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The Wild Mass Guessing page for Asura's Wrath.

Augus was Asura's father (or distant relative, nonetheless).
He looks like Asura, he taught him how to fight, he's a bad influence on him, etc.
  • Augus was one of Asura's initial designs, so the similarities might have come from that.

Asura and Yasha will (somehow) gain a fusion form in the sequel
And his name would be Yashura.

Asura will be the Ancestor of Akuma
Since everyone thinks of him as an Expy of him, you never know.

This game is a successor (or more precisely, predecessor) to God Hand
Looking from the trailer, at least, Asura's severed hands looks like the God Hand. Plus, it's said that the game will be over the top Beat 'em Up, much like God Hand Up to Eleven.
  • Jossed, since Asura's Wrath takes place in the far future. However is it possible that the power of mantra is simply another form of the god hand?

By virtue of the theory above, there's also a theory that God Hands aren't just 2 - there are 6 of them. Which opens possibility for a sequel.

Asura is the inventor of the Hokuto Shinken style
In the trailer when Asura defeat the Planet-Sized Buddha, he punched it's finger so fast that the whole buddha explodes. The reason? He hit it in one of the pressure points.
  • Not really possible, seeing as Ken is constantly gloating that Hokuto Shinken is a 2000 year old art, and Asura has been around for several million years...

CyberConnect2 will eventually collaborate with PlatinumGames
The creators of Asura's Wrath have immense respect for Clover Studios, and probably knowing platinum games are the same guys, will want to work with them. Now, if the newest DmC fails to get good ratings and sales, Capcom has agreed to give back the DMC license to Hideki Kamiya (Since it got such a bad reception, Capcom is in talks with Hideki Kamiya to help it work out better). Since he made Bayonetta, a crossover would then be inevitable.

Now, Imagine a Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, God Hand, and an Asura's Wrath Crossover, made by a collaboration of PlatinumGames and CyberConnect2. Holy Fucking Shit!


Asura's Wrath is set in the Exalted setting
Seriously, Asura punching out a planet sized being with his bare hands sounds like something an Exalted would do. He's probably an Alchemical (considering the arms).
  • *ppffttt* ahahahaha! He's so Slayer I think he might be a jouten of Malfeas!
    • Nah, he may be pissed, but he's still a good guy. Note the trailer that has him saving the life of completely random kid, as his first act on waking up. Fluff aside, he's totally a Solar. Just a Solar undergoing *the most epic Limit Break ever*.
    • Or, it all takes place in an alternate version of the First Age, Chakravartin is one of the Primordials who escaped the War by disguising itself as a god (the Golden Spider), the Gods are all Solars suffering from an advanced form of the Great Curse (or Olga is Deus' Lunar mate) and Asura is indeed undergoing *the most epic Limit Break ever*.

Asura's daughter will fight along side her father near the end
And it, like everything we saw so far, will be awesome.
  • Considering her role was gathering mantra for the Shinkoku, it might be her that allows Asura to reach the ultimate form that was hinted by CyberConnect2 a while back.
  • Confirmed. She provides a massive Mantra boost for Asura and Yasha in the final battle.

Lord Deus was the main god that killed Asura's wife, Durga
Considering Yasha wouldn't try to kill his own sister, and most of the gods beside are less powerful than him, and Augus was Asura's Old Master, that only leaves Lord Deus to be the main perpetrator behind both Durga being killed and Mithra being kidnapped.
  • From the latest trailer it seems as it was Sergei who commited the deed.

Durga is actually The Woman Behind The Man.
She was just playing dead, and was actually pulling the strings the entire time.
  • Jossed as of the games True Ending.

The Gods are all Well-Intentioned Extremists
They discovered that the method they were using with Mithra to get more power wasn't as good as imprisoning her and they need that power badly. Naturally they knew that Asura would blow up the world before letting that happen so they decided to just get rid of him and any other deities that might get in the way. The reasons for this are either because they're scared of losing the next war with the Gohma or to heal the planet and everything on it. As evidence consider several of the things that your opponents say. Wyzen mentions that he protects the planet and the mortals, Yasha mentions saving Gaea.
  • Then again, Wyzen, Fat Bastard that he is, might be full of shit. And Deus could possibly be misleading Yasha, considering he would probably be against a plan that involved killing his sister.
  • Confirmed, atleast with Deus and Yasha. The others just seem to use it as an excuse for their own cruelty while Deus seriously want's to save the planet and it's people.

Wyzen, Augus and Yasha are Unwitting Pawns
They seem to truly believe that Asura did it.
  • Yasha, at least, admits eventually that he knew that Sergei killed Durga and kidnapped Mithra, so he can't have been completely ignorant of what was going on. Augus wouldn't care one way or another. Wyzen...he just might be arrogant enough to not see what was going on.

You will be able to interrupt a boss's inner thoughts.
Well, uhm, they need to top the other interrupts somehow?
  • Jossed.

Well this is a series made of Serial Escalation so of course it would try to oneup everthing.
  • So very confirmed. Don't expect to look at the Golden Spider the same way again after getting the True Ending.
  • From the DLC trailer things sure seems to have gotten alot darker than normal but we will have to wait and see how it pans out.

Durga will reincarnate in the sequel as Kali.
And she and Asura become a Battle Couple. In Hindu mythology Kali is an aspect of Durga, and essentially represents the very essence of Mama Bear brutality. She didn't have much to do in this game, but with the limited cast of characters available in the end, some will probably have to be brought back from Naraka, and she definately has more than enough reasons to get angry by now. This would also allow Asura to reflect on his own anger issues, as he probably would be at least slightly disturbed to see his gentle wife acting very much like he does.
  • For the love of god, make that happen CyberConnect2.
    • Jossed in the games DLC. where the Recap for episode 22 shows every single Demigod and their minions reincarnated as Regular people. Possibly.

The Gohma are a strain of Space Monster
Think about it for second and you can tell that the similarities are definitely intentional.
  • Disproven by the game, as they were created via pollution, planetary sentience, and some Chessmaster dickery.
    • Who's to say Chakravartin didn't create the space monsters, either?

Mantra is Spiral Power
And Yasha becomes the Anti-Spiral.
  • Technically if this were true, then Chakravartin is actually the Spiral Nemesis posing as a so called benevolent Universal Ruler.

Ghost is Asura's descendant

They're both insanely Hot-Blooded and full of Unstoppable Rage.

There is one more set of episodes after Part IV: Nirvana
Suffering, Rebirth, and Karma, the three parts of Asura's Wrath that came with the game, all have six episodes contained inside them. Unless 11.5 and 15.5 count towards its six episodes, Nirvana only has four episodes contained inside it. This makes it possible for there to be a final part, Naraka, that contains the final two Episodes that contain the final ending of Asura's Wrath, with Nirvana only being the "true conclusion" because it leads up to these episodes. Naraka's episodes will be the absolute hardest episodes in the game.
  • Jossed. But the ending more than makes up for it.
    • It also wouldn't make any sense for there to be anything after Nirvana. The chapters are named after states of Samsara in a way and lead to each other in correct order. Suffering is life as life is suffering, then there is Rebirth (reincarnation basically) that continues the cycle of suffering even more and is also the longest chapter as many people take many rebirths in order to gain up positive karma (Asura is reborn after 500 years, then later enters two more states that rampage and can seem like rebirths). Karma starts you on the path to end the suffering (Killing Deus and Vlitra). And finally Nirvana is the final state of rebirth in that it breaks the cycle of suffering and rebirth as there is no more need to suffer and so no need to be reborn. Asura can't come back anytime soon and the wrath he suffered from for so long had left him. Naraka is the underworld, but the underworld doesn't come after Nirvana but before it.

The Holy Halo that each of the Eight Guardian Generals possess represent their Mantra affinity
After you complete chapter 15.5, the post-episode video reveals that the Mantra affinities are apparently passed down from General to General. Of course, this likely means that one has to be compatible with that Mantra affinity in order to inherit it.
  • That is revealed far earlier in both the game and various bonus material. When one guardian general resigns another one takes their place and inherits their mantra.

Yasha's actual Mantra was Passion.
Supposedly, his mantra was melancholy, being sad and gloomy. But you look closely, Yasha powers up whenever he does something hot-blooded and badass (standing up and talking sense to Wrath Asura, kicking the Brahmastra in the head and diverted it Mantra beam, etc), he even has a Holy Halo when each event happened.
  • In other words, you are saying that along with the Eight Mantra affinities, they each potentially have their opposing Mantra affinity that, when tapped into, gives greater power than the initial affinity?

Asura is the descendant of Kratos, and possibly, Gaea is an Elseworld of Earth.
Going by the ending of God of War III, Kratos brings about The Apocalyse onto his world after killing all the gods. That could possibly be how the Gohma came to be in the first place; his screw up in killing nearly EVERYONE in his bloody quest brought about so much hate, rage, and wrath that when it happened, it took onto a physical form of Vlitra who would eventually become the sort of Hive Queen of all other Gohma to come. Centuries later, a new order of gods precedes to do the systematic ritual of stopping Vlitra, and up comes Asura, the man that has the closest chance to kill Vlitra, but has a mad temper. This could explain why Deus killed Asura rather than tried asking him for Mithra's cooperation in The Great Rebirth; Kratos destroyed civilization once and he snubbed his descendant early before he had a chance to thwart his plans. He even mentions his death would be the beginning.

Then there's Asura's Wrath to consider. He's completely mad about what happens to Gaea over the 12,500 years of the game's story, especially towards people that are dying. He may, in an unconscious level, remember the people he's killed, and coupled with being powerless to stop the Seven Deities from casually killing people for their Mantra, he is mad at himself the most. The Girl serves as his Morality Chain for a while, and reminds him of what he needs to do. Not even in a Demonic Transformation on two subsequent occasions did he let innocents get involved in the crossfire; he only killed Shinkoku soldiers and Gohma beasts. He's not only making amends to what the gods did; he's also cleaning the mess he felt he caused because of his blind fury in a past life.

Asura/Yasha are spear counterparts of Morrigan/Lilith from Darkstalkers.
Let's view some similarities between the two pairs:
  • Both are sibling pairs (though Asura and Yasha are brothers-in-law).
  • The younger sibling is primarily red (Asura should technically be younger than Yasha via being dead for 12000+ years).
  • Both pairs have a blue oni, red oni (Yasha and Morrigan's blue to Asura and Lilith's red, respectively)
  • The older sibling is usually calm compared to the active shorter sibling.
  • All are part of a mythological race (Asura and Yasha are demigods, Morrigan and Lilith are succubi).

Now the differences:

  • Lilith was involved with a mission to capture souls, Asura is in a mission that involves saving souls.
  • Lilith is cheerful and happy, Asura is grumpy and has anger-management issues.
  • Morrigan relies on raw offense projectiles, Yasha battles through swift, multi-hit melee attacks.
  • The "younger" sibling is the main protagonist of this series, the older sibling is the main character in the other series.

Gohma Vlitra is in fact a different form of The Stone Like.

The world of Asura's Wrath is the future of The Avatar verse.
It's simple, really. Sometime after the end of Korra's adventure, a new power source of energy was discovered that rendered bending of the elements worthless, the power of Mantra. Taking their old bending powered machines and enhancing them with mantra, the people of the avatar world advanced to new heights the world had never seen before.

Because bending was no longer needed, the benders decided to utilize mantra instead, and via genetic manipulation, became the first demigods, and thus, the Shinkoku Trastrium Civilization came to be. Any former non benders stayed regular humans, and eventually developed their own language to distinguish themselves from the former benders, that while still could be understood between the demigods and regular humans, made it unintelligible to us.

Now what happened to the avatar spirit, you may ask? Simple. Because the world advanced way to quickly, pollution and overpopulation plagued the formerly unified world, and the Demigods did exactly what the anti bending group of The Legend of Korra feared, and that was have regular humans be lower class citizens under the Demigod's rule. With The Golden Spider irritating and making the avatar spirit angry and full of rage at the demigods for ruining the balance it tried to keep together so much, the spirit twisted into Gohma Vlitra, and thus caused the first war of creation between the gohma and the Demi-gods.

So now, instead of keeping the world in balance, the former Avatar now turned into Gohma waged war for thousands, if not millions of years, thus the Avatar never being able to reincarnate ever again. It was now up to the demi-gods to take back their world from the Gohma.

  • Going along with this, perhaps the Avatar was created in the first place by Chakravartin, the spinner of life and mantra. He used the image of the Avatar as his personal agent of enlightenment and prosperity, with a bit of his power through the extended control of the four elements. However, the Avatar proved to be flawed in each recent reincarnation (letting loved ones die; Roku failing to stop Sozin and forcing the mantle onto his descendant Aang, a preteen at the time; Korra's initial lack of control and discipline, as well as nearly losing her bending all together) that Chakravartin, as the Golden Spider, decided to end the Avatar's reign through subtle manipulation and create a new heir and ruler to the world. Not only in his own image, but one who has risen amongst mortals and gained power on their own, without a predestined duty to bring balance to the world. He even admits as much to Asura at the final episode that "Gaea must be led by one of its own", implying that mindset. Destroying Vlitra, the previous 'guardian' of the world, would be the ultimate test.

  • Or Mantra is simply what allowed bending anyways, being some form of Chi-like thing. What happened was either some sort of "Chi boost", or a radical alteration in the natural flows of energy. Or all benders simply learned energybending.

The world of Gaea is an Elseworld/Bad Future of Spira, and Vlitra is Sin
Sin never dies, even through the Final Summoning because Yu Yevon always leeches onto the Fayth of the new Final Summoning and molds it into a new Sin over the course of The Calm. The process was a never ending circle of death, and Sin slowly but gradually destroying civilization out of a supposed spite towards Machina modernization.

Had Tidus or Jecht never came to the world via the Fayth, everything would have eventually been brought down to the Ice Age, and The dream version of Zanarkand eventually rotting away because of exhaustion. The aeons and Fayth died out, and their power to quell Sin had disappeared.

But all was not technically lost. Yevon, through a reform to the Shinkoku Trastium order, found out the power of Mantra via pyreflies (the spirits of the dead). Through that they created their own solidified Fayth through advanced Machina and called them Demigods; just as powerful and competent as any aeon before them. Of course, the continued evolution of Machina invoked Sin to become stronger and more rooted to Spira itself. The fiends also, over time, evolved alongside Sin and became black and red monstrosities known as Gohma. Eventually, after years of repeatedly killing it without aeons, many of the original names, such as Spira and Sin, were lost in history, and started using terms such as Gaea and Vlitra. Most likely for Shinkoku to forget their shady past as Yevon and make themselves look more benevolent.

Chakravartin is either Jubileus's Husband or Father.
Both characters in appearance are visually based on Hindu gods, so it makes sense that they are related. Both also share the Title of Creator.

If there is a sequel, then it will put both the first Asura's Wrath and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann to shame.
With maybe a hotblooded remix of "In your belief".

Chakratarvin survived.
I call this on the final episode's closing moments. It shows eons after the end in a modern day setting that the Demigods have reincarnated into mortals. Chakratarvin was the Embodiment of the Wheel of Life. If he died it would have stopped turning, rendering reincarnation impossible. You could argue he spent the 870 million years recooperating from his near death experience, and will eventually seek out a new heir.
  • I found something that might help to support that claim. In the last interlude on the 3rd frame (the one with Chun Li), move the camera to the upper right corner. Realize you've just shit your pants.

The lost episodes takes place after the first ending.

Lost Episode 3 will pit Asura against Haseo/Skeith from .hack//G.U.
If this ends up being the case it will give an excuse to bring out Asura's Destructor form to battle Skeith.

Asura, Augus and Yasha will end up in a future Capcom vs. game.
Specifically MvC4 because they are just that awesome...and the Final Boss is the True Final Boss of this game...and when the game starts, he suddenly destroys Galactus in 1 minute.
  • Deus could also make a good bonus boss like Akuma. As for Wyzen... Joke Character.
  • Or, Lethal Joke Character.
  • Chakravartin is then blindsided by Galactus who is somehow fighting back through determination against him, he tries his "ACCEPT YOUR FATE" attack (the insta-kill ball thingy) but he gets knocked down by Chakravartin who is in his galactic form...Galactus looks at the heroes (and villians) and says "THIS FALSE GOD MUST BE DESTROYED!!!" cue Asura and Akuma coldly staring at one another and giving each other a smile before making their signature stances and at the same time saying "COME ON!!!"

Asura invents the Shun Goku Satsu and to some extent, the Satsui No Hadou
OK, so for now let us assume that Asura's Wrath and Street Fighter are in the same universe, but in different times (obviously Asura's Wrath is the past and Street Fighter is modern day Earth.) The Shun Goku Satsu involves dashing towards the opponent before grabbing and repeatedly pummeling them. Now, look at Asura. The fact that he can launch a lot of punches really fast in his six-armed Vajra form could obviously mean he can pull of a rather crude but relatively similar move to the SGS. Besides, Asura attempted one on Evil Ryu and at the very least, used it to counter E.Ryu's own SGS. Plus, Asura has to end up countering one from Oni, and given the fact that most people manage to counter their own moves, this basically adds fuel to the fire.
  • The ki blasts Asura fires from his fists sort of look like red version of Oni's Kamehame Hadoken.
  • Another exhibit: the fact that the Satsui No Hadou empowers Ryu and Akuma to the point that they are almost as powerful as Asura, Augus, Yasha or Deus. Think about it: it is almost like the very wrath that powers Asura himself (doesn't exactly solve how regular Ryu can survive Asura, but still.)

The Lost Episodes will open up crossovers with different Capcom games.
Think about it: if the Lost Episodes were going to be just crossovers with Street Fighter, then they should have been named after something SF-related or something. This would mean that eventually, Asura would end up battling the likes of Mega Man, or Dante. All they would need to do is to finish up the Asura vs. Akuma fight, before having Capcom's newest hero go all ape-shit on everyone else. Granted, this might be Capcom's way of trying to steal more of our money, but this would be one of their more logical steps.

In a Possible Wii-u Remake a secret episode could have Asura fight an AU version of himself...
It would be a version of Asura that accepted Chakravartin's offer to become as god in his place and would be reffered to as Asura the Redeemer/Savior in his boss subtitles, and is the result of every timeline Wheel of life holder's power convergin onto one entity. His hypothetical giant form would be so big it could hold Chkravartin's giant form in the palm of his hand and wouldn't even be as big as a fly on said hand, and he would have Chakravartin's halo mixed with Asura the Destructor's own halo. Asura would combat it with the power of every incarnation of Asura in the entire Multiverse that has ever existed, will ever exist, shouldn't exist in the first place, and don't even exist at all and with the power of them and every alternate version of Mithra and every alternate version of Gaea's inhabitants prayers becomes Asura the Infinite Destructor similar to Elder God Demonbane and becomes at least as big as Chakravartin's giant form, if not at least twice the size, and then the epic duel between the two Alternate counterparts begins in a space created by Asura the Redeemer's own design that exists outside of every reality and bigger than any reality combined.

Asura's Mantra type is actually an evolved form of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.
Just like how Asura's mantra is full wrath, glows red, and slowly destroys the users body when it's rushes through asuras body at levels it can't handle, the Kyuubi's chakra is full of wrath, is a red color, and when used in too much excess, destroys Naruto's own body.

Limecat and Clock spider must exist in some form here.
Based on this, the final boss was at most, one leg of the clock spider. And if clock spider exists, so must lime cat. Asura's insistence that he is not a god is to stop people's false worship from provoking the wrath of clock spider or drawing the attention of lime cat. Unfortunately he failed, should Clock Spider prevail the unbelievers will be devoured at the hour of judgment. If not, Limecat will not be pleased and the outcome won't be any different.

Clock spider and scorpion must also exist in this game.
It is an interesting game. I really enjoyed it, but I feel some more characters must be included in this game. People like to watch their interest characters like clock spider and the scorpion read more. If these characters would have been included in it, this story could become more entertaining and enjoyable. People like adventure as well as action with their favorite monster stars. Overall this is awesome game over the internet. So I suggest never miss it. Watch it and enjoy it with your family and friends. This game is full of fight and action. You will enjoy a lot.

Chakravartin created the Space Monsters.
Not only do they and the space traveling gohma look eerily identical to each other, but they both serve as a defense mechanism for the Planet and the Galaxy, respectively. Knowing Chakravartin at his full power is incredibly powerful enough to be bigger then 200 galaxies it would make sense for Chakravartin to rule over something that's only found in a single galaxy.

Sergei is the ancestor of Maximilian Galactica
Seriously, just look at the two!

The Blue Butterfly At the end of Episode 22 is Philemon

Ryu's ending in Street Fighter X Tekken is canon, and Pandora sent Ryu to either the Asura's Wrath or Marvel vs. Capcom 3 universe.
It would explain his appearance in both games (and also why Ken didn't follow). Bonus points for Akuma using his Demon Armageddon to launch Ryu right through a portal to parts unknown in this game, which would probably send him to Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (and also explain why Ryu looks like he's waking up from a bad dream in that game's intro.) With that said....

Akuma is relentlessly pursuing Ryu in all three games: this one, Street Fighter X Tekken and Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
Notice that whenever Ryu is making a crossover appearance, Akuma isn't too far behind? Let me explain. Pandora in Street Fighter X Tekken sent Ryu to this universe, where he meets Asura, and promptly gets whaled on by Akuma, who uses his Demon Armageddon to launch Ryu right into a portal and into the next crossover: Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Wyzen is a very, very, very, very, very, very distant ancestor of Misha
WAHAHAHAHAHA! Also, they both seem to have somewhat of a weight problem. And are insane.

Mithra is evil.
She's Chakravartin's vessel, who knows what she might be doing behind the scenes to reverse the point and manipulate him, or something else. Regardless of her motives to save the mantra-powered civilization and her father's life to hold off said father whaling on Chakravartin, regardless of her name and inspiration, regardless of the girl similar to her in appearance, it was all a Kaizo Trap. Somehow. Hey, it's wild mass guessing, it doesn't have to make sense.

The Guardian Generals power is based on how Noble they are Deep down.
Ok This Might sound silly. But out of the former Generals. Only Four of them are Powerful in their their own Right: Asura, Yasha, Deus and Augus. Wyzen and Sergei might be able fighters but they were reliant on Extra mantra and when down fast. And as For Olga and Kalrow, They are the weakest among the generals. But getting to the point.

Asura is The strongest because he has the most noble goal and despite clamming not to give a rat's ass about the world, He really does care, and because that and the fat he relies on his own mantra to fight the other generals, he is able to match them one-on-one Even if he is at an disadvantage when at the start of the fight.

Yasha is only able to go toe to toe with Wrath Asura because he went pulled a Heel–Face Turn. Sure he had the extra Mantra and was more a good guy that Sergei could ever hope to be but the fact is that he got a MASSIVE Redemption Promotion when he switched is what saved him form ending up dead.

As for the Mantra boost. Well in the end It was all for nothing. the boost looks big on paper but Augus is the only General that didn't choose to get a boost and he nearly Walloped Asura Yet Wyzen got Beaten when he consumed a lot mantra when he fought Asura. Which leads to the Conclusion that Natural Power, Strong affirmity with your Mantra and the good within is what makes the top four as Strong as they are and gave them the mantra they needed,External Mantra boost be damned. Because Kalrow and Olga even with the boost are week as hell. it makes you wonder how much WORSE they are compared to Sergei.

The Lost Episodes are All Just a Dream
Think about it. Aside from the bizzare setup for the SF characters to pop into Asura's universe, The Lost Episodes has Asura accessing his Mantra form, something he definitely didn't have up until the final battle against Vlitra Core. However, the events that happen afterwards don't seem to have that much of a gap in between. The only time where Asura could've experienced such weirdness is the time when he fell unconscious after being thrown back to Earth by his daughter. It also explains the ending, where he and Akuma stood still for 500 years, and just when they were about to hit each other in the face, it fades to white and ends. That was Asura being woken up by Yasha prior to their final clash.