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There is the possibility that (quite obviously) the world of Naruto, After the End, will be this world.
With the Hyuuga becoming Iga and the Uchiha (how that happens, I don't care) will be Kouga.
  • Considering how much Kishimoto (cough) borrowed from this manga, it would be plausible.

Otherwise, it is the Prequel to Naruto.
The eventual thinning out of ninjas from both Iga and Kouga clans brought about the demise of the art of ninjutsu, becoming far more a hidden art than it is. The wars of this world, in a sense, became the "miserable" situation that will be exploited by the Ten-Tailed Beast. And then the last of the original clans, both a product of the marriage of Iga and Kouga, will be the Sage of the Six Paths.

Oboro actually has no eye power.
Is just that she's so Moe that even the enemies' powers stops working in order to admire her.

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