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Future characters for Super Bomberman R
Since Konami confirmed that they're not done with the game yet after releasing the Grand Prix update, possible candidates include:
  • Max
    • Confirmed exclusively for the Nintendo Switch version.
  • Regulus
  • Devil Bomber
  • Buggler (original design)
  • Bomber Elite
  • Bonk
  • Master Higgens
  • Twinbee
  • Solid Snake
    • Confirmed, alongside Naked Snake.
  • A representative of Contra
    • Confirmed in the form of Lance Bomber.
  • Sparkster
  • Dark Magician Girl
  • Nitros

Natia survived Bomberman Hero.
Endol, Baruda, Bolban, and Cronus all very clearly explode when taken down, while Natia just keeps on flashing, either falling on her ass the in the first round or just standing there in the second. The only other boss to not explode is Nitros, who is shown in cutscene to have survived, ergo...

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