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Harry's harem is yet to be completed
Harry's side of his Soulgaze with Sona in A New Hope? seems to serve as Foreshadowing that there is one more person besides Tsubasa, Reya, Serafall and Sona herself that will be a permanent resident of their hypothetical Big Fancy House. Word of God says that "Harry would not poach Ise's Harem (at least as of vol 19)", so said potential girlfriend could be:


Lash is going to get her own body
The Chekhovs Guns are there, but they just haven't been fired together:
  1. The Christmas Episode showed that Lash can remote-control illusions of her preferred appearance like one would with a videogame Player Character.
  2. Right after the Kyoto School Trip Story Arc, DxD!Lasciel demonstrated a complex magical technique that can create a soulless homunculus from a person's DNA sample in a matter of minutes.
  3. The Alice White Rescue Arc confirmed that Lash possesses her own soul distinct from Harry's.
  4. Finally, Harry can imbue objects with his own soul, as seen when he tried to use Soulfire to scan Sona, Reya and Tsubasa's Evil Pieces (and accidentally getting them to undergo Mutation as a side-effect).

Putting all this together, it could be possible for Harry to put a piece of Lash's soul into a custom-made homunculus based on DxD!Lasciel's own DNA, which could allow her to remote-control it as a corporeal avatar, or perhaps even grant "her" with some level of self-awareness in a Robot Me kinda way, or split the difference at a two-member Hive Mind — one Lash in Harry's head as always and another as an Artificial Human, both helping and annoying him in equal measure.
They could even go the whole way and put the entirety of Lash's soul in a long-lived homunculus, but that sounds like a bad call given how Harry's survivability would nosedive without Lash riding shotgun in his mind. And that's before considering how bad an idea would be leaving him alone with the Winter Mantle.



Harry's Alternate Self born in High School DXD world exists, or rather existed a long, long time ago during the War of Forgotten
When Rossweisse told Harry about the sealing of He Who Walks Below, she mentioned that exactly one human magician was dragged inside by the creature currently know as Trihexa.

Now, why would a Puny Earthling be "supporting" heavy hitters such as "six Mother Goddesses, and thirty-seven each of the strongest Angels, Devils, and Valkyries" in an operation with at least an Class X Apocalypse How as the price of failure? It would make sense if said human was a Starborn, who through "a complex confluence of events, of energies, of circumstances [was born with] the potential to wield power over Outsiders."

From the The Dresden Files novels we know of one, maybe two, characters that fill the bill. And one of them we know for sure would risk a Fate Worse than Death to keep the world safe, perhaps even to the point he jumped into the seal so the Walker couldn't use him to drag itself out of the trap.


It would explain why there isn't a DxD!Harry in Bizarro World — "Ur-Harry" didn't technically die, or at least he didn't within his home Creation, meaning that his Soul didn't rejoin the Circle of Reincarnation and DxD!Harry was never born in modern times.


Harry is the Reincarnation of Bizarro World's Harry Houdini
Similar to the above. Harry's soul is native to Bizarro World but the unique circumstances of his birth caused him to be born in The Dresden Files' version of Earth instead after Houdini's actual passing. This "dual-citizenship" deal of his soul is perhaps what being a Starborn actually means and the real reason why his magic is effective on Outsiders.

As for why Harry was born before Houdini died, well, they lived in different Creations/Universes that work under very different fundamental rules. Who is to say that jumping from one to the other doesn't have Timey-Wimey Ball side-effects attached.

Maybe the whole reason why Harry de-aged to his teens upon entering Bizarro World is because the local universe partially recognized him as Houdini and "corrected" his age by taking away his last 30 years or so, which is the amount of time Ehrich Weiss has been dead according to the rumors. It wouldn't be that surprising considering such an unique set of circumstances and the fact that Bizarro World's reality is canonically stated to be glitchy since God's death.

Both Azazel and Serafall saw something about this when Harry Soulgazed them and unconsciously made the connection between him and Houdini, which is why they wrote Harry's In-Universe fictional counterparts as a descendant of the last true wizard.

Finally, if this is true, it would mean that Harry didn't ended up in Bizarro World by pure chance. His soul simply came back home at long last.



Jossed and Confirmed

The Show Within a Show counterparts of Harry, Serafall and Jeanne are going to form a Love Triangle
It was hinted in the Kyoto Story Arc that Azazel wants to make a fictionalization of the Hero Faction to be the Arch-Enemy to the Wandering Wizard. This would work particular well in Miracle Levi-tan because the Foe Yay between Harry and Jeanne is the perfect set up for a tried-and-true Magical Girl cliché: the Love Triangle between the heroine, her love interest and the Dark Magical Girl.

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