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Erin is God in her stories.
Think about it. God says whatever Erin believes in Brewdening Love and its spin-offs, especially Edward Secert. Furthermore, Judaism and Christianity say that God crafted man in his image, and most of the characters agree with God's viewpoints except for the "sinnahs."
  • Well, Word of God is named after this very principle, in a way. But… does that make Joan this 'verse's version of Jesus?
    • If it does, than wouldn't that be considered incest on some level?

God and religion don't exist in Erin's stories.
Rather, the world has been enslaved by a race of vampires. Some are "obedient" and worship these vampires, and others try to go against them and ultimately get killed. These vampires studied humans and decided to use Christianity to recruit pawns. However, their view of Christianity was based on what they saw on television, hence why they are so extremist. Erin is a human agent for these vampires, who gets to experience all of the benefits of the vampires as long as she carries out their orders. She was chosen due to her seductive looks and having some psychic powers (hence how she "drove" to Italy- she teleported). However, she was tortured until she agreed to work for them, hence why her spelling is terrible and she constantly calls herself "Joan" and "Bella"- she snapped from the torture sessions.

Erin is a Cullenist.
Cullenism is based off of Christianity, except the members worship Twilight and it's characters. Erin claims to be Christian, but worships Twilight and its characters.

Erin is actually an Aaron, and he is gay and trolling the entire population.
Think about it. Aaron was your average guy, but he was gay in a religion where homosexuality wasn't cool. His sister had already gone to a camp, in the same breath that revealed that his sister was a lesbian. After that, he spiraled into a depression and came to the choice to keep his sexuality secret, to the point where he even tried to date girls in order to "cure" himself. Eventually, he gave up trying to date and went to, pretended to be a girl, and wrote "Brewdening Love" in order to mess with people's heads. The
rage he gets when he gets a negative review is also a result of, so he thinks, people getting closer to his identity. Hating Bella? Jealousy that he can't find true love like she can. The lack of any research whatsoever? All the better to make a convincing trollfic, my dear! His constant references and punishments to homosexuals? Simply reminding himself of his own sins, and unconsciously projecting it to the rest of the world.

There is no Mrs. Smith.
Mr.Smith and Brian were in a happy and loyal relationship that no one could get in the way of, so it wouldn't be possible. However, the church near their home was a religious cult that believed that homosexuality was an instant ticket to hell. They tried to kill Brian in the way that "God" killed Jacob in Edward Secert. But Brian, being Brian, managed to escape and burned down their hate shrines, causing them to chase after him until he escaped their clutches in Canada. Hugo was allowed to stay in Forks because he had lied that he would "fix" his own sexual orientation. (With Brian's permission.) They only managed to make contact over the phone a few times, when the church wasn't monitoring Mr. Smith's phone calls. While they were still together, though, they had adopted Joan and her sister. However, Erin, the one behind this universe, had turned Joan into a Mary Sue and made her follow the cult, who refused that Mr.Smith tell her it was a bad place and not a good representation of what Christianity was. Later, Joan's sister told her that she found out that she was a lesbian, and Joan freaked out and told the church, which sent her away to a child-abusing camp. Brian had learned about the monster that Joan had become, and had no choice but to join a secret part of the FBI that rescues Suefic victims from the Mary Sues. He managed to rescue Hugo by destroying Joan's house and they drove off into a romantic sunset. However, Erin is not on our side, and magically returned Hugo to purgatory with no given reason. This is why Joan never mentions having a mother, and only mentions her sister twice-she is obsessed with the fundamentalist ways and is trying to ignore her sister's existence.

The fic from the point of view of Joan is the sign of her descent into madness.
Okay, hear me out. There was a Mrs. Smith, but she died. Maybe after a very long time. Mr. Smith took care of her and was by her side in the final days. Joan was younger and still thought that her (atheist, unlike her mother and herself) father would somehow be able to save her mother, but nothing worked. Joan began to directly blame Hugo for not saving her, and became immersed in her mother's beloved religion, albeit in a misguided fashion. Meanwhile, at work (Hugo is a police officer, but Joan is so ignorant of him that she routinely mixes up occupations) Hugo meets Brian. They fall in love, but Hugo remains conflicted about the relationship. He knows his daughter wouldn't approve. Brian eventually convinces him that, if she loves him, she'll understand. She doesn't. The fire in chapter 28 was actually caused by Joan, who had discovered on her own that the two were dating, and felt that she should do something to cleanse them. She chose fire, nearly killing her father. Brian took her father to live with him, believing that it would end their nightmare. Unfortunately, he didn't count on Hugo's undying love for his child, nor that child's determination to kill Brian for ruining her cleansing ritual. This may or may not be the premise for this troper's fix fic.

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