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The bandit to civilian ratio would have eventually figured itself out
Well, assuming that only the PCs have the luxury of using the New-U stations while out of cash, this makes a bit of sense. There aren't enough targets to go around for the bandits, that much is agreed by most people, so their gear/cash/whatever comes from killing other bandits. Each kill is acompanied by cashing themselves up, swapping out better equipment and then moving along. When the bandits run out of cash, they don't come back. Which leaves teh strongest and most cunning alive last, the real surviviors out of the bandits who kep standing or hitting back harder for every time they died, with the best weapons slowly being filtered into the elite few remaining. So, given however long that would take, the bandit numbers would drop significantly, changing them from an oncoming horde of weak fighters to a select group of top-notch radiers. And the reason you never see them infighting? If you can see them, they can see you, and a Merc wandering into their camps guarantees new loot to be added to the pool, so a temporary alliance is formed in the hopes to give them more reasons to kill each other.
  • There are a few quests that explicitly mention that the bandits do have means of generating income and acquiring equipment beyond robbing people. For example, one quest requires you to destroy one of their mining operations and another quest has you looking into who they are buying weapons from. Infighting is only required if they are competing over resources, but there is no indication they are really hard up for them.

The reason Pandora has all kinds of crazy guns is because they're illegal everywhere else and nobody would dream of regulating Pandora-who really cares about Pandora, anyway?
If you were in the government of the Borderlands Universe, would you want people running around with so many Impossibly Cool Guns capable of Bizarre and Improbable Ballistics that are almost certainly going to be certain kill on people who haven't inhaled the 'Pandora Mutagen' (See my WMG below) and people running around with shields that could (in theory) do the same thing to other people? On Pandora, you have your basic slugthrowers ('Justice' revolvers made by Dahl and Jakobs, arguably Mashers, Combat Rifles, Jakobs guns, and a myriad of others. I don't want to list them, for that would break the wiki. Just see here.) but you also have ungodly powerful versions of those same guns that could probably reduce the average person to a fine red mist, (Mashers, the average Jakobs sniper before you find a better gun, and explosive handheld weapons of the rifle or shotgun variety. Or explosive Mashers.) guns that shoot really powerful acid and leave almost no trace of the enemy, (The Pestilent Defiler revolver is one of the most well known pistols that does this.) light people on fire, electrocute them, pistols and shotguns that shoot rockets and grenades, pistols that have 80 highly corrosive rounds in them somehow, a shotgun that shoots waves of energy that can cut through things, (TK's wave. It's not all that effective though) grenades that suck up shields in whirl winds and heal you in the process, an SMG that shoots spiralling bullets that can bounce off walls, (Violent SMG) a shotgun that shoots rockets in six round bursts, an alien flamethrowing shotgun, an SMG that shoots shotgun shells or more accurately four bullets at once out the same barrel, a gun that makes the enemy explode if you lock on to him for three seconds (kind of like the Hammer Of Dawn in principle) and that's not even considering the grenades weaponization capabilities of shields, and teleporters. I realize it could conceivably sound like I made up some of the weirder bits of Gun Porn here, but it's that kind of game and there's probably even weirder weapons.

It would be an absolute gorram nightmare to have the average citizen get ahold of most of these guns. No one, however, cares about Pandora except maybe the Crimson Lance, so companies like Jakobs, Dahl, Hyperion, and Atlas saw fit to move much of their manufacturing to Pandora where no-one would stick their noses where they don't belong and realize that the companies were putting artillery pieces in handheld form, thus making more money and having fun testing the limit of their utterly-insane-as-Tannis guns. As a result, Maliwan, Torgue, and other companies decided to get in on the action of Pandora and use it as a testing ground for their guns. I just realized that explains why there are all kinds of 'prototype' Maliwan guns lying around. As to how companies (Cough...Maliwan! Cough...) with heavy reliance on Elemental Tech get by, presumably they sell guns with weakened versions of the elemental effects.


There's a mutagen in the air that makes Pandorans more able to survive bullets and rockets, Pandora is a Penal Colony, and the creatures there are artificially created guards.
As you go through Pandora, your enemies will (hopefully) get stronger, able to challenge your newer, shiner, kick-assier gun, leading you to get more gun. It's just not natural that they could do that, and that the average person could survive getting hit with a rocket or a Jakobs gun and get back up. Now, going on the theory that Pandora is a Penal Colony the Eridians knew their prisoners would soon get stronger than the guard creatures they created, so they made a mutagen in the air that would make Skags, Spiderants, Rakk, Crabworms, Drifters, and Scythids stronger and able to deal elemental damage or shoot energy blasts (Seriously, why can Moe, Marley, and crabworms shoot the purple Eridian energy?). This is supported by how Ernest Whitting claims in the quest where you kill Skagzilla that it mutated as a result of exposure to oil and human consumption.

Sometime after the Eridians died out, the virus mutated so it affected humans as well. If the virus keeps mutating so the humans have the same deadly abilities as the aforementioned guard creatures, the Borderlands government (mentioned in WMG above this) will have to declare Exterminatus. No, that does not mean that I think Warhammer 40k is in the same timeline as Borderlands.

Borderlands takes place in the Warhammer 40,000 universe during the early dark age of technology
Honestly, this is a pretty easy crossover to make.

  • To start with, what the Borderlands universe knows as "Sirens" are actually some of the first human psykers to be verified to exist. All of them being women is either a coincidence or due to them being descended from the future Emperor of Man, whose (naturally fathered) female descendents were said to often be powerful psykers, in contrast with his more or less psychically blank male descendents.
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  • The lack of eldar, orks, or other familiar races from the 40k universe is due to the planet solely taking place on Pandora; pre-fall eldar territory is tens of thousands of light years away and back in those days the eldar stuck mostly to their core worlds, orks either haven't found there way out to Pandora yet or had their native Pandorian populations more or less wiped out by the early human forces, the necrons were still in hibernation at this point in time, the tyranids were off eating some other galaxy, the tau were still the equivalent of cave-men, and so on for all the minor 40k races.
  • Eridians were either an ancient eldar offshoot or the old ones themselves, and the monsters sealed in the vaults were powerful warp entities. Eridium is merely warp-tainted metal, which is why it causes those who mess around with it to mutate and it empowers the abilities of psykers.
  • Due to the fall of the eldar being about 10,000 years in the future, Chaos is down one major deity, and the slightly less malevolent eldar gods are still alive and kicking, so warp entities aren't nearly as widespread or destructive as they are in M41. Nevertheless, the influence of Chaos is still present on Pandora; bandits, particularly psychos, are tainted practically to a man by Khorne and/or Khaine, and are constantly getting new blood in their ranks to replace those butchered by in fighting, corporate forces, and random adventurers and vault hunters as people of Pandora continue to succumb to Khornate/Khainite corruption.
  • For some Borderlands 2 stuff, Zer0 is actually the pre-fall equivalent of an eldar outcast, who eschews the use of the eldar's innate psychic abilities and their hideously advanced weaponry for the sake of the challenge. It's also quite likely he's a follower of Khaine.

Steele is the person all four are looking for.
Since she is a CR officer, she could well be the nemesis of Roland and Mordecai, as they never met in person. Her look passes por a siren and "Brick Steele" is one of the Names To Run Away Pretty Fast. Honestly. I believe there will be a relevation.
  • Confirmed for Lilith, still not so sure about the other three.

Borderlands is the Future of the Left 4 Dead universe.
During the ZA, a bunch of small merc groups were formed. These groups started making guns, becoming the weapons developers in Borderlands. After the zombies were cleaned up, they started colonizing other planets. Dr. Ned's zombies were from working with the old Green Flu. They also used DNA splicing taking advantage of some of the mutations caused by the GF. Brick has some Tank DNA. Also, the main 4 are related to the Left 4 Dead main 4. Roland - Louis, Brick - Francis, Mordecai - Bill, Lilith - Zoey.

The bandits use the spawn points.
You know, you'd think that after killing enough people to populate a large town, you'd start to see a slight dip in the bandit population. Since you don't, it isn't too insane to think that, while you're back is turned, they just respawn somewhere on the map at one of the spawn points. In fact, many of the bosses can be killed more than once, further supporting this.

All of the playable characters know each other from childhood.
Strictly a guess from the opening video, in which we see a young Mordecai with a slingshot in the same tree as a young Lilith with a bubble wand. It's kind of out of frame in each shot, but you can juuust make out Roland in his tin-pan armor at the base of the tree; you also see his foot off to the left when we see Brick with the dog and labeled boxing glove. Maybe they're friends, maybe they're related, who knows?
  • We'll never know for sure, since what little backstory the game originally had for the characters was dropped early in preproduction and is briefly mentioned in the guidebook, probably so that the developers could sell sequels.
  • This troper assumed that the whole reason the group was working together was that they were all childhood friends.

The Destroyer is an Eldritch Abomination.
She is Cthulhu's girlfriend. You just pissed off Cthulhu.

The Destroyer is a necromorph
Self explanatory, really.

Midjets are really Child Soldiers
They just call'em midjets so you can sleep at night.
  • Jossed by multiple sources, most notably the official game guide. They're created by torturing their pregnant mothers. And really, these guys sleep at night just fine. Except Brick. Brick doesn't need sleep.

The Vault was not built to contain the Destroyer
The Destroyer was actually placed into the vault to act as a guard if anyone managed to open it. If the vault hunters had kept looking after killing it, they might have found the real contents of the vault.
  • Confirmed in Borderlands 2: At least the loot behind it, and the fact that the Destroyer was not inherently a threat. It is most likely that the Destroyer was only the guardian of that Vault.
  • Alternatively, another group of treasure hunters have already gotten past the Destroyer and raided the vault. The damn thing just respawned, and the previous group quietly sold off the collection of Eridian knick-knacks on the black market.

The Eridians were a peaceful society with a badly atrophied military
Four points to consider here: Firstly, four vault hunters were able to defeat a creature that apparently wiped out most of the Eridian civilization. Secondly, the last few levels are some of the easiest in the game, to the extent that many players regularly farm the guardians. Thirdly, although the Atlas corporation became the market leader by copying Eridian technology, all their weapons appear to use human designs. Finally, Eridian guns, though technically impressive, are totally impractical as actual weapons, with designs that suggest they were largely ceremonial rather than practical. The obvious conclusion is that the Eridians, despite having advanced civilian technology, had not fought any wars in a very long time and had lost much of the neccesary knowledge.

Sirens are people who have gained superhuman abilities due to alien technology. Berserk certainly seems like a superhuman power, and considering Brick upgrades it with Eridian artifacts, "caused by alien technology" doesn't seem like much of a stretch.
  • Does this mean Bloodwing is a Siren too?
    • Damn straight it does

Marcus Kincaid made the entire story up, and the game is simply the players acting out a series of bedtime stories he's telling to his kids
The opening cutscene involves Marcus responding to a request from someone to tell them a story about treasure hunters. At no point in the following cutscene does he mention that the story he's telling is actually true, and considering the number of times he randomly appears it's not implausible that he either made it up out of whole cloth or took a mostly true story and then added his own embellishments. This would also explain the ludicrous amount of Gun Porn in the game - Marcus is an arms dealer and gun nut, and just the sort of person who would work loving, detailed descriptions of his many, many guns into the story.
  • Even more obvious in Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, where Marcus really begins to phone it in.
  • Possible alternate—Marcus Kincaid isn't telling the story to "his" kids, he's telling it to a group of kids...the same kids we see in the opening cutscene, i.e. the Roland, Brick, Mordecai and Lilith we know from the game. What follows are the fantasies of this "Vault Hunters' Club", as they imagine themselves all grown up and very very butt-kicking. The reason the only friendlies on the planet appear to be Dr. Zed, Kincaid, Tannis (arguable), Pierce, T.K. Baha, Scooter, Crazy Earl and a bunch of faceless types in New Haven is because they're based on people the kids know from real life—Kincaid is a gun nut, Tannis and Earl are probably based on two figures everybody in town believe are crazy, and so on. The enemies are all wild animals or faceless because they don't want to think about the idea of watching someone else die horribly. The Claptraps are there because...well, they're kids, one of them is gonna want something cute to break up the action.
  • Another possible alternate— Marcus told the kid Vault Hunters about the vault, and the entire game is just their play-pretend as they go to find it. Roland threw in the idea of bandits as enemies, Mordecai the animal ones, and Lilith, being the girl, wanted Claptrap as the cute-offset. Brick? He's just happy to pretend to hurt things. Moreover, the guns effects are kids applying Rule of Cool to weapons fire.
    • That would explain why the characters are introduced as though they are given a role. Ex. Roland "as" The Soldier instead of Roland The Soldier. They are acting as the main characters of the story.
  • Another alternate— It is fairly obvious that Marcus is telling this as a story, but he does swear it is true. Furthermore, he appears to be telling this story on Pandora ("...and it happened 'right here', on Pandora"), so at least we know that exists. The main characters are essentially acting out his story, hence the captions in the intro, with the exception of Brick, introduced "as himself", possibly the only surviving member of the original group, or at least the only one available.
  • This theory got a big shot in the arm by the Claptrap DLC, as Marcus once again narrates the intro (and is criticised for his crappy metaphor), as well as the (short) epilogue. However, during the course of events in-game, he gets shot in the back by INAC. And pulls off a comedic one-liner before dying. But then after you win, he wraps up the story.
    • Marcus survived the attack. Claptrap wasn't using a Jakobs.
      • In anyone other than the PCs uses a New-U station, it would be Marcus.

Hyperion Corporation was founded by Eridians
Despite Atlas holding the lion's share of control over the planet, the fast travel system is still Hyperion make, as is Catch-A-Ride (and by extension, presumably, the Runners). That's an awful lot of fully functional Hyperion technology to be sitting around on a planet effectively owned by a competing company, which means that more than likely, Hyperion had a dominant presence on that planet long before Atlas's rise to power. More tellingly, Hyperion-made technology is MUCH more advanced than anything with any other company's brand on it. Reverse-engineering could explain their technological superiority, but why then isn't Atlas at the same level? Sure, Atlas is a head above (most of) the competition, but they still rely on Hyperion tech for teleportation. So where did their technology come from?

Hyperion Satellite 4N631, orbiting Pandora, is all but said to be the home of the Guardian Angel, or equally possibly, it IS the Guardian Angel. Think about the implications — a satellite created and maintained by Hyperion knew a lot of suspiciously specific information about the Vault, particularly that the Destroyer was in the vault. I highly doubt that satellite got that information from taking photos — so more than likely Hyperion had that information on hand while producing or maintaining the satellite. Catch that? Hyperion KNEW the Destroyer was in the Vault the whole time. The entire plot is The Plan orchestrated by Hyperion Corporation and the GA was built just for the occasion. But how did they know about the destroyer, the vault keys and how to open the vault?

The answer is simple. Eridians themselves played a fundamental role in the foundation of Hyperion Corporation. They brought their technology and knowledge on board and warned about the dangers of the vault. Some mistranslations early on started the rumors, which spread outside the company and across the wastes. It's completely possible that a few Eridians are alive and well, hidden within the confines of a Hyperion corporate building or space station.

  • Or Mr. Blake is an Eridian. He does seem to be made to resemble The G-man.
  • I hate to poke holes, but in the second game, the Guardian Angel contacts the new characters to help them kill Handsome Jack after he betrays them. Whatever she is, she is not with Hyperion, or at least not currently.
    • The sequel reveals that The Guardian Angel is actually a Siren named Angel and Jack's daughter, who he used to manipulate the Vault Hunters into killing The Destroyer.

Borderlands is the Bad Future of the BioShock universe.
Instead of genetic engineering, Fontaine dumps all his money into weapons development with the Atlas Corporation. Rapture quickly overwhelms the collectivist-ish civilizations on the surface with their acid-guns. By the turn of the century, humanity is out exploring the stars. By the time Pandora is discovered, the only real forms of government that humanity has had for generations are a few huge Mega Corporations.

Moxxi is Brick's sister.
  • Well, the second game reveals that Moxxi has a natural redneck accent, which is 'kind of' similar to Brick's. (Okay, not really)

Same color eyes, hair. Both seem to enjoy killing. Side material mentions Brick came to Pandora looking for his sister...

Side note on that: If one also goes with the game being imagined by a bunch of children, Moxxi is Bricks Cool Big Sis, which Mordecai and/or Roland has a crush on, hence the over sized breasts.

  • In that case, this makes Scooter Brick's nephew.
    • Which kinda makes sense that he's not in the story more. He lives further away and can't come over to play as often.
    • I always thought Moxxi was related to Tannis... somehow.
  • Jossed in the Mad Moxxi's Underdome DLC. Moxxi will occasionally make a comment about how Brick fights like his mother. Now Moxxi is a bit crazy seeing as she lives on Pandora, is the owner/ringmistress of the Underdome, and asked you to kill Mr.Shank (Her Ex, but he's a psycho so I'll let that slide) in the third DLC. YMMV on this, but I don't think she'd let her own mother fight in the Underdome, and if she did, she's the type of person that would tell her brother that information.
    • I disagree. Moxxi is EXACTLY the type of person that would let her mother fight in the Underdome, especially considering it has New-U machines.
      • then why didn't Moxxi say "our mother?"
      • It's a sibling gag as well as camouflage. It's like one twin telling the other she's ugly; it makes you go "ha ha, not that funny...oh wait."

Borderlands is the end of the Avatar series of movies.

Hypothetically, let's say that the sequel to Avatar features an all-out war between the humans and the Na'Vi, rather than a small merc company. The Na'vi lose, reduced to a small number of laborers. Humans take over the planet Pandora and strip mine it, creating awesome technology, and not caring that the Planet itself has cut them off from the rest of humanity. The Na'Vi, (now Eridians) steal the awesometech and attempt to fight back again, the planet creating the Destroyer to help them. The humans barely manage to seal the Destroyer away before they are destroyed utterly.

200 years pass, and Borderlands takes place. And later on, a reluctant Alphonso Knoxx returns to the planet that defeated his ancestor, Miles Quaritch, despite his wishes and soon devolves into suicidal depression.

  • There are problems with that theory, it is expressly said multiple times in-game that the Eridians sealed away The Destroyer, and the Guardian Angel says it isn't from the same dimension the player is in, so they could not have created it. Let alone the facts that the Na'vi couldn't evolve into Eridians in 200 years, the Na'vi learned English, were building out of anything BUT stone- which is what the Eridians ruins were built with- and the animals look nothing alike. Even animals that evolved from other animals have some similar traits. Prehistoric raptors and birds both have hollow bones, for example.

Borderlands is a rewritten version of Trigun
Think about it. They both have backstories involving humans migrating to a desolate wasteland planet. Everyone fends for themselves, groups of bandits are running amok, and the world uses technology that manages to be more advanced AND more deteriorated than ours. Moreover, the weapons are like ours, but WAY cooler-looking, the cast is dysfunctional, and there are apparently animals running around that look like strange versions of ones we're used to. Did we miss anything?

Borderlands is before the fall of Eldar.

It takes place during the Dark Age of Technology. Eridians are not extinct. They are eldar and are just not on the planet anymore.Furthermore

  • Lilith is a psyker.
  • Brick is a really intelligent orgyn.
  • The Destroyer is a daemon.
  • Guardians are wraithguards without a warlock.
  • The bandits are mutated orks that look more human and they have lost their gestalt psychic field and can only produce mutated orks (no oddboyz) and mutated gretchin (midgets).
  • Devastator armor is later recovered and made into Mark IV Astartes armor.
  • Claptraps became the Iron Men.
  • Digistruction is a lot like how this troper imagines Standard Template Constructors would work.

The planet Pandora in Borderlands has the moon Pandora from Avatar orbiting it.
  • One of the diaries you collect explains that the planet has a daytime rotation of 90 hours, yet in game play it's night time much quicker than that, which isn't a mistake, it's real time game play. The moon orbits the planet very quickly, causing regular solar eclipses, causing the illusion of night time. This also makes sense in that most people can beat the storyline in less than 90 game play hours.
    • It's mentioned in Tannis's first journal entry that the side of the planet you're on is permanently night-time, and the day-time is caused by the moon's high albedo reflecting the sun's light onto the planet. On the other side of the planet, your WMG still stands.
  • This also fits into the Avatar universe as the military is already present on the moon Pandora. They've been making under-the-table dealings to create better weapons on the planet to wipe out the Na'vi, turning it into a planet of advanced military weapons testing.
    • If that's true, the Na'vi are gonna get their asses kicked so damn hard. Just ask Vera here.
  • ...except that Avatar's Pandora actually orbits a gas giant known as Polyphemus. Clearly visible in several scenes in the movie.

The entirty of the Zombie Island DLC was just a collaboration between Zed and the Vault Hunters to film a movie
  • Think about it. It was a story being passed down, there was kind of a movie plot going on, and since the New U machines can bring people back from the dead, all of it could have all been an elaborate attempt to film a movie.

Vladof is related to Izhmash
Think about it: what are both companies known for? Vladof makes guns that are easy to use and take care of. Izhmash makes the Kalashnikov series. Further reinforced by the fact that Vladof weapons tend to be not particularly accurate, but extremely easy to use (and presumably also maintain). While in good hands, the AK-47 can rival semiautomatic rifles, most terrorists and freedom fighters probably will use full auto. The orange/brown finish with gray/white accents parallels the use of wood in the foregrip and stock of early model AK's, and the Eastern European/Russian name theme only makes it obvious.
  • Additionally, with Borderlands 2's Vladof weaponry, they gain a significantly more Soviet aesthetic - and indeed, the receiver of most Vladof rifles bares a heavy resemblance to the AK-100 series and to the more recent AK-12.

The entire game is a live-action story(like, a play) and Pandora is the stage
  • Basically combining the theories of it being a bedtime story and Zombie Island being a movie, along with the fact that Pandora as a whole loops at least twice. Consider:
    • New-U stations can bring people back to life. All those bandits and everything that get killed are actually dieing, but they come back just fine. This also allows for less people to be used, as one bandit can play the part of many instances of seeing a bandit.
    • The guardian angel knows what is supposed to happen for most of the game(that part where she says it wasn't supposed to happen is drama). It's easy to tell the future when you wrote the script.
    • Ideally, the Vault Hunters don't ever die throughout the story, which can be accomplished easily enough once one knows the game. This is because they are the heroes, and heroes never die(even if there's an arbitrary not-dieing-machine pre-built into the story).
    • Whoever is putting on this show has a lot of resources, as they are controlling a large portion of a planet(if not all of it, at least enough to ensure isolation from normal).

The events of the game really did happen, but the main game and DLC are being retold with various levels of accuracy.
The main game and the Zombie Island DLC have narrations by Marcus being told as stories to kids. Basically the "main" game becomes a legend that repeats more or less every 200 years (in keeping with the "2 and 2.5 playthroughs are the result of a time loop" theory). The Zombie Island DLC was an event which occurred in the then current iteration of the loop which Marcus told as a Halloween story. The Mad Moxxie DLC was the Vault Hunters taking part in some gladiatorial games to capitalise on their fame from becoming legendary heroes (and was being broadcast as a reality TV show or something). Finally, hearing of their fame, Athena contacted them to help fight their mutual enemy; the Atlas corporation. That part of the game is them fighting for survival after the well known part of their story happens and is thus "real" (rather than being a story). The Robot Rebellion DLC will flip the other way and be the result of them helping make a PSA on why Claptrap abuse is wrong and thus completely fictional.
The Gardian Angel becomes Claptrap Ninja Assasin
The Signal that transforms Claptrap into a "Ninja Assasin" came from the GA's satalite. Also, she is fond of the other Claptraps, thus why she's making a Roborevolution in the new DLC.

One of the bosses of the roborevolution DLC will be a Claptrap Combining Mecha.
One claptrap for each limp, one for the body, and the ninja assassin claptrap for the head.
  • Jossed, though there is a Mega Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap, which is just a really big war vehicle that the Claptrap commandeers.

Borderlands II will take place on Pandora.
Somehow they will hammer in Borderlands into the Avatar continuity and the Vault Hunters will migrate to Avatar's Pandora after picking their Pandora clean. The player can either side with the Navi or obliterate them, depending on their opinion of the movie.

Mad Moxxi is not really Scooter's mom

Mad Moxxi is actually Scooter's stepmother. He just thinks Mad Moxxi is his mom due to seeing her around his father occasionally, or alternatively, because she is his father's current wife. In reality, unbeknownst to himself, Scooter might possibly be the same age or older than Mad Moxxi.

  • Mad Moxxi isn't currently married.
  • Scooter doesn't look old if you actually look at him, he's just dirty. Due to the art style, the dirt slightly over emphasizes the lines on his face.
  • Mad Moxxi explicitly calls Scooter her son.

Borderlands is the distant past of the Killzone universe

The Crimson Lance eventually settled on the Death World of Pandora, made it their own, caused the planet to become even more toxic, and became the Helghast.

Borderlands is the far future of Mamoru Oshii's Kerberos Saga

The fast-food grifters and other crazy people became the main space colonists. The Kerberos unit grew to become the Atlas corporation, taking their Greek mythology theme-naming to the next level.

Marcus Kincaid is the Heavy

Sure he doesn't have a medic to accompany him, nor was Marcus bald, but Marcus is a weapons affacianado, as is the Heavy. Also, when you get to the vending machines, it may sound like Marcus was saying "boolits".

  • Relatedly, Dr. Zed could also be the Medic. He did lose his medical license after all...

The Guardian Angel is the game's main antagonist

The Guardian Angel has secretly been the game's main antagonist all along. She's actually trapped inside of the Vault, and has been giving you visions and such to help goad you into opening the Vault and releasing her. She's trapped inside because she caused a massive apocalypse on Pandora, mutating the sentient beings into Rakks and Skags and such. The only reason she singled out the protagonist was because they were on Pandora to open the Vault in the first place.

  • Pandora was always a desolate, nearly uninhabitable wasteland. That's the whole reason the Vault was located there in the first place. They wanted a planet that was less likely to be disturbed. If the rumors of the Vault hadn't gotten around, Pandora would probably be uninhabited.

Pandora used to be where The Elder Scrolls games were set
My only evidence is that the second I saw and then fought a Rakk, I was reminded of Cliff Racers. That's all the evidence I need, as far as I'm concerned.

Krawmerax the Invincible is trapped on that Plateau.
It doesn't seem to be trying to go anywhere else, despite burrowing abilities.

Krawmerax is taking random form.
  • Note, the person who gave you that quest to fight him says he was totally making it up. Krawmerax is really some kind of mental Eldritch Abomination that simply took the form that the mission giver was thinking of.
    • It's able to constantly regenerate even instantly after leaving it's lair because all the New U stations are weakening the spiritual barriers.

Avatar, Left 4 Dead, and Borderlands are all the same universe, but none take place on Earth.
Imagine the Left 4 Dead scenario above along with both Pandoras being the same. In Avatar, they were in cryo for 6 years. There is no planet that close to Earth. You would need to use light speed, and according to the theory of relativity, time would be stopped and you wouldn't age. Thus no need for cryo. Therefore they cannot have taken off from Earth. Also, not once in the movie did humans state they were from Earth.

The Hyperion Satellite at the end of the game is a Red Herring.
There is no actual evidence that Hyperion should have any more knowledge of the vault than Atlas. It's quite possible the Guardian Angel simply hijacked a satellite that happened to be owned by Hyperion.

Steve is Moxxi's second husband, and Scooter's father.
Moxxi was lying/joking when she said Shank was her second husband. In the intro to MMUR, she mentions "Breaking her toy", followed by a picture of Steve shouting his catchphrase before being crushed. and in the base game, scooter will occasionally comment that his father is wheelchair-bound. At some point, Moxxi crippled her second husband/father of her child, and they ended up separated.
  • Jossed, sort of. Scooter's father is Papa Hodunk, an NPC and possible enemy from the second game.

The people of Pandora will eventually evolve in the Orks.
Both societies are based around the need to get More Dakka.

The characters you can play as in Borderlands 2 are the children Marcus was narrating to in the original.
They're following in their idols' footsteps.
  • They can't really be children then because there is only a couple year time lapse between Borderlands and Borderlands 2. They would have to be at least 15 or so when the events of Borderlands was taking place.

The four original Vault Hunters will be bonus playable characters in Borderlands 2
Perhaps as a bonus for completing the game will unlock the original characters, or they'll become available as DLC. And, since it's Borderlands, the game will NOT change if one of the Vault Hunters is selected as a character. So, theoretically, we'll see Roland's good buddy Roland coming to rescue Roland after he gets captured and this will not be treated as odd, just like if one of the new characters was selected for play.
  • Except Gearbox has explicitly said the original characters are NPCs and will not be unlockable, secret, or DLC characters. The reason they aren't available is because they wanted to overhaul the characters, but they didn't want to do so by changing the capabilities of the original characters. For example, Gunzerker was designed to perform the same role as Berserker, without the flaws that made Brick generally considered to be the worst character in the game.
    • Brick, worst character? Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

The orphan child Marcus is narrating 'The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned' to is Tiny Tina.
Eh, why not?

The GOTY Edition Map is inaccurate information.
...Given out by the Pandora government, to stall Vault Hunters from finding it.

Seriously, does anyone have a better one? It's not that it isn't sort of accurate, it's just that entire areas have been flipped.

Commandant Steele is Borderlands' Lin Beifong

Or the other way around. Strict discipline, control over martial forces, name suggestive of metal/steel affinity, a suggested softer side if she wasn't out to kill you...

The Heavy is Brick's Ancestor, or atleast related
Think about it. Both have similar facial structures, Both are described as "A massive specimen of a man" Both are bigger and more muscular than anyone around them, Both preffer heavy weaponry and their fists.

Pandora used to be Earth 2 and the Guardian Angel is Eve
Goodness knows what happened to the Terrians, but a planet largely populated by convicts with a few pioneers and scientists, and a orbiting satellite housing an AI that pretends to be a person?

Unified theory of what the destroyer was, what the vault is, what happened to the Eridians, and why their guns sucked
The 'vault' wasn't an artificially created interdimentional space, but was a portal to a naturally existing alternate dimension. The destroyer wasn't something contained there, it was a creature naturally living there that was drawn to the portal. It is stated that the destroyer was weaker in the normal reality, you know what else sucks in that reality? Everything Eridian. That is because the Eridians were originally from the other side. The reason they vanished was because they were cut off from their home by the portal's 200 year cycle and wiped out by Pandora's wildlife other than a few survivian guardians. The destroyer may have even been an Eridian trying to get back in.

The Guardian Angel is an Eridian A.I.
It was left by the Eridians to ensure that what is contained in the Vaults - all of which are dangerous, like The Destroyer is and "The Warrior" will most assuredly be - doesn't get out. Think about it - she contacts the protagonists of the first game when there's a threat of The Destroyer being released, and then disappears once it's taken care of. Then in the second game, she contacts the new heroes when Handsome Jack wants to get his hands on something called "The Warrior" that's contained in another Vault, which I'm willing to bet will be located on the moon. She merely hijacked the Hyperion satellite - She never explicitly refers to herself as a guardian angel, so the name was likely appropriated from the satellite's designation.
  • Jossed. She's Handsome Jack's daughter and a Siren.

When Patricia Tannis thought her ECHO recorder was talking to her, it was really Angel using the ECHO recorder to talk with her
  • In the first set of recording you have found Angel needed to know how much Tannis knew about the Vault to know how to manipulate the first wave of Vault hunters, and where better to get that information than the source. The only reason Angel was not on the ECHO recordings was because she edited herself off the them.
    • Given that Tannis is confirmed to have Aspergers Syndrome, it is entirely possible that she simply didn't quite directly connect her ECHO recorder talking to her as a person on the other end hacking into it.
  • When Tannis has her second major crazy period, it's talking with someone you don't see to get the ECHO network back online. Angel could have been using the loudspeaker to speak, and besides Angel was the other person with the technical know-how and motivation to get the ECHO network back online. Tannis' instructions on how to turn the ECHO network back on are described as "an argument with either an invisible cell mate or a rat" and it would make sense that the argument with Angel who couldn't hear Tannis, but could look at Tannis' notes through the security cameras in the base where Tannis is being kept.
    • Also, Angel probably wanted to talk to someone who is definitely outside of Handsome Jack's control, and by making people think that Tannis is crazy, she was able to make sure that Handsome Jack didn't both to spy on her
    • This also explains at least part of the "Ceiling Chairs" ECHO logs from Tannis: Angel talking to via a speaker in one of the chairs when Tannis' torturers weren't around, and Tannis, because of her Ambiguous Disorder (confirmed to be Aspergers) thought that it was the chair itself talking to her.

Everyone is actually an Eridian diluted with human.
First off, the gun manufacturers descended from Eridians. Which explains how, say, S&S can fit huge amounts of bullets in a little pistol magazine, or a shotgun can shoot rockets. Or Storage Decks in general. It's all Eridian technology (after all, they built a portal in the side of a little mountain to hold a beast capable of destroying the whole world. Who says they couldn't put a million bullets in a backpack or a magazine?) Eridian guns themselves are only relics.Also, the players are all Eridians. Brick and Lilith's special skills are obvious, but even Roland and Mordecai can deck their action skills out with Eridian technology, even though that'd be impossible to do otherwise (i.e. no Crimson Lance Engineers have elemental effects on their turrets).Tannis is a more pure Eridian: she has the advanced mind of an Eridian, but she's been brainwashed so that she doesn't know all of the secrets of the Vault herself. As a side-effect, she's a schizophrenic sociopath. It would also explain how she doesn't even bat an eye when she says she'll keep the Vault Key safe for 200 years - she's either immortal or has a very long lifespan.The Guardian Angel is another pure-ish Eridian. That's why she knows about the Vault.
At least one of the wannabe vault hunters from Tales from the Borderlands will become a playable character in Borderlands 3
Presumably after they've taken a level in badass and/or gone completely nuts.
Atlas didn't get anything from the alien artifacts.
Atlas guns, outside of having better dps (damage per shot) than Hyperion guns, are inferior in every stat. When Atlas found the artifacts sales skyrocketed at the announcement, then, they found out the tech could do nothing for them gun wise, so they lied and said alien tech was incorporated into their weapons to keep sales up while looking desperately for some alien tech they can use.

Borderlands is set in the Judge Dredd universe.
Abnormal Ammo and Impossibly Cool Weapons go hand in hand in both verses, as is The Apunkalypse. Offworld colonies exist in both verses. Pandora is a backwater after all.

all of the "human" characters are really The Fair Folk


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