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The Player Character or some secondary characters would be revealed as Jade's parents.
This is a prequel, so why not?
  • Gonna be weird to explain since she's alive in this time.... Pey'J knows her.... and she's working with the Alpha Section.

The usage of strong profanity.
It takes place in a time before freedom of speech was censored.

SPOILER CHARACTER will be either the Dragon-in-Chief or Big Bad of the game.

Since it was revealed in the E3 2018 trailer that Jade is seemingly part of the Alpha Section. I think her role in the story will either be the Dragon-in-Chief of the Alpha Section or even the leader and Big Bad of the game. Considering that she was revealed to be Shauni at the end of the first game which is apparently the source of the Dom Z High Priest's power and the fact that the Alpha Section serve the Dom Z it stands to reason that she would be pretty powerful within the Alpha Section.


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