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The Aztecs discovered feathered dinosaur fossils before modern scientists did
Like many ancient cultures, they explained the strange skeletons of feathery reptilian creatures by re-imagining them as mystical creatures, but due to the fossils they discovered, they were at least able to get more right than other cultures did.

The Ancient Aztecs and other people groups vaguely remember their ancestry and how they came from another continent (Asia).
Like multiple folk memories, their distant ancestry seems to be recalled. Unlike certain others this one is blurred. They mention the recreation of the world 4 times, one with Giants (early humans) who were primitive. These were killed by a jaguar (paleolithic sabertooth), who were in turn replaced by other groups who were killed by various means, with one race of humans being killed by fire from the sky (could be the Clovis people who were thought to be wiped out by an Asteroid), and finally the last people being destroyed by a Great Flood (probably near the end of the Ice Age, and may be a faint cultural memory of the Great Flood that swept much of the Middle and Near East, as most people lived there or in Africa at one point in the Stone Age). The explanation for corn, monkeys, and birds is simply because they were local life forms that could be identified and can be a better explanation for where these people went.

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