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    1st game 
Copen Thinks Gunvolt is the Azure Striker that Killed His Father
The Sumeragi Adepts' weakness order
Carrera > Elise > Zonda > Merak > Viper > Stratos > Jota > Carrera...
  • Carrera beats Elise because, as Copen said, "the power to take always trumps the desire to have." Also, Carrera's Septima-nullifying shots remove Elise's longevity, upon which she entirely depends to be effective in battle.
  • Elise beats Zonda because people in love (or Lust, as the case may be) are unusually prone to Envy, and nothing can ruin their relationships faster. Also, having Elise's capacity for multitasking would make it easy to destroy Zonda's many mirrors before they unleash their timed attacks (see Zonda's Mighty Gunvolt boss fight).
  • Zonda beats Merak because Lust is one of the most powerful human motivators, making it hard for Sloth to stand up to, and Merak is a lazy nerd who will probably never get laid. Also, Zonda's Mirror ability can greatly distort the target's perception of reality, and without accurate information, Merak's tactical mind is useless.
  • Merak beats Viper because one of the best ways to overcome Wrath is to just sit down for a while and let yourself relax, which Merak is very good at. Also, Merak's wormholes could easily and safely redirect Viper's projectile spam, and Viper isn't nearly clever enough to figure out how to dodge Lazy Laser.
  • Viper beats Stratos because Fire beats Bug. Also, Viper's fire pillars would wall Stratos in, making it impossible for him to fly-teleport offscreen and come back when he's got his next attack ready, and having Viper's high attack power and projectile spam would make it easy to disperse Stratos' fly swarms and interrupt Nemesis Fang.
  • Stratos beats Jota because, though some people value their own capacities for Wrath, Lust, Sloth, etc., Gluttony in almost everyone's minds is nothing to be Proud of. Also, Jota's ability to dodge attacks at Lightspeed is useless against Stratos' omnipresent fly swarms.
  • Jota beats Carrera because if you're Prideful enough, you don't need to Greedily scrounge for more possessions to be satisfied. Also, Jota's fast-moving lasers and lances would be difficult for big, slow Carrera to dodge, and having Jota's Lightspeed motion would make it easy to avoid Carrera's heavily telegraphed attacks and outrun Quasar Collapse.

Judging by his aforementioned dialogue in the 3DS translation, Copen knew about this weakness order by the time he encountered Gunvolt and Elise at the top of the space elevator, exploited it in order to defeat Elise, and would have been able to exploit it further had he taken on the Sumeragi Adepts entirely on his own.

Nova's absorption ability
Nova's second form, which he achieves after absorbing Joule, doesn't seem to have much to do with Joule in terms of appearance or abilities. Most of its attacks are either extensions of its Duality Motif or counterparts of attacks from Nova's first form. The only thing about it that suggests it possesses the power of the Muse is the barrier around the core in its chest.

According to this WMG, the Septimal powers of any Adepts Nova absorbs are contained entirely within the core of his second form. The core can use these powers to some extent, but the rest of Nova's mechanical body is built in such a way that it can't access them. Perhaps this is because Sumeragi isn't as skilled as Copen and his father at creating technology that's compatible with multiple Septimas, and Nova's core pays the price for that capacity with a low raw power output and unfortunate fragility.

    2nd game 
Quinn/Ouka is related to...
  • Copen: She is from a prestigious family and he is from a prestigious family.
  • Sumeragi Group: And thus, she is The Mole. Adding onto this, Quinn can see Joule because she's an Adept and has just been hiding it.
    • Alternatively, she's a mole, and the reason she can see Joule is....her lifewave level is 6.
  • Xiao Wu: Something something surname.

Gunvolt and Joule will get back together in the end... Maybe.
  • Jossed. The Cyber Diva / Muse Septima which played a part in Cyan / Joule's creation originally belonged to Michiru / Mytyl in the first place. Upon learning this, Gunvolt reluctantly decided to let her go, so she can have a chanced at a normal, peaceful life, secret ending notwithstanding...

Gunvolt and Copen will fight at some point in the story.
  • Since it's confirmed that Lola will copy The Muse from Joule, the only way she could do so is with direct contact with its owner. Gunvolt and Copen are also still opposing each other, so there's no reason for them to not fight if they meet.
    • Confirmed.

Zonda will be the Big Bad this time
  • Considering Elise resurrects all the other Swordmen, there's no reason that Zonda couldn't be included. And considering he's stated to be equal to Gunvolt and Nova in power, this time he might really have the chance to show what he can do.
    • Unlikely, considering Copen absorbs Zonda's entire being into his shield rather than just killing him. Which may mean Zonda hasn't technically died yet when Copen does it... and Copen loses his shield in the second game.
    • Surprisingly, confirmed.

The main villain for this game
It will be a girl (likely the one shown in the top center of the poster) and, going with the theme, likely be named Amaterasu, at least in Japan (because the first game has Tsukuyomi as the Big Bad).
  • Confirmed to be a girl at least.

Xiao Wu dislikes his last name because...
  • He dislikes it's religious connotations.
  • He has Good Parents and his name literally means no respect for one's family.
  • He has Abusive Parents and the surname reminds him of his family.
  • Eden killed his parents and it reminds of him of his family (and/or Eden).
  • Something else to do with Eden.

Copen will make a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Kiiinda sorta, but not really. He does grow to respect GV at least somewhat, and he also realizes that his actions make him no better than the Adepts he crusades against, but he ultimately decides he's gone too far into his crusade to stop now. To this end, he fakes his death both to protect Mytyl from his enemies, and to prevent her from finding out what a "demon" her brother has become.

Asimov had a hand in creating Eden
More than likely they were a backup plan to fulfill his goals should he fall in battle.
  • Jossed, though their goals are the same.

Eden's bosses' theme
  • Fairytale Motifs. One of the bosses has long hair like Rapunzel, another has devices like thimbles, another has a puppet like Pinocchio, one has crystal boots like Cinderella. They also all use book devices.
    • Possible Guesses for each boss:
    • Desna, the Starstuck Beauty: Rapunzel. Long gold hair, septimal power controls her own hair and she likes working with astronomy, which in old ages is linked to tall towers and within which Rapunzel was trapped within.
    • Gibril, The Full Metal Jacket: Beauty and the Beast. Her level is called "Beast", she's known for having a Hair-Trigger Temper and she has a Beast Mode. Not to mention her stage appears like a well made mansion.
    • Asroc, the Pygmalion Furnace: Pinnochio. His attacks are based on puppet wires and controlling things to attack for him.
    • Tenjian, the Frozen Blade: The Snow Queen. His attacks are based on ice are the only qualifier. This WMG might fit further if the Mysterious Girl is Zonda, given that the Snow Queen fairy tale involves the use of a Magic Mirror, showing a connection between him and Zonda.
    • Teseo, The Serial Experiment: Sleeping Beauty. He has a few similarities to the Evil Fairy/Maleficent, including affecting the reality about an area (a forest of thorns and turning places into data), his special attack being "Impregnable Fortress" seems to fit the earlier idea. Not to mention his eccentric nature (using leetspeak) wouldn't be so out of place with The Fair Folk. The cursed spindle is visibly in his Grimoired form, as well as a green/black color scheme which Maleficent also holds.
    • Ghauri, the Prism Master: Cinderella. His powers are based on crystal (glass slippers anyone), and he's obsessed with dancing. His stage also takes place late at night, like when Cinderella was supposed to be getting to the ball.
    • Milas, The Aquadynamic Merman: The Little Mermaid. Powers based on water...that's about it. He might fit more with King Triton in the Disney version as he dislikes the idea of dealing with those on land, and Milas shows the same disdain towards people.
    • Mysterious Girl: Alice in Wonderland. Her appearance befits how Alice is stereotypically portrayed. If she is Zonda as a WMG below suggests, then the mirror power is fitting given the "Through the Looking Glass" book.
      • All Confirmed. The only differences is that Tejian's story is "Snow White", Gibril's is "Little Red Riding Hood" and Asroc's is "Hansel and Gretel".

The "Mysterious Girl" is...
  • ...a remnant of Sumeragi's "Project Muse", specifically a failed experiment to create an Adept with the Muse Septima. Because 1) it's just like how Nova is one of the rejects of Project: Gunvolt, 2) the Seven use part of the Muse's enhancing power through their Grimoires, and said girl happens to be affiliated with them, so the girl being a part of Project Muse could explain it. She might have the idea on how to take portions of Joule's power and put it into Grimoires.
    • it's plausible that there are failed attempts to create the Muse. If Joule is a clone of another person who had the power of the Muse it's even more likely, since it was the Sumeragi Group's attempts to clone the Azure Striker rather than transplant their powers that led to Nova. Either way, Adept powers apparently have little to do with genetics, so it would not be very surprising if they decided to touch on this within the sequel.
    • Jossed, though the Mysterious Girl does use the Muse's power for herself and Joule's backstory involves her being used in an experiment to harness the Muse Septima.

The Mysterious girl is Zonda.
There's several uncanny similarities that Zonda and the Girl have. Their eyes and eyelashes, the tips of the girl's hair being the same shade of pink that Zonda's is, and in official artwork they both hold a card. In Zonda's case, it's a pane of mirror glass. In the girl's case, it's an Ace of Hearts card (which can tie into Zonda's theme of lust by symbolism). Not to mention how Zonda's whole Adept schtick is the "Mirror" Ability and has the power to alter their appearance, and in the cover artwork for Gunvolt 2, the Mysterious Girl is taking the Evil Overlooker approach...through broken glass. The final bit of symbolism the troper can think of is that the Mysterious Girl looks alot like how Alice of the Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass fame is portrayed.

Perhaps the most damning piece of evidence however is this. Look at how Zonda dies to Copen in the first game. They don't explode in insert Color-Coded for Your Convenience here and black stuff like the other adepts do, have their Glaive appear and teleport away. Zonda literally fades in light through which is absorbed by Copen. Their glaive doesn't appear at all. That can only mean one thing, the "Zonda" Copen killed was merely a copy of Zonda. Nothing more than a reflection.

  • You know that the second game has been released, right? Because the girl is revealed to be Zonda as early as in the prologue stage.
    • You could've just said "confirmed".

Zonda is still alive after the game is over.
Warning: Major spoilers for both games ahead here.

It's canonically shown that Zonda's "Mirror" power allows her to bring fallen Adepts back to life with all their powers and memories, even before she obtains the Muse's power, when she brings Tenjian and the other Grimoire Seven back for the Boss Rush. Recall that one of the Sumeragi Seven was Elise, who could also bring back dead people. Considering the fact that Elise was an Adept who suffered greatly due to Sumeragi's actions and Zonda is all for making things better for Adepts, it wouldn't be a stretch if Zonda had mercy for her, brought her back to life and cared for her in Eden out of sight. If so, this would mean Zonda would have the perfect way to cheat death yet again thanks to a grateful Elise using her powers to bring back her savior, and no one on the planet would be the wiser.

  • Question: considering Elise being a top-secret project, does Zonda actually know Elise? And I think Zonda couldn't just revive Adepts from scratch (unlike Elise), she'd need to "copy" the person in question with her mirror powers. It really depends on whether she has actually done that to Elise or not.
  • Alternatively, Zonda, due to the level of her fusion with the Muse and Joule being much deeper than that of Nova's or Gunvolt's, is actually still alive as part of Mytyl, simply dormant and/or behind Mytyl's own mind and soul in a manner similar to Joule herself.

Elise was the one reviving the bosses not Zonda.
Just like the above theory. But it goes farther with Elise basically being behind the boss rush but using Zonda's mirrors to fake that it was Zonda who was behind the boss rush. Since Zonda was determined to not repeat Nova's blunders which include putting Elise in a position where Copen can kill her permanently with Greed Snatcher. Elise is being kept in safehouses outside of the battlefield and used as a trump card to revive dead members.

    Luminous Avenger i X 
Luminous Avenger iX will be about Copen "Cleaning up" the world outside Japan.
  • Lore outside of the main games establishes that the world outside Japan is a hellhole that's been ravaged by Adepts. What little footage we've seen so far takes place in an utterly devastated landscape full of Scenery Gorn. It only makes sense that the Adept Hunter would eventually make his way outside the safety of civilization and attempt to "avenge" the outside world by hunting the Adepts that destroyed it, especially since as of the end of Gunvolt 2 he has very little left to lose.
    • While it doesn't go into where it is exactly, but the scene in question is that way due to some adept-ran variation of Sumeragi hellbent on wiping out the normal people now known as Minos. It's to the point to the remaining Minos, Copen is a hero for fighting back against them.
    • Partially Jossed, while hte location is not mentioned, it's revealed the game takes place in an alternate timeline where the first game's bad ending stuck... 100+ years later.

Xiao and/or The muse glaive pendent seen in the second game's stinger is the root of the advent of both the adept majority and the genocidal Sumeragi group
Though it'd be a case of something going awry as if he's involved there would have been good intentions (like making it to help in Adept/human relations), but someone with a bone to pick with humanity got their hands on it/the leader position and proceeded to enact their revenge.
  • Jossed

The masked man is related to Copen and is Gunvolt's Omega expy.
The Gunvolt series borrows so much from Megaman Zero and ZX that if the third game doesn't have Whole Plot References to Zero 3. I will be surprised.
  • Jossed.

Blade is not a true Falcon and/or is mind controlled and once unmasked will turn against Sumeragi.
The mask they wear and the fact their official bio mentions an AI to keep them on track. Also there seems to be no transformation scene as with the other Falcons. This suggests an incompatibility with whatever is used to transform either due to power, conflict of interests, or whatever might be pacifying them. Once the truth is revealed Blade would turn against Sumeragi, though they may remain a rival of Copen's.
  • Confirmed. She was under the AI's control and once freed, eventually comes to the heroes' aid near the end of the game.

Copen and Lola's new looks are based off angel and devil motifs and will be important.
iX will start out with Copen at rock bottom with his new look being representative of the devil and Copen being a full on Villain Protagonist. And Lola will represent the angel and redemption of Copen that will play through the game.
  • Jossed, though a lot has happened in the 100 year+ period since the first game, including Copen being a cyborg.

Copen will replace Gunvolt for the Switch just like Megaman X replaced Megaman for the SNES.
With Joule more or less Deader Than Dead after Gunvolt 2. A good chunk of the games mechanics would have to be greatly changed or there would have to be a massive asspull to bring Gunvolt back to fighting strength. With Copen being a hit and a new console Inti creates can kill two birds with one stone and replace GV with Copen an established character who can easily revive the muse septima and use game mechanics that would be impossible otherwise without some complicated exposition.
  • Considering in the setting, it's been 100 plus years since the first game's bad ending, Copen has basically replaced him as the hero.

The villains are out for Copen's blood personally
Since Copen is a ruthless murderer who cares little whether you're good or evil. And all of Sumeragi's horrors and many of Eden's crimes would have never been possible if Dr. Kazimono wasn't a sociopath. With Copen taking center stage it would be a great time to finally focus on the effect that the Kazimono family had on individual adepts. Eden's Freudian Excuse revolves around the fact that Humans Are Bastards but the Grimoire Seven end up being worse in the end justyfing humanities fear and hatred of them. With Copen as the lead you can finally have adepts justified in hating humans that aren't evil monsters in return. Because Copen is the cause of the problem and now he has to clean the mess up.
  • The backstory for the Grimoire Seven shows most of them as people who were trying to live normal lives and started lashing out in response to being mistreated for being Adepts. 2 was basically saying that treating Adepts as monsters is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • So far in the revealed materials there doesn't seem to be anything personal against Copen but this might change. In the first game there were a couple of characters in Sumeragi who had a beef with Gunvolt beyond being Sumeragi's enemy: Nova/Shiden (for being a successful Project gunvolt subject) and Viper/Daytona (for rescuing/"Stealing" Joule)
    • Confirmed and the feeling is actually mutual as Copen seems to have lost his irrational grudge, but seeing his task of slaying them as sad but necessary to protect what few Minos are left.

Copen's religious beliefs will play a part in his character development.
As of the end of 2 Copen has realized that he's done wrong, but thinks that he can't turn back after what he did. At the climax of iX, another character will ask him if God is really unwilling to forgive him. This will force Copen to realize that, even if he has done wrong, he can still try to be a better person.
  • That might come from one of Minos children he ends up associating with in course of the game. That or time with them would inspire him to fight for something other than vengeance.
  • Josssed, if anything he seems to have largely forgotten them in century plus time gap from the first game's bad ending. However the events he's seen in that time has softened his general character.

Moniqa will return.
Deeply hurt by finding out what kind of person Asimov really was, she's left Japan and become embroiled in one of the conflicts in the outside world.
  • Jossed

The game will end on a Sequel Hook
Copen will find out that Japan is on the brink of collapse due to another incident of hostile Adepts. He'll rush back to Japan when he realizes that Mytyl and Nori are in danger.
  • Jossed. The game is set in an alternate timeline from the main series, and it has a definitive ending without any remaining threads.

    Series wide 
The series power level seems so erratic because...
All of the main characters are among the most powerful of the most powerful. Kind of like Exalted player characters.

The original Adept was Nate Grey.
Thus, Adepts and Mutants are literally one and the same. (What the hell do you think happened to him? Huh?)

The third game will feature QUILL as the enemy organization, and Zeno will be a boss.
With both Sumeragi and Eden humbled, QUILL remains the only group that hasn't been dealt a crippling military defeat (sans the death of Asimov). Sumeragi has been their enemy since the start, and Eden had assimilated at least one sect of QUILL into its ranks before the events of the second game and with both mostly out of the picture they're free to finally rise up and push their initiative, which may lean towards Adept supremacy. The bosses Gunvolt faces will be a set of Quill operatives, with Zeno serving either as a half-way boss (like Copen in the original game) or be part of the main roster.Gunvolt will end up confronting Zeno and the two will clash, either because of the lack of closure from the first game and/or from how much their ideals have changed since they last met.

The third game will have a "phoenix" and a "tortoise" as important, if not playable, characters
Just as how Gunvolt is the "Azure Dragon" and Copen is the "White Tiger", it'll be cool to have a "Vermillion Bird" and "Black Tortoise" to complete the set. My more specific guess:
  • The "phoenix" is an Adept who can manipulate souls. He fights more like a speedy ninja with mostly close-range attacks, and ability to absorb souls from enemies. His "resurrection" (just as Gunvolt and Copen can) is also tied to both his powers and the theme of the Phoenix. He might be less durable than the others, as well. Also the "phoenix" is an Adept supremacist, much like how Copen is a Muggle supremacist.
  • The "turtle" is a Muggle who also fights with high tech like Copen. He's more geared towards ample firepower and defense, likely having the best "shield" ability among the four. He's also the bulkiest and slowest. Also the "turtle" is a human who believes that Adepts and humans can coexist well, much like Gunvolt's beliefs.
    • This other troper would like to point out the factor that there is a fifth one, the "Yellow Dragon" that represents the center and is considered the Top God in The Four Gods. This troper's idea for who the "Yellow Dragon" could be is that they're the Original Gunvolt, the one where Asimov and GV had recieved their powers from Sumeragi testing. Assuming they're still in Sumeragi's clutches, they probably won't be playable especially because his/her fighting style may be too much like Gunvolt's. Instead, they feel more likely to be the Final Boss going on a rampage to annihilate Sumeragi much like Marie in Skullgirls does with the Medici Mafia.
  • The "Turtle" could potentially be a human given Elise's Resurrection Septima. Befitting their animal, they'd be more like a Mighty Glacier in playstyle. The reason for them having Elise's Septima? Because sometimes the black tortoise is depicted as a Tortoise and Snake, and given Elise's snake motif...
  • The "Phoenix" could be a Promoted to Playable Zeno. He's implied/said to be an Adept himself, and his hair has a red streak which is reminiscent of a wing.

Nova will return in the third game
It doesn't take a genius to notice the parallels between Azure Striker Gunvolt and Mega Man Zero, to the gameplay and even the plots. This extends to the two main villains thus far: Nova-Copy X and Zonda-Elpizo. If this parallels are to continue, then you could make the argument that Nova will reappear in the third game, much like how Copy X appeared in the third Mega Man Zero game. Here are some ways this could happen:
  • Nova somehow survived his defeat at the hands of Gunvolt. This is unlikely as in the second game, his "passing" is mentioned.
  • A copy of Nova could have been created by Zonda or, possibly, Sumeragi, similar to Copy X.
  • Somehow Sumeragi managed to replicate Elise's Rebirth septima, and used to revive Nova and possibly his swordsman.
  • (Response) So do you think a Dr. Weil Expy will appear? I'd like it if it's true.

Dr. Kamizono is still alive and will be the Big Bad in the third game.
His seven subordinates will be normal humans wielding copy septima similar to what Copen does. Like him and as a parallel to the Eight Gentle Judges of Zero 3, they'll also wield white glaives and armor. They might be based on the Seven Heavenly Virtues to contrast with the Sumeragi adepts' Seven Deadly Sins.The moment Dr. Kamizono claims Mytyl must die due to regaining the Muse is when Copen will finally have a full Heel–Face Turn and oppose the new adept slayers.

Glaives are a form of Model W
  • In the Fleeting Memories sidestory, it's implied that a "special stone" is the key to Sumeragi's septima controlling tech.
  • The shape of glaives heavily resembles the mini Model W fragments.
  • Both fuse with the user to create a powerful armored form. Also, transformed glaive users and Master Albert both have Black Eyes of Crazy.
  • In at least Nova's case using a glaive amplified the negative aspects of his personality, with his ego going to A God Am I levels.
  • According to Stratos's profile, his glaive activated on its own for him and was seemingly out for blood.
  • In general it's stated that Sumeragi doesn't fully understand how the glaives work. Any concerns about just how safe they really are get swept under the rug.

Nori is secretly an Adept with the power to manipulate time.
Copen makes several remarks about Nori looking the same age for all the time he's known her, up to the point where Percussive Maintenance is something considered old that she does. She also has an attack known as "Maid Quick" in the Drama CD, which sounds like something a Time Master Adept would do. Furthermore, if she can manipulate time, it would totally fulfill the image of her being an expy of Sakuya Izayoi. Finally, there is a comment on Ghauri's designer notes that said they wanted to give him the power to manipulate time, but 'for some reasons' it was discarded. What if one of those reasons was because "Nori has the ability to do so already"?

Gunvolt would eventually awaken to the power of the Muse, or something similar
The Muse Septima is described as a "derivate" that was discovered during the Project Gunvolt. It seems to work by influencing electric waves in the brain and nervous system, particularly in Adepts, which influences both their consciousness and Septimal powers. Then in the climax of the second game, Gunvolt seems to be able to dispel Zonda's Anthem-derived "Paradise Lost" by singing "Reincarnation". They could be hinting that he could eventually learn the ability by himself, especially after he has spent a significant time merging with Joule and thus having access to her powers.

Copen is actually an Adept himself
Or, more likely, was.

Like what happened to his twin sister, his father may have extracted Copen's Septimal power out of his body to turn him normal.

As to what his power could be, it's likely that it's the Azure Striker, befitting his status as the other protagonist and because his twin has the power of the Muse, which is closely related to Azure Striker.

    Mighty Gunvolt Burst 
Potential other playable characters will include...
  • Copen: Due to the fact he played a prominent role in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. His sticker also looks a lot different from the other characters, as if he's standing in a much more dynamic pose.
    • Confirmed alongside Ray and Kurona.
  • Call: Because of her status as the Deutertagonist of Mighty No. 9.
    • Confirmed alongside Joule.
  • Ray: Because her gameplay style looks like it'd fit the game. Same with how Copen's sprite looks different from everyone else's.
    • Confirmed alongside Copen and Kurona.
  • Red Ash Beck: There's been staggeringly little promotion for the character and his game, so this seems like a good opportunity for it.
    • Very unlikely, since that game is not being developed by Inti Creates.
  • Shovel Knight: Because of his appearance in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 via amiibo, and to boost sales.
  • Yooka and Laylee: To surprise everybody.
  • Shantae: Her last two games were co-developed by Inti Creates. (Also, her ship with Beck will rise again from the depths of the ocean)
  • Miriam from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night: Another spiritual successor/Kickstarter game developed by Inti Creates. Also, the whole idea of the first Mighty Gunvolt was to give the player the opportunity to play as Beck in the wait for his own game. And since Bloodstained dev progress by now is only 20-30% done, it will be a very long wait...
    • Also, one of the strech goals is a 2D pixel-based, retro-style prequel mini game. Basically the same concept of the first Mighty Gunvolt.
    • Any chances of her making it in are now very slim, if not gone out of the window entirely, since Inti Creates is no longer developing Bloodstained.
  • Jason from Blaster Master Zero: Newest member of the Inti Creates family, also, both Gunvolt and Ekoro are featured as playable characters in his game. Plus, self promotion.
  • The heroine from the upcoming Dragon: Marked for Death game from Inti Creates; both being the newest child of the family and promoting her game.

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