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Side effect of the Omnitrix
Who ever wears the Omnitrix for a prolonged period of time will grow into an ideal specimen of their species. Ben isn't really known for his work ethic or academics but he passed the plumbers training test (despite not really trying), he eats junkfood and smoothies all the time while staying in shape. Azmuth has a different voice after the original series (despite only a few years passing), perhaps seeming older and wiser would be an "ideal specimen" for Galvans.
  • Ben's abilities in the future as "ultimate ben" could be explained by this as well.

Alien X can't go Ultimate, and it's not because he's already all-powerful
The Ultimatrix "evolution function" works by simulating how the various species would adapt to eons under what's described as the "worst case scenario", and since Ultimate Aliens are more combat-centered than their regular counterparts...this is my guess on how the simulations works (in detail):

1. The Ultimatrix A.I. makes an ammount of virtual aliens with a murder need, with different mutations.

2. After a Battle Royale simulation, it “clones” the survivor and repeats the process, until there are no significant differences between a big number of consecutive winners.


Alien X can’t be programmed with the killer instinct because of its 3-ways split personality, while the Voice of reason is replaced by the "Voice of kill them’all", Bellicus and Serena are not affected and keep debating forever and ever…

  • Maybe this is how Albedo got stuck as Alien X in the timeline mentioned by Professor Paradox.

Possibilities for Ultimate Forms
We have seen only eight Ultimate Forms so far (not counting Ultimate Ben 10,000), so the possibilities are limitless. We know that the Evolution function works by simulating how the various species would adapt to eons under the harshest situations and have something special that they did not have in normal mode, so go!

  • Ultimate Heatblast: Since Heatblast originates from a star, its Ultimate Form is a blue(blue stars are the most powerful) variation with a spherical flame jutting ou of the back. A trail of molten ground follows such a powerful entity.
  • Ultimate Grey Matter: Giant Oracular Head with cybernetic body. Gains the ability to read minds.
    • Jossed; Ultimate Grey Matter is a MODOK Expy.
  • Ultimate Fourarms: Arms gain increased amount of dexterity, and feet also gain dexterity.
  • Ultimate Stinkfly: Dragonfly based
  • Ultimate Wildmutt (Canon): Gains red fur and a raised Skunk Stripe going down his back, can talk, and has enhanced strength and a tail with a spike on the end.
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  • Ultimate Ghostfreak: The natural form given a Lovecraftian freakiness to it. Ultimate Ghostfreak can generate a light-reflecting shield to overcome it's weakness to sunlight.
  • Ultimate Diamondhead: Harder then Diamond more angular design
  • Ultimate Ripjaws: More shark-like.
  • Ultimate Upgrade: More mechanical.
    • Alternatively, it develops an internal scanner that predicts incoming disasters as well as the strength of enemies/machines.
  • Ultimate XLR8: Increasingly streamlined and nimble.
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt (Canon): His shell turns steel-colored, becomes stronger, and gains spikes.
  • Ultimate Wildvine: The maw becomes more organic and teeth liked.
  • Ultimate Upchuck: Design becomes similar to Swalot.
  • Ultimate Benwolf:More quadrupedal and gains super breath as well as more powerful howls.
  • Ultimate Benmummy: Gains a sarcophogus shell. Capable of animating objects.
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  • Ultimate Benviktor: Quadrapedal, and has 3 heads
  • Ultimate Ditto: Switch the colors, don't feel each others pain
  • Ultimate Eye Guy: Turns into a giant, floating Faceless Eye with arms spurting from it. Naturally, the arms have eyes.
  • Ultimate Way Big (Canon): Most of his white coloring turns blue, he gains two small additional horns on his head, and has enhanced cosmic powers.
  • Ultimate Spitter: Bigger with a bigger mouth
  • Ultimate Articguana (Canon): An iceberg covers most of his back and some of his arms. He gains two large cannons that are attached to his back, and can shoot fully formed icebergs instead of just freeze rays.
  • Ultimate Buzzshock:
  • Ultimate Swampfire (Canon): Becomes more tree-like with blue growths of corrosive energy on his head and shoulders, and has enhanced blue fire powers.
  • Ultimate Big Chill (Canon): Becomes red with a flame motif, is faster, and has breath that causes all heat in the air to burn away, leaving behind ice (ergo, more efficient ice powers).
  • Ultimate Goop: No need for the ufo can expand mass and whole thing in body, tentacles
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey: (Canon): Turns into a purple and black gorilla with narrow eyes, trades two of his four arms for spider legs on his back for enhanced strength, and with his tail being absent, has a splitting jaw for enhanced webbing.
  • Ultimate Humongousaur (Canon): His Stegosaur characteristics evolve into Ankylosaur characteristics, trading his growing power for enhanced strength and defense. His fists can transform into gating guns that fire missiles made of destabilized bone marrow.
  • Ultimate Jetray: Turns significantly more manta-like.
  • Ultimate Brainstorm: Ascended To A Higher Plain
  • Ultimate Echo Echo (Canon): He grows to human-height and turns blue and black with a more robotic appearance, including a rounded boombox-shaped head. Instead of duplicating and unleashing sonic shouts, he can deploy and control multiple Sonic Disks for more controlled attacks.
  • Ultimate Chromastone:
  • Ultimate Alien X: A space detailed body showing galaxies instead of stars, 4 personalty's in addition to Ben
    • Alternative, no change at all since it is already immune to harsh conditions.
    • Larger number of minds inside, has someone constantly handling physical movements and requires only a small majority to use it's powers.
    • Alternative: No alternate personalities; The idea of of the Ultimates is that they are a more combat focused upgrade and the only thing limiting Alien X is his inability to be decisive, stripping back to a single mind removes that single limit.
  • Ultimate Lodestar:
  • Ultimate Nanomech: a Humongous Mecha
  • Ultimate Rath: Chuck Norris
    • A Military Mastermind with a green coloration, Military jacket and the same speech pattern, but calmer. Oh and his Wolverine claws are now capable of firing Energy Blasts. Fights more like a actual soldier than the Leeroy Jenkins style Rath.
    • Both Jossed; Ultimate Rath grows a large black mane and a second claw on each wrist, as we saw in Omniverse.
  • Ultimate Water Hazard:
  • Ultimate Ampfibian:
  • Ultimate Terraspin:
  • Ultimate Armodrillo:
  • Ultimate NRG:
  • Ultimate Jury Rigg:
  • Ultimate Eatle:
  • Ultimate Fasttrack:Yellow colour scheme, is able to fly at high speeds
  • Ultimate ChamAlien: It can absorb elemental powers. It color also change accordingly.
  • Ultimate Clockwork:
  • Ultimate Shocksquatch:
  • Ultimate Gravattack (Canon): Becomes a head with arms and gain three orbiting "moons" that resemble the Pokémon Koffing.
  • Ultimate Blox: A Steampunk Ourangatange
  • Ultimate Feedback:

The reason why we haven't seen any male Anodites is because aren't any.
My guess is that all Anodites are female and that they mate with males of other species (or with other Anodites) to procreate. This would explain why Ben hasn't manifested any anodite powers despite being the same age as Gwen. Furthermore, in "Ben 10,000 Returns," Older Ben has to recite an incantation while using magic - he shouts "Contego!" to erect a shield to block Eon's time ray - and immediately afterwards he says "Hang around an Anodite for 20 years and you pick up a few tricks." This could indicate that he wasn't using Anodite powers (he didn't refer to himself as an Anodite) and instead learned how to use magic like Charmcaster and other human magic-users during the time-skip.

  • The problem with that is that is that Bens grandmother implied she thought one of her sons could have been an anodite, and asked Ben if he was able to manipulate energy. So she certainly thought it was possible her male progeny could be Anodites.

    • Maybe there are no full blood (so to speak) male Anodites but halfbreeds can be male
    • Maybe the full Anodite form is always female but half breeds can have male physical forms
    • Maybe we should wait until we've seen more than 3 anodites to guess. I mean, if they have a normal 50/50 gender split it's not that weird that 3 we've seen are the same gender.
    • its possible that it was the first time that a human and an anodite had crossbreed and she was unsure of the results

There is something wrong with Ben... or the timeline.
Ben's said twice now that he doesn't remember but that would have been so cool. battles. It could be a joke, but what if this is for a legitimate reason? What if one of his forms is warping his mind, or Paradox's doings warped the timeline? Either way, perhaps Ben's friends may have to go out of their way to save him.
  • Perhaps it is a new enemy's doing. The enemy will be disguised as a friend at first. He will slowly erase Ben's memories of past battles because one of them was important for the villain's Evil Plan. There will be a planetary invasion by something horrific.
    • Jossed, but that would have been so cool.
  • Ghostfreak is still in the Ultimatrix. Remember that he is sentient and evil.

The Ultimatrix already has "Anodite" and "Osmosian" forms.
Hence why it doesn't lock into scanning mode when Gwen and Kevin are around. Of course, it could just be that it's not triggered by Half Human Hybrids.
  • Word of God already said that Anodytes don't have DNA since they're energy beings. This means that it's impossible for the Omnitrix and Ultimatrix to have any Anodyte samples, thus making it impossible for Ben to find and access one in the database. It's also been confirmed that the Ultimatrix already has Osmosian DNA.
    • Except that also means that there's no way for Gwen to have inherited anything from her grandmother. And that Max's sons are both basically clones of Max.
    • This should be on the WMG for Alien Force. Odds are, Verdona was in the form of something, probably a human, which had DNA when Gwen and Ben's parents were born. How the powers got passed down is still anyone's guess.
    • Sure, the Omnitrix could have an Anodyte form. Ghost Freak is also pure energy, and he got scanned in. Then again, when he was scanned, it cloned him; and he was trapped and sentient in the Omnitrix AND WANTED OUT! So if the Omnitrix contains an Anodyte, then it probably wants out, too.
      • Additionally Alien X was implied to LET Albedo scan them and Forge of Creation states they spend forever in debate, Sentient scanned forms are the only one ones with their own mind, so Alien X is sentient, maybe he isn't Stir Crazy because Ben is the Last Best Hope to get one of them to be decisive?
  • In Ben 10, 000 returns, the older ben uses Anodite powers, although its left ambiguous if that was a product of the Ultimatrix or of Ben's own latent Annodite heritage.
    • Or that it's simply a skill. It's at least implied that he watched Gwen doing it for years and figure out how it's done. We know from Charmcaster that being an Annodite isn't a pre-requisite for casting spells it just helps you get better faster.
      • The issue with the "its just a spell he picked up" argument is that Ben used mana, with the same trademark pink energy used by Gwen, Verdona, and their Cousin. I've never seen Hex or Charmaster use energy like that.

The reason the Ultimatrix wouldn't let Ben transform before it scanned Bivalavan?
Bivalvan is from the Andromeda Galaxy. Azmuth has stated at least once that the Codon Stream contains samples of every species in our own galaxy, the Milky Way. Simply put, the Ultimatrix had to search the entire database for Bivalvan's species, hence why it took so long to determine that it needed to scan him.
  • In that case, Azmuth should consider using a Tree Sort instead of a Queue.

In the season finale, Ben will 'evolve' his human form.
Seems like a suitable season finale thing to do.
  • Which would be a major Awesome Moment, or maybe not...
    • Probably both. The moment will be awesome, but the evolved human form will be the opposite

To elaborate on the theory, either Albedo or Dr. Animo (they know the most about the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix) will figure out how to block Primus' signal, blanking out the Ultimatrix's holographic display. Ben will spend most of the episode Brought Down To Badass Normal, and then find out that the "go Ultimate" function is built into the Ultimatrix and doesn't rely on the Ultimatrix's connection to Primus.

  • Well, it wasn't The Season Finale, but Future Ben DOES Go "Ultimate Ben".
The Ultimatrix was originally designed to change one into another species, but Albedo rigged the ability to evolve into it.

So when the connection to Primus is cut, it will leave the ultimatrix only one usable function, which will "evolve" Ben's normal human form into the ultimate level, possibly causing controversy with his friends on evolving his human form.

Something outside the Ultimatrix will effect evolution.
Much like how trading and evolutionary stones work with Pokemon.

Some Pokemon/Ben 10 stories predicted the evolution angle. Why not this? Think about it.

The "Ultimate" forms of Ben's aliens are simply better samples of the original species' genetic codes.
The Omnitrix (and presumably, the Ulti-matrix) seems to work like a combination DNA scanner and database: you scan an alien's DNA, it's identified and unlocked for use. But, as we've seen, the forms aren't set in stone. In Ben 10, we get to see a variety of variations on the theme, from "older forms" to weird variations of some Omnitrix aliens (such as the oddly-proportioned Lepidopterran seen in "Secret of the Omnitrix"). Possibly, what are called "ultimate evolutions" of already established aliens are simply different DNA samples from the same race.

That said, if there is an "evolved" human form, then it will probably be some random dude.

The normal forms of Ben's aliens are an average member of the species, whereas the Ultimate versions are an exceptionally fit member of the species.
Ones that have reached, through whatever factors would contribute to it, the full potential of their race's physical abilities. To use the "Evolved" human form as an example, an "ultimate" human would be capable of performing at the level of an olympic gold medalist. In superhero terms, think Captain America, or possibly Batman.
  • Word of God says the Ultimate forms are a simulation of what the race would be after a thousand generations under the harshest climates.

The Ultimatrix is controlled by a quantum supercomputer.
The "Ultimate" forms are its simulation and conjecture of several million years of evolution in the species in question (discarding any detrimental mutations). Thus, because the Ultimate forms don't really exist as samples on Primus, but as data in the UM, they can be accessed without connecting to Primus (as Guessed above). Further, scanning the database of the entire galaxy only took a few minutes. As a companion Guess, the DNA on Primus is linked via entanglement, which is why there's no appreciable delay.

Aggregor is planning on somehow stealing the Ultimatrix when Ben absorbs all of the other "captured" aliens.
Ben absorbed the DNA of the Bivalvan, who explains there are at least four more. Immediately after they leave, Aggregor kills him. It would explain why he would capture him, just to kill him immediately afterward.
  • Well, as of "Escape From Aggregor", we finally know that stage one of his plan is to permanently absorb the powers of all five of his captives. Where he goes from there is anyone's guess.
    • Also, it's up in the air that Aggregor killed him.
      • He didn't. He has his recaptured prisoners stasis-locked on his ship.
    • Aggregor does seem quite intrigued by the Ultimatrix, but he intended to use it to force Ben into the shape he wants to steal powers from, rather than absorbing them directly from the device itself.
    • Presumably Agreggor is a lot more experienced with his powers then Kevin was and understands the mess that absorbing straight from the watch would make him.
  • Jossed. Turns out Aggregor's master plan was to journey to the home of the Celestialsapiens, i.e. Alien X's race, and absorb an infant Celestialsapien (because baby Celestialsapiens lack multiple personalities) thus becoming an omnipotent uber-being easily capable of taking over the universe.
Aggregor needs the specific powers of his five captives...
...To unlock some kind of Eigen locked Lost Osmosian Technology. Maybe some kind of projector that copies over other peoples' bodies and personalities with the user's.

OK you might think I'm on something if you don't know. In the Ben 10 wiki it says Osmosians have antlers. Kevin dos not have antlers so he cuts them off to blend in.
  • Um, isn't Kevin half human? A simpler explanation is that he inherited his mother's forehead.
    • Quarter human, so even more so
      • Half-human. Dwayne confirmed that Devin was full-bred Osmosian.
  • He's Hellboy?
    • He's a brooding anti-hero on a team of three with his love interest and another male, whose primary weapon is one of his hands.
  • Dwayne McDuffie confirmed that Osmosians live for hundreds of years, and don't grow antlers until they become at least 100 years old.
  • Dwayne confirmed that Osmosians grow antlers as they mature and that they are fully mature at 100, doesn't mean that they couldn't start growing their horns earlier than that. May be Kevin did already start growing his horns but their so small right now that he could easily hide them with his hair. About the cutting them? I don't think that would work Osmosian horns look like their covered in skin like those of a giraffe instead of keratin like a bull's or Hellboy's.
Ultimate Rath is Chuck Norris
More likely we'll never see Ultimate Rath, since Rath seems like he would be unable to figure out how to do it.

Ben/Gwen is going to become the Official Couple
In the episode "Duped," Gwen seemed bound and determined to break Ben and Julie up by harassing Ben for basically just existing and claiming it was for Julie's sake. And the bizarre and nonsensical "Ask Dwayne" revelation that Anodites have no DNA seems to have no purpose other than to take care of the incest problem.
  • Anodites having no DNA makes Ben and part "blank slate", one of the implications being that they have an easier time "plugging in" the Omnitrix's DNA profiles than humans like Max or other aliens. This means that Gwen can simply dump all of her Tennyson DNA at a moment's notice by going full Anodite. No more biological incest problem.
  • This theory is supported further by "Too Hot To Handle," where Gwen drives Kevin away because he insists that the alien that tried to put a bounty on his head is dangerous, and by "Video Games," where the two are fighting over Gwen's driving and Kevin's teaching methods, resulting in Ben taking Kevin's place and successfully teaching Gwen how to drive.
  • In the latest episode "The Transmogrification of Eunice" Ben becomes infatuated with a girl named Eunice. Turns out she's actually a prototype of the Omnitrix that absorbed some of Gwen's DNA that it then used to create a human form, effectively making it a clone of Gwen
  • Probably Jossed, since Word of God repeatedly said it wouldn't happen(For obvious reasons) and there's no way the network would allow it.

Ben's going to catch on to Aggregor.
Specifically, the MacGuffin Delivery Service Aggregor has going for him. Impersonating a Plumber to get Ben to hand over the five aliens you need only works until the real Plumbers call Ben and let him know they don't have the aliens. So, Ben will actually use the newly-scanned alien form the next time he scans one of the five, and call the Plumbers to pick him up, while Gwen and Kevin keep the real alien hidden.
  • Jossed in "Fused"- Ben, Gwen, and Kevin do try and take Aggegor when he comes for R'aad, but they don't call for the plumbers and get their butts kicked (though a rather poor choice of aliens on Ben's part, along with some jerkassery from R'aad, didn't help).

Gwen's next battle with Charmcaster will be the last.
As we've seen in "Hit Em Where They Live", Gwen warned Zombozo to leave her friends and relatives alone using her Andoite form. During the the episode Charmcaster has become obsessed with getting her revenge on Gwen. Charmcaster wants to become more powerful than Gwen and will try to steal her power and add her her own. This will lead to a big battle which would threaten to have Gwen transform into her Andoite form permanently. Charmcaster, in her Diminshing Villain Threat, will end up being destroyed by her craving for more power, and her last words would be how much she hates Gwen. This will leave Gwen feeling guilty over the fact her powers have killed someone. Either she wants her powers removed or wishes to live on her grandmother's homeplanet for Earth's sake.

Will Harangue is part of a Government Conspiracy.
The government — or a small-but-powerful extremist faction of the government — doesn't trust Ben one lick and wants the power of the Ultimatrix to itself. Will Harangue is one of their pawns in the media that is working to give Ben a bad name and make the public turn on him, hoping to force him into hiding — or seeking protection, playing right into the government's hands. This is why he is able to get away with absolutely INSANE stunts that would get his ass arrested and pitched in jail under any other circumstances — he has VERY powerful friends.
  • Alternately, he and his government connections are both part of an Ancient Conspiracy, perhaps some offshoot of the Forever Knights, and they're using Harangue to target Ben either because they're anti-alien, or because they're creating a smokescreen to distract people from what they're really up to. Hence Harangue's spectacularly visible attacks...

The Codon Stream contains DNA of Earth animals.
If it didn't, the Ultimatrix would go into scanning mode all the time.
  • I think Azmuth once said it only holds the DNA of intelligent life; sentient creatures, not the simple animal minds of Earth's lower links of the food chain.
    • Does that mean it would go into scan mode around a Dolphin?
      • There's no actual proof that dolphins are sentient. And when was the last time Ben was anywhere near a dolphin, anyway?
      • Why would Ben's prior proximity to dolphins be an issue? Ben was never near that jellyfish species that the last of Aggregor's captives belong to, but we know the Ultimatrix will go into scan mode around it. Ben not having been near a dolphin is actually support for the argument you're trying to use it against.
    • Wait, I thought that the Omnitrix surviving was the key to restoring all life in the universe, as stated by Asmuth in War of the Worlds? If that were the case, and the Omnitrix (and later the Ultimatrix) doesn't have the other animals, wouldn't that completely defeat the purpose? Not to mention the later revelation (retcon?) of Primus rendered the need for the Omnitrix to survive that battle totally pointless.
    • We don't know that Azmuth doesn't have another Primus around maybe there is an Omnitrix for the none sentient animals.
      • Of course you know that implies Wildmutt is Sentient....
      • There's a big difference between sentience and sapience.
      • there are many forms that sapience/sentience can take,

All of the couples are going to break up.
Gwen and Kevin are definitely in a rough patch and have had some argument every episode, and Ben is going on a date with some actress, so Julie is getting the boot. This troper loves the main couples, so this troper is rather sad. And more than a little PO'd at the male idiocy of this show. Seriously, so grateful that they only got Robin and Starfire (created by the same people) together after the show ended!
  • Jossed, at least in Ben and Julie's case; Ben only went out with Jennifer Nocturne for publicity reasons and to get close to Captain Nemesis, and once Nemesis goes bad and threatens Julie, Ben goes completely ape on him, and even makes a point of rescuing her over Nocturne.
    • Un-Jossed. Ben and Julie broke up offscreen between seasons. Whether or not they stay broke up is anyone's guess.
    • Re-Jossed. Ben and Julie got back together.
    • Un-Re-Maybe-Jossed? Ben and Julie did break up permanently, but that happened in Omniverse. Kevin and Gwen are still going strong.

The actress Ben goes on a date on is going to be a villain in disguise.
Because this troper will be pissed if they give Julie the boot for some Alpha Bitch.
  • This troper got the feeling that he's only going with her as a means to get close to Captain Nemesis. According to Word of God, he said that she'd be more than he bargained for, so I'm guessing that they're both going to be villains and will be in league with each other. Perhaps they're angry that Ben's stealing the limelight from them?
  • Jossed. She's only focused on publicity, though not to the extent that she doesn't give a crap about Ben's existence.
    • Especially, when she tries tries to give Kevin a kiss, Gwen warns her not to touch her man. She probably had enough and called her publicist she doesn't want to be around these "freaks" anymore.

Aggregor is the real Kevin
I'm surprised it didn't come sooner.
  • Alternately, something happened in the Null Void that split original series Kevin in two- the Kevin from Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, who got the original's memories and whatever real human feelings he was repressing, and the purely evil Aggregor. At this point, Aggregor possibly has amnesia about the event and Kevin definitely does (or at least didn't realize what really happened); The Reveal will come in the season finale.
  • Jossed by the events at the Forge of Creation. *sniff*.

If Ben engages the Ultimatrix's Ultimate setting while in Human form, it will turn him into an ultimate human/Anodite hybrid.

Ben is already 1/4 Anodite, and if I remember correctly, one time he came back from an Ultimate alien transformation, his eyes glowed the same violet colour Gwen displays during more powerful uses of her power. Since this has never happened before, it can be reasoned that the Ultimatrix is bringing forth Ben's Anodite side, meaning that it also counts as a transformation for Ben. However, there will be a risk of him losing his humanity if he transforms into an full anodite.

  • Partially confirmed, as Ultimate Ben, the future Ben was able to use Anodite powers.

Aggregor plans to become Captain Planet
Note the aliens: Andreas-Earth, P'andor-Fire, Galapagus-Wind, Bivalvan-Water, Ra'ad-Energy/Heart

The ultimatrix is surpressing Ben's Anodite blood
  • I always thought Ben and Gwen were more like twins, being born on the same day and all. Anyway, what if the omnitrix didn't fall in to Ben's hands? I speculate he would have started developing his Anodite powers through human magic along side Gwen. However, the Omnitrix stopped his Anodite blood in its tracks and stoped it from developing, when it comes off and we have the time skip we see that Gwen continued to hone her powers while Ben concentrates on having a normal life. The Ultimatrix being able to upgrade forms, tried to upgrade Ben into his Anodite adult form, a Form he really should have developed by now.
    • In a nutshell Ben's Alien Blood was squashed out by the omnitrix and the Ulimatrix will try to bring it back out, contradicting each other and having a really bad effect on Ben.
  • a major consequence is that going in his Anodite form for the first time would make something explode...
  • This could be explained as Ben's transformations keep "resetting" the development of his Anodite powers back to the stage they were at when Ben first got the Omnitrix. The Ultimatrix could "reset" the Anodite powers to where they should be when Ben took the Ultimatrix.
  • Hey, this WMG would actually work well with the "Gwen 10" universe if Gwen had kept the Omnitrix; while Gwen got the alien powers, Ben would've developed magic powers.
  • In Ben 10, 000 returns, the older Ben was able to use Anodite powers as Ultimate Ben.
    • Why would anybody think his annodite blood is being suppressed instead of just he has no desire (currently) to pursue those skills. How many of you would spend presumably hours training in magic and martial arts if you could slap your watch and turn into a flying moth that has freeze breath and can become intangible. I can understand why Ben, especially with his personality, wouldn't bother doing something that resembled actual work.
    • If the Omnitrix used the human as base form and alien as template to be applied, then improving oneself physically would be beneficial. The mental side may be a time issue or laziness as Ben has shown he is pretty smart and was paying attention when things were said.

The name 'Kevyn' will be mentioned and/or used
  • This will be in an episode where we see more of Kevin's mother, where it'll come out that he's named after one of his grandmothers.

Aggregor is Kevin's father, or they are closely related.
  • Go to donotquestionme's Deviantart. There is a picture that compares Aggregor and Devin. They look scarily alike.
  • My theory is that on their home world Osmosians are divided into several tribes that differ by physical appearance, culture, and matter affinity. I think Aggregor is in the same tribe that Devin is from, may be Devin and Aggregor are cousins.

Gwen was the one who got Kevin out of the Null Void. Kevin didn't see her.
  • We don't know how Gwen and Kevin met between Ben 10 and Ben 10: Alien Force. One of Gwen's Magic Misfire incidents accidentally let Kevin free. When she saw an unconscious boy suddenly in front of her, Gwen went over and put her hand on his shoulder, turning him over to look at his face. Kevin was semiconscious and had his eyes closed, but Gwen recognized him and probably got the hell out of there. In Episode 1 of Alien Force, Gwen was the one to exclaim and stare at him for a few seconds. Kevin did the same thing, but only after Gwen touched him on the shoulder.

Aggregor will turn into a One-Winged Angel form in "Ultimate Aggregor".
  • This is actually on the page, but hasn't yet been confirmed, so it belongs here.
    • Confirmed. ........ What? Someone had to say it.

Ultimate Ben is Eon
The purple says it all.
  • sort of confirmed?

Captain Nemesis will return as a villain.
After being arrested, Captain Nemesis feds up with being a goody-goody superhero and enjoys the thrill of becoming a supervillain.
  • Heck, he wasn't that good a guy to being with.

At some point, Ben saves the president from terrorists and congratulates him. Will Harangue will not be happy about this.
The president has been kidnapped by terrorists. Are you a bad enough dude to turn into a president-rescuing alien?

If Ben goes "Ultimate Human" he will become Squirrel Girl
  • Don't you mean Squirrel Boy?

Aggregor is keeping the Power Trio alive so that they can keep acting as his MacGuffin Delivery Service for the Map of Infinity
.He knows the plan works, so why change it? And since he's generally portrayed as being savvy, it feels like something he would do.
  • Confirmed with the 3rd piece. Aggregor even thanks Ben for serving as a distraction to the guy who had the piece.

Argit and the Vreedle Brothers will brainwash one of the Plumber's kids.
Probably Alan. The spoilers for the last ep said "someone that they can't bear to fight." So it's one of the Plumber's Kids! And Alan because, let's face it, he's the most awesome.

To beat Aggregor, Kevin will repeat the All Your Powers Combined trick Aggregor did, but with Ultimate versions of those aliens.
As a last resort of course. To do this Ben has to split into five people through Echo Echo, and have each part turn into one of the five aliens Aggregor used. Each of them goes Ultimate, and then Kevin absorbs power from all five and transforms into Ultimate Kevin.
  • Semi-confirmed. He powers up straight from the Ultimatrix, while Ben is still human.

When Ben split into three in "Duped", the other two were controlled by Serena and Bellecus, the voices of Alien X.
Meaning he can only split into three at once.
  • Bellicus was Jerk!Ben that stayed at the tennis championship and Serena was Sensitive!Ben that wanted to talk about his feelings with Kevin. Man, that makes a lot of sense.
    • Nope, just a simple stupid episode where clones of someone have one of their traits amplified for no reason. Why would you think this?

Ben doesn't completely trust the evolution function.
He knows it was coded by someone less skilled than the more conventional functions, so he figures that the fewer evolutions it had to process, the safer he is. That's why he only evolves the same four or so aliens he has- its already run the evolution simulation for them, so by sticking to those, he doesn't have to run any new potentially high-risk simulations.

Bivalvan, Galapagus, P'andor, Andreas, and Ra'ad can and will still be brought back.
Aggregor FUSED with them, rather than simply absorbing their powers. There's a way to separate them from him.
  • Or, at least, the five of them will Fight From The Inside to help Ben win.
    • If Aggregor had absorbed the baby Alien X, the five of them would have been the "committee" Aggregor would have had to negotiate with to use Alien X's powers.
    • Well, I got my wish. They're back.

Charmcaster will get a Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work moment.
Someone has to kill Aggregor, since you can't let someone that savvy live. But none of the heroes can do it since this show is meant for kids. After fixing everything in Legerdomain, Charmcaster will return just in time to finish off Aggregor after our heroes defeat him.
  • Nah, that would be anticlimactic. Alternatively, Grandpa Max will wake up from his healing chamber, stronger than ever, and he kills Aggregor. Now THAT would be cool.
    • Word of God is that Charmcaster won't be staying an ally (meaning she'll be either stuck in her world or coerced back into evil by Hex or something.) And it's all a moot point now, anyway, since Kevin powered up, beat Aggregor, drained his powers, and went Ax-Crazy again in the process.

Charmcaster will end up conquering Legerdomain instead of liberating it.
Either her Heel–Face Turn was all an act so she could use the trio to help overthrow Addwaitya and allows them to leave after Aggregor does their job for them (so they won't cause trouble), or she genuinely wanted to free Legerdomain, but after a lifetime of being raised by Hex, lacks the willpower to resist the temptation of taking over once she defeats Addwaitya for good. If what she said was true, then there probably aren't any of her people left besides Hex who are powerful enough to oppose her, even without the Alpha Rune.

Either way, when the heroes see her again, she'll be back to her old self, now with an entire realm of magic at her command.

  • Of course, it's quite possible she'll take over simply because her people need leadership, and she's the best available candidate (depressing thought, isn't it?

  • Confirmed. "Enemy of my Frenemy" reveals that the rebels promptly started to war against each other after defeating Addwaitya because they wanted to rule Legerdomain themselves. Charmcaster defeated the others and became the Dimension Lord of Legerdomain. Then things got worse.

Hex will conquer Legerdomain.
In Time Heals, Hex was able to know that Gwen screwed with time and would come after the Archamada book of spells. Chances are he might be able to detect that something is going on with Legerdomain too. Once Charmcaster does all the work of defeating Addwaitya, Hex will swoop in and take control for himself. Charmcaster will either finally outright fight him (whether for good or selfish reasons), or will decide that the easiest and safest thing to do is continue to serve under him, making her a real villain again.

For all you haters, I predict that not only will Charmcaster's Heel Face Turn stick, but she will end up hooking up with Cooper.

Paradox will meet Ben, Gwen, and Kevin for the first time at the Forge of Creation.
We still have yet to see when Paradox first meets them, and an important event such as this that he's involved with would be a perfect opportunity.
  • He did mention in his first appearance that they once teamed up to save the entire Univ— never mind.

They Beat Agreggor...and Kevin gets the Absolute Power...and goes evil.
and the Bwen will go cannon. a guy can dream
  • Two out of three ain't bad. But you will have to keep dreaming.
Whoa whoa whoa. I only said Beating Aggregor and And Kevin getting Power, someone else added Bwen (gross). So 2 out of 2 mofo. Fuck yeah.
  • I wasn't counting Bwen. Kevin did not get the Absolute Power, but they still beat Agreggor and Kevin did go evil. The other guy is going to have to keep dreaming.

Each Season of Ultimate Alien will focus on one of the Power Trio
  • Obviously, the current arc has a strong Kevin focus, what with the explanation of the nature of his powers and previous insanity, the Big Bad being his Evil Counterpart and now him going Ax-Crazy and mutated again. Word of God has dropped hints that the next season will be a Forever Knights storyline, which seems like it could have a straightforward focus on Ben (since the Knights have been some of Ben's most recurring villains since the first season of the first show- this could also involve more Grandpa Max). A hypothetical third season with a Gwen focus could feature a powered up Hex as Big Bad (possibly after he reconquers Ledgerdomain, if some of the above WMGs are true) with Charmcaster as Dragon with an Agenda and/or Wild Card.

Will Harangue is the new Forever King of the Forever Knights.
  • Alternate theory: Will Harangue is Enoch. He somehow escape from his virtual reality prison. Unless that's what he really looked like under the mask, he got plastic surgery. Will Harangue (and/or Enoch) may or may not even be his real name. And he got into politics in an attempt to get revenge on Ben and the gang. He also plans to get his revenge on the Forever Knights (particularly the splinter group led by Driscoll) for abandoning him.
    • Or he could Max's old parter Phil from the original series episode "Truth". He somehow escaped from the Null Void and plans vengeance on Max by leading a hate-campaign against Ben.
      • Possibly, since it turns out in "The Purge" that not only Enoch somehow got free from his virtual reality prison, but leads his own faction until it merged with the others.

Ben "evolving" his human form will end badly.
As stated above, there will likely be some time where the transforming properties of the Ultimatrix will be blocked in some way, leaving only the evolution ability available. Ben will realize this and attempt to "evolve" himself, but the resulting form will be something he can't handle. Furthermore, we have never seen if the Ultimatrix has a time limit for the ultimate forms; Ben just returns to normal when the watch times out the transformation. It could be that the evolution mechanic isn't restricted by the transformation time limit, leaving Ben stuck in an ultimate form of himself with no way of returning back to normal, which in turn would spell bad things for everyone involved.


Ben's "evolved" form will be anti-climatic.
...At least, at first. Ben will engage the evolution function on himself, but after the green light fades it will still just be Ben. The Big Bad will laugh and move to finish Ben off, only to find that while Ben's appearance hasn't changed, he's gained some sort of innate power. This combined with a "lack of time-out function" (as postulated above) would give Ben powers he could use even while in human form.

As for powers gained from the evolution, this troper leans toward either higher reaction speed or some sort of Healing Factor, as they seem to go in line with humans' perceived strengths in this universe (adaptability/ability to think on one's feet and their ability to survive just about anything, respectively).

To stop Kevin, Ben will "evolve" his human form, and then go just as Ax-Crazy as Kevin is.
After realizing that none of his normal transformations will beat Kevin, Ben will go for broke and intentionally disable the Ultimatrix's transformation function and directly evolve his human form. But as we all know With Great Power Comes Great Insanity and Ultimate Ben would take it Up to Eleven. To top it off the Ultimate Form won't "time-out" as the transformation function is disabled.
  • These last three WMGs go disturbingly well with the whole "an enemy they can't bring themselves to fight" angle in the season finale summary.

We have not seen the last of Aggregor.
Sure he was beaten, but not killed. He will likely escape from wherever Paradox took him and seek revenge on Kevin. But being clever he will wait until Ben and Gwen depower Kevin to make it easier for him to swoop in and kill them all. In the meantime Aggregor will capture every villain in the series and absorb all of their power to compensate for the power Kevin took from him.

Full Osmosians come from eggs
Why else would Aggregor call Kevin a hatchling?
  • If female Osmosians look as human as the males do then they probably feed their hatchlings milk.

Argit wants to join the Plumbers
Well, episode 18 is named enemy of my enemy, and the enemy of their current enemy (Kevin) is Argit, and the enemy of your enemy becomes your ally- thus Argit could become an ally. Also, episode information states Argit will infiltrate the Plumber's Academy and do the last thing anyone would expect him to do... which would be join them!
  • That actually sounds kind of cool, but where would the Vreedle brothers fit into that?
    • Distraction, perhaps, so Argit will have an easier time sneaking in around the back?
      • He's joining them. Why would he sneak around the back?
  • All jossed. The Vreedles were the ones who joined the Academy, on their father's insistence.
    • Shame, that was a fun idea. Someone should write a fanfic about it!

Gwen will be forced to transform into her Anodite form to defeat Kevin.
Kevin no longer has any feelings for Gwen and starts savagely beating her until Gwen transforms. Gwen gives him one last warning to stop his carnage, but he provokes her. She uses her powers to torture and kill him. Kevin tries to fight her off, but he can't take the pain anymore and begs her to stop. Gwen is able to revert to her human form, she just can't do that to Kevin, no matter how evil he became. Instead, she uses her power to turn him back human. But Kevin will be sent to the Null Void, he swears he'll get his revenge on them all.
  • Semi-Jossed. He says that he kept her alive because of what she used to mean to him. But if she really meant nothing to him anymore, even the memory of loving her wouldn't have been enough to stop Rage!Kevin.

The Ben 10,000 universe is still canon...

Ben 10,000 did mention to 10 year old Ben that something really bad would happen around about his teens... 16 wasn't it? And Kevin 11,000 only proves this point a little, having Kevin being his fused crazy self, but with the ability to control it. Of course, this means a rather bleak future for Ben, he's gonna seal Kevin in the Null void with Gwen, possibly with Gwen showing signs of pregnancy if Devlin Levin is Gwen's, which leads towards him becoming a bit more serious... then Vilgax will strike and that will lead towards Ben becoming who he was in Ben 10,000.

Unfortunately, with Kenny's dark skin, this has a high chance of not boding well for Julie. And there is a bit more potential proof, Max's nervous system has been damaged, so what is the perfect way to make it work well in the arms again? New, cybernetic, arms. Also explains Gwen's gift to Kenny in Ken 10, probably learned from Charmcaster how to make them. We even have Vulkanis showing up in the future.

As for the plot hole of why he didn't use the Ultimatrix's ultimate forms in the future (Assuming it's evolved to look like the Omnitrix), one could argue its been so long since Ben's had to use it that he forgot to, or had Azmuth lock it away for safe keeping after turning Vilgax into... the assortment of muscles and organs in the morgue... that and he probably remembered what he showed himself when he was younger.

  • No, Azmuth said that he was making a new Omnitrix, so that will be what Ben 10,000 will wear! (Fanfic is being written for this RIGHT NOW)
    • Jossed. In Omniverse, Ben wears the new Omnitrix, but Ben 10,000 wears the Biomnitrix instead.
  • Jossed, the Ken 10 universe is an alternate reality. In Ben 10,000 returns, we meet a different Ben 10, 000 from the actual future.

Gwen is recruiting Darkstar to save Kevin.
Look at the byline for the next episode- recruiting Darkstar is Gwen's idea. Gwen loves her boyfriend, so she doesn't want Ben to kill him, but she can't let him rampage crazily, because it's morally wrong and will hurt a lot of people. What is Kevin crazy on? Energy. What does Darkstar feed on? Energy.
  • That makes a lot of sense, and that might even return Darkstar to his Mike form if he absorbs that much off Kevin.
  • This could become a Moment of Awesome if done right. Instead of kicking Kevin's ass, shift all that power to Darkstar, then kick his ass.
  • Confirmed, though it worked out differently than outlined above. Darkstar didn't drain the energy himself, but he did "help."

Kevin isn't going to have another Heel–Face Turn
  • Oh, if this is true, there will be PAIN.
    • If he ever does, Ben swears he'll stop Kevin, for good.
    • Jossed, he did turn good again.

Ben's willingness to "put [Kevin] Down" is because he is having a nervous breakdown.
Think about it, Kevin was a enemy turned friend. As a kid Kevin was willing to kill a entire train and all the people on it for petty cash. New Evil Kevin put a guy in traction because he owed him $8 bucks. And Kevin knows where everyone Ben cares about lives...
  • That's brilliant. I take this as my new canon!
  • Pretty much confirmed. He repeatedly refers to the danger Kevin poses as the "end of the world", and Kevin is confirmed to be tracking down their half-alien friends and draining them dry, and Ben also feels responsible for Kevin's rampage, so he has the added bonus of feeling like he has lost lives on his conscience weighing down on him.

Next season, Kevin will be The Atoner.
He probably murdered three Plumber's Kids and countless others and went on a huge rampage.
  • Anyone effected by his energy absorption was restored when Kevin was drained, as evidenced by the complete return of the Andromeda aliens.
    • But he still did it. Crazy or not, that'll mess a guy up.
      • What'll mess him up the most is knowing that he hurt Gwen and tried to kill her.

Jennifer Nocturne will return.
Dwayne McDuffie is a master at Arc Welding. The pretty movie star will probably be a plot point in another arc.
  • Possibly with a connection to Mike Morningstar. They're both blonde and blue-eyed, they both have an easy time attracting the opposite sex, they both have weird last names, and they're both attracted to one half of the Power Couple Kevin and Gwen.
    • Possibly. Now that Mike lost his powers, he'll use her cousin or sister's money to compensate.
  • Her career could've gone down hill as a result of the Captain Nemesis thing and she returns as a supervillain blaming Ben.
  • Or she could become a superpowered Stalker with a Crush
  • Confirmed in "Catch a Falling Star" where she goes on the run with Nemesis. That girl has serious issues.

Ben's Necrogriggian children will return
Either as a hostage situation thing, or even better, as the cavalry Big Damn Heroes back to save Ben, who they will insist on referring to as "Mommy".
  • And Kevin will never live it down.

They will introduce a now love interest for Gwen

The rival will be a more beastly race that doesn't like Osmosians. To go with Kevin's creepy opposition shiny body and Gwen's Mary sue ness. Sounds like it has been done.

Azmuth will be the Big Bad of Ultimate Alien
During the third season of Alien Force, the conquest of Earth by the intergalactic government was more or less established by forcing Earth to abide by the 'Invasion Laws' (created by the Galvans) and selling the rights to basically destroy the planet to Vulkannus. Now Ben's no longer wearing an Azmuth created device, and Azmuth has cryptically referenced an updated Omnitrix. Sounds to me like they're setting up a battle between Ben and Azmuth.
  • Probably Jossed by now; we meet True Ben 10,000 and he makes references to still having more or less the same relationship with Azmuth that Young Ben does.

Alternatively, the Big Bad will be representatives of the governments of Earth.
Once they get word that Earth has basically been conquered by alien forces, they'll target the "peace keeping" arm of those alien forces: The Plumbers.
  • As of "Prisoner 775 is Missing" this looks more and more likely. Although it's turned into more of an "Earth has been violating galactic laws it signed a treaty to uphold". Grandpa Max straight-out tells General Rosem that there will be consequences for his actions.
  • Will Harangue will be involved in this.

Albedo will steal Azmuth's new Omnitrix
Albedo will steal Azmuth's new Omnitrix and use it to get revenge on Ben Tennyson.

Ben will somehow obtain Azmuth's new omnitrix and place it on his right arm.
And while carrying the Idiot Ball, Ben will try to use the new omnitrix and the ultimatrix at the same time. Which will cause something very bad to happen.

The Andromeda Aliens will Spin-Off
Let me tell you something, Rath had better be the Sixth Ranger.

All of Ben's aliens are Marty Stus.
At least by their species' standards, they are. When the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix takes a sample of DNA, it scrambles it to get the optimum traits, like what happened with Eunice. (Not to say that other hair, eye and skin colors aren't optimum traits.) This would explain why all aliens in the galaxy seem to be way more powerful than humans; it's not that humans suck, we just have no average examples to compare with.
  • It probably also gives him an version at peak physical condition, since that isn't even related to DNA and as such is probably synthesized. Ben's aliens probably are to the average members of their species what an Olympic athlete or Captain America is to the average human- ludicrously better than them at everything, but something they could achieve given a lifetime of training.
  • So do that mean Eunice represents the best of Human DNA? or at the very least the best of Human/Mana Alien (what was the name?) hybrids. Is copying the traits of animals an innate human (or hybrid trait) all can learn or some quirk of the Unitrix trying to scan other forms?
    • The copying is almost certainly an artifact of Unice being the Unitrix. But yeah, she's the apex of what can be made from the genes found in Gwen Tennyson. That is to say, extreme magical potential; given the source, it probably maximized her mana and innate abilities with magic in much the same way that it would maximize a necrofrigian's intangibility stamina and freeze breath lung capacity.
      • Except Anodites officially don't have any DNA. As illogical as it is, apparently there's no Anodite DNA to copy, and Eunice must be all human.
      • Nevertheless, her magic capacity is probably what it emphasized in perfecting her. Remember: humans suck at everything. The only species smaller, weaker, and slower than us that doesn't have some massive superpower is the Galvans, who are superintelligent. We only catch up by using technology that anything shaped like us can use. What ability have humans demonstrated that's unique to us? Magic. We seem to be even better than Annodites- they exceed us in mana capacity, but human mages display waaay more variation in what they can do with their spells indicating better fine control; judging from Gwen and Verdona, Annodites do more "throw balls of mana around shaped loosely like what you want it to do" than "alter reality" like human mages. As such, it can only be concluded that the human superpower is magic use, and like every other species, it'll focus on enhancing that superpower plus good athletic condition, the latter of which isn't really visible given that Gwen is also athletic.

Vulpamancers are What Measure Is a Non-Human? Furry Slaves.
The Omnitrix/Ultimatrix only scan SENTIENT life, thus Wildmutt is SENTIENT, but his race is used frequently as attack dogs by other species, since he doesn't have a translatable language basically his species are intergalactic slaves.
  • As far as I remember they only appeared, in Null Void, so they're more possibly some primitive barbarian species.
    • Your thinking of something else, the rogue Plumber in Ben 10 used a pair as attack dogs, their the orange canid aliens. That also doesn't change the fact that the Omni/Ultimatrix consider them evolved enough to stand next to Diamondhead and Swampfire.
      • Rogue Plumer?...Phil? From "Truth" episode? He freed them from Null Void using Void projector. Max even commented that Plumbers already captured all Vulpimancers.
      • That doesn't mean their native to the Null Void, and "captured all the vulpamancers" still doesn't counter the argument their Sentient species according to Primus/Unimatrix

Max and Verdona didn't have kids they CREATED them.
Anodites have no DNA but that's ok because Verdon basicly took a sperm sample, mixed with with some mana and created Gwen and Ben's parents like some magical test tube baby. They have Max DNA and some wacky magical comparative of Anodite DNA.

Kenny and Devlin (Ben and Kevin's kids, respectively, from the future episode 'Ken 10') will show up, possibly due to time travel.
This way the writers can keep two characters who are very popular in the fanbase without necessarily keeping Kevin evil. Or they'll be trying to make Kevin become evil in order to preserve their own timeline.
  • Partially Jossed, the Ken 10 universe is just an alternate reality. So Kevin staying good wouldn't affect their timeline.
  • They'll come from another Cross-timeline.

Gwen will make some "magic artifacts" that use her mana as fuel to do what she normally does with her powers
Let's face it, in battle all she pretty much does is throw around ineffective energy bolts or make shields that crack after a hit. And considering how good humans are at making energy amplifiers, it's only a matter of time before she gets something useful for combat.
  • Another reason is to prevent her from transforming into her Anodite form.

Young Ben's appearance is just a preview of things to come
Eventually, Paradox will help Ben unite with himself from across multiple universes and times to fight a final foe, including Ben 10,000, himself from the Gwen 10 timeline (where he developed magic powers), young Ben, and the original concept for Ben 10 (it being different Superheroes, including a Magical Girl, instead of Aliens). Come on, you know it'd be awesome!
  • For the sake of awesomeness throw in kid Gwen, future Gwen, Gwen 10 version, original Gwen concept (just a classmate instead of cousin). Then throw in kid Kevin, Kevin 11000, alternate reality Kevin, and alternate concept Kevin.
  • Crisis in Infinite Bellwoods!
  • Confirmed that Ben 10,000 is appearing in an upcoming episode, though its an alternate one who came to fight Eon.
    • No, the first Ben 10, 000 is from an alternate universe, while this one is the one from current Ben's future.
  • Isn't Ben Eon so Ben 10k vs Eon is...Ben Vs Ben...with the help of Ben?
    • And Eon's minions were alternate universe versions of Ben that he enslaved.
  • Okay, someone needs to link me to whatever it is that says Ben could've had a female super hero transformation. xD
    • well Big Chill does lay eggs...
  • The Gwen 10 universe has been confirmed to be an alternate universe, along with a large number of other ones.
    • Perhaps Gwen 10's version of Ben is Eon? Considering not only did Gwen(then Max) got the Omnitrix, Gwen gets superpowers then turns into an Anodite, chances are Ben could have gotten jealous and turned evil somehow...idk, I lost my train of though half-way through this sentence.
  • Eon will return as the Big Bad. Or so we'll be led to believe as there's a Bigger Bad that's really pulling the strings.

Ultimate Kevin let Ben win
Think about it, Ultimate Kevin defeated Ultimate Aggregor, who'd been curb-stomping the entire team, even with two Bens. Yet Ben managed to defeat Ultimate Kevin singlehandedly wit Ultimate EchoEcho. Why? Well the entire fight, from Gwen's perspective, was a "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight. Well in the end, the real Kevin, the one who'd managed to force himself not to attack Gwen but was completely overshadowed by Ultimate Kevin managed to resurface and let Ben defeat him, knowing if he didn't that he'd end up getting to Gwen.
  • I take this as my canon!

Normal Sonorosians (Echo Echo) have clone limit
According to Word of God Petrosapien (Diamondhead) should lose with time their Chromastone clothes. And yet Ben still have them. Following that logic its possible that Sonorosians can create for example 100 copies, but if one dies its lost forever. But Ben just regains lost ones with every transformation. Otherwise Echo Echos would just conquer entire galaxies. But of course we could assume that Ben lose his crystal clothes and thats why he stopped using Diamondhead...
  • What? That makes no sense! However you're connecting these, I'm not seeing it. The Diamondheads lose their "Chromostone clothes"? What? Then, the Diamondheads can create clones...what? First of all, Diamondhead didn't have the blue clothes in the original series. The Omnitrix shaped Ben's clothes to fit them. Second, the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix can change the clothes of the aliens the wearer turns into, whether the user presets the clothes, the devices choose the clothes, or it's random. Hence why Ben transforms back into his normal clothes for a good chunk of the series, even if he was wearing something else when he transformed. Third, Diamondheads can't create clones. How in the ever-loving Hell did you come to this? The Echo Echos are separate from the Diamondheads, why would you think they're connected?

Well, he looks different that other Terraspins. His name sound a bit girly. His voice may have changed from magic, or be natural for that race. And he's partly pink.

The Original Series is the Ben 10,000 timeline.
Think about it. All these continuity errors and random changes in AF/UA were never mentioned in the original series. As for the AF/UA timeline, Ben still got the omnitrix in that timeline as well but his adventures were never shown because the current canon timeline was Ben 10,000. That also explains the change in art style. They're telling us that the original series that WE saw was leading into Ben 10k.
  • Thats what I always thought. Popular guess is that Gwen interference must changed future. All episodes from Ben 10 classic go normal (and some guess that Goodbye and Good Riddance is canon) and then something changes. By the way, that means that Gwen saved Kevin by herself from terrible fate.
  • Somewhat confirmed. The AU Ben 10,000 is appearing in the series coming soon and has the Ultimatrix instead of the Omnitrix.
    • Jossed, the Ben 10, 000 we see is different from the last one. The original Ben 10, 000 is from an alternate universe.

The Hive will be Season 2's Big Bad
The Stinger of episode 26 revealed the chips survived, meaning they'll be back. Since Season 2 hasn't yet had a Big Bad, the role is open and they're a perfect fit. Either that or the Season 3 Big Bad.

Albedo set which forms have Ultimates
There's a setting on the Ultimatrix to decide which forms have Ultimates and Albedo set it to his personal preferences or possibly to whichever ones were most effective or whatever. Ben can change it back because only Albedo knows the code to unlock it since he invented the Ultimate feature.

If Season 2 has an overarching plot thread (and so far there hasn't been a definitive indication that it will), it will focus on Ben's relationship with Julie.
Because so far that's been the only theme linking the several episodes that have already aired. Likely Eunice and possibly the Hive will play a role in the larger plot. It's also entirely possible that any overarching plot for the season will be limited to only a handful of episodes, similar to Season 2 of the original show where the main plot arc was Kevin 11 seeking revenge on Ben, even though there were only 3 episodes in that season dealing with him.

Eunice's ability is limited to absorbing powers from Earth lifeforms, because her avatar is based on Earth DNA (Gwen's human DNA) and a Unitrix isn't designed to absorb DNA from multiple planets, unlike the Omnitrix.
This would certainly serve to give her vague abilities some concrete definitions and boundries.

This show will have only two seasons.
In this season Ben gonna break Ultimatrix get new Omnitrix from Azmuth and rest we will see in another sequel.
  • Jossed before this WMG was even posted. They're on the second season right now, and at Cartoon Network's upfronts they confirmed a third season, followed by a fourth series.
    • Thats depends on what they're counting as third season. I meant season one as first 20 episodes, while officially season one end on episode 10 "Ultimate Aggregor". Also Ultimatrix-Omnitrix theory may still work out. After all why would they call series "Ultimate Alien" without Ultimatrix?
      • No, it doesn't. If they count the current season as the third season, then the new season they greenlit would be the fourth. If they count the current season as the second, then the new season they announced at the upfronts would be the third. Either way, more than two seasons.

Albedo based Ultimatrix on Dr. Animo's Transmodulator

Ultimate human will have the power of every alien ever, but looks just like Ben.
What is the only power that humans have been shown to have in this series? Genetic compatibility will all known species of sentient aliens. If Kevin and Gwen end up marrying and having a child, there is no indication that it wouldn't have both Anodite and Osmosian powers like it's parents. Given enough generations, humanity will be able to have all sorts of cool powers. Should Ben ever be forced to become Ultimate Human, it will look just like him. after a little bit of How Do I Shot Web?, be will find that he has all of the powers of all of the aliens that he has used since now. He will then proceed to kick ass.

  • Confirmed! Ben 10,000 has access to all of his alien's powers in human form by using Ultimate Human form.

Before she left Earth, Verdona had a Bewitched-style Endora vs. Darrin relationship with Gwen's Mom
Despite not knowing what she was (we're told), young bride Natalie Tennyson found her mother-in-law insufferable. Verdona likely used a lot of 'wasn't me' tricks to tweak Nat's nose. It turned her anti-alien, and as we've seen in 'Its Not Easy Being Gwen', almost anti-tech. Frankly, she may be worse than Darrin - I can't see him making those kinds of comments to Tabitha.
  • Here's an alternative possibility, Natalie is an Anodite from a opposite side of a cultural evolutionary break much like the Vulcans and Romulans. Just that her side is the lade back non-jerkass version.
    • That's probably why Verdona doesn't seem to like Natalie. And doesn't take kinda at Natalie's opinion of not wanting Gwen to be "like her".

"Basic Training" wasn't supposed to air yet when it did.
Just an attempt to explain the weird XLR-8 expy, considering the new Ben 10,000 mentioned unlocking a few new forms for present Ben.

The Ben 10,000 was from cross-time
He implies in his fight with Eon they fought before (Race Against time) but Current Ben does not remember fighting Eon. Since Ben 10k remembers working with his younger self the "other time" had to be before that. 'Cause this also means a Ben 10k who DIDN'T fight eon cross timed to a world where Ultimatrix Ben did so it all works out.
  • This Eon saying "that wasn't me" implying that Ben 10k fought another one
  • But when, since 10k remembers the fight with the Past shunted Eon logically that would be the one he remembers, unless there is ANOTHER EON between current Ben and 10k Ben, meaning Our Ben has another Eon to fight, which is a giant headache. Damn Cross time.
  • I see it that way: Race against Time is a in alternative reality like what if-episodes. Our Ben 10 first met Eon in "Ben 10,000 returns" episode, who turns out to be from alternative universe. Later, in future he fought Eon from his timeline and some time later he met mentioned before Eon from alternative timeline. He probably thought it was his Eon, until he said "That wasn't me". Is that makes things clear?
  • Even simpler explanation: Eon was wrong when he said he was a different one. He knew he was from an alternate dimension and this was the first fight with the Ben of this dimension that he knew of, so when Ben mentioned having fought him before he assumed Ben was talking about a different Eon.
  • Doubt it. 1) Where is real Eon? 2)Ben 10,000 asked "Why are you doing this, Eon? When we fought before... " which suggest he fought other Eon.

Ultimate Ben 10,000 has access to the full million+ aliens
But Ben One million five hundred thousand and eight doesn't have the same ring to it.
  • This isn't so much a WMG as it a simple fact. We know that Ben 10k has figured out the master controls. He probably has a few more than that actually, at the very least he's got the five from the Andromeda Galaxy and he may have more than that.

Continual exposure to Codon Stream receivers is having a slight impact on Ben's DNA
Not enough to do anything normally, but enough to ensure that Ultimate Ben has access to all of 'em. Presumably if a human who'd never touched an Omnitrix or Ultimatrix before used the ultimate function it'd produce something wholly different.
Ben is one of the darkest characters in the series and, if, a villain breaks his mind, he could be the biggest threat in the franchise
  • He had no friends before the first series and he was bullied, when he gets the Omnitrix he acts like a jerk to handle the implications, when he finally accepts it, Max's alien friend comes and tells him it was meant for Max, thus making him feel less special. He takes it off because he can't handle it any more and, by AF, Gwen was his only friend and their greeting made it seem like they hadn't seen each other for months, if not years. He gets intense when something bad happens to Max, not just because he loves his grandpa, but because he feels like he lost his sense of control and order in his life. In UA, he is way more than willing to kill Kevin than the Silver Age characters he was inspired by. This one has been answered by the show itself, but it definitely proves he's a more tormented person than he looks.

Colonel Rosem is a Forever Knight
Or will become one. His anti-alien beliefs would fit right in with them and it looks like he's now an enemy of Ben and company. It's possible he might even be the Forever King of the fourth group, as the leader we saw wasn't referred to as their leader or a Forever King.

The Season 2 Finale will have a full out fight between the Forever Knight factions
This season's story arc deals with the Forever Knights and they openly despise each other. IT'd be pretty cool.
  • The blond-haired squire might return to help Ben and his team.
    • As of "The Purge", the four most powerful Forever Knight leaders (Driscoll, Enoch, Patrick, and Urian) are forced to swear fealty to Old George, the original Forever Knight. This makes this WMG less likely, but not impossible, particularly if one or more of them decides to go Starscream against him.

The next series will star Kevin.
And he will finally get his own fangirls in universe.

The next series will happen after a longer Time Skip.

Ben will be in his mid-twenties or so and mentoring a younger hero who reminds him of his younger self... and all the trouble that he brought with him. As a Casting Gag the new hero will be a girl voiced by Tara Strong. Gwen and Kevin will be married with a kid and retired from active duty to play supporting roles. Julie will still be with Ben and much drama will be made about whether Ben will propose. The Big Bad will be a new character with ties to the young hero and powerful enough to give the much more experienced Ben a good fight (Ben hasn't gone Ultimate Ben yet), but can only be defeated by his apprentice. TO sum it up: Ben as the mentor and a single parent/guardian to a kid that drives him insane while slowly burrowing into his heart. Expect a Precocious Crush to show up.

  • It turns out that Ben 10: Omniverse has Ben traveling back in time to help his ten-year-old self, so it's almost an inversion.

The past Ben, Gwen, and Kevin from The Forge of Creation, ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage, and Ben 10,000 returns aren't the ones from the original series
When you think about it, Ben and Gwen looks just like their 16 year old counterparts but with kid bodies. Gwen never had visible lips in the original series and 10 year old Ben is more immature and skinnier than the one from the original series. That's also why the Omnitrix makes different sounds and has a green symbol rather than white on his Aliens. Those Versions are from the Alien Force Timeline rather than the original Ben 10,000 timeline.
  • Young Kevin in those episodes also looked different.
  • No, that's just the art style. The four first Ben 10 series are all part of the same continuity.
The next series will phase out Kevin and Gwen and introduce a whole Omnitrix team.
  • A whole bunch of Omnitrix prototypes, mods and bootlegs have to be recovered, but being Clingy MacGuffins they wind up in the hands of a new generation of heroes, allowing Ben to spread his multiple forms among them. The show will then be known as Ben's Ten.
    • Ben sticks with the original 10 since those turn out to be read-only data
    • Eunice returns when the Unitrix bodyjacks another girl, and gets all the animal- and nature-based forms, Spidermonkey, Terraspin, Swampfire, Brainstorm
    • An Affirmative Action Girl gets the Acceletrix (times out and recharges three times faster, but picks at random due to working like a slot machine) with Fasttrack, Arctiguana, Wildvine, Water Hazard
    • JT's cousin and Fiery Redhead Anti-Hero wannabe (ie. the new Lancer) gets the Militrix (developed for war, simplified but durable enough to pummel with) with Benwolf, Diamondhead, Rath, Snakepit
    • The Smart Guy gets the Digitrix (improved AI system that always dials correctly) with Nanomech, Benviktor, NRG, Lodestar, Ditto but the AI taking over develops into a new, unstable form
    • The Big Guy gets the Megatrix (increased buffer space for growing into larger aliens) with Humungosaur, Upchuck, Armordrillo, Cannonbolt
    • Cash's brother and creepy Goth guy gets the Negatrix (basically the Mac to Omnitrix's PC) with Benmummy, Eye Guy, Chromastone, Chemalien, Clockwork
    • Kevin's cousin Melvin, the resident stoner and co-Lancer gets the Egotrix (designed to change at will by syncing with the user's brainwaves) with Jetray, Goop, Toepick, Spittor
    • The kid of the team gets the Decatrix (a 10-form-only Omnitrix prototype) with Echo Echo, Buzzshock, Sandbox, Way Big, Eatle
    • And the third girl of the team (the Sour to Eunice's Sweet and second girl's Spicy) gets the Inhibitrix (designed to nerf the potentially unstable aliens) with Big Chill, Amfibian, Osmosean, Alien X, Eon - turns out Scary Dogmatic Aliens developed this Omnitrix with the intention of using it as a prison
  • All the new kids have room for more aliens, freeing up the possibility of new forms, but the end of the series will have all of them turn in their badges and upload all data to the Ben 10,000 Omnitrix.
  • Azmuth returns, touting a new perfected upgrade ring that re-enables all Ultimate forms - but its use means that the new kids must sacrifice their freedom as they return to Galvan Prime to act as test subjects
  • An important part of their training regime involves calling out the alien names.

The Benmummy-Benwolf-Benviktor trio gets rounded up with a fourth form, Benpire
Think Big Chill but bat-themed, turns into a smoke form instead of passing through walls, and uses hypnosis - but crap at close combat.
  • Confirmed during the Omniverse "Galactic Monsters" arc.

Azmuth dosen't believe the Human race is worth jack squat
In one episode Azmuth said to ben that the omnitrix has access to every form of intelligent life in the universe, later we figured out he left out a few species, but since he knew Humans exist he must not consider us intelligent enough.
Follow Up: The omnitrix doesn't store DNA it stores a beacon that connects it to the home world that also doesn't store DNA, but instead a Copy of the DNA. It's written out as a code, and sent to Galvan Prime, the Omnitrix is a remote control, or pager, phone of some sort.
  • or Fridge Brilliance: The Omnitrix locked out human because what's the point of turning into yourself? By the same token if Azmuth excluded some races, but Vulpamancers/Wildmutt are considered good enough, and other races use them as pets...what kind of races did he exclude!

Aggregor is Kevin's evil.
Well it does fit. Remember, even before absorbing the Omnitrix for the first time, he was still The Sociopath. His Heel–Face Turn was more of a Heel–Face Brainwashing: his sociopathic tendencies were purged from his mind. The fact that he was good afterwards means that either he gained a sense of empathy, or that he at least some good in the first place. This sociopathic side eventually either mutated into Aggregor, or it altered somebody known as Aggregor. This is also why Aggregor is a Villain Sue: he's got a psychic connection to the original Kevin, and thus knows everything that Kevin knows. Because of this, he's always one step ahead. It also explains why Ultimate Kevin beat him down: because Kevin is the original.

The counter-intuitive physics that Paradox spoke about was Phineas and Ferb
Because when I think counter-intuitive physics I think Phineas and Ferb.

Paradox could very well potentially appear in any franchise (legalities withstanding)
It's already been confirmed that Paradox can easily travel to other universes. And the fact that Ben will cross over to Generator Rex's world confirms that "other universes" also includes other shows. So why not?

Cooper is an E.V.O.
Yes, I know the fact that Ben crossing dimensions in Heroes United means the shows don't take place in the same universe. But Cooper has amazing technopathic abilities and has been declared by Word of God to not be half-alien. Maybe some time before his debut in the original series, young Cooper was near an open portal to the Generator Rex universe at the moment The Event occurred, and a stray cloud of nanites passed through the portal and infected Cooper but just subtly enough not to be noticed.
  • Possible Fridge Brilliance: Cooper suddenly becoming buff and muscular? He used his powers to control the nanites.

The Plumbers are going to declare war on the Forever Knights.
In "The Purge" we see Pierce assaulted and perhaps killed by the Forever Knights. If an illegal prison under Area 51 and the disappearance of hundreds of aliens doesn't attract the Plumbers, Pierce's fate may be the final straw that leads Max and the other Plumbers to decide to wipe out the Forever Knights-if they resist arrest, of course, and they definitely will. Ben will be hard-pressed to prevent the ensuing battle and may not be certain that he should.
  • Not only a war between the Plumbers and the Forever Knights, but also the Flame Keeper cult and the U.S. Government (which includes General Rosem and Will Harangue). Harangue will hold Ben responsible for the entire war, causing the public to turn against him.

Old George is an Anodite in human form.
He's centuries old, is superhumanly strong and agile and has advanced knowledge of mana manipulation/magic if he was able to create the seal that trapped the Creature From Beyond. His anti-alien stance is a cover that let's him use the Forever Knights as his personal army in his bid to take over Earth and also result in removing any one who might identify him as being alien.
  • Alternatively, he might be an amnesiac Anodite /any shapeshifting immortal alien who was Mode Locked into human form. Diagon will defeat him by revealing George's true form to make him realize that he is what he hates.

Eunice and Cooper will be the third Official Couple.

Cooper is hopelessly infatuated with Gwen and Eunice, well, let's be honest, she pretty much is a Gwen of sorts. Cooper will lament to Ben that he'll never meet another girl like his cousin... cue Eunice walking into the room and complimenting Cooper's inventions and making recommendations. As the two walk away Ben will proclaim that his work here is done, only for Kevin to point out he didn't really do anything.

The Forever Knights are the precursors of Space Marines...
and Old George is the god emperor. The anti alien stance certainly fits, and since they don't differentiate between plumber kids, and other part humans that shows there stance on mutants

The Forever Knight true leader has gone on a secret mission to blow up the null voids.
Without a prison to hide in the aliens will be easy targets for his new weaponry.

After his Third Invasion...
Vilgax will turn to the side of good. He'll become Ben's BFF and there will be much Ho Yay. Hell, if they did it to Kevin, they can do it to Vilgax!

The fourth series will be the darkest one yet.
The way things are going in this season it seems the Ben 10 Verse is getting darker and less idealistic. The alien prison under area 51 and its ramifications, the return of Old George and the revamping of the Forever Knights into an actually dangerous entity and the slight deconstruction littered through the season (Ben's Stepford Smiler status is discussed and the realistic problems aliens and humans would have living together) indicate that Ben is in for a rough experience before the end of the season. When the new series starts Earth will have lost the protection of the treaties due to their civil rights violations and the actions of the Forever Knights. Vilgax will return and claim his loss to Ben during Alien Force is invalid and Earth is his by default. Ben, his team and their families will have to leave the planet and form a resistance in space while Vilgax hunts them all over the galaxy. Will Harangue will become The Quisling to V Ilgax and report on the hunt for the dangerous Ben (not that different from what he's doing already) and the Forever Knights will be devastated by fighting Vilgax's forces until there's barely any left, while the other villains either throw their lot in with Vilgax or form a resistance of their own. Even the Plumbers won't be any help since Ben is "legally" a criminal since Vilgax owns Earth and at best they can only look the other way while Ben tries to find allies to take back Earth. Ben will win, but at great cost and this is why Ben 10,000 acted so cheerful and perky during their team-up: he knows Ben is in for the roughest time of his life and wanted him enjoy what time he had left before it all goes to hell.

When Helen returns, she will be on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge with Manny against the Forever Knights
The Forever Knights killed Helen's brother Pierce in cold blood no way this won't happen.

The Omnitrix ages the aliens according to the user's age, but the Ultimatrix doesn't.
Alright, so a recent Word of God statement from Matt Wayne suggests that Ben's aliens are "prime specimens" of their species, and that Ben's age doesn't affect theirs. This seemingly doesn't hold up, given that Ben's older forms have changed in appearance between the original series and now (with Upchuck being the most drastic, having a completely different color scheme and Jossing the idea that it's just because the two shows have different artists), and in the original series Ben 10,000 aliens were definitely shown to have aged. Then I realized... Albedo designed the Ultimatrix to be more combat-oriented than the Omnitrix (hence the Ultimate forms), right? Well, what if he also rigged whatever mechanism receives and applies the DNA to the user so that age isn't a factor? Would certainly explain why the aliens have changed in spite of Wayne's statement.

The remaining Earth species in the Codon Stream
So, Dwayne Mc Duffie confirmed that there are four Earth species in the Codon Stream, and that humans and dolphins are two of the species. Figured I might as well make a WMG about the potential candidates for the other two Earth species. Feel free to add on to the list.
  • Other primates, such as chimps, gorillas, or even lemurs.
  • Elephants.
  • Dogs.
  • Crows or parrots.
  • Mice
  • Whales seem like an obvious choice.

Ssserpent and Trumbipulor aren't aliens
Come on, TWO animal themed, low level villains with little to no backstory and motives? They clearly Chekhov's Gunmans. Obviously they were created by dr. Animo, and in next season Animo will be Big Bad and they will team up with Exo-Skull and form Inter-Species Gang.
Not really sure where to put this, but whatever. The Ben 10 mix with Generator Rex will prove that the two worlds exist on the same plane.
The two heroes will team up to most likely fight evo powered aliens, and learn that team work is the most powerful weapon in their arsenal.
alt. Rex and his team will open up some sort of trans-dimensional portal (possibly by reuniting with Breach) to meet Ben in his world, or pull Ben to his world, where Ben will be confused about, "What is alien? & What is EVO?"
  • Either way, the number of possibilities on how the two shows will be mixed is limitless. I'd value some alternatives.

Shocksquatch's DNA was created from the nanites absorbed by Alpha, particularly those form the Bug Jar.
It was a Freeze-Frame Bonus, but did anyone else notice that the Ultimatrix briefly glowed yellow the first time Alpha hacked it? The only reason the watch didn't say something like, "Unknown DNA sample collected," was because Alpha shut it down before it had the chance to.

A dimensional-equivalent of the Nanite Event would've happened in Ben's universe if it weren't for the Plumbers and regulations on Tech Levels.
Nanites are definitely higher than Level 2. Accidents like that are presumably one of the things regulating the sophistication of technology per planet is meant to prevent.
  • I was under the impression that plumbers stopped worlds from getting technology levels they hadn't yet developed themselves, so no letting aliens bring in tech levels that earth hadn't made on it's own, but they wouldn't stop earth from developing it's own tech.

Ben will go EVO
He has nanites in him now, and it would be good justification for another crossover.

Ben will be able to turn into Alpha at some point.
Considering how Ben can turn into the Nona Robots which are not biological entirely. I see very much possiblity of this happening in a future episode. Especially if Word of God reads tropes.
  • Possibly, but Alpha is just one nanite, the rest of his body was made up of other nanites.
    • Maybe an Alpha equivalent is Ultimate Nano Mech

Due to problems in the Ultimatrix, Ben will be the final villain of Ultimate Alien
The ultimatrix has already caused Ben to face Grand Theft Me

The Ultimatrix uses different DNA samples to the Omnitrix
This is why many of the OS aliens look different (Heatblast looking like Alan, Upgrade being Green instead of white)
  • Except, we were shown way back in Alien Force that such a thing is far from the case. Planet Primus' Codon Stream is the single source, and the matrix cores, no matter what shell they're encased in, are just receivers.

Eon turned evil because he unlock the Osmosian form
At some point in the future Azmuth will unlock the Ultrimatix's master control for Ben who will eventually be faced with an energy being with time control powers that defeats all Ben's other alien forms forcing him to enter his Osmosian form and absorb the being into himself killing it and giving Ben his powers. But the amount of energy Ben absorbs also turns him into a monster and since Ben has master control unlock he never reverts back, after this Ben then uses his new found time powers to travel to alternate time lines and enslave the Ben's there.

Eon is using the Clockwork power set of Ultimate Ben.
This seems too obvious to state since their powers are so similar, but I'll throw it out there. It can work with the above WMG as the Osmosian form causes his insanity even while in a different alien's power set. He chooses Clockwork's power because it's the strongest set he has short of Alien X and even an insane Ben realizes that he would be trapped with Serena and Bellicus. Or, Alien X has been locked out by the keys that belonged to his version of Gwen and Levin.

Kevin and Argit used to have a 'thing'
Mainly because I find it a hilariously awful thought and the dialogue in 'andreas fault' could be taken that way
  • Thank the Gods I'm not the only one. Personal theory has always been that they had a 'thing', Argit was an abusive ass, Kevin left but was too screwed up to admit that it wasn't just that they couldn't work out, but that Argit didn't give a rat's patootie about him. Also explains why Argit could get away with betraying him and get a glower, but after 'Andreas' Fault' Kevin wants him dead. Finally realized just how little he meant to the guy. WMG: Kevin didn't want Argit dead for not caring about and endangering Andreas so much as was using it as an excuse for killing him for doing so with *him*.

Ben will be forced to use Alien X to defeat a newly-powered Vilgax and/or Diagon.

Cthulhu himself will appear at some time.
They've already introduced Dagon. It would be awesome if they got the even bigger Great Old One, Cthulhu.

Ben 10,000 is also Mike Haggar
They look similar. They wear similar clothing. They have a similar mustache. And Ben 10,000 mentioned being the President of the Earth once, and while Mike Haggar was only a mayor, he was a mayor of a HUGE city. Coincidence? I think NOT!
Kevin's mother's name is either Eva, Eve, or Evelyn.
Why? Because it'd be hilarious that way.
Kevin is at least bilingual.
Why? His dad's from another planet and probably taught Kevin a little Osmosian.

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