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Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN is set in the 4Kids version of the Naruto universe.
The plot arrives to an epic storyline, even though you begin by dealing with characters with names like Grandmaster P, J-Diddy, and Z-Dog. The original quality of the storyline and writing, manages to show through, even though 4Kids is doing their very best to adapt it to something that is aimed at an American target audience.
  • Juice Bar flavor text points to BvS being a dub universe, though it doesn't specify 4Kids.

The RNG is also the 11DBHK
To be precise, each is an aspect of one larger being. The 11DBHK represents good, by creating the universe, and the RNG represents evil and/or chaos. The reason for the existence of the RNG is that the balance of Fail and Awesome must be maintained or else so much Awesome will be accumulated that the entire world will become Wasteland.
  • "You walk up to The Crank, the secret dial that controls the difficulty of life. The eerie architecture that houses it looms over the landscape, glowing darkly, clack-clack-clacking as the 11DBHK spins The Grand Crank to and fro, cackling. 'Lucky Sevens on the first try for you...... * CLACK CLACK CLACK* and all ones on that Spy Attempt for YOU!'" I think this is now confirmed...
    • Actually, it is Jossed. The RNG's humanoid form is the Red-headed Ninja Girl.

Red Eyes are associated with the RNG.
White Eyes are associated with The Code. Legacy ninja are associated with Awesome. What's the third major player in the BvS universe that's not associated with a bloodline we know about? Yep.
  • Given that the RNG is evil, and the general outlook of the Uchiha, this makes a disturbing amount of sense.
  • Makes you wonder exactly who invented all those RedEye jutsu.

Billy, The 11DBHK, The Flash, and SNAKEMAN are related.
It's widely suggested that Billy is related to either the 11DBHK or The Flash. Maybe they're all related:
  • The Flash is a force of Awesome. His son is the 11DBHK.
  • The 11DBHK was a force of Awesome, but has been corrupted by the RNG (see The Crank).
  • SNAKEMAN is the 11DBHK when he's allowing his RNG nature to completely overcome him.
  • Billy is the son of the 11DBHK, and is being torn between Awesome and Fail - which may be why he's heading in a third direction, Pirates.

The RNG is not evil, it's Chaotic Neutral.
And its natural extensions...
  • Awesome is Neutral Good: Order and Chaos don't matter, as long as you're Awesome.
  • Code is Lawful Neutral: Good and Evil don't matter, as long as reality is resolvable and solvable.
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  • The RNG is Chaotic Neutral: Good and Evil don't matter, as long as reality is unpredictable and always changing.
Of course, this implies a fourth, Neutral Evil force... Baw? Fail?
  • The Grind, which is specifically defined as being directly opposite to Awesome, may qualify. The Grind is assumed to be an aspect of The RNG, but maybe is actually pulling some Eldritch Abomination behind the Cosmic Force stunt.
  • There are now Quests to side with either the Flash or the RNG named, Chaos and Order, surprisingly the RNG Quest is Order and the Flash's quest is Chaos. also the creator, McMasters, has said that awesome is Neutral Neutral (not good or evil) for the reason given before (It doesn't mater what you are, as long as you are awesome).

Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN is what all anime is actually about.
Specifically, all anime is about the battle between Awesome and Fail. The RNG takes a different form in each universe, and the champions that hold it back are rarely seen (they are off fighting after all). The conflict is generally hidden within the ultimately unimportant plot of the anime, so this fact is usually not noticeable.

Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN is all animé.
Specifically, it is an Amalgam Universe of all notable animé and manga that have ever happened or ever will happen, leavened with a good bit of other series. And Cici knows this.

Legacy is green.
There are three dragons in Mahjong. Two line up with bloodlines: Red and White. The third, Green, matches up to Legacy. Legacy is also associated with the Genjutsu stat which is green.
  • Hm... I can easily see Bruces Jr. and Sr. as legacy, and they dress in all green....

There is only one ninja, the player.
Everyone else is also the player or one of their Shadow Clones with a certain number of loops under their belt (possibly more than the player currently has) and Sexy Jutsu as necessary. This includes your Kage (assuming you're not the Kage, except that you are), those lazy ninja you just booted from your village, The 11DBHK, The RNG, The Flash, Crazy Jutsu Lady, The 11-Tailed Fox, etc. Just about the only things that aren't The Player are the WorldKai as they explicitly come from beyond your universe (and even then...).
  • The Pizza Witch plot line adds to this theory, with a number of quests (and associated deliveries) have you come face to face with you from another season, and an infinite number of you's from different seasons. The final quest/delivery of your first play through of Pizza Witch, "Face to Face", has you racing up the Spire on your ride, before being confronted with an infinite number of copies of yourself, all theoretically from different Seasons. However, only one of you makes it: the you from NEXT season, with the current you's help. (In fact, to complete Face to Face you actually have to Loop). Second time round, Face to Face is replaced with Face to Face 2, which is the same delivery but harder and this time, the you from last season helps you reach the top of the Spire. By that logic then, the only "real" ninja is whoever is the oldest out of the 11DBHK, The RNG, The Flash, or perhaps one of the more powerful Kaiju (11-Tailed Fox is the obvious pick here).
  • At least Mr. Smith is definitely the player, seeing how in Glowslinging he turns into Archer. That is the reason he never removes his sunglasses, so you will not recognize him.

Shorty works for/with the HoClaus on Ninjamas.
One, shes a Reaper girl so she could have the experience in the extranormal needed to slip presents to all the good ninja of the world. Two, she looks like a Christmas elf with the way she's dressed when you see her on the front page...
  • Three, she is, as her name implies, rather petite, elven even.... My God! It all makes sense!

Olmek has a much, much more important role in the storyline than we know.
It's just hidden for now.

The player is both The Flash and the Eleventy Billion Tailed Fox
Copy-pasted from my post on the BvS forums:"In the Chaos quest, you find yourself on a ship fighting the 11DBTF, and having to activate some sort of seal on the engine's core (Cave story reference to the Island's Core?) to escape, or "buy enough time". In the Order quest, you find yourself as a giant monster, attacking a fleet of ships with dark energy. They're definitely the same ships in both quests. In one, you're its captain (which is having me imagine The Flash as looking something like Captain Harlock), and in the other, you're a giant creature attacking it. At the very end of that portion of the quest, Chaos says "A past life? The memories of the Portal? You aren't sure, but you've got something to do.." while Order says " A past life? The memories of The RNG? You aren't sure, but you've got something to do..". A Past Life is in both of these, and, Looping being what it is, few characters able to remember it, could The Flash and the 11DBTF be affected by said memory-wiping? Or at least, they were then. If this theory is true, The Flash is a title, or you're calling on The Flash with some sort of time-travel jutsu, and the 11DBTF is inside of you, waiting to get out. Maybe it would use the other Fox-like items you have? You have the 9-tailed Fox's spirit, and the 11TF's tails, as well as a theme from the 9TF. How they both existed at the same time if they're you in previous loops, aforementioned Time Travel Jutsu, or something happened as a result of that seal, that combined The Flash and the 11DBTF. This theory also happens to explain why you can store enough Awesome to withstand three direct attacks by the RNG (witching hour, PW in the feilds, and the Hard End). Rambly off-topic things aside, it ultimately makes sense, as it means that they were both memories of a past life, both stored in your Tiny Bee weapon because it's just showing you a past series, still starring your character, just in two different roles. Obviously, the first series was done by Gainax, while BvS was either done by Studio Shaft (off the wall comedy full of refereces, just their specialty) or also Gainax (think FLCL)."

  • Confirmed as of the latest part of Hero's Quest

Terri is aligned with Awesome.
Her summon, Sickle Weasel, has an eyepatch.

RNG/Red Eyes wear Monocles.
A monocle's like an eyepatch... but instead of blocking vision, it makes it finer.

Due to the way his glasses fog, it looks like Mr. Tea wears a monocle. According to Word of God, he's the most evil character in the game.

The explosions of Awesome by villiages undergoing the Impossible Mission which created the Wasteland leave parts for monocles in their wake. And according to their own description, their purpose is to protect the eyes from harmful Awesome radiation. What can resist Awesome? The RNG.

Why else would Jaws (a shark) prefer to be in the awesome blasted wastelands rather than underwater?
  • It's possible that Atlantis isn't just boring, it might well be out-right toxic. crushing three vessels, the Awesome of their engines erupting a massive explosion, carving perfect spheres in the Ocean that they once floated in.

The 'B' in BvS and BR both stand for Billy
Every time we encounter what we think is a bug in the code is really Billy pranking us (or sometimes the 11DBHK). So when we file a BR (Billy Report), we're really just tattling on Billy.

The first activation of The Loop happened in game.
More specifically, it was The Recode. Hero's Quest focuses on a war between Ninja and Kaiju, which was abruptly ended when The Loop (i.e. the structure designed for large scale Looping en-masse) activated. A war which could quite easily have been known as the Ninja World War; which vanished with The Recode. Also, all the new areas post-Recode have focused in some way on characters who are at least partially aware of The Loop: Burger Ninja/Pizza Witch had Cici, Hero's Quest has Timmy, R00t had Flipper, and the quests relating to World Kaiju had those 3 plus Terri and MC Stripeypants; not to mention a host of other little references and such (e.g. Mahjong and Hanafuda both made some references, with Stalkergirl and Yuri tipping their hands slightly in regards to what they know. Stalkergirl level 3 even has the broken infinity symbol on her chest which is the closest thing to a symbol for The Loop that has been shown/referred to so far.)

Each player/protagonist exists within their own Field.
Essentially, each player/protagonist is experiencing the same set of events (so everything from the normal ninja missions through to stuff like WorldKaiju and Hero's Quest) but doing them differently or with a different set of items at that point or at a different point in time, etc etc. This could be explained by the Loop, causing each player to exist as a different iteration of the protagonist, however this wouldn't explain things like villages or WorldKaiju. Fields, with their parallel universe-esque qualities, would explain it however, as items and beings can exist across multiple Fields. Assuming Fields didn't necessarily need to be vastly different in the sense that the Fields accessible via the Chaos Gate are, it would allow for a multitude of simultaneous, vastly similar Fields to exist based on one world i.e. the BvS world. Villages would, then, act as a focal point for multiple Fields, collapsing them into one, mutually agreed upon area aka a village. WorldKaiju, on the other hand, would be perceivable across multiple Fields but primarily exist in and affect only one: the Field of the one who summoned it. Attacking a WorldKaiju you didn't summon is then, in the BvS world, akin to attacking a Phase: you're attacking a being that exists in a slightly different Field than your own. However, unlike Phases, which exist and can move across multiple Fields (allowing for retaliation), WorldKaiju exist in just one field, thus explaining why they are fought more like Kaiju rather than like Phases.

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