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Nosedive: Port Mary will become the future Capital of Panem.
Over the decades, that exclusive village for high-rated elites becomes ever more and more exclusive, to the point where it ends up walling itself off from the rest of the country, and beefing up security at the gates, with The Beautiful Elite from all over the country pouring in and retreating behind its walls in a centralised form of "white flight". Meanwhile, the rest of the excluded, ill-rated country (explicitly the United States, as shown by the flag in one scene) goes through a number of chaotic upheavals and eventually coalesces into the thirteen districts of the new nation of Panem, while Port Mary builds upward, expands in population, adds skyscrapers onto its glitzy suburbs, and slowly grows from a mere luxury residential village into the new nation's glossy seat of power, the Capitol. The episode proper is already set 20 Minutes into the Future, so real-world problems like climate change are hinted at, and may have gotten worse in the meantime: over time, some of these, coupled with other unstated problems both natural and manmade, not to mention the extrapolated consequences of Port Mary's growing class discrimination, might snowball into whatever flashpoint caused the Dark Days, at which point the conflict between the Port Mary-turned-Capitol and the Districts (themselves of varying levels of wealth, but none anywhere near the high-fours and fives of the Capitol) sparks into an all-out war, which sees District 13 going underground and taking the nation's nuclear arsenal, and the Capitol covering up by publicising the district's apparent obliteration. As the dust settles, the Capitol, in a new attempt to impose order, brings the remaining twelve districts in line by mandating annual fights to the death between teenage representatives of all the districts. The rule is, There Can Only Be One, and that's how the first, annual Hunger Games began.
  • Except that the capital of Panem seems to be set inland in the Rocky Mountains or similar terrain (Colorado probably), not at a "port" implying the ocean. No mountains appear in the vicinity of Port Mary anyway, as they clearly do around the capital of Panem.

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