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     Season 1 
Harvey Dent will get turned into Two-Face
Regardless how you play each episode, Harvey's gonna go through the transformation.
  • In addition to this, no matter what decisions you make, he will blame Bruce and/or Batman for it happening.
    • Confirmed! Harvey gets a stage light smashed into his face which burns him.
    • The above only happens if you saved Selina instead of Harvey. However, the fact that the choice actually led to Harvey getting half his face scarred makes it inevitable he becomes Two Face at some point in the future episodes.
      • However, even if you save him from the disfigurement, he's still evidently snapping from all the stress caused by the events of Episode 2 and the tense situation as of Episode 3. Unfortunately, it seems Dent doesn't really need to have his face ruined to become Two-Face anyway.
  • Confirmed.

Alternately, Harvey Dent will die before he gets the chance to become Two-Face.
Turning the Dramatic Irony of one of his slogans into a Red Herring instead.
  • Semi-Jossed. If Batman chooses to save Catwoman instead of Harvey, he gets his face burned by Penguin. If Batman saves him, Harvey gets out with a black eye.
  • Jossed. He turns Gotham into a police state, killing dozens of innocents in the process, that's MORE than enough.

The Court of Owls will play a role
At the fundraising party, Regina Zellerbach says "Old families like ours should flock together, you know. Like birds" which sounds a lot like a reference to the bird-themed secret society of wealthy Gothamites.
  • Building off of that: Thomas and Martha Wayne were members and their mugging was a cover up for an assassination.
  • If it turns out that the Wayne were meant to be liasions to the actual mobsters in Gotham, especially Falcone, the directly above would be doubly confirmed.
    • Jossed; While Falcone talks big about knowing Bruce's parents and states that he was on very good terms with Bruce's father, Alfred dismisses this, advising he's the kind of man Bruce's parents despised. Lines in the 'next time on' trailer also seem to support this, and Bruce even notes that there's very little hard evidence linking the Waynes to the Falcone crime family.
      • Except not really, second episode confirms their criminal connections outright. Thomas Wayne was part of a Big Bad Triumvirate along with Falcone and Mayor Hill, and he used his influence to send innocent people to Arkham Asylum.
  • Thus far not confirmed.

If the above theory is true, the Court of Owls also had Oz's parents killed.
  • Jossed; Mayor Hill and Thomas Wayne threw his mother in Arkham (after driving her to insanity with drugs) while his father committed suicide.

The plot will be Hijacked by Ganon by The Joker.
C'mon, it's a Batman video game, after all.
  • Jossed. Joker's role is relatively minor, though it's implied he's got plans for Season 2.

Expanding on the above theory, the Children of Arkham Leader is The Joker
Or will become The Joker at a later point in the game.
  • Jossed: it's Vicki Vale. The villain's M.O. was too different from Joker anyway.
  • As of Episode 4 , it's clear that Joker is a core player and may even be Arkham's descendant. Turns out that Joker has no file, and it's entirely possible that he's there without a record because he's an Arkham and his parents put him there themselves. He might even be Vivi's older brother!

Season Two will involve Bruce adopting Dick Grayson.
  • Jossed: This does not happen.

Batman will give Oswald his limp
He's not the Penguin without a limp.
  • Possible. In episode 4, if the player chooses to go to Wayne Enterprises and stop Oz from hacking Batman's technology, a fight ensues that ends with Batman breaking Penguin's right leg. Should you face him in episode 5 instead, his legs get crushed by his father's bust in Cobblepot Park.

Oswald staged the mugging.
It serves two purposes: ups the chances of getting Bruce as an ally, and allowed him to vent his rage on the desecration of Cobblepot Park.

Harvey's slogan will become an Ironic Echo.
When he is inevitably mutilated and turned into Two-Face, he will open his new career of supervillainy with it, only spoken with despair instead of confidence. Especially if "A new face for Gotham" was suggested.
  • Semi-Jossed. If you choose to save Harvey over Selina, he avoids the disfiguring scars of Two-Face.
  • Confirmed. If you go to Harvey as Bruce in Episode 4, you can say "This isn't the New Face Gotham needed."
    • Semi-confirmed- while two of the slogans become an Ironic Echo, the final one says that you believe in Harvey.

The quote Bruce gives Vicki Vale will fall prey to Manipulative Editing.
If it's all going to get worse before it gets better anyway...
  • Jossed. It's heard unedited at the end of Episode One.

"The Wayne Connection".
What if the one behind the Wayne conspiracy is Bane? Think about it, in the comics there was a plotline where the identity of Bane's father was called into question and one of the potential fathers was Thomas Wayne. The massacre at the docks involved a nerve agent that enhanced aggression just like Bane's Venom, and the mercenaries we have seen bear a resemblance to luchadores.

The nerve agent stolen at the docks was Fear Toxin
Wouldn't be the first time Falcone's done business with Crane.
  • Seemingly jossed; the nerve agent released at the docks made the cop it affected psychotically aggressive to the extent he clawed someone's face to pieces, which is not the usual manner in which fear toxin works.
    • It's never caused anyone to act aggressively out of panic or terror?
      • It's jossed. The drug is specifically stated to completely remove a person's inhibitions, which makes them more aggressive and open to persuasion.

Cobblepot is Catwoman's employer
Aside from the obvious homage, he'd have plenty to gain from knocking Falcone off the top.
  • Confirmed. At least, he's one of them...

The Penguin is a Legacy Character.
When the Cobblepots were still part of Gotham's elite, the family had their hands in organized crime, and the patriarch was called The Penguin. Learning about this, Oswald will honour his late father by taking up the moniker. This can tie in with the "The Court of Owls appearing" theory if the Cobblepots were within that inner circle as well.
  • Jossed, seemingly. They appear to have been average law-abiding citizens. The Waynes on the other hand...

Huntress is present
Ryder's news report mentions a mobster being mysteriously murdered. Sound like anyone?
  • In Gotham? It sounds like several Anti-Heroes with no problem killing criminals. But it could be Huntress, sure.
  • Helena has a well-known past with Gotham's mob families. Besides, it seems too early in Bruce's career to introduce Red Hood, she seems to fit the dual life part of it.

Kate Kane will make a cameo.
Renee Montoya is in this game, after all, so it's not out of the question that Kate could briefly appear. Probably not as Batwoman (unless it happens very late, especially in the form of a stinger), but maybe she'll be at some social function, or we'll see her very first meeting with Batman from the comics.

David Cain will appear.
Since this seems to be early in Bruce's career as Batman, it'd make sense to use one of his mentors as a major villain. Plus it'd throw Cass fans a bone and possibly lead to a later appearance.

There will be multiple seasons, each one covering a different, self-contained story.
Continuity will be kept, but each season will have a Time Skip, a different driving conflict, etc. This will allow Telltale to introduce characters such as the Bat-Family that would require many years to set up well.

The Big Bad of Season One is Bane.
The masks used by the Mooks at the beginning seem to evoke his.
  • Alternatively? Black Mask.
  • Jossed. It's Vicki Vale.

Barbara will become Batgirl.
She's mentioned in Jim's profile in a way that implies Batman may have his eye on her as a potential recruit.
  • This is further supported in Episode 4, where Tiffany reveals that she's working on a tactical suit that she could wear on the field (note how it has shades of purple, just like the Batgirl suit). This may end up just being a Mythology Gag, though.

Bruce will recruit Cassandra Cain.
The story seems to emphasize that Bruce feels that he's the only one who can protect Gotham. Finding someone else with the will, ability, and determination to fight his crusade could go a long way towards helping his personal issues. In the original comic, Bruce recruited Cassandra because he saw someone who was as obsessive with his war on crime as he was, and a potential successor.

Jack will become the Creeper in the same accident that turns Harvey into Two-Face.
He'll get caught up in whatever happens, but due to some other circumstance will become the Creeper instead of being scarred.

Selina lied to Harvey about being new to Gotham.
Considering being a Gotham native is usually part of her character, it seems an unusual choice to change it. Plus, she's already lying to him about her line of work and y'know, not being a criminal.
  • makeso sense: if she was revealed as Catwoman she could hide in the city and people would assume she had left town

Oswald will become this universe's version of either the Joker or Anarchy
From Cobbleplot's characterization and his first meeting with Bruce so far, it seems Telltale may be going in this direction in some way.
  • Jossed when it comes to the Joker, since he appears in episode 4.

The color of Batman's screen will be a Chekhov's Gun
Why would Telltale make such a big deal over a seemingly inane cosmetic choice? It could very well be extremely important at some point in the Season in some way.
  • Confirmed. After Vicki captures Alfred, he uses a piece of chalk based on the color of Bruce's tech to help highlight clues.

Oswald is a Composite Character with Manchester Black.
He already has similar appearance and mannerisms. This Oswald will blame Batman for not being tough enough on crime and corruption.

Oswald will become the mayor of Gotham.
The achievement list makes it sound like Two-Face is dealt with in episode three or four, while episode five is Batman dealing with someone in a political position. It seems unlikely that Hamilton Hill will be the season's Big Bad, and having the Penguin as the mayor would work as a Shout-Out to Batman Returns.
  • Not to mention the '66 series and the story arc of The Batman Adventures.
  • Also, Hill is now dead. One less reason why Oz can't be mayor.
  • Jossed. Harvey becomes mayor. Oz, on the other hand, becomes the new CEO of Wayne Enterprises.

Oswald killed his father and faked a suicide.
This incarnation of "Oz" appears to be taking cues from fellow Batman rogues Hush and Black Mask, both of whom are Self Made Orphans.
  • Possibly jossed. It's more likely that Thomas Wayne, Mayor Hill, and Falcone eliminated Oswald's father in a similar fashion to his mother.
    • It's later confirmed that Cobblepot Sr. killed himself due to Wayne's actions.

The Joker will be the Big Bad of Season 2
Taking a cue from Batman Begins, the Joker will play no part in the story until the very end, with either a throwaway line or small teaser scene setting up his involvement in the sequel.
  • Possibly confirmed. Bruce encounters Joker in Arkham, and after the Joker tries to "help" Bruce, reminds him that Bruce will owe him a favor when he gets released.

Lincoln March/Thomas Wayne Jr. will be the ultimate Big Bad of Season 1.
With the Court of Owls references and the revelation that the Waynes were (and possibly continue to be) involved in mob activity, it's not out of the question that Thomas Wayne Jr. exists in this universe and is secretly operating the Wayne criminal enterprise from behind the scenes. And with Hill and Harvey presumably being taken out of the picture soon, it would leave the position of mayor open for Thomas' public persona, Lincoln March, to run for.
  • The teaser for Episode 2 does have Alfred defensively admit to keeping some very big secrets for Bruce's parents.
    • He does however maintain they never did anything to harm the city.
      • Which shows Al knows less than he thinks when Children of Gotham footage reveals that he drugged Mrs. Cobblepot into sheer insanity.
  • Jossed, for now. It's Vicki Vale.

Oswald will turn the Skyline Club into the Iceberg Lounge.

Oswald is behind the attack on the docks, and the releasing of the 'evidence' linking the Waynes to organised crime.
  • Confirmed, sort of: his organization is.

Batman will be even more Create Your Own Villain with The Joker this time.
Specifically, the chemical nerve agent (created and/or owned by the Waynes, allegedly) that causes violent psychosis will wind up somehow in the burning or burned-down ruins of the Ace Chemical Company. And look at those mercenaries, specifically what they're wearing: red hoods. Joker will wind up getting dosed in the chemicals owned by Batman's parents while fighting Batman.
  • Jossed for now: Joker is already his homicidally looney, green haired albino-skinned self when he first meets Bruce.
  • As of Season 2 Episode 4: Confirmed. However, it's wholly dependent on the player's actions with him up until that point.

The Chemical Nerve Agent will turn Harvey into Two-Face
It's noted to cause psychosis and be explosive under the right circumstances. An Explosion will end up destroying half of Harvey's face, and the after-effects plus the guaranteed failure of his mayoral campaign drive Harvey mad.
  • Confirmed: The serum awakens something dark in Harvey that he suppressed for years.

A disaster involving the nerve agent will become the "Particle Accelerator" of this universe.
It will cause widespread psychosis among Gotham, turning people into the insane supervillains we know and love, similar to the Particle Accelerator explosion from the Flash TV series. People closer to the blast will become the more psychotic villains like Joker and Mad Hatter, while those farther will be the more toned-down villains like Mr. Freeze and Two Face.

Penguin will be the Big Bad of the season.
By all accounts, he organised Falcone's fall and has a personal connection with Bruce. Tying in with this, his involvement with Blockbuster and the Children of Arkham in episode 2 will go All According to Plan.
  • Semi-confirmed. He ends up being The Dragon to Vicki Vale.

Candidates for the leader of the Children of Arkham
  • Anarky, a revolution like this was similar to his goals in Batman Arkham Origins.
    • He is not.
  • The Joker
    • He is not. Maybe. Depends on his actual origin.
  • Harvey Dent's other personality born out of his desire to fight the corruption in Gotham. The message of the leader during the debate could be pre-recorded and he gave orders to Penguin to use the toxin on him so his other half's pure intentions can be known to the public and allow the people to trust him more and he wanted an incident to allow him more control over his other half.
    • Harvey Dent may be jossed; the promo for Episode 3 shows that the leader of the Children of Arkham is much scrawnier than Harvey.
    • He is not. But he has the talent for it.
  • The Scarecrow, though that's just based on him pulling a The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You at the end of Episode Two.
    • He is not.
  • A composite character of the aforementioned... like "Anarky now, becomes Scarecrow at end/stinger for Season 2 sequelbait."
  • Ester Cobblepot, just to keep the number of characters tighter.
    • She's not.
  • Vicki Vale. Her whole interest to protect Bruce's name could be a ploy to lore Bruce into security.
    • Confirmed.

When she shot at Batman near the end of episode 1, Renee was under the same toxin she was under when she killed Falcone
Came to me when I was playing episode 2.
  • Jossed. The serum has very clear somatic symptoms that Montoya did not show when she shot Batman.

Thomas Wayne was somehow coerced into the crime business or somehow began with altruistic intent but his partners Falcone and Hill kept pushing him into more corrupt practices
Will be revealed by a letter to Thomas by Bruce since I would find it hard to believe they would set this up with Bruce being able to fight for his family's innocence only for it to be turned out Thomas was not the honest man he is shown in other adaptations.
  • Jossed big time. Unless Mayor Hill was secretly aiming a gun at him, Thomas Wayne had no redeeming intentions while driving Esther Copplebot insane and sending her to Arkham.
    • Alternately from the same one who posted this theory that Thomas thought he had come too far to be able to get out of it or believed there was no way he could redeem himself so might as well continue. Like I said I find it hard to believe they would put in the possibility the Waynes were innocent only to reveal that they were really were as bad as people said it was. It could be for reasons that they didn't share with Alfred..

If it is indeed the Scarecrow who is the villain, he worked with Thomas Wayne at Arkham.
  • He may have had a hand in the institutionising of those who went against him, Falcone and Hill.
  • He releases a whole list of innocent victims. Given that Hill had all official records destroyed, that suggests whoever it is wrote the names down, something only a person who knew about it and had expert in adminstarting it knew about.
  • Also the word nothing to fear which refers to what Scarecrow said in Batman Begins.
  • Also from what we see of the Episode 3 teaser, whoever it is is wearing a suit and Batman appears to be at Arkham Asylum.
  • Partially Jossed. Vicki Vale is the Big Bad.

In a later episode, there will be an option to offer Montoya a job at Wayne Enterprises.
Similar to how Adam Jensen can get Wayne Haas a job at Sarif Industries in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Chances are she's not long for the force after what happened with Falcone...

The last choice of the season will be determining the look/colour of the Batsignal.
  • Unlikely, given that Gordon summons Batman with it at the beginning of Episode 3.

Hill DIDN'T order the hit on the Waynes.
Because seriously, the guy farts out lies like a cow. He brown-noses Bruce / blames other people for his misgivings while taking credit for favorable events, it's quite logical that he would lie about killing Thomas Wayne to save face (literally) after Penguin showed him a video of him and Thomas drugging Mrs. Cobblepot into insanity. Also, this story could get even more complicate, so Telltale will probably complicate the motives behind the Wayne murders even further.
  • Considering the fact that he was under the effects of a Truth Serum at the time, unless he knows how to deal with that then it's doubtful he's lying.
  • Jossed, apparently. Oz tells Bruce the reason Hill ordered the hit was because Martha was trying to get Thomas to quit, seemingly confirming Hill was in fact responsible.

The Leader of the Children of Arkham, the Series' Main Villain and the truth about the Waynes.
As many others have guessed, this theory assumes that Scarecrow is the leader of the Children of Arkham. The use of psychological and chemical warfare over muscle, politicking or terror tactics follows Crane's MO and the nerve agent shown thus far is not dissimilar from the fear-blocking compound Crane has used in adaptations before. What makes this theory different, however, is that it doesn't assume that Scarecrow, even as the leader of the Children of Arkham, is the main antagonist.

The plot of the villains thus far, discrediting the Wayne family and subverting the political establishment, doesn't jive with Crane's usual motives, or with Cobblepot's either. Cobblepot is covered in this series with the motive of revenge, but if Scarecrow were the ringleader, why bother with the Waynes? Thus far, they've only been tangentially related to the Mayoral race and Falcone's criminal operations.

The answer is that the game's true antagonist, whomever they are, must have a personal motivation to bring up the Waynes long after Thomas and Martha Wayne's deaths. A villain with not only a vendetta against the Waynes, but skill at subterfuge, politics and manipulation; both figurative and possibly literal given the low video quality of Thomas Wayne's criminal actions.

There is such a villain in Batman's rogues gallery, one who hasn't made an appearance in this series, nor as the main villain in any other adaptation, but would be ripe for it: Hush. This individual would fit all of the above characteristics AND be in a unique position to intercept any attempts to unravel the plot. There's more; Hush's MO is always to hide in plain sight and assume another person's physical appearance. Now remember, only three people who knew him personally have corroborated the idea that Thomas Wayne was a criminal. They are: Mayor Hill, Carmine Falcone and Alfred. By the end of Episode 2, two of them are known liars and those same two are now dead. Whose the only one left to corroborate the story?

  • Most likely Jossed. Vicki Vale is the Leader of the Children of Arkham. As for Alfred, he knew Thomas had shady dealings with Falcone and Hill, but had apparently no idea Thomas was drugging people with a Psycho Serum. Aside from that, Oswald's backstory seems to already incorporate most of Hush's so it would make little sense for Telltale to use him.

The Leader of the Children of Arkham is Vyvyan
Compare this picture of Vyvyan to the leader of the Children of Arkham in this picture. The resemblance is unmistakable. Both are portrayed as violent, rebellious people, Vyvyan being a destructive maniac and the Leader being in charge of a group of terrorists. It's possible that Vyvyan is a friend of the Penguin, given that they both lived in Britain for some time at least and how they have alot in common. Presumably Vyvyan was also affected by the criminal activities of Thomas Wayne and co (after all, where is his father?), deciding to band together with the Penguin so they could exact their revenge.
  • Nope. Lady Arkham is Vicki Vale.
    • This could still be plausible. During the events of the episode "Flood" Vyvyan creates a potion which, as he describes, is a "cure for not being a homicidal axe-wielding maniac". The potion is later drank by Mr. Balowski, turning him into a madman bent on killing the four housemates the show revolves around. Lady Arkham's serum is not unlike this, stripping people of their morality and making them dangerous and impulsive. It's possible that Vyvyan decided to use his special concoction as a tool with which to get his revenge. Vyvyan also has some feminine characteristics, such as his name and how he becomes 'pregnant'. Between these and his potions, it's not out of the question that he could disguise himself as a woman such as Vale.
      • Far less likely since episode 4 explains that Vale is in fact the daughter of the Arkham family, and was put under foster care when Thomas Wayne eliminated her parents.

We still haven't met Vicki Vale.
Look at the kind of moves Lady Arkham busts out during the showdown in Episode 3... she's able to hold her own against the goddamn Batman, up to the point where even successful retaliation ends up with Bruce getting hurt. And the gear she uses is well beyond what's possible to pay for on a reporter's salary, she'd have to have a fortune comparable to Wayne's in order to come up with that. Plus, her entire scheme with the toxin is a little elaborate, past what your average Gotham citizen is capable of cooking up. Whether it's a pseudonym and there never was a Vicki Vale, or the poor girl's locked up somewhere, that isn't her... That's Talia Al'Ghul.
  • Given the weird chemistry going on, perhaps it's actually Clayface? Come to think of it, are we sure that was Thomas Wayne in that tape at the debate?
  • Episode 4 shows that she's a daughter of the Arkham family, so it's possible she had some connections.
    • Of course, we get that information from the Joker, so who knows whether that's actually the case... all we really know for sure about her is that she was adopted.

Harvey Dent's therapist is Harleen Quinzel
Because he's not getting good help at all. Alternately, Harleen is a psychologist established in the Batman Mythos, his psychologist is female, and it would be an interesting way to bring her into the story.
  • Now, now, this is Arkham we're talking about. None of the therapists that work there do well at their jobs.
  • Well, it's also implied he's not seeing her at all, likely because he doesn't want to be portrayed as psychotic should the media get a hold of her.

Penguin plans to betray the Children of Arkham
It becomes very plainly obvious the only reason Oswald is working with them in the first place is to get back at the people responsible for ruining his family, namely Falcone, Hill, and the Waynes, the latter of which he is particularly enjoying the destruction of. He only teamed up with the Children of Arkham for the resources necessary to do so, and his goals lined up with them up to a certain point. Now that he has control of Wayne Enterprises, Penguin is poised to use the company's resources to end his partnership is the Children of Arkham in the most violent way possible. Of course, he may or may not wish to accelerate whatever plans he has depending on whether or not he was in on Lady Arkham siccing Bruce on him, and whether he succeeds or not is dependent on the previous WMG of Vicki actually being Talia.....
  • Seemingly jossed. Episode 4 shows that Penguin is a true believer in the cause, and would rather die than give up any information on the Children of Arkham.

Motive of Lady Arkham
  • A victim of the corruption behind Falcone, Hill and Thomas Wayne.
  • started out as wanting to expose the corruption through her job as a reporter but it failed so she decided more extreme measures were needed.
    • Though possibly with backers who have more personal reasons to hate the Wayne family
  • A member of a forgotten founding family, as a Composite Character with The Architect.
    • She's a member of the Arkham family, at least according to Joker.

is the secret child of Thomas Wayne and Esther Cobblepot.Making her a sort-of Expy for Lincoln March and ensuring the conflict is that much more personal for Bruce and Penguin.
  • Likely Jossed. According to Joker, Vicki is in fact a descendant of the Arkham family.

There is more than one leader of the Children of Arkham.
Pay attention to the aesthetics of the Leader between Episodes 2 and 3. In the third episode, the suit looks far more industrialized and steampunk-esque (especially with the staff) than its appearance in the second episode, where it was much more simplified. It could be a case of the developers suddenly deciding to change the Leader's appearance during development, or it could also be this. Besides, how could the Children of Arkham's leader have been ordering herself around at the debate between Dent and Hill? A prerecorded message seems too obvious, and it's almost never that simple with Telltale.
  • And the other members are Esther Cobblepot and Regina Zellerbach, thus forming a neat The Hecate Sisters trio. Perhaps the others will even operate under the codenames Mother Arkham and... I don't know, the Arkham Crone.

Episode 5 will be one big Batman Gambit
Bruce will confront Penguin out-of-costume and get him bragging about his involvement with the Children of Arkham and how it's impossible to prove. Then, during the final battle between Batman, Vale and Penguin, Batman will appear to be beaten, and will trick Vicki into removing her mask... and then he tells them that Bruce was recording the entire conversation with Penguin and Vicki's unmasking and sent both recordings to every outlet he could find, ruining both Penguin's Villain with Good Publicity routine and Vale's anonymity. After beating down the both of them, one of them will have a Villainous Breakdown and will demand to know what he is, thus giving us the final dialogue choice of the series, between three equally awesome Badass Boasts:
  • "I am Veangence"
  • "I am the Night"
  • "I'm Batman"

The Stinger will show the Penguin
His attempt to take over Wayne Enterprises having failed, we see him in tattered clothes (perhaps a bottle monocle?) planning the construction of his Iceberg Lounge and his ambition to become the city's new crime lord. He reiterates his quip from the end of Episode 3: "Doesn't matter how the king gets his throne..."

Thomas Wayne was not a gangster after all; the allegations are completely false and the evidence is a fraud
When Falcone cries "The Waynes are the biggest gangsters in Gotham!" it's clearly under duress and oddly phrased (he can't mean Bruce; shouldn't he say, "were the biggest gangsters"?). Later he tells Bruce that he did work with Thomas, but we get no details. Falcone is promptly killed, as though somebody was worried he was a loose end- perhaps somebody who knew the story was crap and might have spilled the beans. And of course, the whole story just seems too convenient.
  • Bruce realizes this when he notices the "Arkham Asylum" seen in the tape is actually a stage, when he sees a spot on the wall revealing it to be the dilapidated movie theater from the second episode.

Two-Face will lean on the fourth wall
To deliver a line about how choice is an illusion and it all leads back to the same place.

The final conflict will be trying to save Two-Face
Similarly to TD. However, you'll have the choice of meeting him as Bruce Wayne or Batman; either way Harvey finds himself hanging from the side of a building or otherwise in mortal peril, and you going to offer him help; if you're Bruce, he'll recognize you as an old friend and take your help, but if you're Batman, he'll see you as an enemy and lash out. Either way you manage to save him and he goes to Arkham, but with a difference between one hopeful ending and one Downer Ending.
  • Two-Face is either dealt with at the end of Episode 4 or the beginning of Episode 5 depending on your decision.

Blockbuster will live up to his name
The way he just stares out at the window and has no involvement or interactions with the other inmates at Arkham Asylum is suspicious and even an orderly is aware of it. This is because Blockbuster is waiting for a signal from the Children of Arkham to break down the walls and create a breakout.
  • Jossed: when the Children of Arkham and Lady Arkham start a prison riot... all he does is watch a door swing back and forth.

The game is secretly an installment in the Arrowverse
Just look at it, the game and Arrow have similar themes of exploring character relationships.

The Vale's foster son is Dick Grayson
He was put up for adoption after his parents were killed by Tony Zucco. Him helping Batman was pretty much foreshadowing of him becoming Robin. Season 1 will then end with him being taken in by Bruce. As for his Race Lift, it could be a Development Gag to Tim Burton wanting to cast a black actor for Robin.

The Vales were/are abusive parents
There's a lot of hints that they don't seem like the loving parents shown in the photos, and only adopted the kids for extra money. For one, excluding Vicki out of the family photo and keeping the one with her in a drawer seems a little suspicious. Not to mention the focus on the receipt from the payment they got from the boy. When Batman talks to Alfred about the boy, he mentions that he has some bruises. However, from Batman's replica of the double murder, Vicki never actually harmed the boy. So, where did the bruises come from? In addition, the boy asks he's not sent "to the punishment" and says that the Vales "weren't always nice" but was grateful he had a home. Finally, Vicki tearing the mom's eyes made it seem personal, according to Batman. It would make sense for her to do that if they abused her as a kid as well.
  • Confirmed in Episode 5. They have a Torture Cellar hidden in their basement for Vicki.

Episode 4 Ended on a Bittersweet Ending
Specifically, whomever Batman took down, their involvement in the story will be over and the villain will be brought to justice, but the remaining one will still be at large giving a From Bad to Worse vibe to begin Episode 5 with, adding that mess to the incoming climatic battle again Lady Arkham.

  • If you took down Penguin at Wayne Tower, Cobblepot's involvement with the Children of Arkham will be revealed, as well as his recovered criminal record, and he would be sent to jail for a long, long time as Bruce Wayne returns to becoming head of Wayne Enterprises! Or, he would, if Two-Face had not declared Bruce a fugitive after torching Wayne Manor, and from there Dent's sanity will continued to deteriorate as he puts the City in an even stronger choke hold then before, basically robbing all the Gotham elite by gunpoint to fund his growing police state and ordering the execution of not only anyone suspected colluding with the Children of Arkham, but also any police officers not on board with the regime change. Sometimes Dent will be involved with the killings personally, and no one would dare object, not even the current Commissioner, because they are all that scared of Dent at this point.

  • If you took down Two-Face at Wayne Manor, Dent will be deposed as Mayor of Gotham, his willingness to kill innocents and police to take down the Children of Arkham will be exposed to the public, and ultimately will be sent to Arkham, freeing Gotham from its oppressive police state! However, Penguin's Black Box will have successful broken through the Batcomputer's firewalls, allowing him to completely control all of Batman's tech, allowing the Children of Arkham to cause untold destruction upon the City and be able to blame Batman for it. Worse yet, they will be able to find out that Batman is actually Bruce Wayne, and thus launch a two-pronged attack, hitting both Bruce himself and the rest of Gotham with whatever plan they have to destroy Gotham. Lady Arkham may even actually try to release Batman's secret identity before commencing with the attack to further demoralize Batman.....

Lady Arkham's (surprisingly heartwarming) plan for after she destroys the Wayne legacy.
Like with all revenge-based villains, Vicki runs into the obvious question of And Then What?? And I think she might have that figured out. It's implied that her foster parents were rather abusive (see above WMG), and abuse victims tend to feel a lot of sympathy towards other abuse victims, potentially even in the case of the sociopathic Lady Arkham. I believe that, after the Waynes are destroyed and the ashes have settled, Vicki intends to adopt her former foster brother and live peacefully.

  • And of course, as with all villains with noble end goals, Vicki will get brutally shot down by a villain worse than her. That villain will be the one Batman did not take down at the end of Episode 4. If Dent was defeated, Penguin will kill her and assume leadership of the Children of Arkham, being extremely disappointed by her simply walking away after the main goal of revolution comes to pass and wanting to push further, possibly into world domination via the group and him being CEO of Wayne Enterprises as a cover. If Penguin was defeated, it will be instead him who kills Vicki, and then proceeds to thank Batman for distracting her long enough before going into some hypocritical schpiel about helping the victims of the Children of Arkham's violence after turning Gotham into a full-on police state dystopia, too far gone to realize what the Hell he's talking about.

Batman will give the Joker his red lips.
During an intense fight, he'll punch the clown right in the mouth, causing his lips to bleed and form the Joker's iconic red smile.
  • Nope. The Joker has red lips during The Stinger. Presumably, it's hard to get lipstick in Arkham.
  • Jossed, Harley gives him the red lips (via a passionate kiss) in one of the endings of "What Ails You".

Batman will be asked a morality-based question in City of Light.
Specifically, what is his true mission; at the core, what is most important: "Putting away criminals" or "protecting innocent lives"?
  • He's asked several questions, but his deepest question is how he views his identity, and what the mask means to him.

The Children of Arkham's chemical is the one that created Joker
The chemical increases aggression and causes one's inner inhibitions to come out as well as some degree of physical deformity. Joker and perhaps Blockbuster were test subjects for an experimental strain who received incredibly high dosages (perhaps even falling into a vat of it), which might explain why he knows so much about Vicki. He was tossed to Arkham rather than being killed due to either blackmail or a personal connection to Lady Arkham that prevented her from killing him.
The boy in Episode 4
Will become Robin in a future season. He's got the motivation, and he's already "the boy that saved Batman", so he'd be the most logical choice (at this point) to become the Boy Wonder. Plus there'd be points for realistically adding diversity to the cast.
  • Duke Thomas anyone?
    • Duke's main universe backstory fits pretty neatly both logically and thematically with everything in the game: he ran away from multiple bad foster family placements, and his mom was a Gotham social worker before being driven insane in Endgame. Perhaps in this universe, she worked Vicki's case and Vicki took her revenge for her failures as Lady Arkham.

Lady Arkham was trained by the League of Shadows.
First, their goals (the destruction of Gotham, anarchy in and dismantling Gotham) closely align, as do their views of the city. It would explain how a reporter learned to fight so well, and where the Leader would have gotten such advanced technology.

     Season 2 (pre-release) 

Joker will be a playable character in Season 2.
With flashbacks to his pre-Joker past(s) to mirror the way the player plays as both Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Season 2 will offer give you a choice with both results ending in a Consulting a Convicted Killer situation
Either go to Blackgate to grill Penguin, or to Arkham to grill Two-Face. Either one might have insight into the Joker, since Two-Face's condition was likely the result of comparable drugs and Penguin was closely acquainted with Lady Arkham.
  • So what if you chose to send Harvey to Blackgate at the end of Season 1 instead of Arkham?

Riddler will be featured in Season 2
He's the most prominent Batman villain who hasn't been used thus far in the series. My bet is that he'll be mostly a side villain to Joker and not a serious threat but he will prove to be a Chekhov's Gunman who is instrumental in helping you stop Joker.
  • Confirmed.

The villain's plot in Season 2 will be to open an underground railroad to smuggle Arkham inmates out of the asylum
Thus allowing any Batman rogues to be featured in the future. It fits Joker's MO as well, since it's the kind of thing he'd love to watch on TV.

Robin will feature in Season 2
  • Sort of - Tiffany Fox, Lucius' daughter, can become Batman's protege with the right options.

Joker's Origin Story:
He is Thomas Wayne Jr who have been committed since an accident in infancy, we all know this story, and this is what gave way to both Bruce being raised as a paragon of virtue and the mass incarceration of all who oppose the Hill, Falcone & Wayne coalition.
  • And it'll be touched upon in Season 2.

The fate of the Children of Arkham's leader
Vicki Vale is a case of Never Found the Body and No One Could Survive That! - it's entirely possible that she'll return in Season 3 or 4, and Batman's decision to unmask in front of her could become a major player.

If we're talking about future game guesses, then I'll throws this one out before someone else does: BATMAN BEYOND: THE TELLTALE SERIES

I don't have any idea for the plot, BUT the tutorial can be easily introduced in Episode 1 as such: in a way as Bruce (over comlink) and Terry going over the various suits functions while stealthing his way to the bad guys location (maybe he’s hunting a crime gang that’s part of a bigger plot or just a regular cold opening).

Either that way or through memories of training, like, say: On the rooftop, there could be a ventilation shaft, but it’s locked. Terry could take out the tools and try to open it and go we – the player – go into a memory of Bruce teaching Terry how to use these particular bat-tools to unlock any lock. A success in the memory results in present-Terry doing a little ‘yay!’ or ‘yiss!’, while failure there has him say something like ‘I am so going to suffer next practice time’, before trying again.Or both. Both work.

James Gordon Junior will appear in season two
Either as the primary antagonist, or a future villian for a later season. For an even more startling change, he could be the one to cripple Barbara (possibly in the past, or in present time).

     Season 2 

Agent Avesta is Talia Al-Ghul.
Or perhaps her little sister, Nyssa. "Avesta" is the scriptures of Zoroastrianism, which like Ra's and his family, has it's origins in Ancient Persia.

Tiffany will get hurt.
Tiffany is brilliant and very aware of it. Overestimating her capabilities, she will go off on her own to try stopping a villain, and end up kidnapped or in the hospital. If the player chose to invite Tiffany into the Bat Family in episode 1, Lucius, in his anger, will blame Bruce for his daughter's predicament, putting their partnership on ice for a while.

Tiffany will become Batgirl
As an alternative to the above (or maybe a direct consequence of it), Tiffany will eventually get a suit of her own ala her appearance in Future's End. Sure, she was a Legacy Character to the other Batgirls there, but it wouldn't be the biggest break from convention Telltale has made.
  • Alternatively, she'll skip straight to being Oracle. Arguably Oracle has become a more familiar part of the Batfamily than Batgirl, and Tiffany's skills seem to lie more in technical support than combat.

The League of Shadows will be involved in season 2.
The way Riddler died seems to be a very suspiciously ninja-like way for him to go.
  • Expanding on this, Riddler and the other members of the Pact were sent to test Batman by Ra's Al-Ghul. As usual, to see if the Dark Knight has the strength, brains, skills, and drive to eradicate evil to succeed him as head of the League.

Avesta is Lady Arkham and will either become the primary antagonist of Season 2 or will share the role with Joker.
Her voice and face are uncannily similar to that of Lady Arkham, and the batcomputer says that Lady Arkham's body was never found. What an odd detail to specifically note.

The Riddler is a former member of Task Force X.
We know now that Nigma had some kind of history with the Agency, and he blamed them for his transformation into the Riddler. We also know that one of his partners was Harleen Quinzel, a staple member of the Suicide Squad. Despite Riddler's vendetta against Batman, the Agency was the primary target of their operation. Finally, check out that shadowy figure who sniped Riddler with a poison dart to the neck. Is that you, Deadshot?

Building on the above, the Pact are either of interest to Waller because she wants them for her Suicide Squad or they are escapees who already served as Suicide Squaddies, whom she's pursuing to keep them from revealing the Agency's darker side.

The Riddler seen in The Enigma is Edward Nygma Sr.
I find it highly unlikely that Telltale would just kill one of Batman's most popular villains so easily. In either this season or the next, we'll see his son, Edward Nygma Jr., take his father's mantle as the second Riddler, and he'll be more in line with his comic book counterpart than his father.

Potential members of "the Pact"
Riddler, Joker, and Harley Quinn have been revealed, so other possibilities are...
  • Bane
    • Confirmed.
  • Hugo Strange
  • Ra's al Ghul
  • Mr. Freeze
    • Confirmed.
  • Deadshot. It was quite the shot that killed the Riddler, afterall.
    • Jossed: Tiffany killed the Riddler.
  • Possibly Cobblepot and/or Two-Face will be future members.
    • Well... it's confirmed that Cobblepot gave Harley information she needed while she was working in Blackgate, so... sort of?
  • Lady Arkham, if we can count potential former members. She turned to evil because she was declared insane under false pretenses, and the other members of the Pact appear to have been subjects of some kind of experimentation while incarcerated. Maybe the Pact was formed specifically to get even with the agencies that caused this.

Alfred's life will be threatened and can be determined by the players
Considering that Season 2 has no trouble killing off both Lucius Fox and the Riddler right in the first episode, Telltale is not aiming to maintain any status quo of the comics. The story in general is heading toward a very high stake territory where Anyone Can Die, regardless of their importance in the source material. What better way to cement this further than putting Batman's oldest and most inseparable ally on the chopping block? After all, since Season 1 has already dealt with Alfred being taken away by the antagonists, Season 2 will have to put in some changes to top that.

Renee Montoya will take up the mantle of The Question in Season 2
Although the origins will be significantly different.
  • This seems plausible. In episode one, you have the option of having Bruce say that they'll need to recruit someone (albiet for a specific role) and Alfred will agree, saying they're up against a new class of criminal. There's even Lucius' suggestion of bringing his daughter into the fold early in the episode, as well as Gordon later saying that Batman couldn't do the things he did without a whole network of civilians behind him-something he currently lacks, hinting that perhaps the idea of expanding the team will be an important theme going forward. It looks like Batman will be dealing with a supervilain team in the form of this 'Pact' and it's doubtful that even he will be able to handle it on his own. My theory is that she'll become the question regardless, but depending on your choices, she could either be a full on ally to Batman, or an independent hero working on her own.

The Joker, while madder than a loon, has been known to plan some genius gambits. Throughout season 2, he's just playing the part of the puppy dog-eyed wannabe to sneak his way to the top.
  • It does seem unbelievable that John would have to have the concept of an EMP explained to him and not long after be perfectly capable of getting past Lucius' protections on the EMP generator to set it off. Easy explanation is that he's not letting on all that he knows.
  • And seemingly confirmed when, after a season of acting like a hapless giggling buffoon, he casually reveals that he's deduced Bruce's identity

John Doe And Harley will have the opposite dynamic
It seems that Harley is the one who is the manipulative one, who describes John as seeking identity, and easily manipulated. Maybe, playing with what we know and expect, maybe Harley is the one who drives John insane and into villany. Or maybe, you can save John if you play your cards right.
  • Partially jossed, partially confirmed: You can prevent John from becoming a villain if you play your cards right, but then he becomes a vigilante instead, which is still not a completely ideal outcome. Additionally, if John does become a villain, it's the Agency's actions (and to an extent Bruce's actions) that drive him into it rather than Harley's influence.

The Riddler isn't dead
before you ask: no, this isn't based on Like You Would Really Do It, because by now we know that Telltale both would and has, in fact, done it. But they had to have needed the body back for a reason (thought admittedly it could just be Borrowed Biometric Bypass). We're also still in the dark about who made the toxin he was shot with. it might have contained something Bruce didn't notice that could counteract the lethal effects, thereby only putting him in a deathlike coma. The ingredient? Lazarus.
  • Most likely Jossed, with the revelation that they only needed the body for the Lotus toxin in his blood, or more accurately the antibodies to Lotus toxin in his blood. Since we last saw his body being rapidly decomposed due to the Agency meddling with his cryo-coffin-thing, it's doubtful he can ever be revived.

Freeze sabotaged his own freeze device
.The reason he'd do this is Bruce promised to aid to Freeze through Wayne Corp, and thus killing him would stop Nora from ever relieving Bruce's help.
  • Jossed; Bruce is able to escape the freezing device at the beginning of Season 2 Episode 4, but only because he's able to use his phone to activate the nearby EMP device, which disables the autolocks on the freeze device and allows Bruce to escape.

John knows Bruce is Batman
He's keeping it secret for the sake of their friendship now. After their inevitable falling out, he'll continue to because the epic rivalry the Joker famously adores will end if Batman is outed.
  • Confirmed that John knows Bruce's identity as of the fourth episode of the second season.

Members of Sanctus
Admittedly, there's only one episode left in the season and we still have other stuff to deal with, so I doubt we'll get confirmation either way anytime soon. But still:
  • Achilles Milo. He's not seen much nowadays, but his last prominent appearance in media was him working with Waller before going rogue, so that fits pretty well.
  • Hugo Strange, possibly, because he's a good big-time Bat foe
    • It wouldn't be the first time Strange worked in the same agency as Waller. Or the second, for that matter.
  • Deadshot. We're apparently meant to believe a Sanctus agent is the one who whacked Riddler, and we can all agree it was a Deadshot-Worthy shot. Also, they're clearly also building up to Suicide Squad, so that fits right in.

SANCTUS worked with Thomas Wayne to perform medical tests on Arkham Asylum inmates
I'm basing this on a couple things. 1) They're being rather discrete about Sanctus considering how much of the season's plot they drive, implying that they're building up to a reveal. 2) John Doe's spotty record at Arkham would imply some kind of coverup, and his physical appearance may well be the result of some pharmaceutical exposure. 3) Sanctus was developing a virus that the Pact want to cure their various malaises. This would be an excellent way of extorting service from them, and we already know Waller's involvement usually implies Suicide Squad. Ergo, I posit that the Agency, in association with Thomas Wayne, was using Arkham (and most probably other prisons) as a breeding ground for Suicide Squaddies.

As in Season 1, Episode 5 will open with one of two possible sequences, dependent upon what your final decision was in Episode 4
My thoughts:
  • If you went the "John becomes Villain" route, you'll start the episode helping Waller's agents apprehend a now-totally-deranged Harley, possibly from her and John's amusement park retreat.
  • If John became a Vigilante instead, you start by having to evade Waller's Agents (who are pissed that you let him go), with John eventually showing up to help you in his own horrifying fashion. Possibly, the agents will actually track you down to the Batcave, forcing you to make an escape.

There will be a Suicide Squad spin-off.
If BOTH Waller and Harley survive the season.

The way you shape John Doe will affect life in Gotham
It's inevitable that John will become the Joker, but you can influence how "evil" he is, as demonstrated at the end of Chapter 4, where the Joker can become a vigilante or a villain. If you influenced John to become a vigilante, while still destructive, he will be no where NEAR as destructive as he is as a villain.
  • As such, it's likely that even though it's not possible to save the Joker from himself, you can create a Joker with a relatively low bodycount, TRIES therapy when locked in Arkham, genuinely respects your code and will try to avoid breaking it (mental conditions permitting). He might even enforce your code on other criminals (even though he himself doesn't follow it), meaning he still is in a sense a vigilante and Batman is succeeding in creating a safer Gotham. Which is a nice thought, considering it's heavily implied in-game that you are a new source of pain in Gotham.

Season three will follow the mentoring of Batman's protege.
Depending on if the player had Bruce tell Tiffany Fox the truth and forgive her for killing the Riddler, while deciding to remain Batman at the cost of Alfred's resignation in The Enemy Within. Choices will dictate what Batman wants Tiffany to learn: Whether to take priority on saving people or stopping criminals, leading up to her making a Sadistic Choice where she uses Batman's teachings to either save hostages and let the bad guy escape, or catch them at the cost of innocents.
  • The first episode will feature Tiffany in the middle of training, when she trips and the player is given the option of catching her or letting her fall. The first has Bruce motivate Tiffany by telling her they are teammates now. In the other, Bruce plays the Stern Teacher card and reminds her this will be harder out in the field.
  • As a Mythology Gag, Tiffany will ask Batman's opinion on her codename, and choices will include Oracle, Batgirl and Spoiler.

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