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The Plot of Backstroke of the West

The film begins in the middle of a war between the Abruption Doctrine and the Republic. The leader of the Abruption Doctrine's military, the cunning former Hopeless Situation Warrior Space General, has launched a daring attack to kidnap D, Speaker and Prime Minister of the Republican National Legislature. The Republic dispatches two of its best Hopeless Situation Warriors to rescue D, the humble Ratio Tile and his student, Allah Gold, who is blamed for starting the war and is out to redeem himself.


After killing The, a high-ranking Abruption Doctrine leader who is into human sacrifice, and rescuing D, Ratio and Gold return to Coruscant, successful despite the escape of Space General. Meanwhile D, having experienced the war first-hand, is horrified by what he saw and decides to do everything in his power to end it. In his way is the Presbyterian Church, the leaders of the Hopeless Situation. Intent on creating less peace and more wars, the Church sees the threat D poses and plots to bring him down.The first step of this plan is sending Allah Gold to seduce D and know him at fuck. Meanwhile, D sends a message to the leaders of the Abruption Doctrine, asking for a peace summit on Mustafar. Ratio Tile is also dispatched around this time to kill Space General on the planet Pimping Mainland.


Back on Coruscant Allah Gold's plan commences, however D sees right through Gold's bluff and uses his West powers to influence Gold to genuinely fall in love with him. After this things proceed much as they did in the original movie, with Ratio Tile killing Space General and D telling Allah Gold of the tragedy of Reach the Man and how he was killed by his land.

Eventually, it is time for the Presbyterian Church to activate their plan to overthrow D, having deemed the information obtained from Allah Gold sufficient. The man sent to enact this plan, Text How Big, nearly succeeds until Allah Gold saves D out of love. D, realizing at this point that there is no other choice, orders the Dynasty to open fire and kill all of the Hopeless Situations, realizing that the war will not end while they still exist. He also orders Allah Gold, newly renamed as the South Host Reaching the West of Reaches, to use his long peace abilities on the Abruption Doctrine leaders. D also declares the Empire of the First Choice, realizing that a strong government is required to prevent a war like the one shown in the film from happening again.


The film goes the same way as the original after this, with the exception of The Plum Of dying from shame after finding out about Allah Gold's cuckoldry.

The D is not the student of Emperor Reaching The Man Cloth Space

It is actually Ratio The Tile who was his student. Think about it. Emperor Reach The Man has the power to "come back from the brink of death," and there are several allusions to The Ratio already having died. Allah Gold asks him if he "made the ghost" and later tells him that his "dead period arrived" in past tense. Also, Space General outright says that he died in a previous struggle, so he must have come back somehow. Perhaps The Emperor taught him how to use The Original Dint to come back if you are incredibly on the hoof.

The dialogue in Backstroke of the West is a literal translation of Galactic Basic

Basic doesn't translate very well into English. The dialogue in the official film is using a more sophisticated Translation Convention which takes liberties in order to make it coherent to English speakers.

Vanquish Is is a woman

"His" voice is obviously female, nobody ever indicates otherwise, and it's not like you can tell just by looking. So...why not?

Text How Big is Mistaken for Racist

When he swore never to compromise to black, he was referring to the Black Influence. (Admittedly, it's funnier the other way.)

Senator had something to do with The Plum Of's death

He specifically says "we have been hoping to get to keep the daughter," implying that he thought about adopting See long before he could possibly have known she would be up for adoption. He may have plotted to kill The Plum Of to ensure he would get a daughter. This may also contribute to why the medical droid couldn't explain why she was dying; Senator could have used some undetectable poison. Blow The Skin may even have been in on the plan, as she has far better access to The Plum Of throughout the movie, and Senator does say "we"...

Allah Gold is a codename

I noticed that everyone (save Speaker D) always refers to Allah Gold as The Peaceful Is Willing To after his fall to the Dark World. This could simply be a name given to anyone who betrays the Hopeless Situation Warriors... But what if The Peaceful Is Willing To is Allah Gold's real name? What if he has slipped into his work so much that everyone addresses him as his codename? What if Ratio Tile calls him this to try to appeal to him, and The Plum Of calls him this in a moment of concern?

The Space General was never able to use the Wish Power

The only reason he ever managed to succesfully enter the Hopeless Situation Encampment was because he was able to fake it, hence the "very deceitful". Because of his skills with laser swords and deceitfulness, he never truly needed to use the Wish Power.

Afterwards, he was either exiled after the Hopeless Situation Parliament found out his lies, or, after he achieved whatever goals he set for himself, he escaped from it on his own. The second theory is more likely, because it fits more with his "can always succeed to succeed" description.


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