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The Lucis System is a Spiral Power Generator.

  • The Lucis system, like Spiral Power, is used to alter reality. This is done by amplifying how much Spiral Power humans, who are capable of it, can generate and use it to do the impossible. Only harmonized minds, like pure fighting spirit and happiness, can gain access to it efficiently. The Filune can't produce Spiral Power since they're all mechanized and have become an Anti-Spiral Hive Mind. They're current research on the Lucis system to reclaim their Spiral Power capabilities, but since Spiral Power needs free will and emotions, which the Filune lack for efficiency, it is impossible for them achieve it.

The Filune are hybrids of Humans and Harvesters.

  • The Filune's goal is preserve their own civilization for all eternity. Perhaps one time, the humans in the Vandread-verse looked for alternative methods to save themselves. Using their Harvester technology, they assimilated themselves into mechanized beings, made of insect and maritime themes as well as geometric shapes such as triangular prisms and octohedrons.

The Filune are trying to replicate the technology of the Incubators.

  • The Lucis system project was made so they can alter reality and make the impossible exist. The Subtypes weapons are examples of them try to recreate the Witches, but they can only get as close as mechanical monsters like the Filune themselves. Preserving their own civilization involves saving the universe.

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