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Yukina is adopted.
I mean, her dad looks too young to be the biological father of someone in her mid-teens, unless he fathered back when he was her age. Or maybe he's just really good at looking youthful.

The Tsuramaki Family is absurdly rich due to extreme luck and idealism
Mrs. Tsuramaki is almost exactly like Kokoro, optimistic, childish, and... not entirely there in the head. She uses her vast fortunes and incredible talents in humanitarian pursuits and/or whatever else suits her fancy at any given moment, and is so lucky/secretly genius that they end up being gigantic, runaway successes that end up paying for themselves, and funding her numerous lavish expenses. (For example, Michelle Land ends up becoming a gigantic tourist attraction.)

That, or Mr. Tsurumaki is almost exactly like Misaki, in that he's level-headed, serious, and the one to translate his wife's impulses and desires into workable plans in reality. Also, he owns a similar mascot suit, which neither his wife nor his daughter ever realize is him.

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Inter-band collaborations

There will eventually be an OVA detailing Yukina's father back in his active years as a band vocalist.
Or maybe just a manga side-story. That would work too. Either way, there seems to be too much of a story to tell, to not cover Yukina's father's past one way or another.
Ran's father used to be Yukina's father's bandmate.
Nothing is really known about neither of the two's fathers, except that Yukina's father used to be a musician, but quit for one reason or another, and Ran's father is against the idea of Ran pursuing music, without actually giving any reason why he's against it. It wouldn't be that big a stretch to assume that Ran's father may have been one of Yukina's father's bandmates back in the day, and just doesn't want Ran to go through whatever happened to them, since he's just persistently against Ran being in Afterglow. However, once he actually goes to see Afterglow perform, he becomes one of their biggest supporters, possibly because he believes Afterglow actually has what it takes to achieve what his band couldn't.

The talent scout who approached Yukina did so under a fake name
In the manga adaptation, the scout gives Yukina a business card with "Hanako Yamada" (the Japanese version of "Jane Doe") on it, and the coworker who meets with Yukina never refers to "Yamada" by name. Considering the shady nature of the deal, it's possible that the first woman faked her identity.

Alternative Title(s): Bang Dream Girls Band Party