  • A demonically-possessed car who helps superheroes battle the supervillains as well as villainous demons as a metaphorical middle finger to the demons that created her (Based on Christine).
  • An haunted truck haunted by the ghost of its previous driver, a trucker, armed with several gadgets and ghostly abilities to fight supervillains. (The Truck from Stephen Spielberg's Duel and Rusty Nail from Joy Ride).
  • The Headless Horseman, who returns from the land of the dead to the land of the living to avenge the death and destruction wrought by the supervillains. (The Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow).
  • A self-replicating robot from outer space, helped by a secret gorup of scientists, is used to combat supervillains through its Adaptive Ability to mimic superpowers. (Autonomous Mobile Swords from Screamers).
  • A race of extraterrestrial organisms arrive on Earth, binding with humans to bestow the superpowers of shapeshifting and biological manipulation so that humans have a chance to fight back. (The Parasites from Parasyte).
  • Warfare robots created by an artificial intelligence to combat supervillains through a variety of weaponry and devices. (The Drones from Kill Command).
  • An incredibly powerful psychic with the ability to create vector-based telekinesis similar to hands. She is the queen of a Human Subspecies with psychich powers. She fights supervillains so that she and her kin would no longer suffer persecution from humans and superhumans alike. (Lucy and the Diclonii from Elfen Lied).
  • A black smoke-like substance that bestows superpowers when inhaled. The ones affected by the gas now use the power to fight supervillains ravaging the world. (The titular gas from Black Gas).
  • A shape-shifting supervillain from a villain-themed comic book turns a new leaf after seeing the horrific effects of real supervillains on Earth. He nows fights supervillains with his ability to turn into almost anything. (The Masked Mutant from Goosebumps).
  • An alien capable of shapeshifting and assimilating biological matter uses its powers to combat supervillains. (The titular creature from The Thing (1982)).
  • An exiled sorcerer from a secret, secluded magical family capable of using his magic to transform himself into a furry monstrosity so that he protects humans from supervillains. (Mikasi from The Witch Boy).
  • A Revenant Zombie that uses traps as well as his undead physiology to combat the supervillains. (Based on the Trapper from Dead by Daylight).
  • A heroic clown that uses various elixirs that he created in order to either knock out or kill supervillains. (Based on The Clown from Dead By Daylight).
  • A gray-skinned mutation-based super-soldier is deployed by a benevolent pharmaceutical company to combat the supervillains. The aforementioned super-soldier has immense superhuman strength and durability, and he was a rookie cop before his mutation. (Based on the Tyrant 002 from Resident Evil 2).
  • A scientist who becomes a red-skinned superhuman after injecting himself with a virus that was modified in order to enhance fertility, purely because his wife wants to have a few more kids. He has to protect his wife and daughter from the supervillains. (Based on William Birkin).
  • A vengeful spirit of a lynched African-American with the power to manipulate bees and hypnosis, fueled by belief of hope among people to strike back against the rampaging supervillains. (Candyman).
  • A vengeful spirit of a Japanese woman who was murdered by her father due to him going violently insane comes back to life as uses her ghostly abilities and the same katana that killed her to combat her insane father who turned into a demon, her demonic ancestor, and the supervillains (Based on The Spirit from Dead By Daylight).
  • A woman in her VERY late teens (18-19) who lives in a small town and she's also a moderate feminist ends up with her soul fused with an angel, so she uses the powers that the aforementioned soul fusion grants her in order to combat the supervillains (Based on Jennifer Check).
  • A noble-hearted, noble-minded nurse with a noble soul who can teleport due to a mystical curse from an angel of death and uses her teleportation power to get civilians to safety, uses her medical skills to treat civilians, and after getting citizens to safety and treating civilians, she then uses her teleportation power to outmaneuver and fight supervillains (Based on The Nurse from Dead By Daylight).
  • A benevolent genie with phenomenal powers trapped in a fire opal is released so that he can utilize his wish-granting powers for the greater good. (The Djinn from Wishmaster).
  • A crafty yet altruistic man with scientific support and leads a group of bio-augmented humans from an underwater base. He bio-augments himself to become a superhuman with fire, ice and lightning powers so that he can fight against supervillains. (Frank Fontaine from BioShock).
  • A noble family who was granted various superpowers from a genetically-engineered mold use their powers to combat the supervillains (The Bakers from Resident Evil 7).
  • A male bounty hunter and cowboy from the Wild West comes back to life in the 21st century, and uses his powers in his undead state and his harpoon gun to combat the supervillains (Based on the Deathslinger from Dead By Daylight).
  • A scientist who is also an alchemist creates a formula that combines chemistry and magic, and this formula grants him superhuman strenth, durability, and speed while disfiguring him. He uses these powers and his scary appearance to combat the supervillains. (Based on The Blight from Dead By Daylight).
  • A noble-hearted and noble-minded scientist with a noble soul creates a potion that allows him to turn invisible, and he uses stealth to combat the supervillains. He eventually learns how to use firearms and also learns martial arts from a police constable who is his best friend (Based on The Invisible Man from classic literature).
  • A genetically-engineered mutant man with superhuman strength and durability, a drill for an arm, and various drugs that grant him other powers fights the supervillains to protect a litte mutant girl (Based on Big Daddy and Little Sister from the Bioshock series).
  • A paramedic who's soul is fused by a long-dead vigilante is granted superhuman strength and durability as a result of the soul fusion, and he uses his newfound powers to combat the supervillains and uses his medical skills to treat civilians caught in the middle of superhero battles (Based on Roy Burns with soul fusing added to the mix).
  • A heroic judge comes back from the dead as a super-strong and super-speedy Revenant Zombie thanks to a mystical black ring and uses his superhuman powers and Revenant Zombie physiology to dish out justice. He can also disguise himself as various humans using advanced prosthetics, make-up, and devices that can stimulate heartbeats, pulses, and heat signatures so that he can continue to be a judge as his alter-ego (Based on the Black Lanterns).
  • An alien logo made from a magical equation turns people who see it into undead with various different superpowers, and now those people use their newfound undead state and powers to combat the supervillains (Based on the undead zombies from D Ceased).
  • A muscular Russian lady who is a huntress and a mother of two gains mystical superhuman strength and durability after the souls of evil people she killed inhabited her body. But she uses her newfound powers to fight against the supervillains and protect children including her own children (Based on The Huntress from Dead By Daylight).
  • Four well-behaved teenagers with mystical superhuman speed and also armed with magical knives that allow them to cut through almost anything and the blades can also be used to summon various creatures depending on what it stabs. The teenagers use their super-speed and their magical knives to combat supervillains (Based on The Legion from Dead By Daylight).
  • A group of former bigots who are also formerly violent criminals feel remorse for what they did, so they find an alien crystal that grants them various low-level superhuman abilities and they use their newfound powers to work together so that they can combat supervillains and also terrorists motivated by bigotry (Based on the Neo-Nazis from Green Room).
  • A group of Badass Normal civilians, who survived a supervillain invasion, gather various high-tech weapons, alien weapons, and even mystical weapons that can harm or kill the supervillains so that they can combat them (Based on the psychopaths from the Dead Rising series).
  • A small army of remorseful former gangsters decide to atone for what they did, so they find a mystical artifact that grants them superhuman strength, durability, and speed and they use those powers to combat the supervillains (Based on the gangs from the Manhunt video game series).
  • A former serial killer feels guilt for his murders, so he takes a voodoo artifact, then kills himself, resulting in his body being transferred into a doll, and then he drags his corpse to a ditch and buries it. He starts using his newfound doll physiology, superhuman strength, speed, and durability, superhuman immune system and metabolism, self-sustenance, and immortality as well as his skills when he was human in order to combat the supervillains (Based on Chucky from the Child's Play series).
  • A team of sentient zombified superheroes still choose to be superheroes due to their willpower allowing them to beat the hunger (Based on The Marvel Zombies).
  • A female villager who has the mystical powers of self-duplication and teleportation granted to her by the village's priest. She uses her powers to fight against the supervillains, her main priority being protecting her village (Based on The Hag from Dead By Daylight).
  • A perfectly sane man in a pig costume using a magical chainsaw that can cast various destruction-based spells. He uses this magical chainsaw in order to combat the supervillains (Based on Piggsy from Manhunt).
  • A salesman who was murdered by a crazed conspiracy theorist comes back to life as a heroic Revenant Zombie with the powers of superhuman strength, speed, durability, and leap, a healing factor, typical undead zombie physiology, and bonus powers of gut grenades, a stunning fart, using his own head as a bowling ball, and possessing people using his left hand. He uses these powers to fight against the crazed conspiracy theorist who killed him in life as well as the supervillains (Based on Stubbs the Zombie, except as a hero instead of an anti-villain).

There will be also genuinely heroic versions of antiheroes and antivillains
  • An upstanding Reformed Criminal with fire-based powers who wants to protect his family. (Diablo; this would be an Ideal Hero as opposed to an antihero).
  • A Superman expy who is a communist, and he mainly opposes authoritarian versions of communism and also mainly opposes authoritarian versions of socialism too (think Red Son Superman, except as an Ideal Hero instead of an anti-hero).
  • A German Flying Brick who is a patriotic hero and does his best to protect German people from Brandon (Overman from DC Elseworlds, except as an Ideal Hero instead of an Anti-Villain).
  • A former police officer lost his family to a rampage caused by Brandon Breyer, so he joins a benevolent Christian secret society who enhances his body with nanites and biotechnology granting his low-tier superhuman strength, speed, durability, and leap as well as immense superhuman agility and reflexes and also provide him with sword-training, a holy sword forged centuries ago, high-tech gadgets that have a Christian motif. He helps this secret society combat the supervillains (Based on Azrael, except as an Ideal Hero).
  • A young adult man in Powered Armor that grants him superhuman strength, speed, and durability and can be upgraded with several variations and also is skilled in firearms, MMA, and combat tactics uses his Powered Armor and his skills to combat the supervillains. He also rallied a militia that he leads to aid his efforts in combating the supervillains (Based on The Arkham Knight himself, but instead portrayed as an Ideal Hero since this is the Bright Burn universe where moralities are flipped).
  • A half-vampire who becomes a superhero because being half-vampire allows him to resist the blood-thirst (Blade, but as an Ideal Hero).
  • A White-American ex-mercenary who's a clone of a long dead mercenary and his Japanese boss who's also is on-again, off-again girlfriend work together to combat the supervillains. The ex-mercenary uses his low-level superhuman strength, speed, durability, immense superhuman agility, reflexes, and stamina, low-level healing factor, any weapon he can find, and any weapon his handler provides to combat the supervillains (Solid Snake and a Composite Character of Meryl Silverburgh and Mei Ling added to the mix, as ideal heroes instead of anti-heroes).
  • A heroic motorcyclist ends up with his soul fused by an angel of vengeance, granting this motorcyclist various supernatural powers. He uses these powers to combat evil angels, evil demons, and supervillains (AKA What if Ghost Rider was an Ideal Hero?).
  • A mixed-race Hispanic-Japanese woman who's in her 20's has an immense healing factor, skeleton made of a nigh-indestructible metal, low-level superhuman strength, speed, durability, immense superhuman reflexes, immense superhuman senses of taste, touch, hearing, sight, and smell, superhuman immune system and metabolism, and extended lifespan and she uses those powers to help others survive supervillain attacks (An Ideal Hero Expy of X-23, also a composite of her comic incarnation, X-Men Evolution incarnation, and her Logan movie incarnation).
  • A former police officer and former marine loses her husband who was a doctor and trauma surgeon after her husband was disintegrated by Brandon Breyer's laser vision. She uses her skills, abilities, and weapons she collects to combat the supervillains and later on finds biological potions that grant her various superpowers so that she can eventually combat Brandon Breyer (An Ideal Hero Expy of Rachel Cole-Alves, with a reference to Bioshock added to the mix).
  • A heroic black man with Flying Brick powers and an additional power to summon tornadoes uses his powers to fight against supervillains, his main goal outside of superhero work being to help rehabilitate delinquents (AKA What if Hancock was an Ideal Hero instead of an anti-hero and was the one doing the rehabilitating instead of being rehabilitated?).
  • A dead Filipino man who was a heroic soldier in life comes back to life as a heroic hellspawn and uses his powers to combat the supervillains, evil demons, and corrupt angels (A Spawn Expy as an Ideal Hero, and this Expy happens to be Filipino).
  • A Filipino man who served in both the United States' armed forces and also the Filipino armed forces and who's wife and son was murdered by Brandon Breyer takes a serum that grants him superhuman strength and durability and uses those powers as well as his military skills to combat the supervillains (An Ideal Hero expy of Billy Butcher and this expy happens to be Filipino).
  • A superhero trio comprised of an immortal woman who is the daughter of a god and an alien woman which subsequently results in her having Flying Brick powers and her weapons of choice are a lasso, shield, sword, and absurdly durable bracelets, a vampire who is a superhero because he overcame his bloodthirst, and a Flying Brick-powered Hispanic superhero who happens to believe in a religion that his a hybrid of his planet's religion and Earth's most well-known sect of Christianity, Catholicism (based on the Gods and Monsters version of The Justice League, but they are ideal heroes instead of anti-heroes).
  • A young woman with platinum blonde hair has low-level superhuman strength, speed, and durability, immense superhuman stamina, agility, and reflexes, a low-level healing factor, immense superhuman immune system and metabolism, and can also predict the future uses her powers and her martial arts and firearms skills that she learned from her military father to combat the supervillains. Her boyfriend is a young man with black hair and he is a Badass Normal with firearms skills that he learned from living in the streets, martial arts skills that he learned from a billionaire kung fu master, and a bulletproof helmet (A Battle Couple based on Rose Wilson and Jason Todd, if Rose Wilson and Jason Todd were ideal heroes instead of anti-heroes/anti-villains/villains).
  • A soldier who got back home, and unfortunately his family died due to being caught in the crossfire of a shootout between rival gangs. So he becomes a superhero to avenge his family using both his military skills and weapons he stole from some super-villains. (Based on Punisher except he is an ideal hero as opposed to an anti-hero.)
  • A cancer patient who volunteers for an experimental cure, which is so powerful he gains virtual immortality. He's a peace-loving guy, but when he sees Brandon/"Brightburn" on a rampage, he realizes that somebody has to step up to the plate to stop the young villain. His whole strategy is to be the "immovable object" to Brandon's "unstoppable force," taunting and making fun of Brandon in an effort to make him ragequit. He even breaks (or at least pushes really hard against) the fourth wall, turning to whatever cameras are pointing at him and making snide commentary. (Basically an Ideal Hero version of Deadpool.)
  • A superpowered cop who genuinely wants justice in the world and defends democracy as best as he can (Based on Judge Dredd. This expy will be an ideal hero as opposed to the Anti-Hero Judge Dredd.)
  • A former child actor and private detective who has touch-based mind-reading and uses this power to help warn people about supervillain attacks (AKA What if Mesmer from The Boys was an ideal hero instead of a cowardly anti-villain?).
  • A group of civilians who gain low-level superhuman physical characteristics from a drug made from a benevolent pharmacutical company (that also makes superhero comic books) use their powers and their skills from their careers as former federal agents to fight against the supervillains by either placing supervillains under citizen's arrest or killing supervillains (AKA What if the comic book versions of The Boys were ideal heroes instead of anti-heroes?).
  • A judge with low-level superhuman physical characteristics uses his powers and his knowledge to combat the supervillains (AKA What if Judge Dredd was an ideal hero?).
  • A dead Filipino man who was a heroic soldier in life comes back to life as a heroic hellspawn and uses his powers to combat the supervillains, evil demons, and corrupt angels (A Spawn Expy as an Ideal Hero, and this Expy happens to be Filipino).
  • A former police officer and former marine loses her husband who was a doctor and trauma surgeon after her husband was disintegrated by Brandon Breyer's laser vision. She uses her skills, abilities, and weapons she collects to combat the supervillains and later on finds biological potions that grant her various superpowers so that she can eventually combat Brandon Breyer (An Ideal Hero Expy of Rachel Cole-Alves, with a reference to Bioshock added to the mix).
  • A heroic Black man with Flying Brick powers and an additional power to summon tornadoes uses his powers to fight against supervillains, his main goal outside of superhero work being to help rehabilitate delinquents (AKA What if Hancock was an Ideal Hero instead of an anti-hero and was the one doing the rehabilitating instead of being rehabilitated?).
  • A young woman who can manipulate probability, and she's also a woman in a militia skilled in firearms, martial arts, and combat tactics. She uses her power of probability manipulation and her skills to combat the supervillains (AKA What if Domino was an Ideal Hero?).
  • A team of former criminals turn a new leaf, so the government grants them various superpowers using a variety of different causes, recruit them into a newly formed government strike team that will work directly for the President so that they can get their slates wiped clean, and all members of this team each have the main power to summon explosions granted to them by nanites (Basically, an Ideal Hero version of the Suicide Squad).
  • A team of mercenaries gain superpowers, so they become superheroes in an attempt to redeem themselves (X-Force as Ideal Heroes).
  • A Badass Normal superhero who has multiple weapons that can counter supervillains' powers and also has peak human agility and reflexes as well as martial arts skills. He has a letter X gimmick and later on becomes an Empowered Badass Normal in that he also temporarily empowers himself with various power-granting formulas (An Ideal Hero version of Red X with elements, with some elements of Bioshock protagonists added to the mix).

We will also get superhero versions of action movie main heroes and action movie supporting heroes.
Since the Brightburn Universe seems to be either "What if X had superhero elements?" or "What if superhero story was X" (eg. Super is basically "what if a psychopath and a worse psychopath decided to become amateur low-budget Batman and amateur low-budget Robin respectively?", Brightburn is basically "what if Superman was a horror movie serial killer?"), this would be a logical step. Guesses can be added here.
  • Two Canadian cops, a by the book Anglophone cop and a Franco-Canadian Cowboy Cop are granted superpowers by touching a mystical trophy won by a long dead hockey team. The Anglophone Canadian cop gets super-strength while the Franco-Canadian cop gets super-speed. They work together using their police skills and newfound superpowers to combat the supervillains, motivated by the fact that their police chief, who was the two cops' father figure, was murdered by Brandon Breyer before the two cops gained their powers (Basically what if the Canadian cops from Bon Cop Bad Cop had superpowers?).
  • A former Vietnam War veteran who struggled with PSTD was successfully treated by twenty four psychiatrists. During a party to celebrate his successful treatment, he reunites with his girlfriend, who still looks young despite living her young adulthood in the Vietnam War era (1954-1975), and she gives him a mystical drink that grants him immortality in that he cannot age, a healing factor, pain immunity, superhuman immune system and metabolism, self-sustenance, superhuman strength, speed, durability, and leap, and summoning and controlling zombies. After learning about Brandon Breyer's rampage, he summons his long-dead war buddies as sentient super-zombies, and they choose to join him on his fight against the supervillains. His girlfriend as his living Morality Chain and his last psychiatrist being his mentor are his main motivations for fighting the supervillains (Basically what if Rambo had superpowers?).
  • A man from a few years into the future is sent back in time to combat the supervillains. His powers are digital-based superhuman strength, speed, durability, leap, agility, and reflexes, gravity-based flight, telekinesis, technopathy, and clairvoyance, all powers that were downloaded into the Matrix through a devirtualization process that allows digital subjects to be brought into the real world and back, and vice-versa for organic world subjects. His girlfriend who has the same powerset and his mentor who also has the same powerset help him fight the supervillains (Basically what if Neo, Trinity, and Morpheous were superheroes and time-travellers?).
  • An American cop who took down a group of terrorists in a skyscraper gains the powers of superhuman strength, speed, durability, and leap from a chemical compound created by the benevolent scientist mayor of New York. This now-superpowered American cop uses his police skills and powers to combat the supervillains (Basically what if John Mc Clane from Die Hard had superpowers?).
  • A reformed hitman with superhuman speed uses both his power and his skills to combat the supervillains in order to avenge his dog and get his stolen car back (What if John Wick had a superpower?).

The BrightBurn cinematic universe will feature original superheroes and supervillains not based on pre-existing characters.
  • Of course, since the Bright Burn Universe really loves using Expies (eg. A Superman expy, a Lana Lang expy, Expies to the Kents, an expy of Lex Luthor, etc.), these original superheroes and supervillains will NOT be expies of established superheroes and supervillains, but they will be expies of superhero story supporting characters except the difference is that they have superhero-like powers and/or skills.
    • Which means that this WMG will overlap with the WMG about hypothetical expies of superhero story supporting characters.

There will be a Legion of Doom formed by BrightBurn and other supervillains, along with other supervillain teams
Possible names for Brandon's supervillain team:

Other supervillain teams:

  • The Tyrants. (These will be an evil version of the Teen Titans).
  • Chaos Guild of the World. (Justice Society of America).
  • Fear Squadron. (Doom Patrol).

Conversely, there will a Super Team formed by the Caitlyn Connor and other superheroes, along other superhero teams.
Possible names for Caitlyn's superhero team:
  • The Retaliators of Verity. (Legion of Doom and the Masters of Evil).
  • The Elite Eleven. (Sinister Six).

Other superhero teams:

  • The Redemption Alliance. (Heroic version of The Suicide Squad).
  • The Circus of Hope. (Circus of Crime).
  • The Masters of Good. (The Masters of Evil).

Possible monikers for Brandons fellow supervillains
Based on the post-credits scene featuring the Big T's rant and warning about villains. The following names are speculative and based on the physical chararistics.
  • "Half-man, half-sea creature": Harbor-Master
  • "Witch Woman": Ishtar
  • "Alien supervillain": The Martian Invader
  • "Black square with a question mark": Nightshade
  • "The man in the Crimson Bolt costume": The Madness (assuming that it's NOT Frank in the costume and instead an imposter).

Speculations for Caitlyn Connor's superhero identity
Based on a deleted post-credits scene featuring Caitlyn Connor getting a robotic replacement for her crushed hand, and becoming Brandon's future archnemesis.
  • Cybersoldier (assuming Caitlyn's mentality becomes more militant as she opposes Brandon. Also, she'll find somebody who can upgrade her cybernetics so that she won't be affected by Brandon's apparent technopathy.)

    Video Game Adaptation speculation 
Capcom will create a Brightburn video game.
Think Resident Evil with supervillains instead of monsters and zombies. The gameplay would be played from over-the-shoulder perspective. The player characters would be a normal human and a superhero with low-level superpowers caught in a supervillain takeover. They will fight against minions and mutants of supervillains and fighting said supervillains while trying to escape, similar to Leaving Megalopolis.

Alternatively, Rockstar will create a Brightburn video game.
Think Manhunt with supervillains instead of various gangs. The player characters would be two low-level superpowered superheroes trying their best to save as much civilians as they can during a rampage caused by Brandon Breyer and other supervillains. Logically, Brandon Breyer would be the final boss.

The company that created Cyberpunk 2020 will create a Brightburn tabletop RPG.
Think Cyberpunk 2020, just swap out the cyberpunk with Cape Punk and instead of futuristic enemies it's supervillains and their minions.

Sucker Punch Entertainment will create a Brightburn video game.
Think Infamous except M-Rated, more variety in superheroes and supervillains, and horror elements added to the mix.

Activision will create a Brightburn video game.
Think Prototype with even more superhero elements, but still maintaining the M-Rating, having a bit more horror elements, and having twice the blood and gore that Prototype has.


Brandon, if he lives to become a widely known threat, will prompt a Lex Luthor-esque Well-Intentioned Extremist to try and face him
This is less an idea for this movie, but for a potential follow-up, or even just an idea for a fanfic or something; a "Good Luthor" to Brandon's "Evil Superman" who may be the only one who could save the world, but will have to do drastic things to be able to do it. Essentially, the way Luthor is often portrayed as seeing himself.

Brandon was his race's religion's equivalent to an "antichrist"
This religion turns out to be right on the money, rather than paranoid madness.
  • Eventually, a heroic member of Brandon's species shows up to be the "Christ" metaphor, and as an Actor Allusion he will be played by Henry Cavill.

Brandon's whole species are Always Chaotic Evil

Alternatively, evil members of Brandon's species are at war with heroic members of his species.
Causing a sudden genre shift from horror to superhero deconstruction.

"Brightburn" is a stealth alien invasion movie
Superman was sent to Earth to save him from his home planet's destruction. If this movie is a deconstruction of that story, it makes sense that instead of a loving sacrifice by his biological parents, Brandon was sent to Earth for a very different, very scary, reason.

There will also be expies of villains as well, like villains turned good.

The film will have a Downer Ending.
Either Brandon will kill both his adoptive parents and succumb to his evil, or Mrs. Breyer will regretfully kill Brandon before he does something especially terrible.
  • Confirmed

Brandon will be a case of Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas

The girl who Brandon injured will grow up to be Brandon's Arch-Enemy
Due to having both been on the receiving end of Brandon's might, in addition with
the small fact that Brandon terrorizes and viciously murders her mother, who was rightfully angry at Brandon for harming her daughter. Also, this experience, in fact, provoked a Heel–Face Turn in her, going from a petty bully into a sympathetic superhero devoted to bringing BrightBurn down in a sequel (provided she survives this film).
  • She survives the film and a deleted scene showed her getting a cybernetic arm with a serious death glare.

This is actually a stealth DC movie, more specifically an Ultraman origin story.
And if the movie does well it will launch a Crime Syndicate movie series.

This is actually an alternate version on Superboy-Prime's origin
Subject to Adaptational Name Change.

Brandon is actually an extraterrestrial biological weapon that was disposed of by his species.
In addition to his regular abilities, Brandon was able to involuntary shapeshift to be physically and genetically indistinguishable from a human at birth.

Another film will have an Expy of Batman but with a serial killer
The Brightburn universe will have the expy of Batman. The expy of Batman will be a serial killer instead. The expy of Alfred will be a killer butler.
  • So would that be the Tim Burton Batman or the DCEU Batman?
    • Eventually, this evil version of Batman will team up with Brandon and they will form a Legion of Doom.

If Brandon survives the film, his origin will be a dark take on the Super Hero Origin
Similar to origins like Spider-Man, Brandon could ultimately cause something that leaves even him horrified, and realizes that Being Evil Sucks, leaving him a Tragic Monster who's Trapped in Villainy.

Half of the scenes from the trailers won't be in the final movie
Hey, blame
Slender Man!

Brandon will attempt to use his powers for good... and get rejected for it
Given Brandon's line that he "wants to do good", and his overall Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds portrayal, it's possible that Brandon will try and use his powers to do good... however, all his attempts at doing good will be greeted with fear and horror by its intended recipients. This will contribute to his Start of Darkness; he decides, if everyone treats him like a monster, that's what he'll be.

This film will appear in the DC Extended Universe
As being bankrolled by Lex Luthor in order to smear Superman.

Brandon's fall to evil will be entirely his choice.
Eventually, either he will admit or someone will realize that Brandon has just been using what his bullies did to him as an excuse to do whatever he wants and that his Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse.

In their natural state, Brandon’s species are shapeshifting Eldritch Abominations

There will be a spin-off television show that explores the effect of superhumans on the Brightburn Shared Universe.

Brandon is one of the fragments of the Plutonian's essence
A benign fragment landed in our world and inspired two boys to write a comic. The fragment that landed in this film's world, on the other hand, has all the nasty bits.
  • If that's the case, one can only hope that Brandon didn't also gain the Plutonian's Reality Warper abilities. And if he did, that he never finds out he has them.

Brandon will be defeated by his Kryptonite Factor.
Brandon is basically a Superman Expy. That means that, in addition to having all of Supes' powers, he'll have all of Supes' weaknesses too. Maybe, at the climax of the film, the Breyers' and the cops will stumble upon it, and discover what it does to Brandon.

As for Brandon, he probably spent so much time focusing on discovering and testing the limits of his powers, he never once considered the possibility that he might HAVE weaknesses. Thus, when his Kryptonite Expy is discovered, he'll be taken by surprise when it depowers him, weakens him, makes him feel sick, etc...

  • Confirmed, it's the remains of his ship.

Since the metal of Brandon's ship is his Kryptonite equivalent, a sequel will reveal that he is also gonna be weak to magic and also have a Red Sun equivalent as yet another weakness.

A sequel to this movie will feature Fantastic Racism.

The sequel will be actionized and will have a team of telekinetic heroes take on Brandon.
  • And these telekinetic boys later on team up with the Batman Expy and Buzz Lightyear Expy, and they work together and form a superhero team.
    • Also, the aforementioned Elastigirl Expy also joins the aforementioned superhero team.

Brandon actually doesn't want to kill anyone
However, his species has an innate urge to kill people who have wronged them, no matter how slight.
  • Confirmed

All the way back in the very first teaser trailer, there were concerns from Brandon’s parents about him finding the ship he arrived in. About him being “drawn to it.” The ship is the source of his powers, as well as the source of his homicidal insanity. And him finding it is what kicks off the whole nightmare for everyone involved...

This movie takes place in the Wanted Universe.

The sequel would have a Time Skip
Brandon is now in his late teens, abusing his powers left and right. He took the name "Brightburn" from his town for his masked identity simply because he thought it sounded cool. Caitlyn, the girl he pined for, is threatened to be his girlfriend and a frequent victim of his abuse. The planet lives in fear as "Brightburn" will go out and cause destruction for random whims. He soon discovers what he is and finds out why he was launched into space.

The telekinetic heroes, the heroic versions of Superman Rogues, the Elastigirl Expy, and the evil versions of heroes that reform and become heroes will eventually form a Justice League equivalent of sorts.

There will be NO sequel

Alternatively, there will be a sequel, except it will be featuring a different evil version of a superhero.
  • Furthermore, it will be a Stealth Sequel that does not feature Brandon until the end.

The heroic members of Brandon's species show up and they will be lead by a heroic Expy of Zod.

The Big T is Yondu Udonta
They are both Michael Rooker, after all.
  • Alternatively, he's the Brightburn universe's equivalent to Merle Dixon. He seems kooky and paranoid enough.

The sequel will take place in a post-Brandon/supervillain-ravaged world.
Taking place from the point of view of a group of survivors trying to kill the supers. Similar to The Ten-Seconders.

The Crimson Bolt is our Batman expy.
Only instead of being evil, he's just wildly incompetent.

How a sequel might play out.
Brandon has grown into adulthood, and has become the most feared, most dangerous threat to the planet Earth. Pretty much everyone is completely paranoid that he could show up out of the blue and murder them in a horrifically painful way for no reason, and he's pretty much sitting on top of the world.

Then, an Alien Invasion occurs, and Brandon discovers that they're HIS people. He might try to roll out the welcome wagon, maybe even expect to be welcomed into their ranks... and be coldly rejected. They will then deliver unto him a revelation that he's nothing more to them than a Tyke Bomb made to destablize the planet to make their takeover easier. In fact, Brandon only has a FRACTION of their powers, and they show him just how powerful his own creators really are.

Brandon's whole worldview will be shattered, and he'll have an existential crisis over how he's nothing to his own people, and he had no real purpose in life other than to make his world easier for someone else to take over. From there, he swears revenge upon his species and forms an Enemy Mine with humanity (and possibly other superbeings) to help stop his race. The film will end with him leaving Earth and becoming a Terror Hero, known and feared throughout the galaxy. In other words, he'll become a hero in the end, with Superman's powers and Batman's mentality.

  • So basically, Brandon himself becomes a hero in the end? Awesome idea.
    • And as a counter-balance, a hero with skills and abilities similar to Batman will show up, but he'll have a patriotic, optimistic Ideal Hero type of mentality.

The future sequels to Brightburn will all be anti-superpowers
All the villains will have powers of various sorts, and every hero will be a Badass Normal or technology-based hero rather than a powered hero.

Relating to the above, all the earthly superbeings will be good (well, better), whilst all the alien ones will fall under Aliens Are Bastards
All the superbeings from Earth will either be outright heroic, pet as many dogs as they kick or have understandable motivations. The aliens, on the other hand, will be Always Chaotic Evil or possess a twisted moral code; even the nominally good ones will fall in this category.
  • Alternatively, it will be earthly heroes and alien heroes vs. earthy villains and alien villains.

This movie is part of DC's Dark Multiverse.

There are no superheroes in that universe.
It will be up to ordinary humans to stop an evil version of the Justice League.
  • Alternatively, there are superheroes, but unfortunately, most of the superheroes have been murdered prior to the events of Brightburn, leaving only a few superheroes left.

Caitlyn will grow up to become the world's first superhero to take down Brandon.
After years of therapy, and being taken in by Big T, Caitlyn gains a bionic hand and has made it her mission stop Brandon to avenge her mother Tori, in addition to the countless people he and the other evil superhumans have been killing. Either utilizing experimental armor or gaining powers of her own, Caitlyn becomes the Earth's champion and the sequel's protagonist.

  • Confirmed in a deleted scene, where Caitlyn is shown in a lab undergoing surgery to graft a bionic arm onto her, with a Death Glare, clearly planning revenge on Brandon for killing her mother.

Alternatively, Caitlyn will become a reporter in the future.
After spending years in a mental hospital, Caitlyn moves to a different state and gets a job as a reporter. Little does she know that Brandon will be there with a new identity. His new name will be Mark Dent.

Or even better, Caitlyn will become both a reporter AND a superhero.
Unfortunately, she will indirectly develop a rogues gallery.

Alternatively, Caitlyn will become a supervillainess
Either snapping under the trauma or driven to evil over her quest to kill Brandon and avenge her mother, Caitlyn will become a villainess herself. She will still be A Lighter Shade of Black compared to Brandon, being Affably Evil, less unnecessarily murderous and may even perhaps pull a Heel–Face Turn in the end.

Alternatively, Caitlyn will still become a superhero, but of the Terror Hero variety.
Think Hit-Girl as an Ideal Hero, but still terrifying as hell, and also as a cyborg.

There will be an "Evil Batman V. Evil Superman" sequel.

The Big T himself has superpowers.
However, they will be psionic as opposed to Brandon's physical powers.

Evil Batman Expy will try to convince Brandon to rule by his side.
He will go as far as to befriend Brandon and take him in as his adopted son. He will even have a "We Can Rule Together" speech for the boy.
  • This will cause the evil Batman Expy to become the Evil Counterpart to The Big T, as The Big T will adopt Caitlyn Connor.

Brightburn somehow takes place in the same universe as Hot Fuzz.
And the remaining members of the NWA, after hearing about Brandon Breyer, find a way to escape the prison and form a Brandon Breyer-worshipping cult.

Caitlyn will become the new Boltie.
Crimson Bolt will return and make her his new partner. They will stop Brandon and the other villains... somehow.

Alternatively, Caitlyn will become her own superhero, but will still be an ally of Crimson Bolt anyways.

The picture of Crimson Bolt is not that of Frank Darbo.
Someone else is taking up the mantle. This new guy is more psychotic and violent than Libby/Boltie. Libby is a kitten compared to this new Crimson Bolt.

Alternatively, if Crimson Bolt returns in the sequel and it will not be Frank Darbo and if he'll be more psychotic than Frank Darbo.... well, he will definitely be more crazier than Frank, but at least nowhere above Libby/Boltie.

The pod that corrupts Brandon can corrupt humans too.

The film takes place in the same universe as Unbreakable
And keeping in light with comic traditions, David Dunn will come back, but far more powerful, now lacking his weakness to water, and his powers being boosted to utterly absurd levels, as he's lost all the self-doubt that restrained him.

The pod contains a zombie virus.

The ship's metal that cut Brandon will come into play in the sequel
Luthor Expy will use that metal to create a war suit.
  • That would be hilarious to see. An Alex Jones-style conspiracy theorist wearing an Iron Man-like battlesuit.

This will lead to a spin-off involving superhero versions of Final Girls.
Unfortunately, the downside is that it would lead to supervillain versions of both classic and modern horror movie monsters.

Since this movie is a slasher movie with superhero elements, the sequel will escalate things by being a zombie movie with superhero elements.
With Brandon becoming the Governor with superpowers, and his archenemy being a Rick Grimes expy with superpowers.

In a sequel, a Pew Die Pie Expy will show up as a superhero.
And as an example of Rule of Funny, he will be played by Felix himself.
  • This new protagonist's user name would be either Pow Der Cake, or Pow Live Cake.
  • The new protagonist's birth name would be Phillip Nilsson. Alternatively, Felix Nilsson.
  • Said Pew Die Pie expy would have powers similar to the ones from the Infamous games.
    • His weapon of choice is a P-shaped battle-axe with spikes on the blades.
      • His vehicle of choice would be a robotic horse called Jurgen.
      • His pets would be three German Shepards named Edgar, Sven, and Maya.
      • His girlfriend would be an Italian-American woman named Melissa Karzia, played by Pew Die Pie's real-life girlfriend.
      • His main motivations for fighting Brandon would be to protect his girlfriend, America, Italy, and Sweden from Brandon.

This movie takes place at the canonical end of the Wanted Universe.

There will be a real Superhero film made as an Inversion to Brightburn.
Like the "Incorruptible" to Brightburn's "Irredeemable". Brightburn was about someone with a Superhero Origin story becoming a villain, so this would be about someone with a Supervillain Origin story becoming a hero.

The plot would involve some creepy, antisocial, awkward kid who's mercilessly bullied at their school. Maybe they'll even have a really crappy home life. Anyway, one day, they'll gain superpowers from something. They could discover an Artifact of Doom that grants them scary powers, or begin studying a certain field of something to develop a Super Serum or Power Armor/weapon, or maybe even bonding with some alien symbiote that feeds on their rage, or strong emotions in general.

From that moment, the kid will then decide to use their newfound powers to get even with everyone who was ever mean to them. From there, when they confront their tormentors, they'll immediately bring about their new powers and use them to terrify and hurt their bullies. However, at the last moment, they'll see genuine fear in their victims, and realize they've become no better then those who hurt them. They will immediately stop, apologize, and leave.

From there, that kid will decide to use their powers for something different. After hearing stories of what Brightburn and the other villains have been doing, the kid will decide to become a hero their world needs to protect them against the threats they represent.

Brightburn is set in The Boys Universe.

Brightburn is set in a Dark Multiverse of the DCEU.

Some of Brandon Breyer's victims will come back to life and they will have powers of their own.
Which they will use to take down Brandon. Karmic Death, anyone?

A sequel will be an Evil Batman Vs. Evil Superman movie, then a third sequel will be an Evil version of Justice League.
  • The sequel's title will be Frostshade V. Brightburn: Dawn of Chaos.
  • The third sequel featuring the Evil Justice League will be titled Brightburn: Death Cult.

A sequel will feature a Tommy Jarvis Expy with superpowers and a Laurie Strode with superpowers as the main protagonists.
  • Since "Brightburn" is basically Superman fused with Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, it's fitting that expies of survivors who dealt with Jason and Michael to oppose "Brightburn".

A sequel will feature Crimson Bolt gaining superpowers and battling Brandon Breyer.

Brandon's obsession with human organs was the result of his x-ray vision manifesting.
Hence why those pictures were mixed in with his lingerie models.

A heroic alien will show up to stop Brandon in a sequel.
And he could be played by Keanu Reeves.

A sequel to Brightburn would involve a team of heroic alien-hunters with high-tech weapons fighting against Brandon Breyer.
  • And it will become a slasher movie because Brandon will try to violently pick off the alien-hunters one by one.

In a sequel, Caitlyn Connor will become a superhero with a super-strong bionic arm, but it will be revealed that her bionic arm was created by a benevolent group of aliens.
  • And it will turn out that she will join a team of other people who have gained cybernetic powers thanks to the benevolent aliens' technology.
  • But it will still become a slasher movie, because Brandon will try to violently pick off the benevolent group of aliens and their cyborg friends one by one.

A sequel will explore Brandon in his adulthood as a father.
  • Basically, The Stepfather with superpowers.

In a sequel, Brandon becomes The Atoner and becomes a superhero a'la Max Damage in terms of personality.
But his attempts at heroism fail miserably, turning the sequel into a horror-comedy.

In a sequel, the main heroes will be parodies of Youtubers.
  • Including parodies of Pew Die Pie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, etc.
    • That would be too comedic and lighthearted for the Brightburnverse. Perhaps the protagonists will be regular Youtubers who gain superpowers.
    • Not necessarily. It would be a horror-comedy, with the parodies of Pew Diepie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier also being expies of male slasher movie victims. Their enemies would be evil expies of Deadpool, Shazam, John Constantine, and Kick-Ass.

In the sequel, Brightburn's archnemesis will the Expy of the Joker, not Lex Luthor.
Lex Luthor is already revealed to be a mere Conspiracy Theorist in this universe, so it's unlikely that he will be able to do much excepting rallying the people against Brandon. The Joker, on the other hand, is unmentioned, so there is a lot of ways his version can go.
  • Seeing how the Joker in Joker (2019) is a lower-class nobody who ends up amassing a large following through his words and actions, this might just work.

Alternatively, Brightburn's archnemesis will still be the Expy of Lex Luthor, but as it turns out, the Lex Luthor Expy secretly has a high-tech, EMP-proof mech-suit ready.

Brandon is not a brood parasite
His species are actually hyper-advanced, peaceful space-farers who seed primitive worlds with superpowered infants (tailored to fit in appearance-wise with the natives) in the hopes of uplifting and improving civilization across the universe. The syntax of the 'take the world' message is ambiguous in the alien language, but the intended meaning was more along the lines of 'lead the world'. Brandon was supposed to use his powers like Superman did: to fight injustice and protect the innocent. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a sociopathic little bastard. It happens.

There will be a crossover with Dead by Daylight.

The Joker Expy will be yet another Youtube conspiracy ranter in the Brightburn Universe.
Guess where the money he makes with his conspiracy theory videos goes to....

Brandon Breyer was originally gonna be an adult female character called Brianna Breyer.
Hence why Billie Eilish's Bad Guy is the theme song of the movie Brightburn.

Brandon Breyer is possessed by a demon from the Brightburn Universe's equivalent of the Phantom Zone.

Brandon Breyer will redeem himself in a sequel, but considering the dark nature of the Brightburn universe, Brandon Breyer's Redemption Equals Death.
  • And then the Brightburn Universe's version of the U.S. Goverment starts making an army of Brandon Breyer clones.

Brandon Breyer will be featured in Dead By Daylight as a killer, and in the lore it will be revealed to be conspiring with The Entity somehow.

IDW will make a Brightburn comic book series.
And it will crossover with Joe Hill's the cape. The crossover will reveal that the magic cape was NOT entirely burned and somebody else now has the magic cape.

Alternatively, Image Comics will make a Brightburn comic book.
Think Hack/Slash with supervillains instead of serial killers and monsters.

Or, as strange as it may sound, DC Comics will make Brightburn comic books.
Under their Black Label imprint.

Or, in a fit of irony, Marvel Comics will make Brightburn comic books.
This will require Marvel to bring back their Razorline imprint.

Brandon Breyer's grandparents will be the protagonists of a sequel.
And they will use high-tech weapons that can hurt Brandon in order to fight against Brandon.

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