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Jamie's fetus survived the crash
In the 2007 show, Jamie was not only horribly injured in the car crash, but was also pregnant and lost the fetus. That's an odd detail to add to the modern version, unless it will be important later on. And consider how difficult it must be to add bionic parts to an adult body and have them work with the natural organs. Even having just one bionic arm must be a struggle. But if you gradually add bionic parts to a fetus as it grows, the brain and nervous system will specially adapt to them and treat it as normal development. A fetus's ability to heal rapidly without scarring can't hurt either.

Therefore, Jamie's fetus didn't die. It was kidnapped, and is being transformed into the next model of bionic person.

Jamie's fetus was disassembled to create her "Anthrocytes"
Just to prove that there are far more twisted options than the above. The "Anthrocytes" are souped-up stem cells from her early-stage embryo. The bionic process will ONLY work on a pregnant woman, who has a ready source of stem cells that her immune system already recognizes.
  • This would explain why, despite there being far more male soldiers than female ones, both of the bionic people were female. Even when someone speculated about bionicizing his fatally ill parent, it was his mother.

The remake came to a sudden end in-universe because Revolution happened.
  • When you have a blackout occur worldwide that renders everything electrical useless, that means electromechanical implants become useless. Without those implants, you have a dead main character. Without a main character, you have no story. So...the end.


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