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Rodin is the antagonist in the teaser but NOT the main villain of Bayonetta 3.
1. The ghostly figure has two black circles representing eyes, resembling Rodin's sunglasses.

2. The ghostly figure is made up of magical flames similar to the ones Rodin has used to light his cigars.

3. Rodin's nature as a Bonus Boss in previous games has revolved around him trying to regain his lost powers, as well revealing he was thrown out of Paradiso for inciting a rebellion. He is something of a fallen angel similar to Lucifer, essentially the one character most anyone thinks of when thinking of Hell.


4. His nature as a Bonus Boss ties in with how easily Bayonetta was killed in the teaser.

5. Bayonetta had the Angels of Paradiso + Jubileus as the primary antagonists. In Bayonetta 2 Loptr, the God for the Realm of Chaos, was the villain. That leaves Hell/Inferno and their God as the final Realm to fight against for the series's current plot pattern.

6. The teasers for the previous Bayonetta games have never shown the main villain: just a mook angel for 1 and The Lumen Sage for 2. Assuming the game's overall plot and setup follows the pattern of taking on each Realm of existence in order, then it's very likely the teaser is also following this pattern and Rodin/Ghost Rodin is not the mastermind of the plot.

So Rodin is the person in the trailer, but is not the main villain of the game or the Inferno equivalent to Jubileus or Loptr.


  • So, Queen Sheba. Obviously.

The entity in the teaser is Death.
If there's one thing the Bayonetta series made obvious, it's that Anyone Can Die with enough firepower.

Presumably, angels and demons have souls of some sort if they can be dragged off to Hell like Bayonetta does. Somebody has to make sure the souls of all those dead angels go to their appropriate fates, don't they?

  • It helps that when looked at closely, the entity's face seems to appear like a skull.

Not only is the entity in the teaser death, Bayonetta will also have to face the four horsemen of the apocalypse
Or the Bayoverse equivalent, likely with similar if not identical names and acting as the Auditio did in the first game. Also, this leads me to...

This game will feature a world-ending event
The blood moon is a sign of the apocalypse, and Balder does mention a "first armageddon" in the first game, so what is to say this isn't another one, or maybe even the first armageddon itself?If not the first armageddon, remember the eyes of the world were REMOVED FROM EXISTENCE at the end of Bayo 2, and they were said to keep the balance, which is still... well, unbalanced, due to there being two witches and no sages alive, so that's probably not good.

Bayonetta isn't dead and might not die, but instead being "Ripped in half" metaphorically.
One of the things to notice in the trailer is how we're shown things being torn apart into two clean pieces. Bayonetta's ribbon, the being tearing itself in half, Bayonetta being bisected vertically in half and even the logo for Bayonetta 3 being torn into two parts. In other words, the game might deal with having to choose sides, or Bayonetta being torn between two sides of a conflict.

Another factor is that in Bayonetta, there are two clans: the Lumen and the Umbra. Never to intersect, and yet they did so anyways with Bayonetta being the product of mixing of Lumen and Umbra Clans. What if the villain has to do with her unused Lumen magic? What if Bayonetta has been cut in half, her playable half being her normal self and the other half coming out to be how she would've been if she went Lumen instead?


The game will take place in Hell

Dante might appear in this game.
In a Tweet, Hideki Kamiya asked the fans which incarnation of Dante they'd like to see in Bayonetta, and as a response to that Tweet Hashimoto tweeted that he'd like to see Dante in Bayonetta 3.

Adding to the above, Dante will be a secret unlockable character
The first two games had Bayonetta as the default playable character, Jeanne as an unlockable playable character, and a third playable character that also had to be unlocked (Little King Zero in the first game, Rosa in the second). Assuming that this holds true for this game as well, Dante could be the third playable character.

The alternate timeline setting implied in the trailer was the result of Balder being pulled out of his own time in Bayonetta 2.
In the first Bayonetta, Father Balder awakens the Left Eye in Bayonetta by pulling Cereza out of her own time and altering history so that she was never sealed away by Jeanne. In Bayonetta 2, a similar alteration appeared, although it was only hinted at (actually, it was a Plot Hole, but this game looks to capitalize on it).

In the opening cutscene of 2, we see Father Balder's death, and with it the death of the Right Eye. This drove Loptr to pull Balder out of the past and set up his plan to take both Eyes for himself. Right there, we've already changed the script of history, but there was no timeline alteration because Balder could have returned to his own time with the Right Eye.

However, at the climax of the game, Loki destroys both Eyes. Balder was sent back to his own time and took Loptr with him, but he didn't have the Right Eye that we saw during the prologue. We don't know what would result from that, but Father Balder's entire plan in the first game was to reunite the Eyes. Without his, that's no longer an option. Bayonetta's still using her original outfit, but the use of "Whittingham Fair" instead of "Scarborough Fair" implies that this isn't quite the same timeline as the first game.

And for once, Timey-Wimey Ball makes sense. The time travel rewrite in 2 would justifiably be different from the immediate effects in Bayonetta because its rewrite involves removing the Eyes from existence. What was it that Loki said?

Luka: Whoa. Hold on a second, kid. What happens to the world if you—
Loki: Any good card player's a gambler, right? Either the world will be destroyed, or it will create its own path. Human free will will determine which way things go.
We can infer that up until that moment, the Eyes of the World were overseeing history (as they should). Loki's gamble created an alternate timeline where human free will decides the course of history. However, when Balder was sent back in time, he returned to a timeline where Bayonetta's Left Eye still existed.

So, what does this mean? Except for Rosa's death, Cereza's story, and the extinction of the Lumen Sages, which happened before Balder was pulled out of his own time, the entire setting is fair game for being rewritten. Rodin was still responsible for smithing the Whittingham Fair gun quartet, so he could be the shopkeeper again... but he, Luka, Jeanne, Enzo, and even Balder could reappear with different characterization.

Continuing from the above WMG, this game will make use of Alternate Time Line, and the villain is trying to destroy these alternate worlds, i.e., Class Z Apocalypse How
Among other things, this could mean that the Bayonetta we see dead in the trailer indeed does exist, but not the same Bayonetta whom we have seen beat up Jubileus and Loptr; The fact that Whittingham Fair is a variant of Scarborough Fair seems to be a pretty obvious clue (if also potentially a Red Herring).

And later on, as more and more Alternate Time Line fall victim to this villain, pieces and bits of what used to be them eventually arrive at the actual game's own timeline proper, perhaps for example by giving our Bayonetta the Whittingham Fair dropping from the sky before Rodin gets to present Bayo his newest guns (whatever their names may be). Going further, maybe unlike the previous two games, new weapons Bayo can obtain in this game are not directly forged by Rodin this time, but rather salvaged from these fallen timelines.

(huh... this speculation suddenly sounds like Suikoden Tierkreis...)

  • This fits with the teaser's main theme of things splitting. Since the series' resident Time Master in Loki is still around, the game could involve repairing all those timelines.

Bayonetta is the child of light and darkness, but this game will involve her finally fighting with Lumen powers.
According to Hideki Kamiya, sages and witches aren't necessarily chosen by their gender. Bayonetta was raised as an Umbra Witch, but who's to say she doesn't have the potential to fight with Lumen Sage powers?

There will be more Nintendo-themed costumes
The Wii U port of the first Bayonetta had costumes based on Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Link, and Samus Aran. Bayonetta 2 brought those back and also included a Fox McCloud costume. The costumes also had other effects that were mostly cosmetic (the Peach and Daisy costumes had the Wicked Weaves summon Bowser instead of Madama Butterfly, and Mario-style coins appeared instead of halos), and a few that affected gameplay (the Samus costume allowed you to do a charge shot, while the Link costume allowed you to parry enemy attacks).
  • Captain Falcon (Her punch and kick attacks with Scarborough Fair and Love is Blue becoming Falcon Punches and Kicks, and the Wicked Weave attacks summon the Blue Falcon to smash into enemies)
  • Captain Olimar (Pikpik carrots and/or Pellet Posy pellets appear instead of Halos, and a small group of Pikmin can either follow her around and be killed by enemies, or be summoned to assist in her attacks, like the Little Devils with the Infernal Communicator accessory)
  • Shulk / Fiora (Shuraba and other blade weapons become the Monado, and Witch Time produces the same visual and sound effects that Visions make)
  • Sheik (Similar to the Link costume, but the Hylian Shield is replaced by Bayonetta's bullets becoming shurikens and/or needles that deal more damage, and the Rupee sound effect, Chest Opened jingle, and Puzzle Solved jingle change to those from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask rather than from A Link to the Past)
  • Lucina (Shuraba and other blade weapons become the Parallel Falchion, and the Item Get! jingle plays whenever a chest is opened or a special item is obtained (like a Heart Container or an Angelic Hymns Gold LP disc))
  • Pit / Palutena (Hearts appear instead of Halos, Kefka becomes the Palutena Bow, and dodging produces the same sound effect that dodging makes in Uprising)
  • Variants of the Link costume, based on Link's appearances in other Zelda games, such as Breath of the Wild
    • Toon Link (Same effects as the regular Link costume, but Bayonetta's appearance is now also changed to the cel-shaded art style of The Wind Waker)
  • King Dedede (Hammer weapons like 武甕槌 Takemikazuchi turn into Dedede's jet hammer, Bayonetta's Double Jump is extended to five jumps, and the theme music when fighting enemies is replaced with a remix of Dedede's theme)
  • Meta Knight (Shuraba and other blade weapons become the Galaxia Sword, Bayonetta's Double Jump is extended to five jumps, and the theme music when fighting enemies is replaced with a remix of Revenge of Meta Knight. Also, the mask can be slipped on and off, much like the Samus costume's visor in the first Bayonetta)
  • Callie and Marie for Bayonetta and Jeanne respectively. Could change one of the animal forms into a squid, and/or the main guns into splatoon's ink guns.
  • Rosalina (Star Bits appear instead of Halos. Or alternatively, same cosmetic changes as Peach and Daisy)
  • Pauline (Regional Coins from the Metro Kingdom appear instead of Halos, and the Wicked Weave attacks summon Donkey Kong)
  • Zero Suit Samus (similar to Samus with her paralyzer replaces her arm cannon, and charged shots paralyzes enemies)
  • Wolf O'Donnell (similar to Fox McCloud, with Wolfens instead of Arwings. And the keychains attached to her Wolfens are the members of Team Star Wolf)
  • Isabelle (Bells appear instead of Halos)
  • Fighting Wire Frame / Fighting Alloy (Sound effects for punch and kick attacks with Scarborough Fair and Love is Blue are replaced with the hit sound effects from Smash 4, and Wicked Weave attacks summon Master Hand)

This game will feature amiibo functionality
However, it'll be similar to Super Mario Odyssey's, unlocking and obtaining costumes early and/or for free, with "generic" amiibos earning you halos, objects or compounds. The compatible amiibo would the list above (characters who have their own amiibo).

The new counterpart of the Alfheims in Bayonetta 1 and the Muspellheims in Bayonetta 2 will be called “Svartalfheims” or perhaps “Myrkheims”.
As the realm of the dark elves according to Norse mythology, it fits pretty well considering the tone of Bayonetta 3.

The game will take place in a Pompeii-expy kind of place.
This speculation is mostly to continue the trend from the first two games; The first game takes place in Vigrid, which has been noted to look similar to Vatican, whereas Noatun in the second game reminds people of Venice, and both real-life places are located in Italy areanote . So why not continue the trend and place the third game in another popular Italian place?

Better yet, Pompeii was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius, which makes Vesuvius also a nice setting for the game, and the fact that Vesuvius brought armageddon to Pompeii fits pretty well with the third game's apocalyptic feel from what little we have seen. Even better, Vesuvius, like Vatican and Venice, starts with V, making a volcanic environment a perfect place for this game.

One of Nintendo's properties that will be given a Shout-Out as enemy design reference,DLC content etc will be Ultra Necrozma
Let's face it: The spoilered character not only is quite a popular character in their home franchise despite their relatively short screen time, but has the appearance (specifically, angelic dragon of light) to justify their appearance in a Bayonetta game. Well, of course they won't make Ultra Necrozma look exactly like how he looks like in Pokemon, but after Fortitudo and Glamor, who wouldn't want to fight another angel dragon?

This game will center on an Alien Invasion.
In the first game Bayonetta fought angels. In the second game, demons were thrown into the mix. To keep things fresh, this game will introduce a third faction linked to both but occupying its own category: maybe not literally space aliens, but invaders neither angel nor demon with an agenda of their own.

Rodin will get a new form as the Bonus Boss.
This time, it will be a half-angel, half-demon form.

A remix of the song Bad Moon Rising will be featured.
The first two games featured a remix of a song with the word “moon” in the title that was released in the 1960s. The first game had Fly Me to the Moon, and the second had Moon River. They’ll most likely want to continue the tradition for the third game, and Bad Moon Rising would be a good fit. Not only does it have the right title, but it also came out in 1969, and its lyrics would be perfect for the more dire tone and possibly apocalyptic plot the game seems to be going for. Moonchild and Moonlight Drive are two other possibilities.

It'll be revealed that Bayonetta has a twin brother
Who was sealed away much like she was during the extinction of the Lumen Sages in such a manner that prevented him from becoming the Right Eye after Balder's Death.

It'll be revealed that that's not actually Bayonetta in the teaser.
It's quite possible that it's a shapeshifter or an impostor (likely a normal human, given that "Bayonetta" bleeds in the trailer instead of spilling flower petals) taking her form and someone, probably Rodin as mentioned above, doing the real deal a favor by taking out the impersonator.

This game and Devil May Cry 5 reveal that both series share a universe together
Not only will Dante make an appearance, but the events in 5 and possibly the other Devil May Cry games will be referenced as well, while 5 will reference the events of the Bayonetta games, confirming that the Bayonetta and Devil May Cry series both take place in the same universe.

The forces of Inferno invading and ravaging the World of Chaos will be a major plot point.
In Bayo 2, we get to briefly see the Gates of Heaven during a boss battle - they're open, which makes sense, as Bayo has been dishing out the hurt against angels for 20 years in the World of Chaos. But the demons are hardly ever seen outside of Inferno, the only major exception being Umbra summons. However, Bayo busted the Gates of Hell wide open in 2 - methinks that there are going to be many more demons invading the World of Chaos in 3.

Just like the previous two games, there will be a level based off of a classic SEGA game.
Since the first game has levels based off of Space Harrier & Hang On, & the second game had a level based off of After Burner, my guess is that the third game is gonna have something like that, but what game could it be?

The antagonists will be an Umbra Warlock and a female Lumen Sage.
Possibly working together as a Big Bad Duumvirate or a Big-Bad Ensemble that are against each other just as much as they are against Bayonetta. Bonus points if there are any references to Bayo's experience against Galeem and Dharkon. Perhaps this Sage will either appear as a result of time travel or Balder wasn't the last sage after all.

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