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Believe is basically a prequel to Fringe.
Bo is basically Olivia Dunham after being experimented with Cortexiphan, while Winter is Dr. Bishop (before turning crazy) and Skouras could be seen as William Bell.
Skouras framed Tate for murder to get him out of Nina's life.
'Cause it seems like the kind of thing he'd do.
The gene that causes Bo and others' powers is the same gene that Carrie White had.
Their powers are similiar.
Any and all hired pursuers will quit after facing Bo.
This will almost turn into a series Running Gag: If there is someone sent to go after Tate and Bo that are not directly connected to Skouras and his program, they will perform an offscreen "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!" after seeing Bo use her abilities. The FBI agent sent to lead the manhunt on Tate has not been seen since Defection, and any mercs and goons sent in as well would be oneshots if Bo shows any more of his power in same episode they were introduced. The only possible exception is the one sent out in Beginner's Luck who might be hired again in the future.
Bo is one of the 36 Righteous Ones.
She certainly seems to have mastered the prerequisite skill of randomly wandering off.

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