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Ben 10: Alien Force is the future of an Alternate Universe version of Ben 10.
This explains the inconsistencies between the two series, like Kevin's personalities and abilities, Gwen's magic, and the whole alien bloodline business. Now the Broken Base can finally unite!
  • Glad to see someone else shares my view. See, I was watching "Vengeance of Vilgax" when it hit me: everyone said Vilgax was tossed into space, right? But we all know he was blown to pieces. The way I see it, in this timeline, the last few episodes of the original series never happened for some reason. That's why his parents (at least his dad) didn't know about the Omnitrix, and why Vilgax never came back to Earth, only to be subsequently destroyed. (The "Paradox" episode might have had something to do with it, but the temporal mechanics behind time travel always gives me a migraine, so I'm leaving it up to speculation.)
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  • He was thrown into space at the end of "Secret of the Omnitrix," the end of summer episode with the comic book introduction was the only one out of continuity (That's why they were using the same intro as the Gwen 10 episode), and even then that explosion was no greater than when his ship exploded, which also threw him out into space instead of blowing him to bits.
  • Alright then, so does that make this series part of the main timeline or not? If so, then does that mean the original series episodes that take place in the future won't happen?
    • The future from the original series was never canon, as that Ben 10,000 didn't remember going to the future, and that version never gave Max a cake.
Going back to original theory, try to imagine Ben 10 with all the faults of Alien Force. Boring invincible aliens, non-psycho Kevin, a Vilgax that doesn't know how to use the omnitrix, no crime-fighting, etc. That would be the timeline that AF is continuing.
  • I choose to look at like this, Alien Force is a divergent timeline, where the original series played out with some minor differences (obviously whatever drove Ben to stop using the Omnitrix for 5 years) and why things like the Plumbers are suddenly an intergalatic force and Vilgix being not so Axe-Crazy. Goodbye and Good Riddence, while a "What If?", still serves as a valid conclusion to the original series for those who don't like or prefer the follow-ups.

It's possible for there to be more than one Omnitrix, but only if it gives birth.
First of all, there must be some way to make more than one Omnitrix. Vilgax wasn't an idiot, and he certainly seemed to think such a thing was possible. Also, Ken 10 supports this, even if it wasn't canon.

Albeido built a replica of the Omnitrix, which is why they synced up in a feedback loop - they were totally identical.

But the Omnitrix is partially organic, so it can give birth to another functioning copy which would be altered enough by meiosis that there wouldn't be a feedback. This process is what Vilgax planned on using to create an army of Omnitrix users, and what Ben used to give his son a copy in the future.

There are explanations for the apparent inconsistencies in Alien force, which will be revealed later
Yeah, crazy, I know.
  • Several inconsistencies were explained in Ultimate Alien. The biggest one being Kevin's personality shift.

Michael Morningstar/Darkstar is a Take That! to Edward Cullen from Twilight
It makes perfect sense. Mike had vampiric powers, he used them to take energy from teenage girls after making them fall completely and hopelessly in love with his beauty (thus making them act like rabid fangirls), and he fought with glitter while sparkling! Has nobody seen these parallels yet?
  • If not a Take That!, a Shout-Out. This troper saw it instantly, and proceeded to call him Edward Sparklepants for the remainder of the episode. And then when he reappeared as Darkstar...
    • I call Darkstar Dr. Doom. You can see the resemblence. And he took some serious levels in bastardry in ensuing episodes. They know what they are doing.

Alien X is a physical manifestation of the universe.
Heck, his "skin" even looks like space. Ben also sees Alien X's apparent thought process as deep space. It certainly explains the reality warping abilities.
  • Expanding upon this. Either Alien X IS Alien X, there is no other one to have gotten genetic info from. The two parts of "Alien X"'s mind agreed to seed the Omnitrix with the ability to become Alien X in order to break the tie one way or another.
  • Alternatively, Serina and Bellacus are two members of the same species who reproduce by merging into a single being, and Alien X is the result.
    • Jossed, Word of God (or some other reliable source) says that X's species (Celestialsapien) evolved their abilities to survive the destruction of their planet (note:that looks just like them)
Serena and Bellicus are split personalities.
Mainly because they know about and want to bring back the dinosaurs, time doesn't matter, they could have generated all this previous business in a matter of seconds

Paradox is responsible for erasing the "Ben 10,000" timeline.
He also altered the timestream to cause all the seemingly random, arbitrary, inexplicable changes between the Alien Force universe and the original: Gwen's powers, Kevin's powers, his personality... After all, the Kevin in Alien Force is a much nicer guy than the Kevin in the Ben 10,000 episodes. Therefore, because of these changes, Paradox knew the world will be a much better place in the "future." Oh, the loopholes that time travel gives poor continuity!

Gwen will receive another revelation about her origins.
Not only is she an alien, but she was also orphaned at birth and adopted by Ben's aunt and uncle, who have to keep it a secret (even from Verona) to protect her. Thus, she is not related by blood to Ben in any way. The writers will have no choice but to do this, since arbitrarily introducing new love interests for the male and female lead has failed miserably to distract from the chemistry and tension between Ben and Gwen. Once they are revealed not to be cousins, they will realize their feelings for each other have always been a Slap-Slap-Kiss romantic attraction and can hook up with no taboos attached; and the shippers can indulge without Squick attached.
  • Alternatively, the revelation is that the energy being isn't Gwen, but a symbiote. This will be done because otherwise, Ben is also part alien - Verdona is his grandmother too.
    • It was explicitly stated that the alien powers can skip a generation, which is why Gwen's dad doesn't have any. But it's possible that the Omnitrix only works for Ben because he's part alien.
    • Being an energy being cannot, or rather should not, skip a generation. That's just silly.
    • Logically, there should be no way for "energy beings" to... mate with humans, especially not that way. Where is a female energy being's "slot"?
      • Presumably, a nigh-omnipotent shape shifting energy being could just transform themselves into an organic counterpart to their fleshy mate for the duration of the pregnancy.
    • About the Omnitrix working since Ben's part alien theory: "Alien" means "anything not from the person's home". Unless Azmuth had a specific prejudice against humans, it is unlikely he would have designed a watch that only one species cannot use.

Alien Force Kevin is Devlin.
Devlin went back in time for some reason to alter the past and took on the identity of his own father during his imprisonment in the Null Void Zone. It explains a lot - like why he won't ask out Gwen. Either he doesn't want to screw up the past, or he's attracted to her younger self but can't forget that in his own time, she's old enough to be his mother.
  • His crush on her simply comes from knowing her as Kenny's hot, cool aunt in the future.
  • Why does this make actually sense?
The Kevin in Alien Force is not the real Kevin.
Changing from a Monster Mashup of the Prime 10 into the animated version of SPD Pink is a tad drastic. So one possibility is that the AF Kevin is some form of imposter and the real Kevin will show up later on.
  • Alternatively, Kevin in the original series was an impostor. AF Kevin's troubledness stems from being the victim of supernatural identity theft as a preteen, and the being we all thought was Kevin could escape from the Null Void at any time...
  • Or the monstrous version of Kevin is his Superpowered Evil Side, and he mellowed out a bit after 5 years. Alien force Kevin has a personality with more in common with how Kevin was before his transformation (which he irrationally blamed Ben for). Perhaps his warped DNA made him go nuts, considering that Ghostfreak's sentient DNA was in the mix.
  • Jossed: Word of God has it that Kevin always had the power to absorb matter and energy, but after getting fixed up by a Doctor in the null void (named 'p'str'ph'.) to regain his human form, he's scared to absorb energy again, after what happened last time (With the Omnitrix and the Body Horror mutation) and so pointedly avoids doing so, for fear of losing control and mutating again.

Gwen still has magic, kind of, and not just Pink Lantern powers.
Word of God states Hex and Charmcaster are human practioners of magic; therefore, magic does exist, and Kevin is just an Unreliable Narrator. Gwen still has her old magic; but when she matured as an Anodite, her latent alien powers became easier to tap. These were mistaken for her magic by Gwen, and she hasn't tapped her real innate magic since.

The DNA Alien Arc will end with a Big Damn Heroes moment followed by a Gondor Calls for Aid moment.
All will seem hopeless, but Ben will head into battle alone. Maybe even with the Omnitrix seemingly broken. The following events will lead up to this and/or lead from this:
  • Kevin had to use his energy absorption powers and became Kevin 11 again; Ghostfreak DNA made him turn evil.
    • He suppresses it and rejoins Ben at some point.
  • Gwen got killed.
    • However, as hinted in "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" she is a mature Anodite stuck in a human body. Either Gwen rises from the dead as an Anodite on her own, or Verdona, keeping an eye on Gwen, facilitates the transformation.
  • A team of aliens, half-aliens and Plumbers made up of Ben's original ten forms will join the fray.
    • The alien that flashed a Plumber's badge to Pierce was Alan, the half-pyronite.
    • Ship was also captured.
    • Helen and Manny will emerge from the Null Void Zone leading all the wrongfully imprisoned aliens, accounting for: Heat Blast, FourArms, Ghostfreak, Ripjaw, Stink Fly, Wildmutt, XLR8 and Upgrade.
    • This leaves either Tetrax and Asmuth to answer the call, or two new members of the species to round off the ten.
  • Pierce was the DNA Alien captured.
  • Grandpa Max will be revealed to be alive and may even lead Helen, Manny and the others out of the Null Void.
    • Halfway there. Max is alive in the Null Void, though he's not leaving until he frees it from the oppression Dr. Animo, who Took a Level in Badass in there.

And the results are in!

  • Max indeed caused a Big Damn Heroes moment, with reinforcements from the Null Void (riding a void guardian of all things!). Gwen also sheds her skin and goes full Anodite... but Kevin keeps her from risking her humanity with a Cooldown Hug and she goes back to normal. But the biggest Big Damn Heroes moment comes from Highbreed Rhiney of all people!

The Omnitrix = Haruhi, and Ben = Kyon. See the Cargo Ship theory above. Add to that Azmuth saying in Alien Force that the Omnitrix will cause the end of the universe if it's separated from Ben:
Ben: So the universe really was at stake?!
Azmuth: If you'd lost the Omnitrix, yes.
  • Alternatively, Gwen = Kyon and Ben = Haruhi. Think about it: Haruhi doesn't like normal humans and prefers aliens, ghosts and the like; Ben has often stated that he doesn't like being normal either. Gwen is calm and levelheaded, like Kyon.

The episode "Voided" was a near-death experience of Ben's.
The majority of the episode was just a typical elaborate manifestation of his fight with death, using memories of old allies and enemies in a forbidding environment (with the addition of fantasies of being a Robin-level Ninja. The "world" that's unraveling is his life. He meets Grandpa Max because he already died, and the scene at the end happens when Ben starts to return from the edge. At first, he wants his grandfather to come with him, but he can't. So Ben wants to stay, but he has to go back because he has more to do on Earth. Finally, the voices of his loved ones pull him back from the edge. It all fits.

Both Ben and Gwen were adopted, not just Gwen.
Their parents weren't related to Max; they were hired and (probably voluntarily) brainwashed into believing that they were and that the infant children were their own. They may not be related, or even the same species; their shared birthday was just the day that Max and the plumbers initiated their families' new lives. Alternatively, they could be a species with sexually dimorphic powers: the females get "magic" and the males get...Well, nothing, or maybe being once-every-hundred-years things that always end up changing civilizations forever, like the Gerudo of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • ... Gwen wasn't adopted. She just inherited her powers from Verdona, while Ben didn't, perhaps having it awoken by contact with the Charms of Bezel.

Kevin's shift in abilities from absorbing energy to only absorbing solid material is a conscious choice.
Although the episode "Ken 10" and thus Kevin's development featured therein is non-canonical, it is reasonable to assume that with practice he would be able to exert some form of control over his transformation - at least enough to become human again. The monster form is now his "default" form, however, and so he requires a certain level of control to remain human; due to the passage of time, this is now as simple as breathing, but the more he uses his powers in other ways, the more control is required. Absorbing solid material is less difficult than absorbing energy; therefore, he can utilise that aspect of his powers without risk of transforming, while absorbing energy will present a risk. He doesn't want to revert to that form for reasons perhaps related to the Superpowered Evil Side theory.
Kevin had a run in with Paradox before the series began

think about it if Paradox is able to regress a damaged car (albeit with the risk of exploding) Why couldn't he regress Kevin to an un-mutated state I'm not sure how to explain the personality though.

  • Kevin practically threatened for Paradox to regress him. So while he did, he took the liberty of regressing his personality as well!
Julie is an alien in disguise
Has anyone besides me noticed that Julie has the same last name as the mastermind behind Pearl Harbor. OK, so said other wiki claims the surname is actually quite common in Japan, but given that it belongs to such a famous general (and one of the few Japanese whose name is relatively well-known to Americans), this troper wonders if it's not a bit too convenient. And since we know that alien technology exists to make aliens look human...
  • She could be another kind of entity in disguise. A shinigami, to be exact. Genryuusai's granddaughter, anyone?

Only female Anodites can control mana.
Gwen is the only female decendant of Verdona, so it would explain why she's the only one with powers.

The Vilgax who appears in "The Vengeance Of Vilgax" is a fake.
He's just some pathetic Lawful Evil imposter trying to cash in on the REAL Vilgax's reputation. It would explain the Diminishing Villain Threat, Badass Decay and Character Derailment he suffered.
  • It would also explain why he didn't use the "Instant Shut Down" ability he's known for.

Kevin's current Metamorpho impression
will be fixed by the Omnitrix......y'know, just as soon as the writers remember that said Omnitrix has a DNA Repair function. If it needs someone for comparison, Kevin's mom is just a phonecall away.
  • Or maybe it's not a DNA problem and can't be fixed that way. Rock and metal doesn't have DNA.
  • Maybe it is a DNA proplem. Some how his biology allowed him to absorb things like rock and metal maybe the feedback from the Omnitrix messed up what ever was in his Osmosian DNA that allowed his body to return to normal after absorbing something.
    • Pretty much, after the Omnitrix is destroyed he reverts to normal, presumably when he and Ben hacked it it started sending out some kind of signal that kept Kevin in his 'monster' form.

Azmuth isn't the mentor, he's just a little prick with a little... yeah

The Vilgax who appears in "The Vengeance Of Vilgax" is the younger brother of the one from the original series.
Vilgax is either a title or a family name. The Vilgax we saw has only his species in common with the one from the original series. He's aiming to cement his position as the new conqueror in the family by taking down the guy who took down his older brother. It's not going well.

The current season will end with Kevin going insane over his loss of humanity
Or something like that. No matter what, something's going to happen to him by the end of the season. Depressing lockets are always foreboding foreshadowing. My prediction is not so condemning, though:
  • Paradox will catch him right before he does something drastic and take him back to the past to see his psychotic past form, and to a possible future (Ken 10) to see what he could possibly turn into. The experience gives him a new lease on life and gives him resolve to never become what he was and could be.

In a parallel world, the show is an attempt to take Ben10 back to its roots.
First see the theory here that the show is an adaptation of a comic book in a parallel world. In said world, the cartoon is an poor adaptation where the character's personalities etc. have been messed with. Alien Force is an attempt by a new team to make a semi-sequel to the previous cartoon by adding elements from the original comic. This explains all of the discrepencies. The writers are trying to reverse the Adaptation Decay wrought by the Ben 10 cartoon.

In our world of course, things haven't worked like that...

The villain of the post-Highbreed season will be an evil lawyer.
Think about it, so far this season, most of the villains have been motivated by laws. Vilgax's kid brother was following invader laws, somebody else had the legal right to destroy Earth, then Ship's owner tries to get him back. Too many law related problems to be coincidence.

Gwen will rediscover her "magic" powers, and will use them in combination with her Anodite mana powers.
After looking through the episode guide in Wikipedia, it says that the next episode will see the return of Charmcaster, a "magic" user. The description says, "Kevin is beginning to lose all hope that he might one day return to normal when he is charmed by a beautiful girl who seems to understand. Kevin finds himself under her spell (literally) as Charmcaster has returned and is forcing Kevin to do her bidding. Kevin has no choice but to obey his mistress and destroy Ben and Gwen." My guess is that it's going to be a very Gwevin-centric episode. During the climax of the episode, Gwen will rediscover her original roots with "magic," and will start using her old spells from the first series in order to defeat Charmcaster. After realizing how useful they can be, Gwen decides to create a balance between her mana and "magic" powers, and will use both methods in the future.

Or they'll just change Charmcaster's character and make it so she was really a renegade Anodite all along, and make her "magic" similar to Gwens powers.

  • Charmcaster acknowledges the existence of mana, so magic and Anodite powers are, at this point, pretty much the same thing.

Vilgax isn't obeying laws by choice.
As mentioned in the main page, Ben is on speaking terms with the Supreme leader of the Highbreed, the most powerful civilization in the universe. For all we know, they are ones enforcing the invasion laws. Vilgax's situation isn't a case of Diminishing Villain Threat; it's what happens when the Sorting Algorithm of Evil passes you by.
  • Vilgax smashed Mount Rushmore with his fists. The Highbreed can be caught in a tree. Sorting Algorithm of Evil my ass!
    • There's also one of him, and... I don't even know how many Highbreed there were at the time of the Season 2 finale. A vast gulf in power exists between Vilgax and any given highbreed, but if he were to anger the lot of them...
      • Hey, only so many of them could fight him at a time. And, frankly, I don't see them getting enough Highbreeds close to him to overcome the vast difference in strength.

The reason why there are so many combination of original series aliens in Alien Force.
They breeded. created in a conversation between me and a friend. ex. Big chill is Ghostfreak X Stinkfly which the offspring then mated with Arcticguana.

Vilgax is suffering from Diminishing Villain Threat on purpose.
Think about it. He realized that, if he ever wanted to get close enough to Ben to get the Omnitrix, he needs to actually get close to him. He decided to follow Kevin’s example, so he’s gradually becoming less and less villainous to increase his chances when he makes his move. He started with taking the legal approach, to show that he can play by the rules. Then, he asked them for help, which was really so he could “team up� with them and show them a few fake Pet the Dog moments. My guess is that in a few more episodes he’ll be an unofficial member of the team. But the second Ben’s friends trust him and he can get Ben alone, he’ll kill him, take the Omnitrix, and run. Quite ingenious, in my opinion.

Kevin has a Wicked Stepfather
Kevin: My father—my REAL father—he was...
That line from "Darkstar Rising" made it all click in my head. Kevin's real parents are good people, of course. And Kevin's biological father was a Plumber with ailen powers. But when Mr. Levin died in the line of duty, Mrs. Levin remarried to what turned out to be abusive to his wife and cruel to his stepson, whom he wasted no opportunity on telling him he was a freak of nature. And he had Mrs. Levin under his control, so she could never find the courage to contradict him. Eventually, growing up with nothing but that hate, Kevin ran away and began fending for himself off the streets, having lost faith in humanity.Then he meet someone he felt he could relate to—a guy named Ben he suddenly discovered had a super cool alien watch. But wait, Ben suddenly turned against Kevin! Kevin thought he finally had someone to like him and not just shun him away, but he was wrong. Kevin had to punish him for that; he didn't deserve to have that Omnitrix anymore. But then, when he tried taking it, the Omnitrix send out that feedback pulse, which gave Kevin the forms of all Ben's original 10 aliens. That gave him the idea to get his revenge by ruining Ben's aliens' names though a series of crimes. But eventually, that led to the whole alien-anagram thing, which Kevin blamed Ben for. As mentioned in above theories, the various DNA—particularly Ghostfreak's—twisted Kevin's personality until he became downright evil. He didn't even care of the Omnitrix or anything other than getting back at Ben when he started his teamup with Vilgax... but Ghostfreak's influence took over, and he decided stealing the Omnitrix from both Ben and Vilgax to take over the world sounded pretty sweet after all.But, of course, Ben and Gwen managed to escape Kevin and Vilgax with the Omnitrix in the end, leaving both stuck in the Null Void. Vilgax managed to escape, but he left Kevin hanging around in the Null Void, where the alien DNA did eventually wear off.With Ghostfreak's influence gone and Kevin having such a long time by himself to do nothing but reflect on his actions, he began to realise how remourseful he felt for everything he'd done. But, he figured it was too late to change, so he decided to go into the black market. This led him to facing off with his old enemy Ben again, which eventually led to Kevin helping the heroes get some tech back from the Forever Knights. Kevin just figured he'd help them out long enough to get back at the Forever Knights for not paying him, but then Magister Labrith did something he felt no one would ever do for him—he took a bullet for him. Kevin then decided to stick around with the heroes just a little longer to complete Labrith's dying wish—finish the job—but as he kept working with his former enemies, he realised he perhaps hadn't quite reached the Moral Event Horizon yet after all.
  • Wow. That may be the best idea for a Ben 10 fanfic ever.
    • This troper helped make said fanfic. Search Sabaku-No-Sirri on Her fanfics...pure, undiluted awesome.
    • Jossed as of Ultimate Alien's season finale. Kevin's stepfather was actually a good man, and Kevin wasn't kicked out of the house, but went insane with power, destroyed the house, and ran away.

Vilgax is obeying interplanetary law for a good reason on his part.
Think about it: if Vilgax conquers a planet according to the laws everyone else plays by, then nobody can claim he's breaking any laws. If he wins a Conqueror's Challenge, he legally now owns that planet (at least until he is defeated similarly), there's absolutely nothing anyone can legally do about it, and he's free to do whatever he wants with the planet. That, my friends, is called strategy.

Goop's slime is Humongousaur's snot.

Goop's species is related to the Founders.
The little UFO is technology from when they were developing what would become the fluid form that characterizes their species. It was rendered obsolete when the Founders learned to form humanoid bodies by an act of will again (This was after Azmuth visited). Viscosia was a forgotten Founder colony that didn't get the memo. "Real" Polymorphs might be pink, like fluid-mode Changelings.

Hex and Enoch originate from The Secret Saturdays universe
I read that in episode seven of the Secret Saturdays, Hex and Enoch appear briefly in Drew's computer database. In his forums, Dwayne Mc Duffie has stated that Hex and Charmcaster are both humans, just not from Ben 10's world. After putting two and two together, and considering that the Secret Saturdays universe has more mystical elements while Ben 10 has more alien elements, it might be a safe bet that Hex and Charmcaster are, in fact, from the Secret Saturdays' world. And if they're from that world, then maybe Enoch managed to pass through as well, somehow.
  • Jossed. Jay Stephens has said that Secret Saturdays takes place in the same universe as Ben 10 Alien Force. See also Dr. Beeman on Secret Saturdays saying "Sweet Galvan prime!"
  • If the above troper is right then the two shows can have a crossover.

Vilgax is an Expy of Arlong.
If he's not protecting his people for good PR, he is likely much like the sinister fishman himself: Arlong is a Manipulative Bastard who raided Nami's village, killed her step-mother, and forced her to work with him, but he cares about his own species and will avenge them. Vilgax is an Evil Overlord who destroyed an entire planet, breaks planetary laws, and tries to kill Ben, but he care about his own... you see where I'm going with this?

Every major species in the galaxy (at least, every one in the Omnitrix) seems to have some kind of special power. What about humans? They, apparently, have the unique ability to create viable offspring with every other sentient life-form in the series. This explains the glut of Half Human Hybrids in the show.
  • Taking this way too far: Humans are also unique in that they are universally attractive. Not necessarily universally beautiful or handsome; it's just that no other species finds them ugly or repulsive. This, in combination with how human-alien relations tend to work out, accounts for Vulkanus's comment in his debut in the original series about Earth being "the cesspool of the galaxy"—the human race has inadvertently cultivated a reputation for itself as a species of sluts and succubi.
    • Yeah, sounds about right.
    • This would be eerily consistent with humans' reputation as a "delicacy," as first mentioned in the original series. (Albedo would be the exception to this view of humans, however.)

The Vilgax in Ailen Force is an imposter working for Ganondorf

Alien Farce Is A Fanfic
The Character Derailment, the unoriginal new aliens, the awful "romance"? What are all these things hallmarks of?

Energy Absorbing Makes Kevin's Species Go Crazy
It was recently shown confirmed that Kevin's dad, Devin Levin, had the same energy absorbing powers that Kevin orginally used in Ben 10; when he uses them exactly once, Max panics, saying something along the lines of 'Don't do it, you know what happens when you use your powers!'. He didn't appear to have any immediate problems then. Now consider that when Kevin first showed up, he didn't use any other forms of his powers beside energy absorbing.This troper concludes that energy absorbing has some sort of adverse effect on their sanity or stability. In this context, Kevin's apparent Character Derailment makes sense; without him mucking about with energy for five years or so, a measure of stability has returned to him. And it's Word of God that 'he can absorb energy, but he's scared to'. Maybe he's afraid of losing himself again.
  • Confirmed

Rath was made to keep fans interested.
The writers knew the show was sinking, so they made the new alien Rath and that's why he is in every episode since his introduction.
  • Only problem there is...he hasn't. He's only been in about half of them, and didn't even have any other major screen time.
  • More specifically, Rath was the Donald Duck to Ben's Mickey Mouse. Word around here is that fans complained that Ben was too "mature" and "heroic" and not flawed enough in the first two seasons, so the writers tried to fix that by making Ben a jerk. That didn't work, so they created a separate (well, sort of) character that embodied aggression and impulsiveness instead.
    • Not entirely true. Rath was created before the third season started airing, so there wasn't time for Ben's new personality to fail.

Ben's Gradma lied when she said Gwen need 40 years too regrow a body.
Why? Because she is selfish.
  • Hey she pretty much ditched her family and husband before that.

Verdona isn't Ben and Gwen's grandmother, she's the thing that killed her.
Anodites are parasites. One of them infected Max's wife because of his Plumbers duty and eventually killed her around when Gwen's father was born, but the process made the Anodite actually believe she was the same as Max's wife. I don't honestly see the strong family man that Max has shown himself to be falling in love with the kind of selfish person who would abandon her family like that. Max found it too painful to talk about it, which is why he never told Ben or Gwen about it. This is why Verdona so far has only shown up when Max was "dead," and no one has commented on her since.
  • Jossed: Ultimate Alien shows how Verdona and Max met and she was always an Anodite.

Azmuth used the Moon Crystal to make the Omnitrix.
He borrowed it from the royal family of Human Aliens who live on the moon (who the trio didn't meet because the moon isn't Planetville), before they gave it to an intergalactic AT&T to power their communications tower, to give the Omnitrix (a tool designed to promote peace and ensure the survival of species that die off or are exterminated) its healing abilities. This is why Ben is able to use the Omnitrix to heal the Highbreed's victims who are Brainwashed/turned-into-monsters (an apparently popular m.o. for extraterrestrial villains). Who else heard "Moon Healing Activation!" in their head when that silver blast healed all the Highbreed in the second season finale?

This series' version of Vilgax is "fake," but the rightful king of Vilgaxia.
Vilgax might just be common name on that planet. "King Vilgax" is the real king who is just pretending to be the Other Vilgax for some reason. note 

Ben's sudden Jerk Assness in Season 3
Using the genetic-damage-repair function on such a vast scale at the end of Season 2 caused some long-term malfunctions in the Omnitrix. These included reverting to some common malfunctions not seen since the original series, and causing one of the alien's personalities (specifically, Rath's) to leak out and take over Ben's when he was in his human form. The Id-incarnate Apoplexian basically suppressed his Ego and Superego, hence Ben's self-absorbed, pleasure-seeking attitude throughout the season, lack of empathy for Kevin's condition, and inability to consider several threats seriously. This is also why Rath was the form to emerge when the Tiffan's presence interfered with the Omnitrix — he was the alien closest to the surface, for lack of a better analogy.Seriously. I explain. Check out Ghostfreak. His original powers? "He could walk through walls, disappear, and fly.". Later he get free. His new power is Overshadowing like in DP. Next time he appears IN SPACE he can shoot lasers or "Ghost Rays". Ghostfreak is the last alien used by Ben in first season, right, so in last season his last alien was Ditto. And in Danny Phantom next halfa we meet can duplicate himself. Then we get to the Alien Force where we get Echo Echo. He's Ditto with sonic powers. He's combination so we get Dark Danny/Phantom/Dan Phantom who is also combination, and got sonic powers. In the end we get Big Cill. This speaks for itself.

The first DN Alien to appear was Max in disguise
He sounds like him after all

Vilgaxians are racist.
This is why Vilgax had his Pet the Dog moments with his people-the culutre believes Vilgaxians are superior to other species,and other species don't deserve the same rights as his kind. They just aren't as outspoken as the Highbreed.

This is why he had that Pet the Dog moment but destroyed a planet just to test a weapon

Human/Osmosian hybrids have altered psychologies to normal pure-breeds.
This is why Kevin has suffered Character Derailment. His genes were acting up,magnifing his sociopathy.By adolescence he's cooled off.That or the Null Void has meds to calm down their prisoners

Vilgax couldn't work the Omnitrix because it was reformatted back in season 1.
Vilgax knew damn near everything about the Onmitrix in the first series, so there must be a reason he needed Ben to make it work for him here. The reformat the Omnitrix did in episode 1 changed all of the control functions throwing Vilgax's knowledge of the device out the window.
  • Word of God says this plus that Ben and Azmuth reprogrammed all the Omnitrix's codes to prevent Vilgax from using it properly. So part of it was it's in a new form and part because they changed the codes.

The reason for all the inconsistencies with the original series is simple:
Paradox changed everything. After he got bored with being insane and went sane the opposite thing happened, He got bored with being sane and went insane and at this time he decided to change things and created AF. He later went sane again and forgot about this after a billion or so years. Either that or he was sane the entire time and just decided it was more interesting this way... I disagree.
  • Or he made the changes intentionally during his "sane" phase to prevent some big catastrophe further down the line, or as a side-effect of undoing some great offworld catastrophe in the past.

Kevin Levin's real father is Nathan Explosion from Metalocalypse:
His mother lied because she was embarrassed.

Kevin suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder
Explains the Character Derailment. Due to his mixed genetics, Kevin suffers from a split personality. One of them is the sociopath we saw in the original series. The other is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold Anti-hero. Both share the same memories. Either Kevin's original personality is the Alien Force one, or the original was a different personality that divided.
  • More or less confirmed. Osmosians in general suffer from drastic changes in personality towards Axe-Crazy-ness if they use their energy-absorbing powers.

Paradox is a benevolent Eldritch Abomination.
Originally he wasn't. But when he got sucked into that void, his body mutated into a cosmic horror. To prevent you from going mad, Paradox assumes his human form-or is unawre of his eldritch-ness and takes the human form consciously. That's how he's able to do all the weird stuff he does, and his bizzare form is what caused Character Derailment and other Continuity Snarl incidents.

The developers INTENDED to make Alien Force different from Ben 10.
That way, they could have Ben mirror the fans' opinions on the three seasons, only his is on Sumo Slammers.

Kevin s a reincarnation of Han Solo.
A handsome rouge helps a good natured hero out of a desire for profit, then becomes a legitimate good guy after falling in love with the heroes attractive female relative? I've heard of that before.

Gwen had her chin done.
I'm pretty sure she had a pointed chin as a kid.

Kevin started liking Gwen because she was the first person who was nice to him in a while
Think about it, when Ben and Magistar Labrid first meet him, they attack and then start yelling. Gwen is the only one who actually talks to him instead of demanding. Kevin's been living as a criminal for several years, he probably hasn't had a lot of pleasant interactions in a while.

The Omnitrix messes with Ben's mind.
At least one form definitely alters Ben's brain as a rule (Brainstorm), and other change his mannerism. All of this shifting brain chemisty explains why he becomes a Cloud Clukulander later on. Come to think of it, it may also explain why he wanted it off in the first place.

Paradox is purposefully altering the show.
Why? Paradox did mention he rights certain wrongs. In order to make the universe safer, and more prepared for beings like the High Breed and Aggregor, changed certain individual's histories. For example, Kevin. Even before he became a mutant, he showed that he was a sociopath who planned on killing everyone in a train for kicks. Thanks to Paradox, his personality was altered so that Kevin was never truly evil until absorbing the Omnitrix. In order to make a less threatening Vilgax, his own backstory was altered to become a Father to His Men. Or of couse, he may have always been like that, and Paradox made him more law abiding. All for the purpose of making a better world.
  • Omniverse reveals that at least the shifting art style is due to Celestialsapien meddling, suggesting that changes to the plot are likely this as well. Also Ultimate Alien reveals that absorbing energy induces madness in Osmosians like Kevin, and we originally meet him when he's already been doing that for a while, so his turn to good is just indicative of him having stopped absorbing energy.

If Ben and Gwen DO Ever Get Together...
...Their children will be more likely to be anodytes. The logic of Egyptian royalty in Ancient Egypt when they intermarried within the family to preserve the divinity of the royal line has something to it. If B and G ever have children, the children will be more likely to manifest cool powers, because both B and G have anodyte DNA. It might be part of their chemistry- they want to have cool anodyte hybrid children (linked to the WMG somewhere up the page that Humans Are Special because they can interbreed with aliens and are less repulsive to aliens. Maybe their human DNA is programmed to like aliens and be attracted to them, which makes them crave hybrid babies without consciously realizing it. It could also explain the Gwevin thing.)

Dwayne just didn't care.
I know, never speak ill of the dead, but from what he said about "never watching the original series" and using it as an excuse for the inconsistencies he had to patch up, he obviously didn't view Alien Force and Ultimate Alien as anything more than a source of income. This explains why the writing was a lot poorer than his previous work at Milestone Comics and on Justice League Unlimited - he didn't really have any passion for what he was doing.
anodyte heritage, and the physical shell.
Gwen using magic is what awakened her anodyte heritage. If any of the other Tennysons after max had used magic they could have awakened it to.

To the anodytes the physical form is nothing more than a shell that they can change like we change clothes. Gwen will probably also gain this ability and might even take on new names to go with the new bodies like Kai Green. Also Verdona might have change her physical from in between having her sons unless they were twins of course. One of the future Bens starts to use magic and awakens his anodyte heritage and is why he can use the different alien powers while in human form.

Darkstar is an Anodite/Osmosian hybrid.
His golden form and energy-based powers are reminiscent of an Anodite's abilities, while his energy draining abilities and their drug addiction undertones are reminiscent of an Osmosian's abilities. Essentially, while he still has access to a limited version of an Anodite's powers, he needs to drain energy to unlock their full potential; however, the more energy he absorbs, the more insane and addicted he gets.

Paradox has no personal timeline.
To elaborate while a time traveler such as the Doctor cannot be accurately tracked across conventional timelines they still possess a personal timeline in which everything they've done occurs in sequence, the the Doctor's case at the loosest you can define the timeline by the passage of different incarnations.

However Paradox always goes by Paradox, yet in his "first" appearance he certainly appears to act as though Gwen dubbing him Professor Paradox is the moment he receives this name, yet he references already knowing Ben, with the implication that at least some of his later appearances occurred prior to this meeting, from his perspective.

My theory is that when he is outside of time and not interacting with events he becomes,in effect, everything that he ever is, was or will be, with knowledge of his entire existence on the timeline, but that when interacting with reality he looses memories relating to these specific events, allowing him to properly interact with the present.


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