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The "Heart of a Hero" Red Scarab claimed to have was of Kanjar Ro's

Barry Allen will die for real in Season 3
We've seen several onscreen deaths in the show so far. Given the Adaptation Distillation it tends to do, Barry's death and Wally's taking off the mantle might be a good story for the show
  • Jossed, though we get a "Flash fakes his death" moment in "Four Star Spectacular!"

Season 2's Finale, The Malicious Mr. Mind
Will be a retelling of 52, as it is the 52nd episode of the Brave and the Bold. And it will be awesome.

Owlman killed his world's Ultraman.
As shown in "Deep Cover for Batman!", residents of the Injustice Syndicate's parallel universe have lives very close to their DCU counterparts, only evil (or good, for the Justice Underground). Bruce Wayne is a costumed warrior with an identity designed to strike fear into his enemies, the Scarab found Jaime Reyes, Sinestro is a Lantern, Joker/Red Hood was dumped into a vat of chemicals in Axis by Bat/Owlman, etc. It follows that there should be a Superman analogue, traditionally called Ultraman in Owlman's appearances. Except that if his life followed the same path as Superman's, then he should have ended up fighting Owlman repeatedly, with Owlman almost always winning but not by much. If you're a supervillain with a Nigh-Invulnerable "ally" who's shown a propensity for backstabbing you (even if it's beyond his control), and you have a constant supply of his one weakness - "Batman always has Kryptonite" - but barely defeat him even so, what's going to happen? Owlman shows off he's not a Technical Pacifist, that's what.
  • A possible explanation for Ultraman, or whatever the Evil-Verse version of Superman is called, is that he's off fighting enemies of his own "level". Alexander Luthor, for example. Plus, in the comic canon version of the Injustice Syndicate, Ultraman is usually given new powers by exposure to Kryptonite.

The Brave And The Bold is the dream world of DCU Bruce Wayne.
Batman is a grim, dark avenger, and Bruce Wayne acknowledges the effect of his parents' death too honestly to try and pretend it didn't happen, even in fancy; however, one can't blame him for wishing that things could be a little easier on him. Bruce therefore creates the BatB world, where villains are simpler to defeat, Good and Evil are black-and-white, and the Justice League are his best buddies whom he can trust and adventure with (more like the swashbuckling Zorros of his childhood) rather than people his own suspicious nature wants to distrust. Superman and Wonder Woman have yet to appear in this world due to Batman's conflicting views of each, respectively; introducing real ambiguity would complicate this ideal world, so they just don't show, and the same goes for any of the Robins - When one does appear, it will be Dick Grayson-as-Robin, before things got complicated. This ideal world could have been created in a number of ways: Perhaps its Batman's dream as he's trapped by some hallucination-inducing or mind-controlling villain, perhaps he got hold of the ability to literally create a new reality, perhaps it's all just a dream.
  • Or possibly the truth is far more disturbing than that. Why did the criminal who shot Thomas and Martha Wayne leave young Bruce Wayne alive? Why leave a witness? It makes no sense. Obviously, we have an unreliable narrator here...Bruce Wayne himself! The criminal did try to kill him, but the bullet instead damaged young Bruce's brain. Living in a hospital for years, occasionally visited by Alfred, "Batman" is the form the poor man's active fantasy life/hallucination takes, allowing him to cope. When he's upbeat and happy, he dreams of super-heroic adventure and daring escapades, as seen in "The Brave and the Bold". When he's depressed (which is often) and craving some scrap of meaning to his miserable life, we get downbeat yet grimly determined dreams such as "The Dark Knight".
  • At least one aspect of this has been Jossed; Dick as Robin, yes, but not before things got complicated.
    • And Robin has since moved on and adopted the identity of Nightwing. Maybe this was the one ambiguity he could allow into this world... As Robin's father figure, his straine drelationship with his surrogate son is painful, yes, but he's proud of the man Robin grew into, and had to acknowledge the rough patches in order to allow Nightwing a place in this world.

Kamandi's future is shortly destroyed after Batman's departure
Considering it's Time Travel that got Batman there, and not travelling across the Multiverse, Kamandi's world, changed by a virus, would not exist if the past is given a vaccine that stops the virus. The blast is not from the cannon that Batman reveals is hidden in the Statue of Liberty's nostril, but in fact a visual representation of the eradication of a possible future timeline. Also, Batman keeps a laser-cannon hidden in the Statue of Liberty's nostril?!
  • I think the idea was tha the hid it there after he got back to the past so that it would be ready for Kamandi to use.
    • Oh, right, like at the end of Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. But, still, Kamandi's future wouldn't exist without the virus infecting it in the first place, so Batman taking the vaccine to the past would cease its existence.
  • Now that I think about it, the episode is trying to play it both ways: either Batman can't affect Kamandi's timeline, in which case he shouldn't have been able to leave that gift in the nostril for Kamandi, or he can and the Bad Future should have been averted completely. The only way to reconcile this is that Kamandi's is an alternate timeline on which a vaccine was created too late, and Batman traveled there in order to get the vaccine for his Earth...and therefore he just always had a weapons cache in the Statue of Liberty's nostril, which isn't that unlikely, knowing Batman. Or maybe the fact that "it takes time for time to change", to paraphrase Enterprise slightly.
  • You're all wrong. If Batman goes to the future to get the cure to a disease that causes the future, the change is when he releases the cure. However... if he puts the time capsule in the nose before he releases the cure, it's still there when realities diverge. Boom.
    • But he's still released the cure before Kamandi's future happens, so it's cancelled as the world was vaccinated. Or, we could say that all time travel causes an alternative universe to be created. Batman's heroic actions allowed a different, bolder and braver future to happen instead of Kamandi's future, but Kamandi's future still exists and has been turned into its own universe when Batman vaccinates the past. However, this does mean that Batman can never return without Red Hood's Multi-verse Portal-Thingy, Kamandi's still got the big guy looking after him through that hidden cache.
      • Alright. Time travel can be compared to a pair of pants. There's a point where you have to go down one leg or the other. That point is when the vaccine was released. Everything before that point is still true. If he puts the cache in the nose before releasing the vaccine, it's still true. Yes, it is about alternate, divergent timelines, but it's far simpler then what's been said before.
      • Pratchett reappropriations aside, there's no real reason it should be that the release of the vaccination in the past changes everything, but hiding the cache in the nose wouldn't.
  • And why would Baman keep the vacine in the nose isntead of you know, releasing it!
  • This is all Jossed anyway, because Kamandi's future still exists in "The Last Bat On Earth!". Apparently the virus Bats stopped wasn't what caused the Bad Future after all.
    • The above episode could have taken place before "Dawn of the Deadman!" due to time travel paradoxes.
  • Is the disease Batman's trying to cure the one that causes Kamandi's time? Or is it just a deadly disease that all future inhabitants happen to be immune to? Is Kamandi's present definitely Batman's future, or is it an alternate universe (there's no sign of the Legion of Super Heroes, but Booster Gold usually has a Legion flight ring- in the comics, anyway)?
    • The Kamandi Age is before before the LOSH age, a lo can happen in a thousand years.
  • The world at the time of Kamandi is destroyed in the opening for Joker: the Vile and the Villainous, though the only connection it had with Batman's time-travel was that it also involved time-travel, and then only in providing someone willing to push the big red button.

The episode "Trials of The Demon!" is based on the Jack the Ripper murders.
Except that, being a G-rated cartoon (PG, at the worst) the murders are replaced with (reversible) soul-snatchings, The Ripper is replaced with Gentleman Ghost, and the fact the victims are, uh, "Ladies of the Night" is never explicitly mentioned. Whitechapel (where the murders took place) is even mentioned. I'm actually pretty sure about this one.
  • I saw it as a reference to Gotham By Gaslight, which actually is about the Jack the Ripper murders.

Beast Boy is in this series
He's that green fish seen at the beginning of the undewater segment of Mystery in Space!
  • He has appeared with the Doom Patrol in the comic series of the show, with Batman teaming up with them to take down Mad Mod.
  • He appeared as a circus poster in "The Last Patrol!", so he exists in some form.

Superman will never get a guest spot on this show
Whenever Superman and Batman end up in the same universe, the challenge rating jumps up to Superman's level. Batman can just about handle that, but the rest of his friends would be pitifully inadequate against something that manages to actually threaten Superman. Thus, Superman will simply not appear at all.
  • Wrong. The way they dealt with Darkseid proves they can put up a resistance to it.
  • Also, due to legal issues with Smallville, Superman villains can't appear, unless renamed and largely redesigned. It's not too much to assume that Superman, Superboy, Supergirl, etc can't appear either.
  • Technically, he and a few of his supporting characters have appeared in the tie-in comic.
  • We do get to see Supes in the Batman Cold Open of Sidekicks Assemble, but all we see is his cape and the back of his head. He doesn't even have any lines!
  • Well... that was certainly an original way to do a Superman episode without actually doing one. "That" being the new episode "The Super-Batman of Planet X!", in which Batman travels to another planet inhabited by another Batman who is in Superman's role, and gains powers like Superman because of Applied Phlebotinum in the atmosphere. It Makes Sense in Context.
    • The way Batman says he'd hate for super-powered alien to come to Earth and start doing Batman's job, kind of implies there is no Superman on Earth.
  • Supes has been confirmed for an upcoming episode.
  • He's here! And he's a dick.
    • In Supes' defense, he was under the influence of Red Kryptonite.

Huntress is Batman's daughter.
Based solely on Huntress' costume (it's the Bronze Age version, when Huntress was an AU character who was Batman's daughter,) and the old-time feel of the show. Huntress flirts with Batman simply because she doesn't know and Batman hasn't gotten around to telling her. Also, it makes Batman's conversations with Blue Beetle smack of Overprotective Dad, which is hilarious.
  • Given Huntress' shameless flirting with (and goosing) Batman, that kinda goes into Squick territory.
    • It could still work if Time Travel is involved somehow. Look at it this way: Helena was an orphan due to Catwoman leaving her on the door step of one when she was born, thus she wouldn't know who her parents are. She becomes Huntress, then something happens that can only be averted with intervention of the legendary Batman. Thus, all the flirting is due to ignorance on both parties. As to why Huntress hasn't said anything yet is because she's building up trust.

Kamandi's Future is after Instrumentality.
The water's red, so it's gotta be the tang/LCL that the people got turned into. The absence of people caused nuclear power plants to mutate animals who become the new rulers of Earth. Kamandi is one of the few that resisted the Instrumentality. And, hey, we need to connect this series with Neon Genesis Evangelion somehow.
  • Alternatively, the series takes place during Evangelion. Because there were cicadas in the background near the beginning of "The Fate of Equinox!"
  • Actually the whole series is Instrumentality from Batman's perspective. The final episode will end with him permanently stopping all crime and every other hero, civilian and his parents standing around him congratulating him.

The events of "Menace Of The Conqueror Cavemen" caused a Stable Time Loop.
Michael Jon Carter, security guard, gets Krull to spill his coffee. Krull recognizes him, and attacks-the fight Booster referred to. Carter, in fear for his life, breaks a display case and takes the Gold suit. Shortly thereafter, he is transported to the 21st century, where he tries to be a superhero in order to become famous. The reason Booster Gold doesn't initially remember Krull is either a)brain damage from the time travel, or b)he just plain forgot.

This show takes place in a heavily-modified Earth-2
Huntress' costume is based on Helena Wayne's, and Robin stays Robin through adulthood without becoming Nightwing. Batgirl has been mentioned, but it wouldn't surprise me if she turns out to be Betty Kane, the long-forgotten original. Likewise, the only Flash we see is Jay Garrick, and he's not an elderly man like he is in the mainstream DCU. Of course, this being a crossover show by nature, certain characters that shouldn't exist in Earth-2 are in the show like Blue Beetle, Question, K'rull (originally a Captain Marvel villain) Plastic Man and Booster Gold. Perhaps this version takes the Earth-2 version of the Bat-family as canon while integrating elements from mainstream continuity.
  • Given that after The Crisis, New Earth was dominated by Earth-1, with several modifications and additions from other earths, it is likely that this series simply takes place on a different version of New Earth, where Earth-2 proved the baseline that dominated the merger.
  • The presence of a modern age Blue Beetle suggests that this is not the case. Instead it is a second New Earth. As it seemed like the infinite universes were destroyed but it is impossible to destroy an infinite amount of something so instead groups of universes collapsed into each other and joined together and were sealed to prevent another Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Batman Brave and the Bold Earth is made from bits of Golden, Silver and Modern Age Earths.
    • It could easily be the Earth-2 of the DCAU. It would naturally be as different from the comic Earth-2 as the DCAU is different from The DCU.
      • The Justice Guild lived in the Earth-2 of the DCAU.
      • Confirmed. Word of God explicity says that the above WMG is one way to look at the series.
      • The DCAU Batman and Terry McGinnis made a cameo in "Night of the Batmen".

Batman is married to Catwoman
If this show is indeed set in Earth-2, then this would be obvious, as those versions of the characters did indeed get married.
  • Probably Jossed; Batman mentions to Mister Miracle that he's not the marrying type. Plus, Huntress was flirting with him (and grabbed his ass), which hopefully also jossed this.
    • Batman and Catwoman had a fling and results in Catwoman giving birth to a baby girl. Catwoman decides not to tell Batman he has a daughter and decided to give her up to the Bertinellis, one of Gotham's most renowned families.
      • But if there's no time travel involved, that would make them both middle aged at least...
      • Well, Dick Grayson looks to be in his early 20s by the time he became Nightwing.

Brave and the Bold takes place in the same universe as the 60's Adam West series, several in-universe years after that series ended
The Color of Revenge makes a pretty strong argument for it, especially the introduction.
  • While they make deliberate visual callbacks to the 60s show, Robin is an actual kid in the flashback, the heroes fight the bad guys with actual violence, and Crazy Quilt ends up going to Arkham Asylum, where he evolves into a murderous psycho. Perhaps it's meant more as a "take that" to the fanboys who claim "The Brave and the Bold" is just an animated version of the TV series? As can be demonstrated, it's much more intense.
  • Jossed, in the 60's TV series, the show implied Bruce's dad was a lawyer, and several people murdered his parents, it's very clear that they were murdered by Joe Chill a criminal on Christmas Day.

Ocean Master was cheated out of the crown of Atlantis for having different viewpoints not found in the family.
When considering which of her sons to make the new ruler of Atlantis, Arthur or Orm, Their mother, the Queen, found Orm having different religious/political outlooks and Arthur had religious/political outlooks that were more to her way, good or bad.
  • This is practically true.

The Music Meister is an alternate reality Dr. Horrible
A musical supervillian played by Neil Patrick Harris. Yeah, never heard of that before.
  • He even wants to get the girl (Black Canary), but a Superhero (Batman) keeps getting in his way.
  • DH never attempted to murder the girl he loves and MM did twice so the differences end there.
    • How about, Dr. Horrible is Music Meister's son. An evil nerd gets mind control? Of course he used it on women. Billy didn't get the mutation, though.
    • Alternately, how about he actually is Dr. H? He hid the guilt of Penny's death for so long that he ended up taking on a different identity, complete with some physical training and a dye job. We never see his eyes, so he might be twitching under that visor.... And hey, it explains how he manages to get everybody to sing in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.
      • Destroyed if you consider that the Meister was only in it for money, but the doctor for world domination. Which brings us to the much more logical solution...

The Music Meister is Barney Stinson
  • At least the german dub implies this with him making up new words while he sings, like badiosity and the profession soundartmaster.

The Music Meister is a Pusher.
And he'll break out of Arkham in the future because, after being unable to use his singing in captivity, he'll hone it into psychic powers and issue commands by mind instead. But after that it'll only be a last resort, because keeping quiet won't let him be much of a Large Ham.

The Music Meister is an alternate version of Izaak Crowe from "Batman: Fortunate Son".
And Batman despises him more than any other supervillain, especially after the punk-rock song, "Death Trap", because punk is nothing but death...and crime...and the rage of a beast!

Superman does not exist in the Brave and Bold universe
Yes Jaime Reyes mentioned him fighting Batman, but maybe the Superman he talked about was a fictional character. Since Doctor Fate summoned Aquaman to provide superhuman strength to the composite hero to fight Equinox, maybe Aquaman is as strong as it gets.

The Music Meister is responsible for everything bad that's ever happened in the history of the BATB Universe.
There is no logical reason why this should be true; except that it would be AWESOME!!!
  • It's simple really, he's the evil version of the Elite Beat Agents.
  • The Music Meister is responsible for Batman's parents' death? And for Red Tornado's kid turning evil? :(

The Music Meister got his power from selling his soul to Sweet, the demon from Buffy's musical episode "Once More With Feeling".
After being bullied for so long he snaps and asks the Powers of Evil to help him get revenge. Sweet, who appreciates talent when he sees it, is the one who gives him the offer. Thus the Meister was born!

The time traveling in the show's cold openings will be revealed as part of a cohesive time travel episode or episodes.
Saved for the introduction of Rip Hunter or another time travel plot by Professor Nichols.

Batman will team up with his Rogues Gallery to fight the Starro menace.

Chill of the Night is a DC Animated Universe episode
I mean, look at it! Red skies, a pitch black story, Bruce Wayne looks identical to his DCAU self... Change some voice actors around, and it's an episode of Batman: The Animated Series.
  • Or it's, you know, a callback. Or just done in BTAS style as a homage, or because it fit the mood of the story better.

The show's slowly leading up to a version of Batman R.I.P..
Bat-Mite? Zur-En-Arrh? Thomas Wayne is a Bat-suit? All subtle hints of what's to come... or just a bunch of throwbacks that coincidentally were used by Grant. Your choice.

Batman came up with Robin's new name...
  • Becuse he had heard the original story of Nightwing from Superman already, and was already considering it as a new identity for Robin/Dick when he finally became his own superhero. Maybe he saw similarities between the character in the story and Dick, or maybe he just thought it sounded cool.

Starro just wants to make friends.
The reason Starro sends out countless parasitic clones of itself to mind control the universe is because of loneliness. It wants to make friends, but casual confrontation with it causes irreversible insanity, and since it has no real understanding of the concept of friendship, it instead believes mind control is the same of gaining friends and thus sends out the parasitic clones to do so.
  • But that means... shock B:TBATB takes place in he same universe as Eureka Seven!

Superman and Wonder Woman are dead
  • They're seen in the flashback in "Sidekick's Assemble", but not since, even in scenario's where they would logically show up (ie: wouldn't Superman be concerned that his best friend has apparently turned evil?). They died during some epic battle in the past, set after that flashback but before the show begins- possibly the Brave and The Bold verse's version of The Crisis. Notice how Batman seems to be the number one hero in this setting with no competition- not even from the rest of the trilogy. This also explains the Lighter and Softer nature of the show, as with no Superman, Batman had to become a lighter hero in order to replace them as The Cape. This also explains why Bat's fights more high powered villians than normal, and correspondingly why Bat's holds back the phlebotinum less.
    • Very much Jossed by now.

The other Teen Titans will appear...
  • But they won't be the same age as Nightwing, Aqualad and Speedy. Since Beast Boy was obviously younger than Nightwing in the comics, the other Titans will follow a similar pattern, being taken under Nightwing's aegis to be taught how to be superheroes. In a little continuity nod, Starfire will probably have a little unrequited crush on Nightwing, while Cyborg and Beast Boy end up as best friends, and Raven doesn't like being with the other three.

They will explain why Batman has Shark-repellant-Bat-Spray in a helicopter.
They'll be out at sea. The guest star of the week will notice the spray and mock Batman for it...and then a shark will leap several feet into the air, grab the helicopter with his teeth, and Batman will calmly spray. Why? Because it'd be hilarious.

The Justice League has battled Starro before.
The League fought against Starro previously, seemingly killing him. However, he managed to recover, stronger than before. The chant of, "Starro lives." could be his way of saying, "Your superheroes thought they had destroyed me, but let the world howl in despair for I have returned!"

The reason why we don't hear about Wonder Woman...
Themyscira has left to another dimension to "renew their magic". Wonder Woman renounces her powers and stays in Man's World to be with Steve Trevor who learns that Diana Prince and Wonder Woman are one and the same. She eventually meets the Asian mystic I-Ching who taught her martial artists. Missing her days as Wonder Woman, Diana compensates by now working as a secret agent for a government agency that deals with superhuman affairs. Her partners are Steve Trevor and Etta Candy.

Poison Ivy is a grown up Sam
They're both red heads, both voiced by the same person, both wear green fetish fuely outfits. How can they not be the same person?

The Spectre used to be a good spirit of vengence
Back when the JSA formed, The Spectre was probably a really good guy while still being God's vengence because he was still new. As time went on, he became more upset with humanity and the growing need for more vengence. Kind of like in Kingdom Come, where he needed a human tether to keep his mind straight in his judgements.

The Music Meister episode was a Batman Gambit to reduce his Chick Magnet problem
Self exlanitory

The Joker is immune to the Music Meister's hypnotism...
Because he's just that crazy. He sang along because it seemed like fun. And even if this isn't true, then he at least was having quite a bit of fun, since the first thing he does after becoming omnipotent in "Emperor Joker" is a big song and dance number.

Batman will never marry Catwoman...
But Bruce Wayne will, eventually, propose to Selina Kyle. The proposal we saw was a costume party/roleplay scenario. This also goes for the Catwoman in the future episode; she was interested in Grayson!Batman and used this to catch his attention.

All the times Batman was in the past for no reason is actually because he gets hit by the Omega Sanction in the new JLI episode, and is travelling back to his time...
Come on it would explain all those "random" openers when he was in the past, and it would also be a shout out to Final Crisis.

There will be a cold open where Joker steals a kid's report card.
Like RAINBOW BATMAN it has gotten some mileage.
  • Alas, no.

Johnny Sorrow will appear in the series at some point, either as a Big Bad or as The Dragon.
Which would thus mean that Batman will perhaps team up with this series' version of the Sandman.
  • Also, sadly no.

The Anti-Monitor will be the big bad of the final season.
And it will be epic.
  • Now all I can think of is the last episode being a 2-part rendition of Crisis of Infinite Earths, with the final shot of the show being the opening to Batman: TAS. How kick ass would that be?

The entire show is a bunch of stories being told by Aquaman
Whenever Aquaman appears in the show, he mentions that 'I Will call this adventure, the time I X'd Y'. He's basically just showing up to adventures, and doing dramatic retellings for the people of Atlantis.
  • It's possible. His menmor "The One Where Batman Almost DIED!" in Night of the Batmen has #53 (or something) in the series on the cover. Matching the number of episodes there have been...

During the Joker's song in "Emperor Joker", Joker destroys everything else in the universe
Pretty simple. We see the sun go supernova causing everything to go white. It's possible - Bat-Mite and Mister Mxyzptlk have destroyed multiple universes - which would also mean that the only thing left in the universe is the Card Room that comes in right after everything goes white. I personally like this theory because it speaks to the true horror of high-powered reality warpers. The good news is that Bat-Mite puts the universe back together after he gets his powers back.
  • Thats EXACTLY what I thought when I saw that. And that maked whole song/episode so much better to me.
  • Indeed, when they aired the episode in Austraila, THEY CUT THE SONG. Without it, it looks like Joker does nothing with his powers.

  • How about Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Two-Face, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Bane band together in a sort of mish-mash of the Burton/Schumacher movies.
    • Closest we got was the All-Villain Roast cold opener.

Ambush Bug will appear in the series
I know this is wishful thinking, but it would be so awesome if Ambush Bug were to appear and make the entire episode insane and funny.
  • Confirmed (from The Other Wiki) episode: Mitefall: Main Plot: Bat-Mite has grown weary of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, deeming its formula to be tired and repetitive, so he concocts a scheme to make it so bad that the network will have to cancel the show to make way for a darker one. Can the Ambush Bug stop him?
  • That's suprisingly amazing for this troper who wrote the theory. now I wonder if the writer read the wmg page for the show?

Crazy Steve will be a future antagonist
He will come from a parallel universe and fight the genuine Batman as part of his Holy War. Seriously, cool and light hearted Silver Age style Batman vs Crazy hobo with Batman's stuff, it would be AWESOME.
  • Does "A Bat Divided!" count here?

Booster Gold will go back in time to save Ted Kord from the explosion.
In an effort to Screw Destiny and get his friend back. As for the success of this mission... I got nuthin'. It would just be awesome to see Boostle in action again.
  • Not quite, but Boostle fans got "Menace of the Madniks!" to keep them warm.

The series finale will be a retelling of "Tower of Babel" mixed with the Brother 1 satellite plot of Infinite Crisis
In it will be some criminal mastermind or group that takes out other heroes with the help of Batman's contingency plans from the season 1 ep "Game Over for Owlman!". In the end most everyone will not be trusting of Batman anymore, much to his dismay.

Slacker Batman represents the side doped up on painkillers
Let's face it, being Batman is painful work.

Bat-Mite is a Troper.
He used the term "Breakout Character" in Mitefall, and when he wasn't coming off as an obnoxious fanboy, he seemed like he was emulating an obnoxious Troper.
  • Does this mean Bat-Mite is the Tropes Are Not Good version of One of Us ?
  • The term "Breakout Character" is older than this site. He does seem similar, but it's very possible it's just a coincidence.

Green Arrow is as good as Batman would be if he wasn't quite so motivated and serious about the whole superhero thing.
Green Arrow is, just as Batman, a normal human using gadgets to fight crime. This did not hinder him from taking down Fun Haus, Babyface, Killer Moth and Sportsmaster on his own, while they are all rushing him. At near-melee range. He's basically what Batman would be if he had a Robin Hood theme and wasn't actually a (for The Brave and the Bold) grim avenger of the night obsessed with fighting crime and protecting his city.

The CGI Batgirl preview was real
And it will be awesome.

Batman is Rorschach in disguise.
Evidence: In "Mite-Fall", Batman is so completely focused on defeating a villain that's attacking a single city that he is willing to let his entire world be destroyed instead. If that isn't the end of Watchmen in a nutshell, I don't know what is.

In the finale, all the characters disappeared to Limbo.

Batman programmed a setting in his Batmobile that makes every button spray sleeping liquid into the pusher's face.

The Music Meister can't fully control his powers
All the other inexplicable sudden musical numbers throughout the series, like Grey and Blue, Birds of Prey, Where's the Fun in That, and Aquaman's Rousing Song of Heroism? That was his "cause-a-musical" power leaking from his cell in Arkham. If he isn't singing himself he can't actually control actions, but he's still unintentionally causing others to burst into song, much to the confusion of those around them. Presumably, this happens a lot in Gotham offscreen more than just the bits we see, and people just get used to it.

Had the series continued...
It would have eventually had:
  • Robby Reed.
  • The Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • A story arc involving Batman (and possibly other heroes) searching space and time for the remaining fragments of Equinox.
  • A direct-to-DVD movie. Probably based on the mini-series Silver Age.
  • An episode exploring Metamorpho's past, with him being on a trip with his girlfriend, Sapphire Stagg, to Egypt with her father, Simon Stagg, collector of strange artifacts (including a de-frozen caveman bodyguard) to seek the Orb of Ra. Metamorpho left after he thought Sapphire and Simon only valued him for his powers. Eventually Metamorpho and Sapphire make up and in turn, she expresses her devotion to him by becoming Element Girl to save them from Apep, "The Snake that Never dies"

The reason Batman is wearing his current costume is because he was scaring children with his old one.
Sound familiar?

Bat-Mite is the actual hero of the final episode.
There was no on-going plot or big event planned for the final season finale. Bat-mite saw the original planned episode, and it went out with a whimper. This was simply unacceptable, and so he came up with his plan to give the show the send off that it deserved. That's right, he was breaking the fourth wall, from behind another fourth wall.

Somehow, in some way, The Music Meister is related to The Local Lad.
It doesn't make any sense, but seeing how the No Celebrities Were Harmed trope on the main page mentions how similar the former is in appearance to Elton John and the latter is one of the few roles Elton has played where he wasn't playing himself, I couldn't help but wonder about this possibility, as ridiculous as it sounds.

The reason Batman visited other worlds and eras was due to the Justice League's breakup.
The series never explained why (or how) Batman would often fight crime outside Gotham City, going to other countries, the past, the future and even parallel universes! I believe it was the breakup of the first Justice League (which was never explained either- clash of egos maybe?) that left him feeling someone had to take up the slack, and being the obsessive hero he is, he decided *he* had to do it (and was mostly right.)

The Music Meister is blind.
Credit to my girlfriend for this one. At no point in his episode does the Music Meister ever "look" at someone he can't also hear. Perhaps, in addition to his hypnotic abilities, the Music Meister is also able to navigate the world by sound, a la Daredevil, which would explain why he's still able to drive around on his scooter. During "If Only", he only sings about Canary's voice, whereas Canary is singing about multiple qualities of Batman. What if that's because the only quality of Canary that the Music Meister has perceived is her voice? And even before he became a supervillain, he had those cool shades. A lot of blind people wear shades because the inability to perceive sunlight risks overexposure to dangerous UV rays. It would also explain why he specialises in ranged attack, since he would presumably have a reduced ability to react to close-range attacks without visual clues.
  • I actually rewatched the episode just because of this theory, and there were several places (like the organ scene, and when he's looking over his shoulder in "Drives Us Bats") where the Music Meister seems to be looking toward an object, but not at it, which seems to confirm it a bit. But there were two things that stuck out to me (and that I found a solution for to have it fit):
    • How he could possibly know which buttons to push for the launch sequence? On pondering, he could have easily been there earlier and had a mook either create a mock-up of the launch panel, or (more likely), used a two-way radio. Since all he has to do is sing, and not sing the actual command, it's possible that he had the mook on the other line telling him which buttons to push while he was simultaneously making the heroes and villains form their human pyramid to give himself time to get the instructions. Later, he finishes it when Batman's distracted.
    • The costumes and their color scheme. It's not so much which knowing which to use (Movie!Daredevil was shown to organize his suits with braille tags; it's not a stretch the Music Meister would have a similar system), but their existence. If he's blind (and with this theory, he was blind at least since childhood, if not born with blindness), how would he know what the costumes looked like, or what he was homaging? Unless he went blind in grade school and is doing this from memory of albums, rock posters, etc. I figured if anything, born blind or later blinded, he just told whoever was making them to use a color scheme that looked good on him and stood out, and to make one for every genre of music.
  • Adding to this, I shared this theory with a few friends, and one of them suggested that for the "Death Trap" song, the "pistons panging, clamps a-clanging, and springs spranging" are not just lyrics and descriptors for the death trap. They're also things the Music Meister uses as a point of reference so he can navigate safely. We also figured his conductor's baton, as well as being a weapon, also functions as a blind cane, but not a traditional one, as if he is blind, it's clearly not something he wants the world to know. It could be the conductor's baton (as it's shown to be electric) may also help him navigate the world, and actually, as I was writing this, I realized this could be another way he knew where the buttons were, if it could somehow pick up on certain frequencies/feedback and give them to him. He did initially run the conductor's baton over the control panel. And further Fridge Brilliance is that initial run over the satellite controls? Downloaded the software to the conductor's baton for later use during "The World is Mine." In conclusion, this theory's actually pretty awesome.
  • Back again with another one. The Music Meister only wears gloves in the first scene, likely due to the costume, but also to not leave fingerprints on the satellite controls. Most of his other costumes show his bare hands, which would make sense for a blind person, seeing as touch would be just as important as sound.

The Batmobile turning into a mecha is meant to be a Shout-Out towards The Big O

There will be an animated film in the line of DC Universe Animated Original Movies set in this show's universe

Had there been more development, Booster's idiocy and showboating would've been shown as the result of Ted Kord's death

The breakup of the orignal Justice League was...
From when Aquaman mentioned the first league he and Batman were on "Darkseid Descending!", its been a bit of a series mystery of how or why the original JL failed. It could've been none of them had really ever been able to set aside their personalities and work together properly, maybe even leading to why the show is based on a team-up comic; The heroes never really learnt to work with others, so the group fell to too much in-fighting, leading to them allowing themselves to team up with whoever they could to learn how to be a team.

The Spectre and The Phantom Stranger are alternates of Joker and Batman from the DCAU respectively.
It might not be true but it makes sense. After they died Batman willingly became a Spirit of Justice, while Joker was forced to become a Spirit of Vengeance for his crimes. It fits their personalities too, Joker is an insane lunatic with no mercy or remorse, while Batman is a hero, enough said. It helps that they seem to have a rivalry and have the same voices.

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