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Red Guardian and the other Black Widows will die
Since this is an Interquel and these characters were nowhere to be found in movies that would otherwise take place later, it seems likely they all end up getting killed in their battle against Taskmaster. If any of them survive, it would probably be Yelena as she took over the Black Widow mantle in the comics.
  • Considering that they mainly seem to be allied with Natasha over going after the Red Room, it might not be that ominous that they weren't present helping her in Avengers: Infinity War (after all, even major characters like Hawkeye were gone there). And come Avengers: Endgame they might have been finger-snapped or, given the collapsed infrastructure, been too difficult for her to find and contact.

This movie will be a set up for Thunderbolts.
By the end, or possibly in The Stinger, Ross will capture Taskmaster and begin plans for a Thunderbolts team.

By the end of the film, Natasha will dye her hair blonde.
This will complete her look for Avengers: Infinity War.

There are actually multiple people calling themselves Taskmaster, and the real one with a more comics-accurate costume is being kept hidden until later in the film or the MCU
The comics version of Taskmaster often trains villains so it’s not too far fetched to think he might be training people here. Bonus points if it’s an updated Red Room which would explain why the surviving Black Widows would be interested in dismantling it.

The movie takes place in an alternate universe
Phase 4 is set to introduce the multiverse to the MCU properly, and this movie will do so unexpectedly. The movie will seem like a straight interquel until the stinger, where Natasha gets a visit from Nick Fury — played by David Hasselhoffnote . Then, moments later, one of the post-Endgame Avengers will arrive, in a quantum suit, announcing that Natasha has to come with them, effectively "reviving" her as they did with Gamora.

The movie takes place in our universe, but the stinger will be set in an alternate universe where Natasha will be saved on Vormir.
Natasha would not want to leave her own timeline, so the only way to save her would be to meet her on Vormir, by which time she already doesn't belong in the timeline she's in. The stinger will involve her arriving on Vormir only to be greeted by an Avenger in a quantum suit who tells her that she has already sacrificed herself and so is free to come back to her original timeline with them.

Taskmaster’s Identity

Black Widow will be the least family-friendly movie in the MCU to date.
Could possibly be the hardest PG-13 possible by MCU standards, or even the first ever film in the franchise to be rated "R".

Silver Sable will be introduced in The Stinger.
In the event the Silver & Black movie never gets made, Sony can instead just loan her to the MCU much like what they did with Spider-Man.
  • One way she might appear is if she's hired to hunt one or more of the black widows over a past assassination.

Natasha has been cloned, like she was in the comics
Said clone will be discovered to exist in this film, and, following Endgame, another character will free said clone, allowing Scarlett Johansson to return at some point in the future outside of prequels or interquels.

One of Natasha's friends will turn out to be The Mole.
  • It will be nice if this is subverted for once, but lets face it, the MCU doesn't have a good track record about having villains from the comics who the trailers made look heroic (such as Mysterio, Loki -in the first Thor movie anyway-, Mordo and the Star-Force) actually turn out to have undergone Adaptational Heroism. And the MCU also loves having complex villains, so it would make sense for one of Natasha's allies to be a False Friend. Assuming this theory is right, then Melina seems like the strongest bet, given that her character has never been heroic in the comics, while Yelena and Red Guardian have had their moments.

Yelena will be reimagined as a villain
It makes a classic example of being a reflection of the hero and Natasha having to defeat a little sister-type would give the climax an emotional thrust. The actress Florence Pugh has also said this is not a passing the mantle, type of film, implying there will be something more to their relationship.

Yelena may potentially become the next Black Widow, but not until a later film
While the theory directly above this one does sound like something the MCU might throw at us, Pugh's statement was sufficiently vague to leave room for the possibility that her character will eventually take up the mantle, just not in this movie, which only serves to introduce her to the audience.

One of the villains may be someone from another movie
A lot of the speculation about one of Natasha's allies turing on her comes form how Taskmaster's actor has yet to be identified and how the trailer didn't seem to show any other villain. Perhaps that is to make for a bigger surprise when a previously appearing character, albeit perhaps just a minor one like Madame B., returns.

There will be a shout-out to Dottie Underwood
It makes sense, given the MCU's love for continuity nods and her being a graduate of the Red Room.

There will be a reference to, if not an out right cameo by Thanos.
Given that this is an Interquel set between Civil War and Infinity War, it's not out of the realm of possibility. Maybe toward the end we hear a news broadcast about the attack on New York while Natasha is dying her hair blonde. It was rumored that Thanos will appear in Phase 4, this movie and Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness seem like the most likely candidates. Since the Thanos WE know is dead.
There will be a reference to the events of ‘’Black Widow: Pale Little Spider’’
As the first miniseries to give Yelena a solo role, a serious bit of backstory about how the red room got the man who trained her and who she loved. killed as a training test could add to her characterization. On the flip side, marvel could have half-humorous Noodle Incident where she mentions fighting a dominatrix once.
General Nikolai Zakharov will appear
While he is a Punisher villain, other ‘’The Punisher MAX’’ villains have been adapted for the MCU and with his cold warrior backstory and maintaining a certain amount of honor and awesomeness even after crossing the Moral Event Horizon, Zakharov could be the kind of complex, intense character the MCU looks for in its Big Bad’s. The fact that he has somewhat interesting henchmen/subordinates who could also be adapted such as The Mongolian, Colonel Lugansky, Captain Dolnovich and Major Yeremin also helps.

The possibility of Natasha and Yelena trading identities will be dangled in front of us but unfulfilled
Many fans on social media have noticed a vest Yelena has in the trailer is similar to the one Natasha wire in ‘’Avengers: Infinity War’’ while some wonder if it will be a gift from Yelena or something taken if she dies, many have taken it as a sign that Yelena and Natasha will somehow trade faces (something that did happen in the comics once) and that it will be Yelena who died in ‘’Avengers: Endgame’’ while Natasha survives to return. This theory seems questionable in the light of Natasha’s maintaining personal connections with all of the other Avengers that Yelena would have had a hard time faking and because of how Red Skull addressed her as “Natasha, daughter of Ivan” and if that had been Yelena she would have presumably been suspicious if that gaffe rather than taking it as a sign that Red Skull has to be telling the truth about the required sacrifice.That being said, the idea that Marvel will tease for a moment that might happen and keep Natasha alive, only to then yank it away from the audience, is a believable scenario.
Yelena, Melina or Red Guardian will be a heroic Double Agent
Given that they are spies (or at least the two women are) it might be an original, impressive moment if the movie initially makes it look like there's a traitor in the group, only for that traitor to be playing a long-game to undermine and get closer to the villains and spring a trap on them.

Alexei will make a few Shout-Out's to Stranger Things
It's the kind of Meta joke that might be hard for the filmmaker to pass up.
  • Alexei will be shown to have some form of affection for Chilly Willy, The Beary Family, or another Walter Lantz Productions cartoon.
  • Alexei will compare himself to a police chief during one scene.
  • Alexei may sing Big Jim to himself after intimidating someone.

Alexei will spend a lot of time pestering Natasha with questions about the Avengers, particularly Captain America and the Hulk
It would be fitting for the comedic aspect to his character that the trailer implies. It seems natural that he'd curious about his Alternate Company Equivalent Captain America, especially considering how much Captain America has accomplished. He would also likely be curious about The Hulk, especially if he and Natasha were still romantically involved here, given their arguably similar status as The Big Guy, and if he's aware that Natasha was involved with the Hulk, could spend a lot of the film joking about how it's obviously because the Hulk reminded her of him.

If Red Guardian survives, there will be a Post-credits scene, and/or susbquesent film where he meets Falcon/Captain America II
It would have a lot of potential for character interaction given how both's identities were inspired by Captain America, as well as their potentials to be each others Foil, as Sam is a Legacy Character at his new identity and Red Guardian an older, established figure.

Bucky Barnes will be seen or mentioned
  • Given his past as the Winter Soldier, he might have some black ops connections or knowledge that Natasha could make use of, especially considering since they were on the same team at the end of Captain America: Civil War. The fact that she met him during his time as the Winter Soldier could also be important.
  • Maybe he knows Taskmaster and can provide information about him.
The Crimson Dynamo Armor will make a cameo appearance but no one will be wearing it
Dialogue will imply that Russia may be forming The Winter Guard
It could be an interesting Sequel Hook, and one path that Red Guardian (a member in the comics) could take if he survives.
Colossus or one of his siblings will cameo as a way to introduce the X-Men to the MCU
Possible flaws for Red Guardian based on the January 10th statements by David Harbour
David Harbour talks about how Red Guardian will be a character of both tragic and comical flaws throughout the movie, making it interesting to guess what kind of flaws he means.
  • Given that he used to be married to Melina (and not Natasha, based on recent released footage) according to interviews and apparently isn't anymore, it's possible that he cheated on her possible due to the celebrity status of being Red Guardian.
  • He'll have a Dirty Coward moment if he's ever at the villains mercy and then struggle to redeem himself for it.
  • He might get Hot-Blooded at the wrong moment like Peter Quill infamously did in Avengers: Infinity War and nearly screw things up.
  • He may take steroids to try and be as strong as actual super-powered heroes.
Nat's goal is to destroy the Red Room and put an end to the Black Widow program.
Taskmaster might just be an obstacle, something similar to the Winter Soldier.

Taskmaster is a woman
Natasha's "sister" Yelena is Taskmaster. It seems like Taskmaster is mimicking Black Widow's moves in the trailer, but really "he" was trained by the same people. They are going for a realistic take on the villain.
  • Yelena looks too short to be wearing that armor, although given the nature of armor, it could be adding to her height. She was also seen clad in white, apparently on the same mission where Melina and Red Guardian seem to be fighting Taskmaster in the trailer, although whether this could either rule her out or take place right before The Reveal.
  • Another possibility is that Taskmaster could be the best of the new generation of Widows.

Taskmaster will survive the events of the film
They will then be a recurring villain in future films, perhaps imperiling the next proper incarnation of Avengers.
If Taskmaster is a recurring villain, then he/she won’t be unmasked in this film to add to the allure of the characters next appearance

Tony Leung will appear as the Mandarin in the post credits scene
Perhaps a character in the movie will even be revealed to be working for the Mandarin, showing his reach. Regardless, it would be a good way to hype of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, given it'll be out only one film after Black Widow.
  • Maybe he'll hire Taskmaster and/or any surviving evil Widows.
Captain Britain will get name-dropped
  • If he exists in this continuity, Red Guardian could provide an opportunity for that, maybe calling Captain Britain another recent rip-off of the Captain Patriotic shtick he and Captain America had, or someone else between him and Captain America that Russia was trying to rip off when they gave him his title.

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